How to achieve Spiritual Awakening

how does spiritual awakening happen and how to reach spiritual awakening and how to meditate spiritual awakening, what happens after your spiritual awakening
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Published Date:13-07-2017
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man BECOME YOUR HIGHER SELF GLOBAL PEACEFUL REVOLUTION THROUGH FAST SPIRITUAL AWAKENING January 2014 www.BECOMEHIGHERSELF.COM 1 CLAIM YOUR TRUE POWER AND MAGNIFICANCE THE TRUTH MUST BE REVEALED TO HELP LOVE WIN OVER SELFISHNESS, IGNORANCE AND HATRED 2 CONTENTS Foreword - About the Author Chapter 1 – First glimpse behind the veil Who is this book for? What do I want to achieve with this book? Comparison to the magic book in the film Never Ending Story Who will not like this book? The way I wrote the book Are you really ready to awaken and what will start happening if you say yes? Something profound did happen on 21 December 2012 after all Moving to Heart consciousness What will happen to the darkness? The rising power of the people Future inventions Climate changes ahead The refreshing of the cycle of life But we can’t wait that long Chapter 2 – Awakening and enlightenment explored Awakening What is spiritual awakening? How does spiritual awakening feel? -The awakened state of mind and heart Characteristics of spiritual awakening / expanded consciousness Self-assessment test - How spiritually awakened are you? How expanded is your consciousness? The new children -Indigo children -Crystal children -Rainbow children Enlightenment What is enlightenment? Drop and ocean analogy What is it like to be enlightened? How can we tell that we are approaching enlightenment? – Raising Kundalini Experiencing raising Kundalini Chapter 3 - How things really are Who are you really? Are you your mind? Observer exercise: Who am I? Becoming your inner you Attuning to healing Reiki energy Connecting with your Higher Self Difference between you and an angel Love for self Ritual: Attuning to healing Reiki energy Our life journey How can we tell where we are on our life journey? Self-assessment test - The overall level of our own spiritual development Life journey does not need to be as hard as many find it How do we experience each moment in life? -Experiencing the external reality -Experiencing our Internal reality Subconscious mind – not just the storage of our internal reality How are our experiences and events that happen to us created? What we create -We constantly make freewill decisions, choices and take actions -We interpret the external reality according to our internal reality 3 -We attract external reality that resembles our internal reality We can change our future and our external reality by reshaping our internal reality What is created from Above -Opportunities and lessons for us to learn and develop from -Help from the other side When are opportunities and lessons created for us by the other side? Do events created from above take priority over what we are creating? Can we change what the other side organised for us? How can events be created by our internal reality and the other side when it is often logically impossible? What about events created by other people? Understanding what we chose before we were born Why do we reincarnate and do we bring things from previous lives into this life? Autistic and other mentally handicapped children in new light Self-analysis – Understanding the main life choices we made before we were born Understanding our main events Our past events Self-analysis – Understanding better our main life events Our future events How is future created - The illusion of linear time Feeling the everlasting present moment Potential future versus materialised future Which potential future happens? How do we change the track for our train? Predicting future – how do clairvoyants do it and are they always right? What defines who we are as a person? Our resistances Our resistance to our experiences Our non-acceptance of others, ourselves and things that don’t even exist Let’s stop resisting Our attachments Tips to reduce our attachments and resistances Our decisions, choices, actions and reactions How do we make them and can they be predicted? How do we make decisions and take actions in partnership with our Higher Self? What about our “wrong” decisions and actions in the past? We are where we are as a result of everything up to this point Our words The main levels of consciousness at which we operate Our inner drive Self-assessment test- The level of our Inner drive / energy External reality – do we all see the same things? How does our mind determine what it brings into our awareness from what our senses pick up? How do we interpret what our mind brought into our awareness? What does the outside world really look like? We live in the world of ideas Chapter 4 – Achieving higher awareness and becoming more present When are we present and when not? The power of presence Connecting with our body Climbing the ladder to higher awareness Overcoming negative emotions and solving problems with higher awareness 4 Day to day benefits of being present and having higher awareness How to develop higher awareness and become more present Observer exercise: Higher awareness Beginner level - Observe self in a peaceful state Intermediate level - Observe self during conversations with people Advanced level - Observe self during uncomfortable / difficult / stressful situations Observer exercise: Increased presence Beginner level - Thoroughly observe an object Intermediate level – Observe and feel the energy of a room you are in Advanced level - Connect with nature Observer exercise: Clearing mind Beginner level - Concentrate on an object Intermediate level – Observe your mind Advanced level - Connect with nature Chapter 5 - Communicating with the Other side Recognising intuitive messages The power of imagination Interpreting intuitive messages State of Knowing Improving intuition and imagination Other ways the other side communicates with us How do we ask our Higher Self questions and receive answers? How can we feel divine beings? -Exercise: Feeling an angel Are ghosts of people real? Chapter 6 – Health secrets Where do western and eastern medicines fall short? The amazing immune system What are the main external invaders? The body defences Stem cells What do the cells and organs need to properly function? What kind of energy do we need? Gaining and burning those calories Why do people get ill in general? The message coming through physical pain When does the blood and life force energy circulation reduce in an area of the body? Vulnerable area is a good place for invaders to settle in What toxins are people exposed to? Where can’t white blood cells reach and find invaders at all? What triggers off invaders into action? Emotional and mental causes of health problems Our attitude to our health is more important than many think How do stored negative emotions affect our health? Health problems beyond our control Health problems as lessons organised from above How do our bodies march towards balance? Self-analysis: Spotting and better understanding health issue cycles & patterns Some of our unintended actions & decisions bring our health lessons or help our body’s march to balance How are our bodies reacting to the clearing of mental and emotional baggage and overall spiritual growth? Body clearing tends to happen in cycles Key ways of improving health Unknown way of slowing down ageing 5 Chapter 7 – The mysterious Emotions Feelings and emotions – what is the difference? Feeling emotions Why do we feel emotions / have feelings? How do we and our body feel emotions when they arise? We are not always aware of our emotions What is behind emotions? When do we experience emotions? What gives rise to a particular emotion / feeling? We ultimately decide what emotions we experience.... with our states of mind Sadly many people restrict their happy emotions to when some demanding conditions are met.... Changing the emotions we feel is harder than it looks Our attraction to emotions Addictions to emotions and physical sensations We attract events & experiences which bring emotions linked to our internal reality How long does an emotion last? Suppressing emotions and storing them in our body Where are emotions stored in the body? How can we recall stored emotions? What triggers off stored emotions? How to identify our stored negative / undesirable emotions Self-Assessment test: Negative Emotions & Qualities Positive and negative emotions / qualities are two sides of one coin Emotions are expressions of certain amount of unconditional love or lack of it How open is your heart? Self-Assessment test: Measure of own unconditional love Why is releasing stored negative emotions worth it? How do we release old and neutralize new negative emotions? -Observing and accepting -Changing the individual mental states causing these emotions -Self-analysis: Identifying & changing internal reality behind the negative / undesirable emotions -Redefining the whole internal reality -Spontaneous release of emotions through their physical expression -Mechanical and alternative therapy ways of releasing stored negative emotions -Our body’s own attempt to clear negative emotions Ways of heart to release negative emotions and experience mainly positive emotions going forward -Generally opening and living more through our heart - Moving from negative emotion / quality to positive one through the heart Love bath ritual Can we strengthen our positive emotions and qualities “through our heart”? Awakening of the emotional body Chapter 8 – Earth and Universe The main characteristic of Universe / Creation The Duality of Creation The main purpose of Creation and Earth Training ground for the development of consciousness Experiencing opposites The struggle of light and darkness on Earth Corporate Capitalism Protectionism Control and Fear -Fear is a clever way to control -Does the controlling environment and abundance of fear offer something positive? Injecting Inferiority 6 Greed and Power addiction Where is the world heading? What is the alternative system? Let’s stop feeding the system How are people changing the world for better? Our presence in places and our intent without any action also changes the world How is Earth changing? Human consciousness is rising The time is speeding up Things are materialising faster in the physical world It takes more energy to maintain order and prevent disintegration / chaos. Weather changes will intensify after 2012 The mystery surrounding Matter and Energy What really is matter? The interaction of matter and energy is the key All energies come from a source How does energy spread? How does consciousness fit with matter and energy? Link between energy vibration and level of consciousness Moving energy and creating matter with consciousness Love energy Where does love energy come from and where is it located? There is no limit to how much love we can feel When do we emit love energy? Our mind can be a huge obstacle to receiving and spreading love How does love energy manifest itself in physical form? Spotting beauty Water is divine Akashic energy / Torsion waves Chapter 9 – Spirit / Being and Consciousness The Other side Is the other side really the other side? How can we feel the other side? Without you the whole is not whole Higher Self Our consciousness vs. our Higher Self’s consciousness Can we help our Higher Self evolve? Soul Consciousness What is consciousness and who has it? Consciousness as Hologram Levels of consciousness -Etheric level -Emotional level -Mental level -Conscience or Higher mental level -Heart consciousness -Karmic level -Nirvanic level -Higher angelic and godly levels What levels of consciousness do we normally operate at? Chakras How do chakras communicate with our body? What gets chakras out of balance? Brain waves 7 Types of brain waves -Beta -Alpha -Theta -Delta Brainwaves of spiritually awakened person How can we get an idea of what brainwaves we are at? How to consciously move to Alpha brainwaves –the Rainbow walk Chapter 10 - Important laws of the Universe Law of Polarity - Duality -Law of Change Law of Balance -What happens when things get out of balance? Law of Rhythm / Cycle Law of a Spiral (coil) -Life unfolds and moves forward like a spiral -Future unfolds / happens in spiral-like cycles, in patterns. -The opportunities to learn/grow/clear disharmonies keep re-appearing until we take them The principle of a Circle of energy Law of Relativity Law of Similarity Law of Karma / law of action and reaction Law of Correspondence or Analogy -As above, so below -As in big - so in small -All is an open system like a lake -How can the inflows be controlled? -How does an open system / lake get out of balance? -What do we need to do to correct a system being out of balance? Law of Spirit and Mind -Observer can become the observed Truth Love is the most powerful force in the Universe Law of Opportunity Law of Surrender / Acceptance Law of Sacrifice Creation of personal realities Law of Reincarnation 8 Foreword – About the Author Greetings. Thank you for choosing to read this book. Let me tell you something about me first. I was born in Czechoslovakia and now live in London. I grew up in a society where spirituality was suppressed by the socialist regime. But I was lucky to regularly experience as a child the loving energy and spiritual healing from numerous Czech healers, in a search to treat my various allergies. These experiences and my desire to understand how these magical things work were key reasons why I started my spiritual journey quite early on in life. I looked for answers to my never ending questions everywhere because little spiritual material was available in those days. In my late teens I became a Reiki healer after I was told that I had “healing hands”. This helped me better understand people, improve my visualisation and intuition. Life in Czechoslovakia was constrained in many other ways too. I knew that the political and educational system was hiding the truth about many things from us. The truth about who we are, about life, about the other side. Then the exciting days of the velvet revolution came in 1989. I and my fellow university students were full of hope for a better life when we were taking part in street demonstrations. We even managed to make a lot of positive changes at our university in 1990. I felt that the whole world was one step closer to equality and to embracing spiritualism when the Czech moral leader Vaclav Havel became the first president to invite the Tibetian spiritual leader Dalai Lama on a state visit in the same year. But things in Czechoslovakia did not quite turn out the way many were hoping. The main slogan of the revolution “love and truth wins over hatred and lies” somehow fizzled out and greed started to mushroom. Old forces quickly changed their coats and grabbed big slices of the state cake during the industry privatisation. Propaganda continued to be used effectively and at one point people could not wait until the country would be split into two and with it the friendship between Czechs and Slovaks. Spiritually oriented people like me remained in a minority but that did not deter us and we continued to meet in smaller numbers. Keen to explore the world, I did a fair amount of travelling after 1990. But I struggled to find abroad the better life for which we were fighting. I saw isolation, poverty and ignorance, and I realised that the whole world had a long way to go. Later in life I realised that another and faster way to a happier world is through individual spiritual awakening. I experienced many happy moments during my travels too. Great Britain made a good impact on me, especially because they had done more than other western countries to integrate various nationalities. So, I took the opportunity to study here in early 90’s, alongside my studies in the Czech Republic. I met a lot of warm-hearted British people from various cultures and decided to settle in London after I was offered an interesting job there. Because I continue to live in a multicultural environment whilst keeping strong ties with the Czech Republic, I feel like I have been living multiple lives ever since I left my home country. Back to the spiritual side, I have been going through a real spiritual awakening since about 2004 when my heart and consciousness noticeably expanded and I connected with my Higher Self and divine beings like Kryon. I have been guided how to further “open my heart” and progress my spiritual journey ever since. I became a Reiki master healer, received various spiritual gifts to use in helping people, and cultivated deeper knowing & understanding of how things are. With this higher awareness I could also see my deeper disharmonies, like stored emotions of fear that I needed to clear. In 2007, I decided to leave my job because the environment started to deteriorate after some nice people had left. But to my surprise coincidences led me to take on a new role in a place where it turned out that selfishness dominated and compassion was in short demand too. Whilst I found this frustrating, it proved to be a good training ground for my further development. I was able to raise the energy vibration there, help uplift & empower a lot of frustrated colleagues, and guide them to create a happier reality for themselves. In 2008, I suffered a herniated disc in my lower back. As spending long hours sitting at work made it worse, I knew this was my opportunity to go part-time and focus on helping people with their spiritual journeys outside work. I loved this new way but my ongoing back condition made me feel that I was not doing enough to make our world a better place. I also wanted to share with more people my understanding of how things in life work, many personal experiences I accumulated, and the deep-rooted connection to the other side I developed. Then in early 2011 my dilemma was answered when I got various messages that I was ready to write a book - a widely accessible ebook that will take people on a journey of discovery, help them empower themselves and spiritually awaken relatively quickly, in preparation for the happier times ahead. My heart jumped with joy and the next two years of writing were simply amazing. I wrote this book together with my Higher Self. It is magical and I am really grateful for all the help I got. Thank you. And now that it is done and you are reading it, I feel like I fulfilled my mission. Here is what one reader said about the book: Marlan from Jakarta, Indonesia: I am in love with your ebook. During my free time and travelling between my home and my office your ebook is becoming my favourite. Reading your book is always helping me to have clearer mind and stronger heart. In some parts I felt like reading my own life story, in other parts I felt like listening to my spiritual Dad 9 talking with me (he is no longer with me), in other parts I felt like I am listening to my Higher Self talking to me.... Reading your book is really joyful and amazing experience for me... I would like to share with you a mystic experience that I had whilst writing the book. As I was getting nearer to finishing the main areas of the book, one day I noticed a picture of Jesus inside a glass-like vase next to my laptop. The picture formed from leaves and a stem of the flowers inside the vase (you can see the vase before and after the appearance of Jesus in section “How can we feel divine beings?” on pages ). I was deeply touched by this experience and can only interpret it as support from the other side. Support for my desire to empower people and to spread the wisdom I have gained. I also see the appearance as a support of my views about the masters that lived on Earth like Jesus and Krishna, which are different to the norm. I believe that these masters came to empower us and not to make us feel guilty or inferior. They came to show us that we are all capable of doing what they can do, just like Buddha did. That we can all discover our divinity deep inside when we open our hearts and overcome our egos. They also came to show us how to love, how to spiritually grow and how to heal others. But the religious authorities concealed or changed some of these messages... Actually there are so many different spiritual concepts around, that it is becoming hard to distinguish what to believe. Some concepts are so far-fetched that they make people sceptical about the whole New Age, as well as about some religions and faiths. Some of the authors here may be talking about distant future, taking things out of context or interpreting the divine with their ego. Unfortunately there can be another reason for this. Some spiritual things out there have been written or said to mislead people. Why? Perhaps so that people lose trust in spirituality, for example when things do not happen as st predicted. Just think of the numerous predictions about the mysterious day of 21 December 2012... Going back to my book, I wrote it with my heart and the wisdom coming mainly from deep within me remains pure. But you still need to decide for yourself what feels right for you. Spiritual information should resonate with the godly part of you which resides deep within. As a general guidance, spiritual information should empower a person rather than ask them to surrender their free will or go against their integrity. It should not be a message of fear, which drags you down, but an uplifting and enabling message. The information should be useful for all rather than a selected group. For example, when it presents spiritual solutions to life challenges on Earth. Also watch for information that is taken out of context and does not show you the fuller picture. So I suggest that before accepting things, you see how they make you feel deep inside and if they ring true to your heart. Michael 10 Chapter 1 – First glimpse behind the veil Who is this book for? This book is firstly for people who want to discover their true inner self and experience fast spiritual awakening. The good news is that spiritual awakening, a key step on everyone’s journey to enlightenment, is becoming easier and can st happen faster after the magic date of 21 December 2012. It is also for those who are already experiencing any sort of awakening, especially if they are not finding it easy. I offer these people my support and guidance. People who want to understand more about how things in life work - the visible and invisible - should find this book helpful too. Additionally, this book is a helping hand for those who: -Struggle to cope in life for various reasons. Perhaps they may be struggling with their financial situation or battling with lots of unhappy emotions and events. They may suffer from stress, depression or even “the dark night of the soul” when everything seems to be going wrong and one’s meaning in life is collapsing. -Feel like the world is against them and they are powerless about the things that are happening to them. Their life feels like a rollercoaster, quickly up and quickly down. They wish that they can understand the things that are happening to them and know how to create a happier reality. -Believe in spirituality or God but are not receiving the answers and help that they need, Pict. Helping hand and so they feel lost and alone. -Had enough of living the “normal” way because it does not make them truly happy. They have a feeling that there is something missing and something wrong with the world and with the priorities of modern society. They are not attracted to achieving the success defined by today’s society – wealth, power, status. Instead, they are looking for a deeper level of happiness, peace, fulfilment and love. And they want to make this world a better & fairer place. -Are not sure what is the deeper meaning of them being here, or are generally “bored with life” and want more out of it. -Feel let down by the mysterious day 21.12.2012, which was meant to bring good things, yet nothing positive seems to have happened. This book is also for people who know that this date did bring positive things and they want to know more how life will change after 2012. -Or they are simply looking for an exciting read and have an open mind. What do I want to achieve with this book? I want to take you on an adventure. I want to help you discover your true inner self, like I did. I want to help you expand your consciousness, spiritually awaken, connect and eventually “merge” with your Higher Self - the other half of you . By doing this, you will find your true power and magnificence. You will be in a good position to claim back your freedom. Freedom that could have been taken away from you by those people, companies, political and belief systems, which suppress who you really are and hide the truth from you. Once you get there, you can help others discover who they really are. You can help them find their inner beauty and power. I hope that just reading this book will increase the amount of the love energy that you will feel (through a more opened heart chakra). And there is more. This book is a portal to higher consciousness . Spiritual growth is exciting but it is not always a walk through a beautiful garden full of blossoming flowers. To support readers in other ways than through this book, I will also be regularly sending healing Reiki energy to those readers who would like to receive it . The way to attune to it is described in section on pages . In addition, I reveal many secrets of the way things and life really work, especially those that governments and educational systems do not want us to know and are not telling us about.... All this will contribute to the global peaceful revolution already on the way and to the creation of a much happier and fairer world we live in. I am inspired by the Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi. He started a peaceful revolution which led to India gaining independence from British rule. 11 I am also inspired by Martin Luther King. In 1963 he shared with the world his big dream of freedom and equality for African-American people. He said that 100 years have passed since 3 million African-American slaves were freed, yet most African-American people were still living in segregation and in chains of discrimination. 50 years later in 2013 things have definitely improved and Barack Obama is the proof of that, but.... Somehow, certain lack of freedom and equality can still be felt everywhere around the world today. What happened? Why did we allow it? Because people accept it as the way of life? Because the inequality is more subtle than it was in the past, and so people don’t notice it so much? I hope that people who read this book will join me in healing the world from things like inequality. I also want to renew faith of people who feel let down by the mysterious day of 21.12.2012 because nothing positive seems to have happened. I want to reveal the slow changes on the way towards a happier and fairer world. I look at things from higher and higher perspectives and take the reader with me to higher levels of awareness. Here seemingly unconnected things suddenly start falling into place, like pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle. So as opposed to other books, which tend to focus on one area, I aim to show you a much bigger and fuller picture, across the widest imaginable spectrum. This includes the visible and invisible in our world, the “other side” where your Higher Self is , the multi-dimensional universe... All of this will, amongst other things, put you in a far better position to understand the things that are happening to you and around you. It is one way of empowering you and helping you to overcome the difficulties you face. Just reading this book with an open mind should connect readers to the higher parts of themselves and act like a spiritual initiation, similar to when people are initiated to become a Reiki healer. This should help you become the great I AM that you are but don’t know it yet. And after that it is up to you how you utilise this new amazing partnership with the higher parts of yourself for everyone’s good. Actually, the warm-hearted people are at least partially awakened already. This book should make them realise how big is what they have already achieved, and add another powerful engine to their car so that they can move quicker and easier on their path towards enlightenment... Hand in hand with the above, I want to help readers achieve these other things, which come along with spiritual awakening: -Developing higher awareness and becoming more present (right here, right now). This way become more aware of ourselves, including what we carry in our mind , and everything around us. -Moving to live more from the heart than from the mind. Increasing the love and light that we shine and receive. Through this become the carrier of the divine, raise own vibration and move closer towards enlightenment. -Increasing our own ability to create a happier reality for ourselves and raising us above “the dramas of everyday life”. Through this become more in charge of our own life. -Finding deeper purpose and peace, becoming happier and more joyful. -Becoming the leader of tomorrow and joining in healing the world. Once people spiritually awaken, achieving enlightenment should be inevitable, just a question of time. But this process brings challenges that need to be overcome. And so I also want to give people guidance on how to overcome the challenges they may face. I do appreciate and respect that everybody has their own path, is at a different stage on this path, and everybody’s experiences during their awakening / spiritual evolvement are specific to them. So I cannot predict these individual experiences and suggest detailed steps on how to deal with individual challenges. But I aim to help readers get to the position to sail through them with ease themselves. Comparison to the magic book in the film Never Ending Story Those of you who watched the film Never Ending Story, do you remember the magic book that took the boy reading it to the other world? The other world was a fantasy but the more the boy read, the more the fantasy world started to become real. This book does something similar. When you read it, you kind of enter a sacred space in which miracles do happen. Initially things in there may feel like a fantasy. But the more you read and observe, the more you realise that it is not a fantasy. The more you read, the more the things that you read about will start happening. You also realise that we kind of live in two worlds simultaneously and they are closely linked. There is a difference though. The fantasy world in the film was quite sad, whereas the reader can experience through this book a much happier world at the higher levels of consciousness. There will be sad bits too but they relate more to the every-day world we know well, especially to the absence of love.... 12 . Who will not like this book? This book is not for everyone. Some people do not agree with spiritual growth and awakening. They strongly believe in themselves, in the way they are and in things that they can see and prove. These people may not want to carry on reading. And if they do, they may be sceptical, dislike & disagree with what is revealed here, or even laugh at it. But if they carry on reading, I will help them become more aware of their inner self hiding deep inside. Then, they can judge for themselves. The way I wrote the book This e-book takes you on a journey of discovery across a wide range of areas. Each area that I focus on opens the door to other connected areas. These can be explored in the chapters that follow. Parts of the book are like an interactive spiritual guide. I use pictures to carry some important messages and answer a lot of fascinating questions which people sometimes ask but to which they usually do not find the answers. For example, are the things that we experience in life one big coincidence? If not, then how do we attract the events that happen to us? Can we actually tell what events and experiences are the result of our thoughts & beliefs? What are we meant to learn from / wake up to, or what have we attracted as our opportunities to make decisions and so define who we are? If the answer is yes, then how? As part of the explanations and revelations about how life really works, I explain the principles of the universal laws, such as the 7 Hermetic Laws. I have not come across any book or a website that seems to reveal so much about the laws and apply them to everyday life through practical examples. I try to explain things, including the complicated stuff, using straightforward language and so make it easier to understand. (I actually learned a few things from Kryon and his channellings - this divine being also officially channels for the United Nations in their own New York building ). I use many day-to-day examples and illustrations to explain the principles covered and put them in practice. There is a lot covered here but the clear structure should allow readers to pick what they want to read and focus on those things which have personal meaning to them. I created a number of interesting and easy self-assessment tests. Here readers can get an idea where they stand when it comes to things like the level of their overall spiritual development, negative emotions and unconditional love. Similarly the book contains various self-analysis excercises to help readers find more about themselves. I offer various methods and tools for getting in control of own life, creating a happier reality, clearing unhelpful emotions stored in the body and balancing other disharmonies like attachments. To make the topics covered in the book easy to follow and come back / return to, and to distinguish between different types of information, I used various colours in the text. The logic / legend is like this:  Spiritual revelations and explanations  Other important things I want to emphasise  Self-assessment tests, self-analysis and exercises  Examples Are you really ready to awaken and what will start happening if you say yes? People who are already focusing on their spiritual growth and experiencing any sort of awakening do not need to ask themselves this question. They will probably wonder instead how much this book will help them. For the others, please continue reading only if you are really ready to spiritually awaken and ready to take on the responsibility of the more evolved person you will become. Because once you start to awaken, it will be hard to close your eyes again. It will be hard to stop or turn back because you can’t spiritually unlearn what you have learned. But you can always slow down. It is no coincidence that you are reading these words and facing this decision. Most likely you attracted it as an opportunity to speed up your growth significantly. Spiritual awakening starts simply with your intent, with your decision to awaken. If the intent is not there, your choice is respected. If you don’t feel ready, wait until you are... 13 Once you decide that you want to go ahead, many things will be set in motion: You will gradually start experiencing more coincidences. These may amaze you, especially after you learn to understand their meaning. Your Higher Self will become more active in organising opportunities for you to move forward. After all, it will have more reasons to do that - you will be more likely to spot these opportunities, understand them and act on them . This is mainly because your ability to step back and see the bigger picture will be increasing as you awaken. You will see things more clearly and you will notice things that you did not before. Some of the things you will see, you may not like or you may be disappointed about. For example, you will see how many people around you are not aware of basic things like some of their emotions. Fortunately, your awakening will have positive impact on people around you whether they realise it or not. In advanced stages, your impact can be compared to when you light up a match in a dark room . And so you will be in a better position to help others. And one more exciting change worth mentioning here: As you become more present and your senses sharpen, the subtle things around you should begin to feel more magical, e.g. in nature, and you should feel more love energy  (explained in the Love Energy section on pages ). There is even more to come. Many of the things described later may sound unbelievable to begin with or simply not true. Please give them a chance and don’t expect everything on day one. Just by being aware of this new information, you should soon begin to see things in a new light. Some people may find the awakening adventure harder than others. We all have accumulated different amounts of stuff that we need to harmonise if we want to move forward quickly... But please remember that you will be guided and protected by your Higher Self. “The force will be with you” and you will reach the finish line if you don’t give up. It is not about the finish line though, it is about the journey to it. Going back to the benefits of spiritual awakening I mentioned above, this adventure is well worth undertaking. If you are ready then let’s start with awakening. Let’s begin with the mysterious day of 21 December 2012 and understand what really happened. . Something profound did happen on 21 December 2012 after all A lot had been written and promised about this date. Of course there were many fear-based doomsday predictions, but a lot of sources were talking about an exciting new beginning. This is because a galactic alignment took place on this day whereby the sun (Winter Solstice) was aligned with the centre of our Milky Way galaxy, as seen from the Earth. This happens only once in 25,765 years and completes the astronomical cycle called the precession of the equinoxes or the Earth’s “wobble”. The ancient Mayans who were amazing astronomers and mathematicians (already or) knew about this. They ended their calendar on this day to mark the end of times as we know it. But nothing positive seems to have happened on the day and afterwards, and so a lot of people who believed the positive predictions felt let down. Some even felt silly because they had spread positive messages about the new beginning and then were laughed at. Well, let me tell you that nobody should feel silly because something magic did happen on 21.12.2012. But as opposed to the “miracles” that these sources predicted, it was so subtle that the vast majority of people did not feel anything. Mainly a huge amount of spiritual energy from the central Source washed over the Earth. Actually, a small minority of people sensed this energy in their own way. They felt a difference on that day. Here are some of the experiences that they (and I) had: -They felt lighter, more peaceful and relaxed. Their worries, fears and other problems seemed smaller and they felt lifted above them. -They felt generally happier for no obvious reason. -Their mind was clearer and they felt like mentally and physically slowing down. They felt drawn into the present moment and may have struggled more to get things done on that day. -They felt more connected to other people -People who sense energy felt waves of gentle, warm, uplifting and loving energy. Some of you are still likely to be sceptical and say “OK, let’s say that there is more spiritual energy here, but so what? I can’t see any positive consequences”. You are right, the consequences are not very visible because they are so gradual and can easily be missed. 14 I sensed deep inside what this spiritual energy was bringing to our generation. The big picture formed in my consciousness only after some “soul searching” in the following two months and messages from the divine being Kryon. Let me share it with you. Many exciting things are quietly happening over time. Firstly, the build up of spiritual energy has been raising the collective human consciousness. And this energy shift is helping, or often nudging (e.g. through life events and coincidences), more and more people to expand their individual consciousness, open their hearts and transmute their accumulated negative energies. Yet, most people don’t realise that this is happening and many resist it or struggle with it. For them this book should be a helping hand. One change resulting from the build up of the spiritual energy, which many people have been feeling for some years, is that the time seems to be speeding up. The days, weeks and even months just seem to go by. Many people feel that there is less time to do things than before and they struggle to get everything done. Yet when you look at the clock, nothing changed there. So it is our perception of time that is speeding up... Our perception of time speeding up is as real as the actual clock ticking at the same speed. If you feel this too, then you have just stepped with your other foot firmly into the second world which penetrates the physical world... Just like the boy reading the Never Ending Story book . These two worlds are here all the time, just like this famous picture shows. One just needs to look properly. As you spiritually grow, you begin to feel the second world more and more. Pict. Two worlds More magical things are on the way. The main one is increasing synchronicity. The unexplainable and totally perfect divine mechanism which delivers coincidences to people’s lives at the right time for them (as help, messages, opportunities etc) is shifting up at least by a gear. And there is more . Things are now materialising faster in the physical world. Consciousness forms reality faster because there is a greater connection between consciousness and matter. As a result, it is easier to materialise our intentions, desires and thoughts, even though this is not noticeable for most people... So be careful what you wish for  Importantly, connecting with inner self and other people who are open to it is becoming easier too. And so people can speed up their own spiritual development with less effort than in the past, if they wish. In our world of duality, it is unfortunately also easier for people to drift into their own internal reality - “into their own world”, if they are not careful, and to disconnect with other people . For example, you may have noticed how many teenagers and adults hooked on computer games are losing connection with the real world and other people, especially with those who are not like them. And this is more wide-spread than just in the world of computer games. In summary, looking at the world from a bird’s eye perspective, it will become clearer one day that something profound did happen at the end of 2012 and something new has started. And so 21.12.2012 will be seen in hindsight as the marker of time after all. Moving to Heart Consciousness Actually the spiritual energy began to noticeably change on Earth as far back as 1987 when a planetary alignment called the Harmonic Convergence occurred. Two years later the communist stronghold in the Eastern Europe crumbled as people won their freedom. This shift of energy went one gear up in 1994 when the sun reached the edge of our Milky Way galaxy (on its way towards the galaxy centre as seen from the Earth). And then the build up of spiritual energies reached critical mass on 21.12.2012. With it a new era for Earth started, whether we sense it or not. People and life on Earth are moving to the next stage of evolution – from mind consciousness to heart consciousness. In other words, the collective human consciousness is currently dominated by ego-based consciousness and it will be slowly giving way to the way of heart. The result will be a more compassionate life on Earth. The foundation of this new era will be built over the next 18 years. One of the main “builders” will be the continuing energy shift which will last until about 2031 when the sun reaches the other edge of the Milky Way. At a personal level, this energy shift will support (or nudge) people with their transformations. We can look forward to further increase in synchronicity / occurrence of coincidences . The other “builders” will be many of our young children and the children of tomorrow. They are/will be spiritually advanced, more aware of the other side and their life mission (I expand on these Crystal and Rainbow children on 15 pages ). And finally, people like you and me How? Through our actions, spiritual growth, understanding and giving love to these children, through helping them realise their potential. Together, we will redefine human nature. And so the warm-hearted people will thrive in this new era. They will be gradually lifted above the cold hearted ones and become the new leaders over time . At last They should gradually start feeling like they are being carried by the stream - the stream of favourable coincidences and help from above. Hurrah On the other hand, life for people living to feed their ego, who thrive and dominate in the mind-based world, should feel like they are going against an ever strengthening wind. The warm-hearted people will find it easier to create a happier reality for themselves. Over time they will change this world to resemble what they carry in their hearts. There is no doubt that the positive changes will continue to happen but they will be slower than we would like. Similar to when grass grows and you don’t see the difference from one day to another. Sounds like its too slow. The ways of how things work today will slowly be replaced by better, fairer and more compassionate ways. The old ways of loneliness, sorrow, despair and war will be slowly squeezed out. Unification instead of separation of hearts is coming.... Do you feel the love energy now? It puts tears in my eyes when I imagine this . By 2031, this new era for humanity and the Earth will be truly here. And the day will come when people will look back at the old times and will wonder why people were so “barbaric” then. How could they have been doing those things to each other? Actually, populations all over the planet have already been standing up for a while and saying “it is time to say good bye to the old ways things have been.” And this will intensify. Soon Iran, the stronghold of repression, will change from within and this will have a really positive effect in many other countries. The transition to heart consciousness is also very individual. It is us who “decide” when we experience this higher consciousness at a personal level. So how do we decide? We decide with our heart openness and spiritual growth. In simple words, when we “have our heart wide open”, when we reach certain levels of spiritual advancement, when we rely on our intuition, we then start feeling this higher consciousness. We experience this simultaneously with operating in the physical 3D world and at lower levels of consciousness (the levels of consciousness are described on pages ). Clearly, many people are regularly dipping in and out of heart consciousness, without perhaps realising this, but I’m talking about staying there for much longer periods . “Staying” in heart consciousness for longer periods feels like spiritual awakening feels. Being in an awakened state of mind and heart, which I cover in chapter 2 on pages , is how many would describe it. Others would say that they experience a number of heart consciousness qualities like unconditional love, compassion, peace, unity, joy, higher perspective and understanding for longer periods. In addition, you may feel that things around you have changed somehow. There will be more peace, you will feel the love energy more and many things will somehow feel nicer, e.g. colours look more vibrant and bright, everything around you becomes more alive, music sounds more beautiful, food has deeper tastes / healthy food tastes more fulfilling. What will happen to the darkness? Because of the qualities of heart consciousness, people and organisations emitting hate, selfishness, greed, ignorance and other qualities lacking love cannot operate in heart consciousness. What a relief . So what will happen to all the darkness, to the absence of love in many hearts and places, you may ask? It is people- driven so it can’t just disappear. You are right. Instead, it will get smaller over time as the level playing field has changed. The impact of light and love got bigger after 2012. As a result, darkness is already beginning to struggle to win over light as it did before. The dark will increasingly feel that things are not the same as they used to be. It can’t seem to win with ease any more. But it will not give in just like that. Like a spoilt child who did not get its way, the dark will fight the presence of light & love with more vigour for some time. And it will unfortunately cause more damage. My heart goes to the ones that will be affected. More presence of light & love will make the dark smaller over time and its fight will slowly turn into a fight for its own survival . I will be shining light into some of this darkness in the section “The struggle of light and darkness on Earth” on pages “The squeezing of darkness by people with open hearts” will be noticeable everywhere. I mention very inspiring personal stories like that of a Malala who fought for the right of girls to go to school in Pakistan since the age of 11 and initiated a world-wide movement in the section “How are people changing the world for better?” on pages . 16 Also, things that do not have integrity and do not strive for the highest good today will slowly stop working over time. For example, companies which do not produce products and do not provide services for the true benefit of people and the highest good will be in decline, and the ones that do will be on the rise. The same downward trend awaits companies and people that exploit other people, animals or natural resources. Even the rigid structures and frames that people created to keep order, hierarchy and segregation will start to crumble to give way to fairer, more spontaneous & intuitive heart-based expressions. Watch this space . The rising power of the people Another force behind a broader transformation in the economy will be the changing behaviour of us as customers. People are already becoming choosey about what they buy and this will intensify. People are also slowly realising that they don’t need to buy so many things to be happy. They begin to see how adverts are manipulating their minds and they don’t fall for them easily like before. Yet shops are swelling with things that people don’t really need. So when people buy less of them, companies will be looking hard at what products and services people want instead. And this is our chance to have a big say . There is more good news. These new products and services that are in demand will create opportunities for people to move from the unhappy jobs in the shrinking industries to the more fulfilling jobs in the emerging industries. Industries that serve people better. In addition, new ways of buying and selling goods will take shape. One revolutionary way is already starting to emerge The so called “sharing economy”. A market place is being built where people can more easily share products and services between each other. The spare things that they have as well as what they can do or make. For example, there are organisations that help people safely rent their own cars and equipment when they are not using them or sell their home grown fruit and vegetables. This cuts out the middlemen and allows people to save and earn money. It is clear from this that as people unite, their power grows strongly. Especially over companies. You can look forward to the day when the dominant banks and supermarkets will be knocked onto their knees begging for your business . Hopefully you can see now that the happier world is not so far away in the future as you may have thought earlier. With our help, people should enjoy this world sooner than one would think. Future inventions There will be many new inventions to help us on the way and these too will come sooner than many think. New easier ways to create electricity, purify water, feed and heal ourselves will be discovered. They will eventually be accessible to all, despite initial attempts by powerful companies and institutions to suppress them. New amazing qualities of pure water will be discovered too. These discoveries will often be made by young scientists who will “operate at higher level” than their older generation peers. The biggest discovery will be made by quantum scientists. We may have to wait a decade or so before it arrives but it will be so revolutionary that it will re-write not only the science text books... The scientists will discover the way to see multidimensional quantum energy. And the way to tune into it. This will make people realise what some already know - that the universe is multi-dimensional and it is full of life. Not only that there are many intelligent societies in the universe but there are many invisible beings in our world, like souls of the trees. And thanks to this discovery, we will suddenly be able to communicate with many of these beings.... Climate changes ahead Unfortunately, not all changes on the way will be welcome by people. Especially the likely climate changes ahead. First, let’s look where we are now. People have caused a lot of damage to Earth in the last 50 years. And we are paying the price. Because of pollution, excessive fishing and exploitation of fertile earth, food and clean water supplies are beginning to run low. Then there is the thinning of the ozone layer and global warming... The ozone layer has been thinning since 1970s. Because it acts as a natural protective filter against harmful ultra- violet rays from the sun, we have seen increased number of cases of skin cancer, sunburn, cataracts and damage to vegetation over the last twenty years. The good news is that we are beginning to see the benefits of phasing out the main culprit - chlorofluorocarbons (substances which were mainly used in refrigerators and aerosol sprays). It appears that the ozone layer has stopped thinning since 2012. The picture is not positive on the global warming side though. One cause of global warming – pollution is getting worse. The burning of fossil fuels like crude oil / petrol, coal and natural gas has been on the rise and with it the amount of greenhouse gas CO2 being released into the atmosphere (it acts like a blanket and traps heat). On top of 17 that the world forests, which convert a lot of CO2 to oxygen, are shrinking at an alarming rate because of ruthless de- forestation almost everywhere . Some may say that the increase in the average world temperature is tiny and we shouldn’t worry too much. But in the last years we witnessed more than a small increase in average temperatures. Extreme weather like heat waves, rain in the deserts, droughts in previously wet areas, and natural disasters like storms, floods and wildfires have been quite frequent recently. We are seeing a real change in the climate. How much does global warming contribute to this usually remains unanswered. Scientists are beginning to wonder if more is happening behind the scenes – are we entering a new stage of a very long global climate change cycle? So what is really going on with the climate and where is it heading? We have to look for the answers at higher levels than the scientists... Earth is alive and it is beginning to re-balance itself. The universal law of Balance (covered on pages ) plays a big role here too. Earth’s spirit Gaia will not allow that we run out of food and water . Rising temperatures and heat waves will not go on forever and cause parts of the Earth becoming uninhabitable either... Surprising to many, we have entered a long period of what could be best described as a cooling water cycle after a period of rising temperatures. As a result, it will get colder, particularly during winter. The harsher and longer winter in 2012/13 was a sign of this coming. On the other hand, the heat waves are likely to continue to make regular appearances for some time and this will leave many people confused about what is really going on. The cooling climate will be welcome in many parts of the world where it gets hot. But unfortunately the increased humidity in these drier areas can lead to dampness and more condensation indoors which people will not be used to. It is important to deal with it to avoid the growth of potentially harmful fungi in porous materials in the houses. The colder weather will be much less welcome in other parts of the world, especially in the northern countries where it is already generally quite cool. To start with, more energy will be needed to heat the houses... The good news is that new much cheaper ways of energy generation will be discovered over time. It is even likely that people worrying if they can afford to pay bigger gas and electricity bills will be a thing of the past one day in the future. What about the earthquakes, storms and floods that we have experienced more frequently recently? What is likely to happen with these? Unfortunately, they may not go away for some time. They accompany the beginning of the cooling water cycle. Some believe that they are also part of the process of Earth’s cleansing the accumulated negative energies as part of its evolution. It is anybody’s guess how long this will last but it will settle down one day. It is likely to get worse before it gets better though . I can only hope that people will not suffer during these events. I hope that these sad events will unite people and nations and they will wholeheartedly offer their helping hands to each other. And now the good news. The cooling water cycle will lead to the refreshing of the Cycle of Life of earth’s fauna and flora in the long term. The refreshing of the Cycle of Life So how does all this work then? The increasing global temperature caused by various man-made and natural factors is leading to gradual melting of the icebergs at the poles. This cools the oceans and they cool the air. This brings more humidity, rain and storms. More rain may bring more floods in vulnerable areas... The extra water from melted icebergs gets redistributed through the oceans and acts like additional weight on the ocean bed. This weight will causes more earthquakes... But the cooling of the oceans and air will have positive impact on earth’s life cycle in the long term (each coin has two sides). When you change the temperature of the oceans, it changes the life cycle of the ocean. Eventually the ocean will renew itself. This will bring new life in over-fished oceans... It will not stop there. In the long-term, the whole life cycle of the planet will eventually refresh. More rain and cooler temperature will help vegetation to flourish. The animal kingdom will follow as it will get more shelter, food and water... The days of skinny, mal-nourished and thirsty African elephants whose legs cannot bear the weight of their body for too long will finally be over . But we can’t wait that long Whilst the refreshing of the life cycle will take a long time and there will be some hardship for people initially, the higher picture tells us that mother Earth cares for its people, despite the harm that many are causing to Earth. That is humbling. But if we look at the state of our Earth now, we realise that we can’t afford to wait that long and we need to do something now to stop more damage being done to Earth and so to us. 18 If you agree with this and want to personally do more now, then I suggest that you keep an eye on any coincidences that will happen to you. As you have decided to spiritually awaken, it is very likely that your Higher Self will create a few opportunities for you to make a difference to our Earth and so to our lives . Be patient and keep looking until you spot them (that can take some practise and I give guidance on how to do this on pages ). If you then decide to take any opportunity, be sure that any contribution, no matter how big or small, will make a difference. It will count more than you think, including on the other side... May these coincidences also support that what you have read so far is real . And may they serve as a clear message that you have speeded up your spiritual evolvement. 19 Chapter 2 – Awakening and enlightenment explored Awakening Let’s make a loose distinction between life and spiritual awakening. By life awakening I mean realising that things around us are often very different than they seem. It is beginning to see in-between lines and underneath the surface. It is understanding what life is all about, discovering and connecting the various pieces of the truth about life -the truth that some people will never see because they are not looking properly. Life awakening is understanding how our mind and our heart really work. It is discovering how we can create a happier reality and much more. Everybody knows something about this but there is always more to discover. Let’s take a brief look at today’s world and the people in it. It is a sad picture more often than a happy picture. Many people spend most of their adult lives working to earn enough money to provide for themselves and their families. And they find it difficult. They often work long hours, don’t enjoy their work and may be unfairly treated by their employers. All those unreasonable demands, control through salary and so on. But they accept it because they often don’t know any different. I admire their ability to accept it, but it does not have to be this way. Then there are people who have enough money to get by and concentrate on trying to become rich. Some achieve it and some don’t. Those who don’t are often dissatisfied and even disappointed with themselves. What a waste. And those people who finally become rich, surround themselves with luxuries, isolate themselves from other people and try to become even wealthier. But they are usually still not happy. The amount of love they give and receive decreases and, at a deeper level, they often feel a sense of loneliness. What else do many people strive for other than having lots of money? Some look for other ways of feeding their own ego, such as being better than others, having power over others, being respected and admired for their own achievements, skills or looks. But actually the satisfaction and happiness that these things bring is usually superficial and short-lived in comparison to achieving a sense of fulfilment and happiness at a deeper level. As an example, imagine for a moment the sense of satisfaction and happiness that a good lawyer experiences when he/she successfully defends a murderer in a court room, knowing that they are guilty. Then he gets lots of money for it and buys his third Porsche car. Now compare it to how a loving ego-less surgeon working tirelessly on a lower wage in a state-funded hospital feels when he/she tells the anxious parents in the waiting room that they just saved the life of their child with a miraculous operation... What is spiritual awakening? Spiritual awakening is a noticeable expansion of one’s own consciousness and capacity to emit & receive love energy. It is mainly through our open heart and expanded consciousness that we connect and then merge with higher parts of ourselves. Spiritual awakening can be described in many other ways: -Opening yourself up to who you really are. It is recognising your true nature. A kind of flowering of your consciousness into a fuller more beautiful expression. It is like becoming aware of a new world, like hearing music for the first time. -Man can often be seen as a pre-programmed automatic machine with the driver sleeping. Awakening happens when the driver wakes up and takes control of the steering wheel. It is actually more gradual than this. The non-awakened state is like having a dream where all sorts of things happen, many things keep repeating and we have little idea of what is going on. As we became more conscious, we gain more control of what we do in the dream (but not full control). We also start to understand the meaning of what we dream about and what will happen next. With the help of the new abilities that we received in the dream, we manage to gradually wake up and recognise the second half of ourselves who was co-creating the dream with us. What a marvellous re-union . -During spiritual awakening we expand our consciousness beyond the normal emotional and mental consciousness that people tend to operate at. We move into the heart consciousness, especially as we open and live more through our heart (the levels of consciousness are described on pages ). This way we gradually bring the higher parts of ourselves, like our intuition, soul and our Higher Self (spirit) into our consciousness. We feel and communicate with them more and more. At the same time we experience a gradual shift at all other levels like physical, emotional, mental, energy / light level. Looking at things from the energy side, during spiritual growth we raise our energy vibration. (Everything vibrates at a certain level. e.g. matter vibrates at very low level compared to sound, and light, and loving thoughts & feelings vibrate at a very high level compared to selfish thoughts & feelings). As we do that, we bring more of the light from our Higher 20

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