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Resume WRiting Your resume is an integral part of your job search. It functions as your personal marketing brochure, and its main purpose is to secure interviews from interested employers. Your resume should convey who you are and highlight your qualifications and skills. • Avoid underlining and italics, which may be dif- Preparation ficult to read in photocopies and cause issues when Through preparation and organization, you can uploading to an applicant tracking system. develop an effective resume. Start with a careful and ac - • Format your dates in the same location and curate assessment of your career objective, educational style throughout the resume (full months, background, work history, projects, skills, achievements, abbreviated, numeric, etc.). activities, interests, and other experiences. Analyze and describe these experiences in terms of “skills” and “re- • Use a format that best displays your unique back- sults.” What can you do? What experiences and skills do ground. You can tailor headings to highlight and you want to highlight? Remember that employers view expand on your strengths, e.g., “Software Develop- your resume as a direct reflection of you. ment Experience” or “Project Experience.” Points to Remember • Modify your resume toward particular types of jobs. You might consider having a few different versions Readers will initially skim your resume in 15 seconds of your resume to highlight experiences in relation or less. If your resume gets pulled away at the 15th to different jobs. If you are a double major, you second, what key words should an employer remember, should have different versions of your resume for and how can you achieve this? A quality resume is ac- jobs in each field of study. curate, descriptive, brief, easy-to-read, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Remember these essential points: • T here is absolutely no excuse for spelling and typographical errors on a resume. Mistakes indicate • Speak positively about yourself, e.g., “Successfully carelessness and will rule you out as a candidate. saved employer 100,000 annually.” Proofread your resume several times and use a dic- • Be specific and direct. tionary when in doubt about spelling. Note: Spell- check does not recognize errors in words using all • Use action verbs that clearly state your skills and capital letters, such as headings and acronyms. experience, e.g., “Designed,” “Analyzed.” Avoid using the same action verb repeatedly. See the list of ac- • A sk others to read your resume and tell you what tion verbs later in this handout for more examples. they learned about you from it. Make sure that what they remember is the image you want to • Sho wcase a professional image with an immacu- portray. late, eye-pleasing appearance, utilizing effective spacing, margins, and headings. • Keep your resume to one page in length, unless you have had significant experience related to your • Be consistent and strategic in use of indentation, career goals. If you go onto a second page, make bullets, capitalization, bolding, and spacing. sure you use at least half of the additional page. Career Development 1 CenterR e s u m e W R i t i n g Also, make sure your name and page number are The following are typical categories you may use to on the second and subsequent pages. Graduate organize your resume: students may have a two-page resume, provided Identification/Contact Information that the second page is at least half full. • Name – this may be larger in font than the rest of Resume Formats your resume and should be bolded and centered. The Chronological Resume • A ddress – list both your school and permanent address while you are a student. Your school ad- The chronological resume is the most common resume dress goes on the left, your permanent address on format and the one that we recommend WPI students the right. Your permanent address is the address use. It presents a clean and organized layout that found on your passport or driver’s license. If your highlights the most important and relevant information permanent address is in another country, you may about you. Within each section, items are listed in re- not want to include it, as you might not be able to verse chronological order, starting with the most recent readily get mail from there. and working backwards. Advantages of the chronologi- cal resume include: • Telephone number including area code – list the preferred phone number for potential employers • Professional interviewers are more familiar with it to reach you. Do not use telephone numbers in and it answers their essential question, “What are other countries. Do not list a home phone number your most recent experiences?” if you are not living there. Also, do not list the main • It is the quickest format to prepare since it is struc- WPI phone number or your academic department’s tured by titles, companies, and dates. number. This can be centered or on the right if your address is on the left. Be sure to have a professional • It shows your employment record. voicemail message. • I t provides the interviewer with a guide for discuss- • Email address – remove the hyperlink on your email ing work experience. address from your print resume. This can be cen- tered or on the right if your address is on the left. Curriculum Vitae (CV) • Optional: LinkedIn web address or electronic port- The curriculum vitae is highly specialized and used folio (note: this is especially important for IMGD mainly by people pursuing academic or research- and Robotics students) focused positions. It generally follows the chronological resume format. Many PhD students will have a CV. The Do not include personal identifying information such CDC has a separate Curriculum Vitae tip sheet for guid- as marital status, number of children, height, weight, ance on creating this type of resume. age, sex, race, religion, and national origin, as well as a photograph. It is not recommended to provide this Resume Content data in the United States due to potential discrimina- tion. If you have reason to believe that some personal Resumes should be strategically organized to highlight data will give you an advantage (e.g., U.S. citizenship, your most significant qualifications and experiences. permanent residence), place under your name or indi- cate it in your cover letter. Career Development 2 CenterR e s u m e W R i t i n g Do not reduce the font size of your identification infor - Education mation below 10-point font. If your resume isn’t read- If you are about to graduate or are a recent graduate, able, you will not be contacted for the interview. your education will be one of your strongest selling Objective points. This section includes the degree earned or de- gree being pursued, name of the university or college, The Objective statement, displayed at the top of your and date of graduation or expected graduation (you resume, tells the reader what you would like to do or need not mention the word “expected”). Bold either for what position you are applying. You may choose to your degree/major or your school. In addition, you state a professional field followed by specialty areas. should list any minors as well as concentrations within The statement might also include desired tasks and your field of study. You should include your GPA if it is a responsibilities, job titles, types of organizations, indus- 3.0 or higher. tries, or products that interest you. Examples: When writing your Objective, avoid cliché phrases and words such as, “to obtain a position…,” “challenging,” or Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Worcester, MA Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, GPA 3.8,/4.0 May 2016 “utilizing my education and experience.” Such attributes are sought by everyone and do not provide the reader with a sense of the type of role you are seeking in their Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Worcester, MA Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering, GPA 3.3/4.0, May 2014 organization. Be concise with your objective: If you pursue the BS/MS program, your master’s degree should be above your bachelor’s degree. You will only Examples: add in your master’s degree once you have been ac- Summer internship in computer science cepted and have begun taking classes. An example: Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, E ntry-level mechanical engineer with a focus on design May 2015 Bachelor’s of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Full-time electrical and computer engineering position May 2014 Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Worcester MA The Objective should match the job to which you are applying. However, if you will be handing out your In this section you may also include advanced or special resume at a Career Fair, you should use your major so as “Relevant Courses.” These do not need to be listed not exclude you from any potential jobs, e.g., “Summer reverse chronologically but should be listed according internship in biomedical engineering.” to your Objective. You may include course names in a list format separated by commas or in two columns. Use If you find yourself unable to clearly state your Objec - official course names rather than numeric course num- tive, take advantage of the resources and staff at the bers. If you are a senior or second year graduate stu- CDC. Even if you have identified a career path, the CDC dent, it may not be necessary to list Relevant Courses can help you locate appropriate job titles. since the employer will assume that you have complet- ed your course work. However, if there are courses you have taken that may be outside the realm of your major but are relevant to the job, you may include them. Career Development 3 CenterR e s u m e W R i t i n g If you have earned a significant portion of your college What If My Project Wasn’t “Relevant?” expenses, including loans that you will repay, you may Often, students think that their projects are not “rel- add a line under the university and degree that says evant” enough to include on their resumes. However, “Self-funded” or Independently Funded.” many employers look for this section in particular when Projects they spot a WPI resume. Many employers are experi- enced at hiring WPI alumni, or are WPI alumni them- This is an essential section for WPI students and recent selves, and expect to see it. Other employers have never graduates as it enables you to highlight your MQP, heard of these projects but are interested in knowing IQP, GPS, and any course, design, or lab projects that more about them. support your technical preparation. Use the full name of the project or course, e.g., “Great Problems Seminar No matter what your project topic, this section gives (GPS),” “Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP),” and “Major you the opportunity to impress employers with the Qualifying Project (MQP).” For GPS, be sure to add a unique educational qualities of the WPI Project Plan. colon followed by the specific course name (i.e., “Heal The fact that you gained collaborative skills and possess the World”). the ability to work on projects with people in other disciplines is a strong selling feature. Example: If you have projects that are more relevant than your Great Problems Seminar (GPS): Heal the World, WPI, Aug 2012 – Dec 2013 most recent project, you can divide your projects into sections to position the most relevant project first. For You may format your IQP and MQP like this if the infor- example, if you are a junior mechanical engineering mation fits on one line. Otherwise, include the name of student and you have done a project in one of your the project in your description instead. classes that is more relevant than your IQP, create a sec- tion called “Mechanical Engineering Projects” and put How to Write about Your Project the relevant project and any other suitable projects in As you write your project descriptions, use the follow- that section. Create a subsequent “Projects” section that ing questions as guidelines. Use action verbs to begin includes your IQP and other projects. every sentence: What If I am a First Year Student or Sophomore? • Did you work on a team? Did you work on an inter- If you are a first year student or sophomore, you may disciplinary team? use this section to focus on projects completed in • What did YOU do on that project? course work that supports your summer internship goals. Consider lab assignments and class projects that • How did you do it? What process did you employ? provide insight into what you know so far. Describe how you carried out the project and what results you • What did you use? Think about technical skills or achieved, even if the project was a short-term assign- programs and be sure to name them. ment—what did you learn that would apply to the field of study you are pursuing and the kind of internship • What was the outcome? Did you write a report, you are seeking? give a presentation, acquire a patent, provide clean drinking water to a village in a Third World country? Career Development 4 CenterR e s u m e W R i t i n g In this section you may also include high school proj- Example: ects, Eagle Scout/Gold projects, FIRST Robotics, and Laborer, Deerborn Farms, Lancaster, MA, June-August, 2010 – 2012 independent projects that you completed on your own. Work Experience If you have held several jobs, you may divide your Work Experience into “Related Experience” and “Additional In regard to your previous employment, prospective Experience.” Put jobs that are relevant to your Objective employers want to know: in “Related Experience” and provide a description of the work. Put other jobs into “Additional Experience” with a • Where and when did you work? Always include job title, company, location, and dates. months with your dates. Example: Example: Landscaper, Pine Farm Landscaping, West Boylston, MA,, May – August Company, Inc., Worcester, MA, July 2011-Present As your resume evolves over your four years at WPI, you • What did you do? How did you do it? should continually revise it to give more space to jobs/ projects that are relevant to your Objective and less • What did you achieve? space to those that are not. • What were the results of your efforts? Extracurricular and Community Activities • How does this experience support your career Extracurricular activities may indicate leadership, team- objective? work, and involvement. Develop action verb phrases that highlight job skills List activities that support your Objective, demonstrate that support your stated career objective. Note any campus or community involvement, and exemplify supervisory position you have held and emphasize in- your leadership abilities. You can also include organized creased levels of responsibility if you moved up within groups/teams, Greek organizations, athletic teams, and the organization. professional associations to which you belong. If you Do not start sentences with “I.” It is assumed that each have had several leadership roles, you might consider sentence is starting with “I,” so you need only write including a “Leadership” section on your resume. You the action verb to begin each line, e.g., “Collaborated should put your leadership role in bold first when list - with...” , “Designed...” , “Developed...” , “Created...” , “Su- ing that activity. pervised...” Example: Employers want to know that you have work experi- President, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, WPI, August 2011- Present ence, even if it does not relate to your career Objective. You may also include part-time or non-career-related If you have had more than one position in an organiza- summer work in less detail. tion, you may need to pick and choose which roles you keep and which you remove. Career Development 5 CenterR e s u m e W R i t i n g If you worked your way through school and were not • Publications, certifications, patents held able to participate in any extracurricular activities, you or pending: should indicate that you self-funded your education in Publications: the Education section (see previous page). Billiar, K.L., “Tissue mechanics lab: pros and cons of an inquiry approach for Technical Skills juniors,” ASME Summer Bioengineering Conference, Keystone, CO, June 2007. This section summarizes your concrete technical Groccia, J.E., and J.E. Miller. 1996. “Collegiality in the Classroom: The Use of knowledge, some of which you should mention in job Peer Learning Assistants in Cooperative Learning in Introductory Biology.” Innovative Higher Education 21(2), pp. 87-100. and project descriptions, as well. It is a simplified listing of specific software, technical tools, equipment, lab techniques, Microsoft packages (list out applications), Patents Granted: and any other relevant technical skills. Divide your skill Hunt, Lewis. 1992. Three zone bed cover with an inflatable human form. U.S. areas into appropriate categories and list the items hori- Patent 5,146,634, filed September 11, 1991, and issued September 15, 1992. zontally from most to least relevant. You do not need to indicate proficiency level on technical skills. If you only Patents (Pending): have one category, you don’t need to break the section into subcategories. Popular subcategories are: Doe, J. 2009. Method to enhance the performance of multimedia-rich appli- cations on computer systems with single-core CPUs. U.S. Patent Application • Computer / Software / Applications (choose one) 20000000000, filed January 2009. Patent Pending. • Programming Languages Certifications: • Operating Systems CPR Certification, Worcester, MA, July 2012 • Lab Techniques / Equipment OSHA Certification, Worcester, MA, July 2012 • Foreign Language References Do not list “English” under Foreign Language unless you are applying for a job in another country, but do list Resumes no longer need to end with the statement your proficiency in the language of that country “References Available Upon Request.” Potential employ- (ex. “Fluent in Spanish”). ers assume that you will provide references when asked to do so and do not usually ask for them until after you Additional Information have had an interview. The following items can be included as sections in the Your Personal Website resume if they are pertinent: Providing access to your personal website on your re- • Military experience (may be included in Experience sume may seriously compromize your internet security or in its own section) and is discouraged. During your job search you will • Awards/achievements (may be included in an likely distribute your resume to many people, who may Honors/Awards section) themselves pass it along to others, meaning that almost anyone could access your site. It is best not include your Career Development 6 CenterR e s u m e W R i t i n g website on your resume unless it relates directly to your Electronic and Scannable Resumes job search; i.e., if you are a web designer with a website Companies are increasingly requesting that resumes showcasing your portfolio. submitted online meet certain rules for successful If you choose to include your website on your resume, submission. These formats enable employers to store list it in the contact information at the top. Make sure resumes in databases and later retrieve information your site does not have any personal information. from them. If you are asked to prepare one, you must follow the guidelines below to ensure your resume will Creating Your Resume be successfully viewed. Follow these fundamental rules for resume lay-out and Electronic Resumes production: Electronic resumes are formatted to transmit electroni- • Use 8 ½” by 11” paper. cally and are read as text-only files. If you do not format an electronic resume correctly it may not filter properly • Use white or off-white paper. Avoid paper that is and could be rejected from the employer’s resume “textured.” You can purchase resume paper at the database. Follow these formatting rules: WPI bookstore. • All text should be left aligned with no bullets or • Use only black ink. There should be no color on indentations. your resume. • Type font must be no smaller than 10 point font • Don’t use a template to create your resume. You and no larger than 14 point. If even one letter is will find it frustrating and limiting, and templates less than 10 point font, your entire resume will be may compromise formatting integrity during elec- rejected. tronic transmission. • Absolutely no italics. They are too light. • Use .75 – 1 inch margins around the page and make sure that margins are equal on all four sides. • Do not use underlining and bolding, which will be distorted when converted into a text format during • Use consistent font style, size, and formatting transmission. Employers do not have the time or throughout the resume. For example, if your first resources to clean up a distorted resume before section heading is bolded then all section headings sending it on to hiring managers. need to be bolded. Your name will be the only part in a larger font (12-14). • Use ALL CAPS, lower case, capitalization, and in- dents for visual breaks and headings. • Since we read left to right, top to bottom, put the most critical information first towards the top, and • Test your resume out by sending it to someone place less critical items, like dates, on the right side you know before you forward to employers. Ask for of the page. feedback on how formatting appears. • Laser print your resume so that it is crisp and pro- fessional. Do not photocopy. Career Development 7 CenterR e s u m e W R i t i n g Scannable Resumes Scannable resumes are paper or electronic resumes that are specifically formatted. They are captured as an image and fed through computer programs that recog- nize and store text in a database. Employers can then search the database to retrieve resumes with certain keywords. To ensure that your resume is retrieved, be sure to integrate important keywords in your resume. Your Technical Skills section is a good place for listing keywords that you want employers to find. Also, be sure to include technical skills and keywords in your descrip- tions of projects and work experience. Career Development 8 CenterR e s u m e W R i t i n g Action Verbs Below is a list of sample action verbs to use when creating your resume. This is by no means an all-inclusive list but will provide you with some good sample action verbs to start your action-oriented phrases. accommodated determined guided planned acquainted developed handled prepared adapted devised headed prescribed advertised diagnosed illustrated produced advised directed improved programmed advocated discovered influenced recommend aided displayed informed regulated analyzed drafted innovated removed applied edited installed resolved appraised educated instructed revised arranged eliminated interpreted scheduled assigned endorsed investigated serviced assisted enhanced maintained solved chaired established managed studied conferred estimated mapped suggested consulted evaluated measured supervised controlled examined negotiated taught coordinated exhibited notified tested counseled familiarized operated trained created founded organized transferred designated governed originated vetoed designed guaranteed perfected Career Development Center Project Center 508-831-5260 cdcatwpi Career Development 9 CenterR e s u m e W R i t i n g Undergraduate Student Sample Resume 1 Undergraduate Student Sample Resume 1 School Address: Permanent Address: JANE SMITH 100 Institute Road, Box 123 45 Lincoln Street Worcester, MA 01609 Grant, NH 98765 555-555-5555 OBJECTIVE: Summer internship related to Biology/Biotechnology. EDUCATION: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Worcester, MA Bachelor of Science in Biology & Biotechnology, GPA 3.7, May 2016 Grant Regional High School (GRHS), Grant, NH High School Diploma, GPA 3.9, May 2011 Related Coursework: Experimental Biology, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics Lab, Biochemistry II, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Cell Biology ( To be completed by May 2014) SKILLS: Lab Techniques: Cell culture, DNA extraction & purification, fluorescence microscopy, simple protein assay, PCR, enzyme purification, Southern Blot, Western Blot, Northern Blot, Sterile technique, gel electrophoresis, crude protein separation Computer: DNAStar Software, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access PROJECTS: Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and Genetics, WPI, August-October 2013  Prepared solutions and materials for biology labs.  Utilized pH meters, autoclaves, and pipettes to conduct research and worked with different forms of culture media. EXPERIENCE: First Responder, EMS Squad, WPI, October 2013-present  Respond to emergency medical calls on campus to examine and administer medical care to patients.  Serve as a Massachusetts First Responder with current CPR certification. Shift Supervisor, Ben & Jerry’s, Grant, NH, May-August 2010-2012  Promoted from server to shift supervisor.  Supervised four employees during shift. ACTIVITIES: Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority, WPI, November 2013-present Crimson Key Admissions Tour Guide, WPI, August 2013-present Mu Sigma Delta (Pre-Health Society), WPI, August 2013-present Student Alumni Society, WPI, August 2013-present Theater Club, GRHS, September 2008-May 2011 Career Development A - 1 CenterR e s u m e W R i t i n g Undergraduate Student Sample Resume 2 Undergraduate Student Sample Resume 2 School Address: Permanent Address: JOHN DOE 100 Institute Road, Box 234 45 Lincoln Street Worcester, MA 01609 Grant, NH 00000 555-555-5555 OBJECTIVE: Summer Internship in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a focus on circuit design. EDUCATION: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Worcester, MA Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering, GPA 3.3, May 2014 Minor in Computer Science PROJECTS: Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP), London, England, Jan-March 2008 Corporate Information Database for RADAR Led an interdisciplinary four member team in England which designed and implemented a Corporate Information Database and Intranet for a non-profit organization called The Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation (RADAR). Developed system specifications based on user requirements and the organization’s goals. Produced customized training materials and tutorials to improve user confidence and utilization. Advised RADAR on future best practice methods of organization. SKILLS: Operating Systems: Unix/DFC Ultrix, DOS, Novell NetWare, SCO Unix Programming Languages: C++, Pascal, Assembly, Fortran Applications: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access EXPERIENCE: Computer Operator, Medical Billing Associates, Peabody, MA, May-Aug 2012 Maintained patient databases and updated pertinent patient information for clients. Research Assistant, Massport, Boston, MA, May-Aug 2012 Troubleshot WAN and LAN computer systems and installed new PC equipment. Repaired/fixed PCs, upgraded software and performed computer administrative functions. Computer Consultant, WPI, Aug-May 2011 Provided resolution and instruction to students with either PC or Unix related computer problems. Advised and helped operator staff in maintaining mainframe uptime to a maximum. LEADERSHIP: Treasurer, Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical Honor Society), WPI, Aug 2010-present Collect and manage funds for chapter and maintain financial records. ACTIVITIES: Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE), WPI, Aug 2010-present Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, WPI, Nov 2011-present Club Lacrosse, WPI, Aug 2011-present Varsity Men’s Soccer, WPI, Aug 2012-present Career Development A - 2 CenterR e s u m e W R i t i n g Undergraduate Student Sample Resume 3 Undergraduate Student Sample Resume Fred Flintstone Local Address Permanent Address 100 Institute Road, Box 100 555-555-5555 1 Dirt Road Worcester, MA 01609 Bedrock, ME 11111 OBJECTIVE: Summer Internship in Chemical Engineering EDUCATION: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Worcester, MA Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, GPA 3.4/4.0, May 2016 Bedrock High School, Bedrock ME High School Diploma, Rank 3/400 Students, June 2012 Related Courses: Introduction to Chemical Engineering, Chemistry I-IV, Calculus I-IV, Physics I-II, Thermodynamics, Chemical Engineering Fundamentals, Elementary Chemical Processes, Organic Chemistry I ( To be completed by May 2013) SKILLS: Laboratory – Spectroscopy (UV, IR, and NMR), microscope, mass and energy balances related to: distillation columns, chemical absorbers, heat exchangers, pumps, and valves Computer – Microsoft (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), Maple, Matlab, SolidWorks, Aspen Foreign Languages – Intermediate Spanish PROJECTS: Kinetics and Reactor Design, WPI, January - March 2013 Designed efficient and economically feasible distillation column in a team of five. Assessed characteristics to validate final composition and clarity. Eagle Scout Project, Troop 101, Bedrock, ME, October 2008 - May 2009 Led a team of ten to design and build a gazebo with canopy and benches for the Senior Center which is currently utilized by over 200 senior citizens of Bedrock. EXPERIENCE: Grounds Keeper, Country Club Wonders, Bedrock ME, May - August 2012 Performed routine maintenance on lawns, equipment, and irrigation systems. Work Study, Career Development Center, WPI, September 2012 - May 2013 Uploaded job opportunities into career management database. VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE: Referee, Youth Soccer League, Bedrock ME, August 2006 - June 2008 ACTIVITIES: Ultimate Frisbee Team, WPI, October 2012 – Present American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChe), WPI, August 2012 - Present Chemistry Club, Bedford High School, September 2009 - June 2012 Career Development A - 3 CenterR e s u m e W R i t i n g Undergraduate Student Sample Resume with MQP & Internship Undergraduate Student Sample Resume with MQP & Internship ZACHARY SMITH 2005 Einhorn Road  Worcester, MA 01609  508-123-4567 OBJECTIVE: Full time entry-level position in the field of Management Information Systems EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems, GPA 3.5/4.0 May 2013 Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Worcester, MA PROJECTS: Major Qualifying Project (MQP), Fidelity Investments/WPI, Aug 2012-April 2013 Worked on a team of four students to redesign an interface in Java (formally in PowerBuilder) that controls a system to manage and track mutual funds. Specifically; conducted an analysis of the old system, gathered requirements for the new system, designed a new graphical user interface and began coding the interface using Java, Websphere Application Development Tools and Struts. Wrote implementation and training documents so that the application can be put into production by Fidelity Investments. Gave a PowerPoint presentation of the new system design and proposal to the CIO, CTO, Technical Leads and Project Managers. Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP), Consumer Product Safety Commission,Washington, DC Oct-Dec 2011 Worked on an interdisciplinary team of four in assessing risk factors in various types of swimming pools. Made recommendations to the commission in regards to building code regulations and consumer awareness. COMPUTER SKILLS: Programming Languages: Java, HTML, Visual Basic, SQL, Applications: Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Word, Project), Visible Analyst, Textpad, Niku, Documentum, AS400, Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator), Dreamweaver, IBM WebSphere EXPERIENCE: Software Quality Engineering Intern, CYTYC Corporation, Marlborough, MA Jan 2011-present Performed and maintained software build and software configuration processes. Developed and executed integration and system test procedures and generated reports. Performed code analysis and code coverage. Wrote test scripts and automated test and build procedures Research Assistant, Massport, Boston, MA May-Aug 2009-2011 Troubleshot WAN and LAN computer systems and installed new PC equipment. Repaired and fixed PC’s and upgraded software. Performed computer administrative functions. Computer Consultant, WPI Aug 2008-May 2009 Advised students on either PC or Unix related computer problems. Directed and helped operator staff in maintaining mainframe uptime to a maximum. ACTIVITIES: Treasurer/New Member Educator, Alpha Phi Omega (Community Service Fraternity), WPI Oct 2011-present Marketing Vice President, Management Information Systems Association, WPI Sep 2011-present Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America, Meredith, NH, April 2009 AWARDS: First Place, Computer Programming Expo, Meredith, NH May 2010 Class Salutatorian, Meredith High School, Meredith, NH May 2009 Career Development A - 4 CenterR e s u m e W R i t i n g Undergraduate Student Sample with IQP IQP Sample Resume School Address: IQP APPLICANT Permanent Address: 100 Institute Road Box 1234 508-831-5260 123 Main Street Worcester, MA 01609 Norwood, MA 0206 OBJECTIVE: Acceptance into the Global Prospective Program for an off campus IQP EDUCATION: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Worcester, MA Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering, GPA: 3.83/4.00, May 2016 Minor: Spanish PROJECTS: Great Problems Seminar: Grand Challenges, WPI, Aug-Dec 2012  Worked on an interdisciplinary team of five to explore and research an innovative and sustainable method for recycling lithium-ion batteries.  Supervised writing of research paper by taking role as chief editor.  Presented a poster highlighting results from interviews and data collection as well as proposed solutions and recommendations to improve battery recycling. Molecularity, Forces, Bonding, Equilibrium, Dynamics, WPI, Aug-May 2012  Determined the identity of an unknown liquid after testing and comparing experimental data by using pH meters, pipettes, capillaries, picnometers, and Bunsen burners on team of four.  Identified and characterized unknown amino acids by determining physical, acid- base, and ligating properties. SKILLS: Lab Techniques: Dumas Method, infrared spectroscopy, thin-layer chromatography, acid-base and amino acid titration, Job’s Method, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, UV-visible spectroscopy Computer: Maple, Microsoft (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), Adobe (Photoshop) Foreign Language: Intermediate Spanish EXPERIENCE: Customer Service Associate, Walgreens, Norwood, MA, May 2012-Present  Processed payments to ensure accurate cash management.  Ensured customer satisfaction through interpersonal communication skills.  Restocked and organized products to maintain store’s clean appearance. Volunteer, St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center, Hartford, CT, June-August 2011  Maintained and organized files and hospital records for the Department of Medicine LEADERSHIP: Vice President, National Honor Society, Norwood High School, Sept 2010-May 2011  Coordinated three art auctions to fundraise for the local animal shelter.  Led three committees in charge of marketing, volunteer coordination, and finances.  Presented welcome speech to audience of over 350 participants ACTIVITIES: American Institute of Chemical Engineers, WPI, Sept 2012-Present Society of Women Engineers, WPI, Oct 2011-Present Softball Team, Norwood, MA, March-June 2010 HONORS: Charles O. Thompson Scholar, WPI, March 2013 Dean’s List, WPI, Oct 2011-Present 2012 Northeast Utilities Foundation Scholarship, April 2012 Career Development A - 5 CenterR e s u m e W R i t i n g Graduate Student Sample Resume Graduate Student Sample Resume Zhang Wei 123 Institute Road Apt 2; Worcester MA 01609 (123) 456-7890; OBJECTIVE: Full Time Marketing Analyst EDUCATION: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Worcester, MA Master of Science in Marketing and Technological Innovation, GPA 3.7/4.0 May 2014 Shandong University (SU), Weihai, China Bachelor of Science in Marketing and International Trade, GPA 3.5/4.0 June 2010 EXPERIENCE: Marketing Assistant, Echain Realty, Arcadia, CA June 2013-Aug 2013  Searched property information and made more than 40 offers for clients every week  Scheduled showing appointment and followed up offers by phone and through email  Designed official website structure (in HTML) and prepared content for website and Facebook Marketing Intern, Labtiva, Cambridge, MA Feb 2013-April 2013  Created marketing strategy to promote Readcube software in North America  Conducted direct marketing to university librarians through telephone and demo  Organized social media marketing and forum marketing to build product recognition  Developed and tracked email marketing campaigns through MailChimp Graduate Assistant, School of Business, WPI May 2012-April 2013  Designed questionnaire for interview about healthcare IT system using Survey Monkey  Transcribed and verified 50 interview audio records from focus group and expert interview  Conducted analysis of patient survey and expert interview using SPSS and Nvivo Marketing Specialist, Longen, Jinan, China July 2010-July 2011  Increased daily website visits by 30% within 60 days through guest blogging and social media interaction  Improved single product turnover rate by 40% by researching and releasing hot sale product information  Achieved 200,000 monthly sales by talking to customers through telephone and online chat  Secured more than 500 orders for customers at 30 American online stores every month COMPUTER SKILLS: Microsoft Office, SPSS, SQL, Google Analytics, Cognos, HTML, Photoshop ACTIVITIES: Vice President, Dormitory Administration Committee, Weihai, China May 2007-Aug 2009 Career Development A - 6 CenterR e s u m e W R i t i n g Graduate Student Sample Resume 2 Graduate Student Sample Resume Becky Science 123 West Street, Apt 3 Worcester, MA 01609 (508) 831-5260 Objective: Full time biomedical engineering position with a focus on tissue engineering Education: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Worcester, MA Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering, GPA 3.8/4.0, May 2014 Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering, GPA 3.6/4.0, May 2013 Related Courses: Biomaterials in the Design of Medical Devices, Tissue Engineering, Medical Device Regulation ( to be completed by 2014) Skills: Lab Techniques: Sterile technique, serial dilutions, gel electrophoresis, staining techniques, centrifugation, compound light microscopy, cell culture Applications/Software: Solidworks, ImageJ, LabView, Microsoft (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, Outlook) Projects: Major Qualifying Project, WPI, August 2012 – May 2013  Developed an adhesion system to increase cell aggregation for the growth of cell-derived vascular tissue rings on team of four.  Researched characteristics of cells and biomaterials to determine how to create a new application for the adhesion system for cell aggregation.  Optimized the developed system to create better adhesion between the cells and work within the ring aggregation system.  Utilized adhesion system to more quickly grow stronger and consistent tissue rings that have less cell death. Biomedical Design, WPI, August – October 2012  Collaborated on a four-person team to redesign current model of a skin tissue culture device currently used in campus labs to optimize ease of use.  Executed the design process to create and present a design prototype.  Researched current models and incorporated design considerations.  Utilized Solidworks to present scale models of conceptual designs. Related Experience: Application Engineer Intern, Union Biometrica, Holliston, MA, May 2013 – Present  Assisted in development and validation of performance specification benchmarks for flow cytometry machine lines.  Refined and enhanced scientific application techniques to provide in-depth technical expertise for products in pre- and post-sale roles, resulting in 500,000 sales for company. Additional Experience: Literature Collation Research Assistant, Humanities and Arts Department, WPI, January 2010 – Present Petcare Department Associate and Cashier, PetSmart, Everett, MA, May 2009 – August 2010 Activities: Biomedical Engineering Society, WPI, September 20011–present Alpha Eta Mu Beta (Biomedical Engineering Honor Society), WPI, November 2011–Present Career Development A - 7 Center

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