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Published Date:09-03-2017
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Hiring Mistakes in selecting RIGHT TALENT• No business owner wants to hire wrong person for job.Not only because they need to find a candidate soon but also because making a bad hire drains energy, time and can cost a business in many ways.• Hiring is so important and so hard. Misleading or unclear about any part of the job can lead to a potentially bad hire.Over Confidence • It’s true that “Nobody can size up a candidate that quickly.” Don’t become complacent when it comes to your hiring process. Avoid overconfidence in hiring.Impatience • Finding the right talent for company can take a long time. If you move speedy in the process, you’re likely to make mistakes and miss the best candidates.Not Knowing What you Are Looking for. • You will hire wrong candidate, if you don’t exactly define what you are looking for at the beginning of your search process.Being too Narrow in Search • One of the biggest mistakes in hiring is not having complete information of candidates. It shows that owner is very careless.Ignoring Your Candidate’s Experiences • Experience is commonly sought in job candidates and is often viewed as the ultimate tie-breaker while making a final decision.Talk Instead of Listening • Time is money. A bad hire wastes time and resources, so it’s important to make yourself intently listener for getting better sense of personality.Having an Unclear Hiring Standard • It’s important to have a structured and standardized hiring process in place. It is critical to set a hiring timeline and implement a uniform process for pulling and interviewing candidates.Forgetting to Highlight the Culture • One of the mistakes you can make is not showcasing a company's style and culture, which can include benefits, salary and flexibility. NOTE Never hire a candidate who doesn’t fit with your organization’s values and cultures.Lacking a Solid Onboarding Program • Developing a solid onboarding process will help new employees to get up to speed faster, to understand their strengths and limitations, and to learn to adapt their work styles with new team members.“Be concise with your hiring intentions, it could be the difference between A Great Hire and A Financial Gamble.”Follow us on:-

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