Motivational Speech

how to give motivational speech and how to write motivational speeches and how to give motivational speech to students
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Published Date:14-07-2017
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Motivational  Speech   Jody  Miranda   Professional  Communica4on  Speech  1  Topics   • Have  you  narrowed  down  your   topic?   • Mo4va4onal  or  Inspira4onal   • Please  log  in     • You  need  your  composi4on  book  Research  your  topic   Google     “Mo4va4onal  Speech  Topics”  or   “Inspira4onal  Speech  Topics”   Change  TOPICS  to  Ideas  for  more   results.   Write  possible  topics  on  ISN  p.  11  Ideas  for  speeches   • Never  give  up   Google   • Don’t  be  limited  by  your   “Mo4va4onal   disabili4es,  but  live  up  to  your   abili4es.   Speech  Topics”     • If  life  gives  you  lemons,  make   Or   lemonade.   • Try,  try  again.   “Inspira4onal   • Just  do  it   Speech  Topics”   • Etc.  Motivational  Ideas   Sayings  to  Inspire  You     hPp://   hPp:// mo4va4on/mo4va4onal_sayings___ten_great_ones.html       Teen  Challenges   hPp://   hPp://dg-­‐        Log  in   • Open  Word  and  chose  the  blank  template.  Setting  up  your  speech   In  the  HEADER:   üT   ype  your  name   ü PC   üMo   4va4onal  Speech   Save  file  as:   ü    PC  Your  name  and  Mo4va4onal  How  to  Write  a  Speech:     • Intro:  Greet,  Introduce  topic  and  hook  their   a3en4on.   • Write  down  what  you'd  say  as  if  you  were  talking   directly  to  them.   • If  it  helps,  say  everything  out  loud  before  you   write.   • Aer  you've  finished,  read  it.   • Make  sure  your  ideas  are  logical  and  easily   followed.   • Remember  to  explain  or  illustrate  your  point   with  examples  from  your  research.    FOCUS   • When  presen4ng  you  will  act  as  if  you  were  giving   advice  to  a  friend.   • It  must  be  posi4ve.   • How  can  someone  get  past  a  bad  situa4on  or  tough   4me?   • Use  an  example:   •  Yourself   •  Friend  or  family  member   •  Someone  famous  such  as  an  athlete  or  actor.   •  Someone  from  history   •  Someone  fic4onal  from  a  story  or  a  movie.  ISN  p.  17   Speech  Planning   q WHO  you  are  going  to  speak  for   qW   HAT  the  general  or  specific  subject   maPer  is   qHOW    long  the  speech  is  to  be   qan   d  WHEN   qan   d  WHERE  it  is…  ISN  Page  17   Speech  Planning   hPp://www.write-­‐out-­‐   Key  Ques4ons:   1.W   ho-­‐  Classmates   2. What-­‐  Mo4va4onal/  Your  Topic   3.Ho   w-­‐  2  minutes   4. When-­‐    In  about  2  weeks   5. Where-­‐  in  front  of  the  class  Presenta4on  Timeline   We  begin   this  on   Monday   This  is   your   Final  dra   plan   &  Rehearse   Revise  &   This  is   Edit.  More   your   Research  &   research  if   Quote   Rough  Dra   necessary.   Barebones   Outline   Select   Topic  How  to  Write  Your  Speech   •  hPp://www.write-­‐out-­‐­‐speech-­‐ outline.html   A  simple  sample  speech  outline  uses  all  3   parts.   ü 'Tell  them  what  you're  going  to  tell   them'  becomes  your  introduc4on     ü'Tel   l  them'  forms  the  body     ü 'Tell  them  what  you  told  them'  is  your   conclusion   ISN  Page  17  How  is  your  speech  like  an   Oreo?  How  is  your  speech  like  an  Oreo?   Introduction Body Conclusion ISN  Page  17  3  Parts  of  Your  Speech   1.  Introduc4on-­‐  Tell  them  what   you  are  going  to  tell  them   2.  Body-­‐  Tell  them   3.  Conclusion-­‐  Tell  them  what   you  told  them  Introduction   • Should  include:   üIn   troducing  yourself   ü A  gree4ng   ü It  could  include  a  fact   ü It  could  include  a  joke   üIt     could  include  your  quote   THIS  IS  THE  PART  WHERE  YOU  TELL  THEM  WHAT     YOU  ARE  GOING  TO  TELL  THEM.  Audience  Etiquette   MAKE  SURE  THESE  ARE  IN   •  What  is  your  role  as  a  member  of  the  audience?   •  Why  do  you  need  to  be  a  good  audience  member?   YOUR  NOTES   1.  Arrive  Early   2.  Turn  off  the  Phone   3.  Talk  only  if  you  are  asked  to  talk.   4.  Keep  any  conversa4on  short  and  whisper   5.  Remain  alert.  No  sleeping   6.  Stay  4ll  the  end.   7.  Show  apprecia4on.   ISN  Page  19  Presenta4on  Timeline   Final  dra   &  Rehearse   Revise  &   Edit.  More   Research  &   research  if   Rough  Dra   necessary.   Barebones   Outline   Select   Topic  Open  Your  Rough  Draft   Log  in.   Open  the  rough  dra  of  your   speech.   Make  revisions.   Need  to  finish  conclusion  today.        

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