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how heart disease affect organism and how to keep heart healthy naturally and how heart disease affects the cardiovascular system, how heart transplant list works
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Published Date:01-08-2017
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Cellular Health Series: The Heart Matthias Rath, M.D. First Edition, February 2001 This book is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of a physician. The reader should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to his or her Cellular Health Series - The Heart. Copyright 2001 by Matthias Rath, M.D. All health and particularly in respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or rights reserved. Published by MR Publishing, Inc., Santa Clara, CA 95054 medical attention. The authors and the publisher disclaim responsibility for any No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without adverse effects resulting directly or indirectly from the information contained in this written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical book. articles or reviews. For information, address:TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 7 1 21st Century - Eradicating Heart Disease 10 - Step Program to Optimum Cardiovascular Health Biological Fuel For Millions of Cardiovascular Cells Cellular Health Atherosclerosis, Heart Attack and Stroke 25 2 The Facts About Coronary Heart Disease Vitamins and Other Nutrients Can Halt and Reverse Coronary Heart Disease Clinical Studies Document Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease with Vitamins Importance of Nutrients for Optimal Cardiovascular Health The Natural Reversal of Cardiovascular Disease High Cholesterol Levels and Other 54 3 Secondary Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease Cholesterol Is Only a Secondary Risk Factor How Vitamins Can Help in Normalizing Cholesterol Levels Clinical Studies with Vitamins Documents the Natural Lowering of Risk Factors In Blood High Blood Pressure 69 4 The Facts About Heart Failure Vitamins in Optimizing Heart Muscle Function Clinical Evidence that Vitamins and Other Nutrients Can Optimize Heart Musle Function Further Clincal Studies with Vitamins Problems with Incomplete Treatment of Heart FailureTABLE OF CONTENTS Heart Failure 77 External and Inherited CardiovascularRisks 124 5 9 The Facts About Heart Failure - Unhealthy Diet Vitamins in Optimizing Heart Muscle Function - Smoking Clinical Evidence that Vitamins and Other Nutrients Can - Stress Optimize Heart Muscle Function - Hormonal Contraceptives Further Clinical studies with Vitamins - Diuretic Medication Problems with Incomplete Treatment of Heart Failure - Other Prescription Drugs - Dialysis - Surgery Irregular Heartbeat (Arrhythmia) 90 - Inherited Cardiovascular Risk Factors 6 Facts About Irregular Heartbeat Cellular Health and Vitamins 141 Vitamins in Optimizing Heart Pumping Function 10 Clinical Studies in Arrhythmia Vitamins and Other Nutrients As Bioenergy Source The Goal of Cellular Health Scientific Facts About the Ingredients of Dr.Rath’s Vitamin Diabetes 97 Program 7 Vitamin Programs Compared to Conventional Therapies The Facts About Vitamins and Adult Diabetes Cardiovascular Complications in Diabetes The Path to Eradicating Heart Disease 163 Clinical Studies Document Effectiveness of 11 Vitamins in Diabetic Conditions New Era of Human Health Begins Principles of a New Health Care System Specific Cardiovascular Problems 108 The Rath-Pauling Manifesto 8 About the Author Vitamins and Angina Pectoris Vitamins After A Heart Attack Vitamins and Coronary Bypass Surgery Vitamins and Coronary AngioplastyIntroduction 1 21st Century – Eradicating Heart Disease 10-Step Program To Optimum Cardiovascular Health Biological Fuel For Millions Of Cardiovascular Cells Cellular HealthCELLULAR HEALTH SERIES - THE HEART 1 INTRODUCTION Dr. Rath’s challenge to the people of the world: Lets eradicate heart disease during this century Only once in the course of human events comes the time when heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovas- The last decade of the 20th century was charac- cular conditions can be eradicated. The time is now. Just terized by continuing efforts to block the spread of this life- as the discovery that microorganisms cause infectious dis- saving information in order to protect a global prescription eases led to the control of infectious epidemics, so will the drug market. But the will of the people to gain free access discovery that heart attacks and strokes are the result of to natural health information was stronger than the inter- long-term vitamin deficiencies lead to the control of the ests defending the “Business with Disease.” At the begin- cardiovascular epidemic. Mankind can eradicate heart dis- ning of this century large pharmaceutical companies are ease as a major cause of death and disability during the joining in the battle. 21st century. We, the people of the world, must recognize that Animals don't get heart attacks because they pro- our combined and definitive effort has created the oppor- duce vitamin C in their bodies, which protects their blood tunity to eradicate cardiovascular disease and other dis- vessel walls. In humans, who are unable to produce vita- eases that are largely caused by chronic vitamin deficien- min C, dietary vitamin deficiency weakens these walls. cies. Cardiovascular disease is an early form of scurvy. Clinical studies document that optimum daily intake of vitamins • We proclaim the 21st Century the "Century and other essential nutrients halts and reverses coronary of Eradicating Heart Disease." heart disease naturally. These essential nutrients supply vital bioenergy to millions of heart and blood vessel cells, • We will spread information about the life- thereby optimizing cardiovascular functions. Optimum saving benefits of vitamins. supply of vitamins and other essential nutrients can pre- vent and help correct cardiovascular conditions naturally. • We now call for a new health care system. Heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure conditions, irregular heartbeat, heart failure, circulatory problems in diabetes, and other cardiovascular problems, will be essentially unknown in future generations. Eradicating heart disease is the next great goal uniting mankind. The availability of vitamins and other essential nutrients needed to control the global cardiovas- cular epidemic is unlimited. The eradication of heart dis- ease is dependent on one single factor: How fast we can spread the message that vitamins and other essential nutrients are the solution to the cardiovascular epidemic. 9 10CELLULAR HEALTH SERIES - THE HEART 1 INTRODUCTION A hundred years ago: Eradicating epidemics Today: Eradicating heart disease For millennia infectious diseases During the 20th century, car- were the number one cause of diovascular diseases became death and billions of people died the number one cause of death from them. in the industrialized world. Worldwide over a billion people For millennia people believed that have died during the last cen- the cause of these epidemics was tury from heart attacks and a curse of heaven. strokes. Because the main cause of cardiovascular disease has re- mained unknown until now, the cardiovascular epidemic con- tinues to spread on a global scale. This book documents the solution to the cardiovascular epi- Then,150 years ago Louis Pasteur demic: Animals don't get heart attacks, because – as opposed discovered that these epidemics to humans – they produce their own vitamin C in their own were caused by bacteria and other bodies. Heart attacks and strokes are not diseases but the microorganisms. consequence of chronic vitamin deficiency and they are there- fore preventable. This discovery enabled the imple- mentation of preventive methods as well as the development of vac- cines and antibiotics. A few years ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared smallpox the first infectious disease to be eradicated. 11 12CELLULAR HEALTH SERIES - THE HEART 1 INTRODUCTION Dr. Rath’s 10-Step Program mum performance. Nature’s cell fuels include carnitine, coen- for Optimum Cardiovascular Health zyme Q-10, B vitamins, and many other nutrients and trace ele- ments. Dietary supplementation of these essential nutrients will The medical breakthrough documented in this book can be optimize the pumping performance of the heart and contribute to summarized in a practical 10-step-program of essential nutri- regular heartbeat. ents: 6 Protect your cardiovascular pipelines from rusting. Biological rusting, or oxidation, damages your cardiovascular 1 Be aware of the size and function of your system and accelerates the aging process. Vitamin C, vitamin E, cardiovascular system. beta-carotene, and selenium are the most important natural Did you know that your blood vessel pipeline system measures antioxidants. Other important antioxidants are bioflavonoids, 60,000 miles and is the largest organ in your body? Optimizing such as pycnogenol. Dietary supplementation of these antioxi- your cardiovascular health benefits your entire body and your dants provides important rust protection for your cardiovascular overall health. Because your body is as old as your cardiovascu- system. Above all, stop smoking, because cigarette smoke lar system, optimizing your cardiovascular health adds years to accelerates the biological rusting of your blood vessels. your life. 7 Exercise regularly. 2 Stabilize the walls of your blood vessels. Regular physical activity is an important step for optimum car- Blood vessel instability and lesions in your blood vessel walls diovascular health. Regular exercise like walking or bicycling is are the primary causes for cardiovascular disease. Vitamin C is ideal and can be performed by everybody. the cement of the blood vessel walls and stabilizes them. Ani- 8 Eat a prudent diet. mals don’t get heart disease because they produce enough The diet of our ancestors over thousands of generations was endogenous vitamin C in their livers to protect their blood ves- rich in plant nutrition and high in fiber and vitamins. These sels. In contrast, we humans develop deposits leading to heart dietary preferences shaped the metabolism of our bodies today. attacks and strokes because we cannot manufacture our own A diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in fat and sugars vitamin C and generally get too few vitamins in our diet. enhances your cardiovascular health. 3 Reverse artery deposits naturally without surgery. 9 Find time to relax. Cholesterol and fat particles are deposited inside the blood ves- Physical and emotional stresses are cardiovascular risk factors. sel walls by means of biological adhesives. “Teflon”-like agents Schedule hours and days to relax as you would schedule your can prevent this stickiness. The amino acids, lysine and proline appointments. Moreover, the production of the stress hormone are Nature’s “Teflon” agents. Together with vitamin C, they help adrenaline requires vitamin C. Long-term physical or emotional reverse existing deposits naturally. stress depletes your body’s vitamin pool and requires dietary vit- 4 Relax your blood vessel walls. amin supplementation. Deposits and spasms of the blood vessel walls are the causes of 10 Start now. high blood pressure. Dietary supplementation of magnesium, Thickening of the blood vessel walls is not only a problem of the arginine and vitamin C relax the blood vessel walls and help nor- elderly, it starts in your twenties. The earlier you start, the more malize high blood pressure. years you actively protect your cardiovascular system. 5 Optimize the performance of your heart. The heart is the motor of the cardiovascular system. Like the motor of your car, millions of muscle cells need cell fuel for opti- 13 14CELLULAR HEALTH SERIES - THE HEART 1 INTRODUCTION Biological Fuel For Millions of Single cell (schematic) Cardiovascular Cells Cellular Power Plant (Mitochondrium) Throughout this book you will read about remarkable health effects of vitamins and other essential nutrients. The scien- Cellular Core tific basis of these dramatic health improvements can be Central Unit summarized as follows: the cells in our body fulfill a multitude (Nucleus) of different functions. Gland cells produce hormones; white blood cells produce antibodies; heart muscle cells generate and conduct biological electricity for the heart beat. The spe- Cellular Production Line cific function of each cell is determined by the genetic soft- (Endoplasmic Reticulum) ware program, the genes located in each cell core. Important Biocatalysts: Despite these different functions, it is important to under- stand that all cells use the same carriers of bioenergy and • Vitamin C • Carnitine the same biocatalysts for a multitude of biochemical reac- • Vitamin B-1 • Coenzyme Q-10 tions inside these cells. Many of these essential biocatalysts • Vitamin B-3 • Minerals and bioenergy molecules cannot be produced by the body • Vitamin B-5 • Trace elements itself and have to be supplemented in our diet on a regular • Vitamin B-6 basis. Vitamins, certain amino acids, minerals, and trace ele- • Vitamin B-12 ments are among the most important essential nutrients for optimum function of each cell. Without optimum intake of these essential nutrients, the function of millions of cells The metabolic software becomes impaired and diseases develop. program of each cell is exactly determined by Unfortunately, conventional medicine still does not recognize the genetic information in the decisive role of vitamins and other essential nutrients for each cell core. Essential optimum cellular function and for optimum health. The mod- nutrients are needed as ern concept of Cellular Health will fundamentally change that. biocatalysts and as carri- In a few years, daily supplementation with vitamins, minerals ers of bioenergy in each and other essential nutrients will be a matter of course for cell. Both functions are essential for optimum everyone, just like eating and drinking. performance of millions of cells. CELLULAR HEALTH - BIOLOGICAL FUEL FOR MILLIONS OF CELLS 15 16CELLULAR HEALTH SERIES - THE HEART 1 INTRODUCTION Blood Vessel Wall Cells Cellular Health: The Solution to Optimum Health The most profound impact of Cellular Health will be in the area of cardiovascular health because this is the most active organ system of our body and therefore has the highest con- sumption of essential nutrients. The opposite page illustrates the most important cells of the cardiovascular system. VESSEL WALL MUSCLE CELLS BARRIER CELLS (ENDOTHELIUM) Cells of the blood vessel walls: The endothelial cells form the barrier or protective layer between the blood and the blood vessel wall; moreover, these cells contribute to a vari- Blood Cells ety of metabolic functions, such as optimum blood viscosity. The smooth muscle cells produce collagen and other rein- forcement molecules, providing optimum stability and tone to the blood vessel walls. The cells of the heart muscle: The main role of heart muscle cells is the pumping function to maintain blood circu- lation. A subtype of heart muscle cell is specialized and capable of generating and conducting biological electricity for WHITE BLOOD CELLS PLATELETS the heartbeat. The blood cells: Even the millions of blood corpuscles cir- Heart Muscle Cells culating in the bloodstream are nothing other than cells. They are responsible for transport of oxygen, defense, scaveng- ing, wound healing, and many other functions. The following pages describe how deficiencies in vitamins and other essential nutrients in these different cell types are closely associated with the most frequent cardiovascular diseases today. MUSCLE CELLS FOR ‘ELECTRICAL’ MUSCLE CELLS BLOOD PUMPING FOR HEARTBEAT THE CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM IS COMPOSED OF MILLIONS OF CELLS 17 18CELLULAR HEALTH SERIES - THE HEART 1 INTRODUCTION Vitamin Deficiency in Artery Wall Cells Vitamin Deficiency in Heart Muscle Cells Causes Heart Attacks, Strokes, and High Causes Irregular Heartbeat and Heart Failure Blood Pressure Long-term deficiency of vitamins and other essential nutri- A chronic deficiency of vitamins and other essential nutrients ents in millions of vascular wall cells impairs the function of in millions of heart muscle cells can contribute to an impaired the blood vessel walls. The most frequent consequences are heart function. The most frequent consequences are irregu- high blood pressure conditions and the development of ath- lar heartbeat (arrhythmia) and heart failure (shortness of erosclerotic deposits which lead to heart attacks and strokes. breath, edema, and fatigue). “Pacemaker” center of the heart HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE HEART ATTACKS AND STROKES IRREGULAR HEARTBEAT HEART FAILURE Vitamin Deficiencies in Vitamin Deficiencies in Heart Vitamin Deficiencies in Artery Vitamin Deficiencies in ‘Electrical’ Heart Muscle Muscle Cells Can Lead to Wall Cells Can Lead to Artery Wall Cells Can Lead to Cells Can Lead to • Increased Artery Wall • Instability of Artery Wall • Disturbance in • Impaired Blood Pumping Tension • Lesion, Cracks conduction of • Shortness of Breath • Narrowing of Artery • Atherosclerotic Deposits electrical impulses • Edema Diameter and, Thereby, to Heart for the heartbeat • Severe Fatigue • Thickening of Artery Attacks and Strokes Walls and, Thereby, to • Irregular Heartbeat High Blood Pressure 19 20CELLULAR HEALTH SERIES - THE HEART 1 INTRODUCTION Notes 21 22CELLULAR HEALTH SERIES - THE HEART 1 INTRODUCTION 23 242 Atherosclerosis, Heart Attack and Stroke The Facts About Coronary Heart Disease Vitamins and other Nutrients Can Halt and Reverse Coronary Heart Disease Clinical Studies Document Prevention Of Cardiovascular Disease With Vitamins Importance of Nutrients for Optimal Cardiovascular Health The Natural Reversal of Cardiovascular DiseaseCELLULAR HEALTH SERIES - THE HEART 2 ATHEROSCLEROSIS, HEART ATTACK AND STROKE The Facts About Coronary Heart Primary Cause Basic Prevention and Disease Basic Treatment • Every second man and woman in the industrialized Optimum Dietary Intake Vitamin Deficiency in world dies from the consequences of atherosclerotic of Essential Nutrients: Millions of Blood Vessel deposits in the coronary arteries (leading to heart attack) Wall Cells or in the arteries supplying blood to the brain (leading to – Vitamin C – Lysine/Proline stroke). The epidemic spread of these cardiovascular dis- – Vitamin E eases is largely due to the fact that until now the true nature of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease has been insufficiently understood. Refills • Conventional medicine is largely confined to treating the symptoms of this disease. Calcium antagonists, beta- blockers, nitrates, and other drugs are prescribed to alle- Helps viate angina pain. Surgical procedures (angioplasty, Prevent bypass surgery) are applied to improve blood flow • Instability of and mechanically. Hardly any conventional medicine targets Vessel wall Repair the underlying problem: the instability of the vascular wall • Cracks and which triggers the development of atherosclerotic Lesions • Atherosclerotic deposits. Deposits • Cellular Health provides a breakthrough in our under- standing of these causes and leads to effective preven- tion and treatment of coronary heart disease. The primary cause of coronary heart disease and other forms of ather- Helps osclerotic disease is a chronic deficiency of vitamins and Prevent other essential nutrients in millions of vascular wall cells. This leads to instability of the vascular walls, to lesions and cracks, to atherosclerotic deposits, and eventually to Clogging of Clogging of heart attacks or strokes. Since the primary cause of car- Coronary Artery Brain Artery diovascular disease is a deficiency of essential nutrients in the vascular wall, a daily optimum intake of these Helps essential nutrients is the primary measure to prevent ath- Prevent erosclerosis and to help repair vascular wall damage. Heart Attack Stroke CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE AND OTHER FORMS OF ATHEROSCLEROTIC CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE 26 27CELLULAR HEALTH SERIES - THE HEART 2 ATHEROSCLEROSIS, HEART ATTACK AND STROKE Vitamins and Other Nutrients Can Halt and The Ultrafast CT measures areas and density of the calcium Reverse Coronary Heart Disease deposits without any needles or radioactive dye; then the Millions of people die every year from heart attacks because computer automatically calculates their size by determining no effective treatment to halt or reverse coronary artery dis- the Coronary Artery Scan (CAS) score. The higher the CAS ease has been available. Therefore, we decided to test the score, the more calcium has accumulated, indicating more efficacy of a defined vitamin program for the Number One advanced coronary artery disease. Compared to angiogra- health problem of our time: coronary atherosclerosis, the phy and treadmill tests, Ultrafast CT is the most precise diag- cause of heart attacks. We realized that if this nutritional sup- nostic technique available today to detect coronary artery plement program could stop further growth of coronary ather- disease already in its early stage. This diagnostic test allows osclerosis, the fight against heart attacks could be won and detection of deposits in coronary arteries long before a the goal of eradicating heart disease would become reality. patient notices any angina pectoris or other symptoms. To measure the success of this vitamin program we did not 30 primarily look at risk factors circulating in the blood stream. 25 We focused directly on the key problem, the atherosclerotic deposits inside the walls of the coronary arteries. A fascinat- 20 ing new diagnostic technique had just become available that 15 allowed us to measure the size of the coronary deposits non- invasively: Ultrafast Computed Tomography. 10 5 0 2 40 mm 2 4 mm Growth Rate of Coronary Deposits Per Year in Each Ultrafast CT, the “mammo- Patient gram of the heart,” is a new Without vitamins the atherosclerotic plaques in the coronary diagnostic technology arteries increased exponentially. This picture shows the growth that allows non-invasive rate of coronary deposits in each patient before the vitamin testing for coronary artery program started. Patients with early coronary artery disease had 2 disease. an average increase of plaque area of 4 mm every year (left side of the figure). The deposits of patients with advanced coronary 2 artery disease increased by 40 mm and more every year (right side). 28 29CELLULAR HEALTH SERIES - THE HEART 2 ATHEROSCLEROSIS, HEART ATTACK AND STROKE Moreover, since it measures directly the deposits in the The results of this landmark study were published in the artery walls, it is a much better indicator for a person’s cardio- Journal of Applied Nutrition in 1996 (see reference listing at vascular risk than any measurements of cholesterol or other the end of this book). The most important findings are also risk factors in the bloodstream. presented here. This study measured for the first time how aggressive coronary artery disease grows until eventually a We studied 55 patients with various degrees of coronary heart attack occurs. Without supplement intake, the coronary artery disease. Changes in the size of the coronary artery calcifications increased at an exponential rate, with an aver- calcifications in each patient were measured over an average age growth of 44% every year. Thus, without vitamin protec- period of one year without the vitamin program, followed by a tion, coronary deposits add about half their size every year. period of one year with the vitamin program. In this way, the heart scans of the same person could be compared. This study design had the advantage that the patients served as Without Vitamin Program their own controls. All of the essential nutrients given in this program have a synergistic effect. Deposits in Two Coronary Arteries With Vitamin Program Deposits In Both Arteries Disappeared Monthly Growth Monthly Growth Monthly Growth Naturally of Coronary of Coronary of Coronary Deposits Before Deposits First Deposits Second Vitamin Half Year on Half Year on Program Vitamin Program Vitamin Program Vitamin Program Is the World’s First Therapy Documenting Natural Disappearance of Coronary Deposits. Synergistic Action of Nutrients Can Stop Coronary These pictures document a milestone in medicine – the complete Heart Disease Before You Even Feel It. natural disappearance of coronary heart disease. The Ultrafast With vitamin programs the fast growth of coronary artery deposits Computer Tomography (Ultrafast CT) pictures (top row) document can be slowed down during the first half year and essentially atherosclerotic deposits in the right and left coronary arteries of stopped within the second half year. Thus, no heart attacks will this patient. After about one year on the vitamin program these develop. These are the study results from patients coronary deposits entirely disappeared – indicating a natural with early coronary deposits, who, like millions of adults in the prime of their lives, developed a heart disease without feeling it. 30 31CELLULAR HEALTH SERIES - THE HEART 2 ATHEROSCLEROSIS, HEART ATTACK AND STROKE When patients started taking the vitamin program, this trend It is not surprising that there is a delay of several months until was reversed and the average growth rate of coronary calcifi- the healing effect of vitamins and other nutrients on the artery cations actually slowed down. Most significantly, in patients wall becomes noticeable. Atherosclerotic deposits develop with early stages of coronary heart disease, this essential over many years or decades, and it takes several months to nutrient program stopped further growth of coronary heart control this aggressive disease and start the healing process. disease within one year. Thus, this study also gives us valu- More advanced stages of coronary heart disease may take able information about the time it takes until nutrients show still longer before the vascular healing process is measur- their natural healing effect on the artery wall. While for the able. first six months the deposits in these patients continued to grow, although at a decreased pace, the growth essentially stops during the second six months on this vitamin program. Of course, any therapy that stops coronary artery disease in Breakthrough in Natural Health its early stages prevents heart attacks later on. This clinical study marks a major breakthrough in medi- cine and will lead to health improvements for millions of people throughout the world. For the first time, the follow- ing clinical results were documented: • Without vitamin therapy, coronary artery disease is a very aggressive disease and the deposits grow on average at a staggering rate of 44% per year. • Vitamins and other nutrients are able to halt coronary atherosclerosis, the cause of heart attacks, already in its early stages. • Thus, there now exists an effective natural approach to prevent and to reverse coronary heart disease natu- rally – without angioplasty or bypass surgery. • Every man and every woman in any country of the Before After world can immediately take advantage of this medical breakthrough. NATURAL HEALING OF CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE • During the next decades, deaths from heart attacks Before the vitamin program the patient had developed athero- and strokes will be reduced to a fraction of their current sclerotic deposits in the walls of his left coronary artery (white toll and cardiovascular disease will essentially be circled area in the left picture). The above pictures are magnifica- unknown to future generations. tions from the heart scan X-ray pictures taken with the computer tomograph. 32 33CELLULAR HEALTH SERIES - THE HEART 2 ATHEROSCLEROSIS, HEART ATTACK AND STROKE Large-Scale Studies Document Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease With Vitamins The Canadian physician, Dr. G. C. Willis, showed that dietary vitamin C can reverse atherosclerosis. At the beginning of his The paramount importance of various vitamins and other study, he documented the atherosclerotic deposits in his nutrients in the prevention of cardiovascular disease has also patients by angiography (injection of a radioactive substance been documented in numerous clinical and epidemiological followed by X-ray pictures). After this documentation, half of the studies. study patients received 1.5 grams of vitamin C per day. The other half of the patients received no additional vitamin C. The Dr. James Enstrom and his colleagues from the University of control analysis, on average, after 10 to 12 months, showed California in Los Angeles investigated vitamin intake of more that in those patients who received additional vitamin C, the than 11,000 Americans over ten years. This government- atherosclerotic deposits decreased in 30% of the cases. In con- supported study showed that people who took at least 300 trast, no decrease in atherosclerotic deposits could be seen in mg per day of vitamin C in their diet or in form of nutritional those patients without vitamin C supplementation. The deposits supplements, compared to 50 mg contained in an average in these patients either remained the same or had further American diet, could reduce their heart disease rate up to increased. Amazingly, this important clinical study was con- 50% in men and up to 40% in women. The same study ducted more than 40 years ago and was never further investi- showed that an increased intake of vitamin C was associated gated. with an increased life expectancy of up to six years. 300 mg Vitamin C per Day: Average Diet: No Vitamin C Supplements: 1500 mg Vitamin C per Day: Up to 50% Fewer Heart Attacks Increased Risk for Heart Attacks Coronary Deposits grow Halt and reversal in 30% of the cases Vitamin C Cuts Risk for Heart Attacks in Half Vitamin C Cuts Risk for Heart Attacks in Half 34 35CELLULAR HEALTH SERIES - THE HEART 2 ATHEROSCLEROSIS, HEART ATTACK AND STROKE Vitamin E and Beta Carotene Also Important Nutrients for Optimum Decrease Your Cardiovascular Risk Cardiovascular Health The Nurses’ Health Study included more than The following cellular bio-energy factors are important to 87,000 American nurses, ages 34 to 59. In 1993, a first optimize the function of cells that build blood vessel walls result was published in the New England Journal of Medi- and the heart muscle. They should be part of your dietary cine. It was shown that study participants taking more than program in addition to a healthy diet. 200 units of vitamin E per day could reduce their risk for heart attacks by 34%, compared to those receiving only 3 units, • Vitamin C: protection and natural healing of the the average daily intake of vitamin E in Americans. artery wall, reversal of plaques. • Vitamin E: anti-oxidative protection. The Health Professional Study included over 39,000 health professionals, ages 40 to 75. At the • Vitamin D: optimizing of calcium metabolism, rever- beginning of the study, none of the participants had any signs sal of calcium deposits in artery walls. of cardiovascular disease or diabetes, or elevated blood cho- • Proline: collagen production, stability of the artery lesterol levels. The study showed that people taking 400 wall, reversal of plaques. units of vitamin E per day could reduce their risk for heart attack by 40%, compared to those taking only 6 units of vita- • Lysine: collagen production, stability of the artery min E per day. wall, reversal of plaques. • Folic acid: protective function against increased The Physicians Health Study included over homocystine levels together with Vitamin B6, Vitamin 22,000 physicians, ages 40 to 84. From this study in B12 and Biotin. patients with existing cardiovascular disease, published by Dr. Hennekens in 1992, it was shown that in those patients, • Biotin: protective function against increased homo- 50 mg of beta carotene per day could cut the risk for suffering cystine levels together with Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 a heart attack or stroke in half. and folic acid. • Vitamin C intake lowers cardiovascular risk by 50%, • Copper: stability of the artery wall by improved cross- documented in 11,000 study participants over 10 years. linking of collagen molecules. • Chondroitin sulfate: stability of the artery wall as • Vitamin E supplementation lowers cardiovascular risk by one- "cement" of the artery wall connective tissue. third, documented in 87,000 study participants over 6 years. • N-Acetylglycosamine: stability of the artery wall • Beta carotene supplementation lowers cardiovascular as "cement" of the artery wall connective tissue. risk by over 50%, documented in more than 22,000 • Pycnogenol: bio-catalyst for improved vitamin C study participants. function, improved stability of the artery walls. • No prescription drug has ever been shown to be as effective as these vitamins in preventing heart disease. 36 37CELLULAR HEALTH SERIES - THE HEART 2 ATHEROSCLEROSIS, HEART ATTACK AND STROKE Importance of Nutrients for Optimal It is important to understand that the atherosclerotic deposits Cardiovascular Health in Picture A have developed over many years. In contrast, the additional blood clot in Picture B develops within minutes What Is Atherosclerosis? or seconds. Effective prevention of heart attacks has to start as early as possible by preventing atherosclerotic deposits. The pictures on this page are cross-sections from coronary Atherosclerosis is not a disease of advanced age. Studies of arteries of patients with coronary artery disease. These pic- soldiers killed in the Korean and Vietnam wars showed that tures provide a look inside these arteries through a micro- up to 75% of the victims had already developed some form of scope. (The dark ring you notice is the original blood vessel atherosclerotic deposits at age 25 and younger. The picture wall as it would be found in a newborn baby. The pink area below shows a coronary artery of a 25-year-old victim of a within this dark ring is atherosclerotic deposits which devel- traffic accident. This coincidental finding shows how far ath- oped over many years). erosclerosis can advance in young adults – without causing any symptoms. The main cause of atherosclerotic deposits is the biological weakness of the artery walls caused by chronic vitamin defi- ciency. The atherosclerotic deposits are the consequence of this chronic weakness; they develop as a compensatory sta- bilizing cast of Nature to strengthen these weakened blood vessel walls. ab Picture A shows atherosclerotic deposits in coronary arteries, which reduce blood flow and impair oxygen and nutrient supply to millions of heart muscle cells. The coronary arteries of patients with angina pectoris typically look like this. Picture B shows the coronary arteries of a patient who died from a heart attack. On top of the atherosclerotic deposits, a blood clot formed that completely interrupted the blood flow through this artery. This is called a heart attack. Millions of heart muscle cells CROSS SECTION (MAGNIFIED) OF THE CORONARY ARTERY OF A 25-YEAR-OLD die, leaving the heart muscle permanently impaired or leading to VICTIM OF A TRAFFIC ACCIDENT. THE ATHEROSCLEROTIC DEPOSITS HAD the death of the patient. DEVELOPED WITHOUT THE YOUNG MAN KNOWING OR NOTICING ANYTHING. 38 39

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