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Published Date:15-07-2017
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We develop smart communities » Rejlers has helped create tomorrow's communities ever since Our Finnish operation is growing in the field of energy. Our acquisi- 1942, when my paternal grandfather founded the company. To- tion of electricity distributor Carunas’ project supervision operations gether with my colleagues, I continue to move the business forward has led to more projects with overall project responsibility. towards new times and our long-term goals. Rejlers makes a significant contribution to the development of a smart, sustainable Focusing on health society through the assignments we carry out for our customers We are passionate about health at Rejlers. We are convinced that all over the world. It's about everything from the development of if our employees enjoy good health we will be more successful, and renewable energy generation and sustainable infrastructure to our ambition is for every employee to feel more alert after a day at automating processes and modernizing buildings and installations. work. One of Rejlers' sustainability goals is to be the leading Nordic Rejlers is actively involved in the development of today's commu- company when it comes to healthy workplaces. nications networks. Smart Grid is a good example – an intelligent We continue to encourage our employees and those around us to electrical grid system that balances electricity supply and demand pursue health-promoting activities. Good examples would be period- in a sustainable, reliable and cost-effective manner. ical activities like the Rejlers Classic, ski relays, cycling races and the Developments during 2015 were characterized by the digitization ÖtillÖ swim run race in which Rejlers has participated for the past five of our engineering services and growth within telecoms. The Nordic years. Exercising and competing together are part of our culture. Also, infrastructure and energy market is facing significant investments for the third year in a row we awarded the Health Promoting Manager and there are major demands for climate-smart technology solutions. of the Year prize in collaboration with the trade magazine Chef. For example, we're busy helping Svenska Kraftnät create a modern energy system. This means Rejlers, as a full-range supplier, will take Achieving our goal together part in the construction and development of the Swedish trunk grid Thanks to its 2,100 engineers, Rejlers is today able to offer an increas- system in the years ahead. We've been engaged for several major as- ingly broad range of specialist services and project undertakings. signments that involve running customer communications networks We will achieve our 2020-3030-4040 growth target by focusing on and IT environments. For example, we operate and maintain Nor- business development and overall project responsibility. Our goal is to kring’s nationwide land-based radio and TV network in Norway. improve our operating margin to 8 per cent moving forward. On 1 Jan- uary 2016, I stepped aside from my role as CEO of Rejlers Sweden and Growth according to plan handed over to Jonas Thimberg in order to improve our opportunities During the year we grew rapidly in the energy and telecom sectors of achieving our profitability and growth targets. I am now able to through a number of acquisitions in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The focus my attention on the entire Nordic operation. Together with all acquisition of Embriq in Norway created the conditions for a new Nor- our colleagues at Rejlers, we will continue to gain the confidence of our dic segment – IT Solutions – which provides comprehensive IT solu- customers and be an attractive workplace that leads developments tions, especially in the energy sector. Through our acquisition of Or- toward tomorrow's smart societies. bion in Sweden, we have doubled the size of our telecoms operation and are now able to offer both new and existing customers attractive total solutions within mobile and fixed networks. The acquisition of Energy Business Sweden, which offers services in energy efficiency Peter Rejler, streamlining for properties and municipalities has helped us win major President and CEO assignments that seek to develop energy-smart communities. 3REJLERS IN BRIEF ABOUT 3 14,000 Rejlers DOMESTIC MARKETS CUSTOMER ASSIGNMENTS Rejlers is a Nordic group that provides Rejlers domestic market comprises Every year, Rejlers carries out around technological consultancy services and IT Sweden, Finland and Norway, with the rest 14,000 customer assignments. Our 10 big- solutions to customers in the areas of ener- of the Nordic region and the Baltic area as gest customers are: Agder Energi, E.ON, gy, infrastructure, buildings and properties growth markets. Fortum, Hafslund, Jernbaneverket, LKAB, and industry. Rejlers puts together teams of Neste Jacobs, TeliaSonera, Trafikverket consultants with different skills who collab- and Vattenfall. orate to carry out projects all the way from preliminary studies and planning to design, engineering design, project planning, pro- ject management and programming. 42015 in brief Rejlers’ core values RELIABLE We are reliable in that our employees en- SEK 1.9 billion deavour to deliver more than the customer SALES expects. Our top-flight technicians give the Rejlers brand its trademark quality, and we always deliver on time. 3.8% SUCCESSFUL OPERATING MARGIN We are successful because we step up and dare to compete. We do not shy away from market comparisons. We have the will and SEK 3.96 drive to make constant improvements. EARNINGS PER SHARE AFTER DILUTION PERSONAL Our business is personal because at Rejlers we dare to be ourselves. We care. Laughter comes easily. We take care of our customers, the company, each other and ourselves. HEALTHY We build and maintain a healthy company together. At Rejlers, we've created the best possible conditions for our employees to take care of their health. We also work to ensure the company maintains healthy finances in every circumstance. FOUNDED 2,100 Listed 1942 EMPLOYEES ON THE NASDAQ STOCKHOLM Rejlers has 2100 employees in Rejlers is a family-owned company The Rejlers B share is listed on Nasdaq around 85 places in Sweden, founded by Gunnar Rejler in Småland, Stockholm. The Rejler family owns 57 per Finland and Norway. Sweden in 1942. The company has cent of the votes and 27 per cent of the operated as a technology consultancy equity. Other major shareholders are ever since. Lannebo fonder, Nordea Investment Funds and Didner & Gerge Fonder. 5VISIONS AND GOALS Vision 2020 Growth targets » Rejlers seeks to be the healthiest, most successful » Rejlers seeks growth in sales of around 15 per in our industry in the Nordic region. With the best cent per year and 10 per cent in the number customers, employees and owners, we help contribute of employees, which will enable our achieving to progress in our society. the 2020 – 3030 – 4040 growth target, i.e. by the year 2020 we will have 3,030 employees and sales of Business concept at least SEK 4,040 million. » By providing the best possible technical solutions over generations, Rejlers seeks to create value for Employee targets customers, employees, our owners and society. » Rejlers regards the health of its employees as an important success factor. Rejlers seeks to achieve a Financial targets wellness ratio of at least 75 per cent. The definition of » One of Rejlers' financial targets from 2015 is to have wellness is a maximum of three occurrences of illness an average operating margin of at least 8 per cent. and five sick days during the calendar year. Employee turnover should be around 10 per cent. The outcome » Another financial target is stable growth in which of our employee survey must achieve a minimum of 80 the company's equity/assets ratio exceeds 30 per per cent of the maximum possible. cent. 6Growing in telecoms and IT Operating profit/loss Number of employees Continued growth during 2015. SEK MILLIONS During 2015, we continue to experi- 100 2,500 ence growth through both recruitment 80 2,000 and acquisitions. In all, we have grown by 20 per cent calculated by the number 1,500 60 of employees. Sales growth was 10 per 40 1,000 cent. 20 500 0 0 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Sales/operating margin Financial targets Group sales per customer group SEK MILLIONS % Construction One of Rejlers' financial goals from 2015 and buildings 2,000 10 is to have an average operating margin 11% of at least 8 per cent. Another financial 1,600 8 target is stable growth in which the Energy 34% 1,200 6 company's equity/assets ratio ex- ceeds 30 per cent. During 2015, the op- 30% 800 4 erating margin was 3.8 per cent. For the 400 2 Industry five-year period 2011–2015, the average operating margin was 5.2 per cent. 25% 0 0 Infrastructure 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Sales Operating margin 7STRA TEG Y Strategy for profitable growth Growth Sustainability Our strategy is profitable growth in the Nordic region. Rejlers will enjoy greater success if we contribute to It will take place primarily in the big city regions the sustainable development of society. To achieve through organic growth and continued strategic ac- this, we work with three focus areas within the frame- quisitions. In developing and refining our business, we work of our sustainability work. concentrate on a holistic perspective and high level of internal efficiency. Our growth markets are principally 1. Rejlers seeks to be the customer's natural choice energy, infrastructure and construction and buildings. for sustainable solutions. We work with energy effi- cient solutions, renewable energy production and the Customers development of sustainable infrastructure. We strive for a balanced customer base with a dif- ferentiated business cycle. A strong local presence 2. We are passionate about health at Rejlers. If our is Alpha and Omega in our ability to meet customer employees enjoy good health we will be more suc- requirements. cessful, and our ambition is for every employee to feel more alert after a day at work. Partners Increased international cooperation between our skills 3. Because we need capable engineers to build tomor- areas and with our partners means we can offer the row’s sustainable communities, Rejlers works to en- solutions that best advance our customers' projects. sure more people choose engineering as a profession. Brand and culture A distinct company culture and shared values are part of our success. A uniform, strong brand and our pro- active approach to our customers allow us to develop the company further. 8Acquisitions during 2015 During the year, Rejlers enjoyed strong growth within energy, IT services and telecoms, fully in line with our growth strategy. » Orbion Sverige » Automationscenter & Bråvalla Elteknik AB Rejlers has acquired 100 per cent of the shares in Rejlers is expanding within automation through the Orbion Consulting AB in Sweden with 150 employees acquisition of the Automationscenter & Bråvalla from Relacom Management AB. The acquisition means Elteknik AB consultancy in Norrköping. This means Rejlers is now one of Sweden's biggest technology the Rejlers operation in Norrköping Is reinforced by consultants in the telecoms sector. Orbion Consulting seven consultants in electrical design and DCS/PLC provides consultancy services in technology and legal programming. matters regarding network infrastructure and communi- cations. The company works with the development, pro- » Caruna ject planning, commissioning and operation of projects Rejlers acquired electricity distributor Carun- within network infrastructure and communications. as’ project management operation in Finland and with 26 employees. The acquisition include services » Embriq in project supervision, inspection, auditing, quality Rejlers has acquired 90.5 per cent of the shares in control and safety and environmental coordination for Norwegian IT company Embriq AS, including subsidi- all of Carunas' distribution networks. aries, from Hafslundkoncernen. The acquisition means Rejlers is now the foremost technology consultant » Energy Business Sweden in the Nordic region with full-scale IT services within Rejlers has acquired 100 per cent of the shares in infrastructure and energy streamlining. Embriq pro- Energy Business Sweden AB, the Swedish operation vides IT operating services to customers throughout within Eneas Energy AB, with 11 employees. Energy the Nordic region and currently possesses Norway's Business Sweden provide services within energy effi- leading skills regarding the development and supply ciency streamlining for properties and municipalities. of the next generation electricity grid – Smart Grid. The acquisition boosts our skills within the energy Furthermore, Embriq is the leader in energy meter- and environmental areas. ing services in Norway, a market in which Rejlers is already strong in Sweden and Finland. 92015: AN EVENTFUL YEAR SWEDEN: JENNY EDFAST, NEW HEAD OF THE ENERGY DIVISION IN NORWAY: ENERGIZED NIGHTS REJLERS SVERIGE In Oslo during the spring of 2015, we introduced periodical technology Jenny Edfast took up her position as the new head of the Energy meetings we call Energized Nights. It's a forum where Rejlers employees division in August. Jenny's extensive experience from the industry to- can gather to hear their colleagues make short presentations about their gether with her many years as a consultant, broadens and strengthens assignments or experiences. By sharing information and skills, we are Rejlers' position in the energy market. able to build a creative, all-inclusive technology skills environment that "I've always held a positive view of Rejlers, which is a major player in will lead to better solutions, bigger assignments and greater collabora- the consultancy market. It's a family company with a great entrepre- tion. neurial spirit whose employees are passionate about their projects and developing their services." NORWAY: DIGITIZATION – REJLERS NORWAY LEADS THE WAY NORWAY: ”AKSJON SUNNAAS – FROM TRAGEDIES TO Rejlers Norway became a member of the industry association IKT (Information and MIRACLES” Communication Technology) in August 2015. When this year's "TV Telethon" was held on Norway's TV2 "We are very pleased that Rejlers chose to become a member of IKT. It's very excit- for the benefit of the Sunnaas Foundation, Rejlers signed ing to have Rejlers on board as it represents an entirely new segment; it goes be- a three-year collaboration agreement with the foundation. yond conventional consultancy and stands out in the marketplace," says Per Morten The agreement forms the basis for Rejlers CSR initiative Hoff, IKT General Secretary. in Norway. The Sunnaas Foundation finances research, “IKT Norge has the right skills and focuses on a number of our investment areas. Re- technology and activities that are not covered by public jlers has noted an industry shift in which IKT is becoming an increasingly significant funds for the benefit of people nationwide in need of part of everything to do with physical infrastructure, and we aim to be part of that rehabilitation. This year's fund-raising totalled almost development,” says Morten Thorkildsen, Rejlers Norge CEO. NOK 17 million. 10FINLAND: FOUR NEW OFFICES IN FINLAND SWEDEN: MATS REHNQVIST NEW HEAD OF IT As part of its acquisition of electricity distributor Carunas’ project In October, Mats Rehnqvist took up his position as CIO in Rejlers and as a member of supervision operation, Rejlers has opened three new offices in company management. Mats joins us from his position as CIO with Anticimex. Joensuu, Salo and Lohja with a total of 26 employees. "Rejlers' investments in health, wellness and healthy values appealed to me. What's The new consultants will work primarily with project manage- more, working in an engineering operation is interesting – it's a new industry for me. ment, project supervision, the design of electricity grids and with Joining Rejlers’ on its journey towards its 2020 goals is going to be fun," says Mats. maintenance projects in Carunas’ distribution grids. Rejlers has also opened a new office in Lappeenranta with 10 employees. Most of them are new employees and are consultants within mechanical engineering, energy and the environment. The purpose of the new office is to get closer to our customers in the southeast of Finland. SWEDEN: PADDLING WITH PETTER TO THE OLYMPICS IN RIO Sprint canoeist Petter Menning is well on his way to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro 2016. At the world championships in Milano, Italy in September, he qualified as an entrant by bringing home the bronze medal for K1 200 metres. This was a world championship medal for the third year running. "Rejlers does not just stand for energy in our assignments and our workplaces. We help in other ways, too. One is by supporting Sweden's Olympic canoeing hope, Petter Menning, in his Olympic bid," says Peter Rejler. SWEDEN: REJLERS AND STOCKHOLM CYCLE CLUB JOIN FORCES In less than one year, Stockholm Cycle Club (SCK) has gone from being a newly formed club to a focused elite initiative for public highway cycling for both men and women. "After having begun cycling together in the 2014 season, the FINLAND: SUB SUPPLIER TRADE EXHIBITION IN TAMPERE club's 40+ members continue to grow. Now we're looking to During the autumn, Rejlers Finland took part in the international sub supplier trade take medals at the upcoming Swedish championship," says exhibition in Tampere. The exhibition gathered around 1,000 exhibitors from a Thomas Backteman, Chairman of the Stockholm Cycle Club. score or more countries and received close on 17,000 visitors. Rejlers' stand, which Rejlers' is main sponsor and continues its investment in showcased design and development, was very well attended and great interest was Sweden's fastest-growing form of exercise. shown in what Rejlers has to offer. 11MARKET AND THE WORLD AT L ARGE Digitization drives the market 12Technology consultancy sector New infrastructure projects in the Nordic region Technology consultancies work at an early phase in the investment Well-thought-out infrastructure creates growth for society. The cycle in all social development. We are involved in all types of con- transport system does not only include physical transportation by struction, infrastructure, environment, energy solutions, IT solu- road and rail, but also efficient information highways. tions and new products and processes for industry. Consultants The telecoms market is driven by an increasing demand for mobile work with innovations, new construction, alterations, maintenance, bandwidth and rapid technological development. streamlining and the development and programming of digital Rejlers operates in large parts of the infrastructure sector, processes and systems. The demand for qualified engineers and IT including telecoms. Our infrastructure assignments often run for services is growing exponentially. Colleges and universities collabo- several years. Major investments are planned for the years ahead rate with the industry in order to offer the right level of training and among other things for the extension of the telecoms network and a sufficient number of ‘digital’ engineers. upgrades to the road and railway networks in the Nordic region. The industry continues to grow and consolidate. The major Rejlers' infrastructure area trends are positive and the company is groups acquire SMEs to enable them among other things to take involved in several major railway assignments. Investments in high- on major, complex projects that demand more resources. Rejlers speed trains are part of this. major industry colleagues include Sweco, ÅF, Etteplan, Pöyry, Nor- Our telecoms operation doubled during the year through consult, Multiconsult, Ramböll and Semcon. the acquisition of Orbion Consulting. Cross-border projects are becoming increasingly common. We travel with the customer and Market work with network planning and network design for both fixed and During 2015, economic prospects for technology consultants and IT mobile networks that cover the entire Nordic region. The ICT market services in the Nordic region continued to be good. The infrastruc- (Information and Communications Technology) is stable as the need ture and energy sectors enjoyed improved investment levels, while for connection is constantly growing. new construction investments for homes and premises bolstered demands for our skills. On the other hand, the market situation for Focus on energy-efficient buildings industrial consultants continued to be weak and affected by low Market prospects are positive for assignments within the construc- investment levels in the manufacturing and mining industries. tion and building sector. Investments in private and public buildings have balance the decline in the housing sector in recent years. Energy-saving and smart IT solutions Investments in construction is expected to increase during 2016, The climate and environmental challenge leads to increased especially for homes and public buildings. New projects are planned demands for Rejlers' services aimed at energy efficiency improve- for the conversion and new production of buildings with a focus on ments and sustainable energy solutions. Extensive investments are more efficient, sustainable energy consumption. being made in renewable energy production such as wind power, Rejlers' operation is centred around consultancy services in district heat and power, hydroelectric power, solar power and wave regard to public and commercial properties, and in our opinion power. Rejlers now has a well-established operation in major parts demand within these areas will continue to be great. of this market in the Nordic region and we continue to grow in the energy sector. A varied industrial market In the field of electrical grids, customers are demanding smart Markets for the manufacturing and export industries in the Nordic energy solutions. Smart Grid refers to an intelligent electrical grid region remaincautious, which affects demand for industrial assign- system that balances electricity supply and demand in a sustaina- ments. ble, reliable and cost-effective manner. The market situation for Rejlers' industrial consultants varies. The market for Rejlers' new segment – IT Solutions – is bur- Demand in Sweden is good for assignments in environmental and geoning, driven by demands for efficient, green solutions from the energy surveys, but week for assignments in mechanical engineer- world at large. There is increasing demand for combined electrical ing and process industries. power and advanced IT skills within IT services and consultant That industrial market in Finland is showing signs of recovery, support. and investments have begun to pick up speed in the pulp and There is market potential for the management and analysis of paper industry. Rejlers’ consultants are involved in major industrial large volumes of energy data. We are the market leaders in Sweden projects that will continue for several years ahead. Despite a weak in energy metering services that aim to achieve lower energy con- market, the workload in Finland improves during the year. sumption. Trends for our energy metering services are positive, and we are also expanding in this field in Norway and Finland. 13REJLERS NORDIC REGION A strong Nordic offer Rejlers Sweden Rejlers Finland » With just over 1,200 employees, Rejlers operation in Sweden » Rejlers operation in Finland has just over 500 employees and is the largest in the Group and accounts for around 56 per cent accounts for around 17 per cent of Rejlers’ total sales. Rejlers oper- of Rejlers’ total sales. Rejlers offers technical consultancy ser- ates in 18 places in Finland, and offers consultancy services within vices to customers within the construction, buildings, energy, architecture, automation, energy, mechanical engineering, environ- industry and infrastructure sectors. In Sweden we have offices in mental technology, water and sewerage, and turnkey deliveries to around 40 places. Our range of services includes such things as customers in the construction and buildings, energy, industry and automation, electrical power, installation, railways, mechanical engi- infrastructure sectors. neering, processes and installations plus telecoms. In 2015, Rejlers acquired electricity distributor Carunas' project Jonas Thimberg took over as CEO of Rejlers Sweden on 1 Janu- management operation, which strengthens our position as the mar- ary 2016. Peter Rejler continues as CEO and Group President and is ket leading technology consultant within the electrical distribution now able to focus on the entire Nordic operation. Jonas Thimberg sector in Finland. Energy companies and electricity distributors has worked within the group for 15 years. In conjunction with the have a great need of total solutions and process outsourcing, which change of CEO, Rejlers Sweden will make changes to its organi- increases demand for our assignments. zation to create the best conditions for its planned growth. It will Rejlers is expanding within the infrastructure sector, and we mean focusing on close leadership, closeness to our customers enjoy the continued trust of TeliaSonera for the extension and and investing even more in business and technological develop- modernization of their fibre and mobile networks. We are participat- ment. The new organization comprises five business areas. Building, ing in the second stage of the West Metro project between Helsinki Energy, Infra, Technology and ICT, Information and Communications and Esbo. The project will continue for many years. Technology. In addition to this, the operation is split into ten regions We are beginning to see the effects of the adaptations Rejlers that work together with the business managers to find the best implemented during 2014. We are busy with sales activities and solutions for our customers. the development of new services. For example, we have created a Through our acquisition of Orbion Consulting, Rejlers is able to management concept for energy efficient solutions. offer both new and existing customers attractive total solutions within mobile and fixed networks. 14Sales per customer group 5 10% % 19% 21% 26% 31% 4% IT 47% SWEDEN FINLAND NORWAY SOLUTIONS 37% 48% 11% 37% 26% 77% Buildings and properties Industry Infrastructure Energy Rejlers Norway IT Solutions » Rejlers operation in Norway has just over 250 employees and » Rejlers information technology operations are now gathered accounts for around 13 per cent of Rejlers’ total sales. Rejlers into a single new segment, IT Solutions. The operation enjoys equal operates in 22 places in Norway, and offers skills within electrical status with the other segments, but acts groupwide. Rejlers IT power, electrical safety, energy declarations, installations, railways Solutions segment offers IT services and products primarily within and telecoms to customers within the construction and buildings, the energy sector. IT Solutions is also home to conventional IT ser- energy and infrastructure sectors. vices, cloud services and an advanced, modern centre for running In 2015, Rejlers extended several major contracts, among others customer IT environments. The operation has around 175 employ- with TeliaSonera and Agder Energi. We signed a substantial new ees and is located in ten places in the Nordic region. IT Solutions agreement worth several NOK million with Norkring AS, Norway's accounts for around 15 per cent of Rejlers total sales. biggest supplier of land-based radio services and digital television The acquisition of Embriq allowed us to create the conditions for services. The contract will run for five years and is a breakthrough the new IT Solutions segment. The base comprises operations in for Rejlers Norway. We were awarded the assignment thanks to our the Norwegian subsidiary Rejlers Embriq, which designs, develops experience and skills in the operation and maintenance of nation- and manages IT solutions within the business areas Consulting, Op- wide communications networks. In connection with the Norkring erations and Software. The emphasis is on the energy sector with IT assignment, we recruited 20 new employees. services and products aimed at customers within electricity trading Rejlers was also awarded a major energy and telecoms contract and distribution. But there are also state and municipal customers in which we will provide technical assistance and project man- with projects that entail far-reaching investments within the field of agement when one of the world’s biggest data centres is built in energy savings. Norway. Rejlers also won a new framework agreement with Agder Energi in which we are an important supplier of technology consul- tancy services in connection with the extension and maintenance of technical infrastructure. Rejlers aims to become the leader in the digitization of electrical power. 15ENERG Y 1 2 3 Digitization and smart grids » The Nordic energy market is facing major investments. in the creation of solutions for integrating new sources Comprehensive initiatives are underway in the distribu- of power into a functioning grid. tion of renewable energy and in areas where new security Rejlers has comprehensive skills within construction, and production standards are driving advances. Rejlers production, automation, preparation and analysis of offers services at every level of the energy supply chain electricity grids and transformer stations and is actively from production through distribution to consumption. involved in the digitization of today's grids. Increased We offer IT services and products to the energy information transfer contributes to greater flexibility and market. Rejlers designs, develops and manages IT solu- efficiency and helps build tomorrow's smart grids. Smart tions within the business areas Consulting, Operations Grid refers to intelligent electrical grid systems that and Software. balance electricity supply and demand in a sustainable, Many assignments involve modernizing and reliable and cost-effective manner. streamlining existing installations for energy companies We also to support our customers in the energy and existing nuclear power and hydroelectric power sector with various types of metering services. We installations. Rejlers is also involved in installations that collect, analyse and present data concerning energy produce renewable energy such as wind power, wave consumption, which can lead to major energy savings power and solar energy. We have extensive experience and reduced emissions. ASSIGNMENTS DURING THE YEAR SWEDEN NORWAY FINLAND 1. Mariestad improves energy efficiency 2. Digitization of regulatory oversight 3. Efficient, green energy solutions Mariestads municipality is busy raising Agder Energi Nett has signed an agree- Rejlers has signed an agreement with the technical status and ensuring effi- ment with Rejlers regarding the over- grid owners Järvisuomen Energia and cient energy use in schools and other sight of electrical installations. The grid PKS Sähkönsiirto for the provision of premises. Rejlers has been tasked with owner is obliged to carry out inspections data communications strategies for implementing proposed measures in a of new and existing installations within power grids. The aim is to help the com- turnkey operation that involves replac- its distribution area to ensure they panies switch to smart grids. ing windows and ventilation systems, are carried out according to current upgrading control systems, installing regulations. The agreement entails the supplementary insulation and energy commissioning of a new tool so that the optimization. operation as a whole can be digitized. 16INFRASTRUCTURE 3 2 1 Focus areas telecoms and railways » A well-functioning infrastructure is crucial for soci- oping rapidly in the Norwegian market in the operation etal development both in terms of human mobility and and maintenance of telecoms installations in the field. commercial competitiveness. Rejlers works on a broad Rejlers' assignments in the railway sector comprise front within the infrastructure sector with the mod- everything from total project undertakings with project ernization and planning of e.g. roads, tunnels, railways, management responsibility to preliminary studies for bridges, airports and harbours. project planning of installations for electrical, telecom- Rejlers offers a broad range of services within the munications, signaling and safety systems. Railway telecoms sector. Typical examples are project man- assignments are often split into multiple sub projects agement, automation, network planning, optimization that may continue for many years. and the design of both fixed and mobile networks. As Road and tunnel projects in the big city regions new technologies and operators establish themselves, involve technically complex systems for the control and Rejlers’ services and assignments grow. monitoring of e.g. traffic flows or ventilation systems in Rejlers works with a keen focus on meeting the tunnels. Lighting in tunnels, on bridges and alongside requirements that arise from rapid developments within roads constitute another service where Rejlers performs the telecoms sector. Rejlers is also growing and devel- planning and project planning. ASSIGNMENTS DURING THE YEAR SWEDEN NORWAY FINLAND 1. Co-location of telecoms equipment 2. Railway feasibility study 3. Renovation of the Helsinki Metro As mobile telephone networks expand, On behalf of Oppland County Council, The Helsinki Metro is undergoing so does the space requirement for op- Rejlers will carry out a feasibility study modernization and a gradual transition erator equipment. Rejlers currently has of the Dovre line between Lillehammer to an automated control system. When assignments from two major operators and Trondheim and the Rauma line it is fully implemented, the trains will run in Sweden to solve the colocation of between Dombås and Åndalsnes. The automatically without drivers. The goal new telecoms equipment, preferably study will identify requirements and is for this to lead to even safer, more in existing towers, masts or technical possibilities in a national context up punctual traffic with shorter waiting buildings. The assignment involves a until 2050 with a special emphasis on times between trains. Rejlers' assign- total undertaking and run from RFQ to future track capacity taking into con- ment includes project management and signed agreement. sideration intersecting tracks, double planning for the electrical, safety and tracks or new lines. signaling systems. 17BUILDINGS AND PROPERTIES 1 2 3 Smart solutions mean sensible houses » Many interests must be satisfied when new buildings project management to planning. We are present as con- are planned and existing buildings remodelled. Comfort, sultants in the various phases of a project and also help energy conservation, monitoring, individualization and prof- our customers check and inspect completed properties. itability are just some of the demands that must be con- We have a broad range of services including project sidered. In our construction and building segment we are planning for everything from electrical, telecommunica- constantly busy with issues of this type in major projects. tions and water and sewerage to control, ABC and com- Rejlers' ambition is to create buildings that meet set munications technology. Another growing area is build- standards by combining tried-and-tested methods with ing automation and various kinds of smart solutions for innovative solutions. Rejlers works with both the altera- e.g. reducing energy consumption in properties. Rejlers tion and new construction of e.g. retail premises, schools, also has assignments in power supply and lighting and offices, hospitals, hotels, sports facilities, homes and creates alarm system and fire prevention solutions. industries. We are also present at an early stage when Modern analysis and visualization tools provide the new areas will be developed. Our assignments include customer with the ability to stay abreast with developments everything from architecture to building construction and in construction projects throughout the planning phase. ASSIGNMENTS DURING THE YEAR SWEDEN NORWAY FINLAND 1. New Hovås, a changing city district 2. Lefdal Mine Datacenter 3. Extension provides better health- care services Gothenburg is growing. New Hovås will One of Europe's most cost-effective, Major alterations and additions to the be the place to live, work and enjoy life secure, flexible and green data centre city's central hospital are under way in in when it is completed in time for the solutions is under construction outside Mikkeli. The objective is to coordinate city of Gothenburg's quadricentennial of Måløy in western Norway. Rejlers all healthcare facilities to achieve an celebrations in 2021. There are plans for was engaged to take care of project improved, coherent service. The central around 1,300 homes and 35,000 sq m management and technical support. hospital is also being extended to of retail, service and office space. The With its strong focus on renewable become the emergency hospital for the NS Group has engaged Rejlers to carry energy, electrical power and telecoms, region. Rejlers was engaged for HVAC out surveys and project planning for all Rejlers will help to realize a leading data project planning together with power of the company's commercial premises centre that will provide major energy supply, lighting, telecoms and security. in the area. and environmental gains. 18INDUSTRY 1 3 2 We help the customer with innovative solutions » No matter what the industry, continual investments vation and development work to help customers create are necessary to increase production, quality and new products and systems, and we also deliver turnkey profitability. Rejlers has a long history of completing in- projects or equipment. dustrial projects around the Nordic region. We also have Rejlers works with the mining, paper and pulp, steel experience in following our customers in their projects and mechanical engineering industries. Our engineers worldwide. also work with the automotive, offshore, foodstuffs Rejlers' industrial consultants offer technical solu- and pharmaceutical industries. We either work as an tions and systems to streamline, automate and develop integral part of the customer's organization or assume industrial processes and products. We take part all the total responsibility for a delivery or function. Long-term way from planning, conceptualization and analysis to thinking and good, strong customer relations provide project management, design, implementation, commis- assurance in major industrial assignments that are sioning and maintenance. Rejlers also carries out inno- often complex. ASSIGNMENTS DURING THE YEAR SWEDEN NORWAY FINLAND 1. Blast furnace in Luleå switched off 2. Radio station operation and main- 3. Streamlining a paper mill and on tenance Rejlers has signed an agreement with For three summer months the SSAB Norkring AS and Rejlers have entered Metsä Board in respect of maintenance blast furnace stood quiet and inactive, into a five-year agreement for the op- technology and project management. apart from the intensive reconstruction eration, repair and maintenance of Nor- The assignment, which includes all and maintenance work. After more kring's nationwide land-based network areas of technology and a maintenance than 15 years' operation, there was in Norway. Norkring is Norway's biggest project, aims to improve the paper mill's a major need for renovation. More provider of land-based radio and efficiency. Metsä Board is a leading than 600 people were involved in the television services. Rejlers was awarded producer of foldable cardboard and project. Rejlers was engaged for project the contract under tough competi- white linerboard made from virgin fibre. planning in regard to electrical design, tion – what clinched it for Rejlers was Metsä has eight production plants, of automation and commissioning in time the company's similar assignments in which one is in Sweden. to watch the successful reignition of nationwide communication networks. the blast furnace in September. 19t o e T n m B s o O e u r r c r e o a M w m u ’ o s s r O e e s u w p R e s e t o a p R n i l e e n e a O c b d h l o e c W o a s c e p o ' a e m S n b m g l i u e n n E e e i e t n i r N i e g n i s g , n G a R e s I e e j r a l e N s e p r r t r s . o S E o o f k y w e E m r r b s o E e o u s r C v d i i k w o l e R A n s d n r a . L t t o S o a P d f o s K y i o a R n g d o O l SUSTAINABILITY FRAMEWORK Sustainability for Rejlers » Rejlers has helped create tomorrow's communities operations manual. The code contains rules for Rejlers' since 1942. Our ambition is for Rejlers to make a signif- business conduct and the company's responsibility icant contribution to the development of sustainable toward colleagues, customers, shareholders and other communities through the assignments we carry out for stakeholders. Our code of conduct is included in the our customers. To achieve this, we work with the three employment contracts signed by our employees. focus areas illustrated in the figure below within the Rejlers respects the UN Global compact and its ten framework of our sustainability work. principles in regard to human rights, working conditions, consideration for the environment and anti-corruption. Acting responsibly All Rejlers employees must be treated with respect and Rejlers endeavours to act responsibly in everything it dignity. We strive to ensure our employees are treated does. The way we act is based on our values: reliable, equally and provided with the same opportunities. This successful, personal and healthy. All of our employees is reflected in our daily operations and during recruit- must follow the Rejlers Code of Conduct included in our ment. Rejlers’ actions are governed by our Code of Conduct and our Values: RELIABLE SUCCESSFUL PERSONAL HEALTHY 20 i e t a i W e b r f m e Y o a t t S H f ’ s e a T r U e r L e t t e y l h r j A S n o e R e e l e E d l R e p w T a e j l H a m v e A e b e l r l o I s e p s N w m o e o l n r u A t t k i o s o B f n s w s L u i , t s e t h E n a i e e n r n a g S b e y l r e p g O i r y n o f L d r e a u f s c U fi t t r c i u i T o c e n t I n u a r t O n e . d N SSUSTAINABLE SOL UTIONS We develop smart Rejlers' strong contribution to Gotland's Eco Municipality Prize communities Region Gotland is implementing an energy services project with the aim of reducing energy consumption » Sustainable solutions must form a natural part of and raising technical standards to reduce the costs the assignments we carry out for our customers. The and environmental impact of the region's buildings. major environmental benefits from Rejlers' operations As the general contractor, Rejlers is responsible for occur when we help our customers streamline, modern- the entire property holding, which includes schools, ize and automate their infrastructure and processes. preschools, hospitals, offices sports installations This covers everything from energy-efficient solutions and indoor ice rinks Rejlers played a large part in the to the development of renewable energy production successful result, which provides energy savings in and sustainable infrastructure. During 2015, customer buildings of up to 50 per cent. In testimony to this, demand for sustainable, energy-efficient solutions rose, Region Gotland's property department was award- which created more business opportunities for Rejlers. ed the 2015 Eco Municipality (Ekokommunpris) prize based on the following: Customer responsibility Over the years we've developed close, transparent rela- Thanks to its systematic work over many years, the tionships with our customers. Our customers have great property management department made a major confidence in us and our quality-assured services. Rejlers contribution to reducing the environmental impact is qualified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. This of Region Gotland's operations. By minimizing the means our assignments – from concept to completion – use of fossil fuels and investing in biofuels and are planned and controlled according to our quality and energy efficiency improvements, the department environmental standards. Our goal is to have the market's was able to reduce both climate impact and energy most satisfied and loyal customers. We measure custom- consumption in existing and new buildings, saving er satisfaction once a year, and in 2015 our customers' money and the environment. average rating rose from 5.0 to 5.2 on a scale of 6. Rejlers engaged for ecological sustainability in university project Aalto University Properties Ltd. has chosen Rejlers as the supplier of electricity, lighting, telecommunica- tions, security and audiovisual technology to a new main building – the Väre building – for the Aalto Uni- versity campus in Otaniemi, just outside Helsinki. The building will be used by the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture and was the winning entry from Verstas Architects in the architec- tural competition held in 2012–2013. Aspects included among the evaluation criteria were architectural quali- ty, cost effectiveness and ecological sustainability. 21

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