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Published Date:03-07-2017
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presents: 50 examples of business collaboration Teresa Turiera & Susanna CrosIntroduction When in Infonomia we started the project co-society in 2009, we were sure that This book compiles the best 50 examples of CO- businesses. Many of them the increasing complexity of the world that we live in was calling for new solu- emerged by chance; others are the product of the systematic exchange be- tions, and most of all, was asking new questions in order to move forward to tween companies. An adventure that is not free from difficulties, but that has other economic and social organization models. taken the most adventurous and persistent individuals to multiply their know how and to innovate radically either in their business model, in the way of deal- In a period of time defined by the acceleration of change, enabled by a growing ing with their customers or in the final product or service. Even the startups technology and a considerable continuity in industries and markets, we have al- had to collaborate with each other, and also with well-established companies, ready observed how the most innovative businesses and organizations are start- because the collaboration between two good ideas multiplies the result, and ing to develop a new collaboration system that goes beyond the open innovation. because of the possibility of sharing resources and expertise enhances the product. Because the combination of technologies, applications or services in- It is about the combination of the skills of businesses belonging to very differ- crease a solution’s value. ent industries with the final goal of producing new products, services and pro - cesses, and with them, a new sustainable economic energy. The capacity to collaborate will be a decisive factor in the future perspectives of the companies. It is not an easy way, because in most cases it hasn’t been We never had before such a unique asset: millions of people ready to get the drawn yet. For this reason we want to focus on those 50 adventurers who most of the technologic repertory of the world through their personal and colec- have already taken the first steps to a future CO-. tive intelligence. During the last four years co-society has searched and shared actively the best global examples and also from our country. Companies be- longing to apparently distant industries are asking themselves new questions and getting to develop new products and services as the result of the collabo- ration with someone they never thought about before. The idea of the project is clear: to prove that, besides the usefulness of the chance meetings between companies, it is possible that new common projects arise from the systematic collaboration between organizations. Moreover, we have taken the model to other countries, which are already starting their own co-societies. Alfons Cornella Founder of Infonomia and co-societyIdentify Inspire your assets your team by analysing your business model through smart insights Co-society brings together the smartest teams of the best companies, to combine their efforts in order to create new projects and sustainable wealth. This is achieved through collaboration, co-creation, coordination, and the combination of capabilities to generate hybrid projects- going well beyond open innovation. The future is in multiplying the capacities of individual companies to allow for new products and services to emerge, and with them, a new economic power. Ignite Interact with companies your business through co-projects which whom to explore new potential projects The future is co.11 Avinent: From the collaboration to the boomerang effect Vilardell Purtí is a company that manufactures ment creation and in sales to more than 2500 screws for industries like the automotive, home ap- clients all over the world. Meanwhile, Avinent has pliances and aerospace. Based in Sant Pedor (Bar- started strategic collaborations with research cen- celona), its environment is the same of the traditional ters and specialized companies, as with the tech- catalonian company. Its strength is the capacity to nologic partnership with the international miling produce high-quality pieces of small dimensions group CORE3D, that covers all the steps in the and high precision. Their drive to innovate took this production of customized implants in the digital company to explore other industries with a high po- era: digitally scan, design and cut with new tech- tential to grow. nologies and new materials. It is an huge platform of solutions, open to any kind of digital technology In 2003-2004, when the company obtained its best to obtain customized structures. results, decided to invest the profits in developing their own product, producing dental implant with Besides offering a new solution with high added- the same high-precision technology used to pro- value to its traditional industry, Avinent has caused duce screws. Their implants are customized and a boomerang effect, bringing feedback between the have biomimetic properties, which improves the new and the traditional businesses, so the usual cli- quality of life, something very valued by profes- ents of the automotive sector have realized that they sionals and patients. They sold their first product can order more sophisticated and precise parts, in 2006 and from 2006 to 2011 the results have once they have seen the white and sterilized rooms been exponential, either in high-qualified employ - where the delicate dental implants are produced. More information www.avinent.com13 Hospital Sant Joan de Déu + Miquel Rius Innovating from apparently distant areas What does an stationery manufacture business and The collaboration between the Sant Joan de Déu a children’s health specialized hospital have in com- Hospital and Miquel Rius, stationery manufacturer, mon? Or maybe the question should be: how can lead them to co-design a backpack with compart- these two organizations combine their knowledge to ments that balance the weight, avoid the movement develop new products and services? of the content in the backpack, and fastens to the child’s chest with ergonomic and safety straps. That is what the innovation managers of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu asked themselves, after observ- This hospital of Barcelona is already working in other ing a specific need that the market still couldn’t offer, collaboration projects with businesses from different even though it was a known problem: schoolchil- industries in order to innovate improving their pa- dren carry more and more weight in their backpacks tients quality of life and health. One of the projects (now, to their books, they have added laptops), and in development is a skateboard with an integrated the specialists in the spine could help to develop an dropper; this way the children in the hospital can ergonomic and safe backpack. Any manufacturer of get their medicines intravenously and move freely school backpacks had ever asked them, nor have around the building at the same time. they never had the idea of getting involved in the industrial process. More information Coca-Cola + Heinz Collaborating to develop more sustainable containers In 2009, The Coca-Cola Company created the Plant- At the time of publication, Heinz had already used 120 TM TM Bottle , a plastic (PET) bottle partially manufactured million PlantBottles in the USA in 2011. The mate- (30%) with plant-derived materials (like sugar cane rial in these new containers shares many properties and molasses) and byproducts of sugar production with that of the original plastic (PET): it is amenable in Brazil. These plants were chosen based on envi- to carbonation of the liquid contained; recyclable; ronmental criteria to ensure that they do not interfere weighs the same; has the same life-time; shares the with local crops. The remaining 70% of each bottle is same appearance and chemical composition; and is made with materials derived from fossil fuels, such as suitable for water, juice and carbonated beverages. TM petroleum. Use of PlantBottle can reduce carbon-footprints by 12% to 19%. The Coca-Cola Company is now striving to manu- facture a bottle made of 100% plant-derived mate- The bottle is 100% recyclable: the resulting byprod- rials and plant residues. In fact, they have already ucts can be re-used to manufacture more bottles, or developed a prototype, and are now collaborating to make other products, such as furniture or cloth- with Heinz to use their bottling factory. The Coca- ing. For example, The Coca-Cola Company and Cola Company has planned to invest 150 million furniture maker Emeco have established a smart TM in PlantBottle , to develop the next generation of collaboration to manufacture the Emeco 111 Navy technology for extracting sugar from plant residues Chair, a chair made of 111 recycled bottles. Emeco such as plant stems, tree bark and fruit peel. It is has estimated that it will process more than three also working to make the new container water and million PET bottles. carbon neutral. Heinz has made a major investment in the project, although the company has revealed any details. It is hoping to take a step further to- wards its own goal of reducing emissions, waste and energy consumption by 20% by 2015. More information Comité Colbert: Collaboration in the luxury goods sector Founded in 1954, the Comité Colbert is an associa- als (famous athletes, movie stars, executives, etc.) tion that brings together 75 of the most important to provide their perspectives on the luxury sector. French companies from the luxury goods sector. It The members also share human resources manage- has become a lobby which protects the legal, finan - ment techniques and sustainability initiatives, and cial and creative rights of its members in areas such develop joint actions to penetrate new markets. as intellectual property and market expansion. The Comité Colbert is currently endeavoring to es- Comité Colbert members also share good practic- tablish a common plan of action to represent all es, exchange prospective information on the luxury of Europe. It has recently incorporated companies good sector and its trends, and work together to from Germany (Leica, photography; and MontBlanc, innovate. The 75 firms are organized into working watches and pens), the Czech Republic (Moser, commissions that meet throughout the year to de- glass-making) and Hungary (Herend, porcelain), and cide on common actions. For example, each year is now working with three other European luxury- they bring together students from top art and design goods associations: Fondazione Altagamma (Ita- schools to share with them their vision of luxury from ly), Walpole (UK), and the Círculo del Lujo Fortuny a multidisciplinary, global perspective. In another an- (Spain), which was created in 2011. nual event, The Comité Colbert chooses a specific subject in which to explore future scenarios, which In France, the total business volume of the Comité members discuss with invited experts from the field. Colbert members has quintupled since the organi- It also invites a diverse range of high-profile individu - zation has begun its collaborative efforts. More information www.comitecolbert.com19 Corning: Collaborating with clients to turn ideas into products Corning Incorporated, the world’s leader in spe- The telecommunications and entertainment provider cial glass and ceramics, develops and manufac- Verizon has worked with Corning to deliver fiber- tures components of high-technology systems for optic Internet service to densely populated housing consumer electronics, telecommunications and life blocks, which account for 25 million households in sciences. It works closely with its clients to convert the USA. The long, complicated paths used with tra- ideas into products and make technological strides. ditional copper cables in these areas are not ame- Corning’s engineers and experts, and their counter- nable to fiber-optics, as they lead to gradual signal parts at the firm’s corporate clients, jointly develop loss. Thus, the two firms have designed a more-flex - the best solutions on a case-by-case basis. ible, robust and compact fiber-optic cable whose core is surrounded by an innovative nano-structure A collaboration between Corning and Sharp has ring that prevents light from escaping. enabled manufacturing of larger, more environmen- tally-sound LCD screens that meet the demands of Johns Hopkins University has aligned itself with today’s consumers. The same technology that has Corning in the area of drug discovery. The fruits of made the larger sizes possible also obviates use of this collaboration include a high-performance tech- toxic arsenic compounds, previously used to elimi- nology for detecting both biochemical and cellular nate bubbles on screens. interactions without the need for traditional labels (fluorescent or radioactive compounds), which Corning has also teamed up with Volkswagen to sometimes generate confusing results. produce filters to make Volkswagen’s diesel cars run cleaner. Instead of simply following the competition by using silicon carbide, they developed an innova- tive material called aluminum titanate. Thanks to this alliance, Volkswagen has maintained its position as world leader in the diesel automobile market. More information Biotherm + Renault: Skin-care and automobiles: an unheard-of collaboration The skin-care company Biotherm (part of the Luxury • Passengers will travel in a clean environment, Products Division of the L’Oreal Group) and the au- thanks to a toxicity sensor and various particle fil - tomobile manufacturer Renault have devised a new ters installed in the cabin that open and close the concept in cars: the Spa Car, designed to simulta- air vents as needed. neously care for the health of its occupants and to protect the environment. Experts from each company • An electric scent dispenser, to provide aromather- contributed their know-how to develop features that apy using essential oils in function of the driver’s are novel for a vehicle’s interior. Biotherm contributed needs: stimulation for the morning, relaxation its knowledge on cellular mechanisms in the skin and when returning from work, alertness for night- on the befits of aromatherapy, from work dating back driving. to 1952. Renault provided its expertise in designing and testing equipment for vehicle comfort, fruit of its The ZOE is also equipped with an ambient music sys- more than 110 years of experience. tem developed in conjunction with Creative Diffusion (associated with Qwartz, International Electronic and The ZOE Spa Car, slated for launch in autumn 2012, New Music Awards), to provide relaxing or stimulat- is a 100%-electric car. It features advanced air filtra - ing music as needed. The vehicle also includes a tion and purification systems to protect passengers’ light-therapy system developed in collaboration with health and improve their sense of well-being while Philips, whereby a screen emits light to improve pas- inside the vehicle: sengers’ sense of wellbeing. • Unlike traditional air-conditioning systems, which are optimized for temperature control but often have a dehydrating effect, especially during long trips, the system used in the ZOE exploits a totally new design to provide intelligent climate control that avoids loss of humidity inside the cabin so that passengers’ skin stays hydrated. More information Biomass plant in Güssing, Austria: Co-generating energy The biomass plant project in Güssing, an admin- This decentralized energy model has liberated the istrative district in the federal state of Bergenland, region’s residents and business from the fluctuating Austria, was first conceived in this burgeoning area prices of gas and petroleum, while enabling a mas- in 1993 and was completed in 2004. sive reduction in CO emissions. 2 It is based on a cross-over collaboration that ex- Using the biomass from local forests, the plant ob- ploits the large quantity of biomass generated from tains the energy required for providing heating, elec- local forests and which involves local players from tricity, hydrogen, natural gas and fuel. Furthermore, all sectors: agriculture, transport, advanced logis- this model of collaboration has become a source of tics, etc. sustainable employment which has attracted talent, and it has become a center of reference for studying The plant was designed to provide 100% of the en- the generation of energy from biomass. ergy to local homes and to many public and indus- trial buildings in the region. The contribution of local authorities, in terms of fund- ing and of facilitating bureaucratic processes, was In fact, all of the energy consumed within the district key to the success of the project. The “Güssing mod- of Güssing derives from locally-generated biomass. el” is now being replicated in other regions in Europe. More information Sustainable Apparel Coalition: Defining a common sustainability index for the apparel sector The Sustainable Apparel Coalition is a group of com- A pilot version of the Sustainable Apparel Index (V1 panies, organizations and individuals representing the Apparel Index) is being tested and adjusted. For American apparel sector. Encompassing more than the time being, it has been designed for internal thirty brands of shoes and clothing, it brings together use by member companies, for whom it will pro- retailers, manufactures, NGOs, academic experts, vide savings as well as reduced social and envi- and the Environmental Protection Agency of the USA ronmental impact, improved risk management, a with one aim: to reduce the social and environmental better reputation, and the chance to adapt their impact of these products around the world. business ahead of future regulations. The Coalition has developed a common measure The Coalition was born of a collaboration between of impact, the Sustainable Apparel Index, which is Patagonia and Walmart to create an environmen- based on two previous indices: the Outdoor Indus- tal impact index based on the OIA’s work. The first try Association’s (OIA) Eco Index and Nike’s Envi- twelve members began meeting informally in 2010. ronmental Design Tool. The OIA index comprises There are currently more than thirty members, includ- directives and recommendations for companies; ing Adidas, C&A, Gap, H&M, Levi Strauss & Co., materials indicators that span a product’s full life- Marks & Spencer, New Balance, Nike, Patagonia, time; and metrics on resources consumption, waste Timberland and Walmart. generation, and emissions. Nike’s initiative, devel- oped over 7 years and implying an investment of Members that operate for profit pay an annual quo - 6 million, is available in a public version and in an ta. Starting in 2012, the Coalition will open its doors in-house version which the company uses to im- to new members without an invitation. In order to prove decision-making for clothing design. For the support constant upgrading of the Coalition’s indi- Sustainable Apparel Index, the OIA provides a mea- ces and other work, corporate members will prob- surement framework for outdoor equipment, where- ably end up paying a tiered licensing fee for access as Nike’s tool offers metrics and measurements for to its services. broad range of clothing materials. More information Kalundborg Symbiosis: A cooperative circuit for recycling and reuse of industrial waste Kalundborg Symbiosis of Denmark is a public-pri- waste-treatment company; Kalundborg Forsyning, vate alliance for converting waste materials from its which handles water, heating and wastewater remov- member companies into the raw production mate- al services for the city of Kalundborg; and Kalundborg rials for others. This enables increased production Municipality (city hall). capacity without concomitant increases in water or energy consumption, while providing lower produc- In terms of energy cooperation, the Statoil refinery, tion costs, less waste management, and reduced Novo Nordisk and Novoenzymes purchase outgo- environmental impact. The materials involved in- ing heat generated by electricity production. This clude steam, dust, various gases, mud, or any other enables a reduction of 240,000 tons of CO emis- 2 material that can be physically transported between sions per year. To decrease the strain on local water companies. Heat can also be reused. supply systems and to reduce costs, Kalundborg companies recycle and reuse nearly one-third of the 3 The initiative, begun in 1961, was born of conversa- 10 million m of water that they use annually. tions between businesspeople and government au- thorities. Together, they forged a collaboration based As an example of byproduct reuse, the gypsum on good communication and positive relationships. waste produced during desulfuration of flue gas at Kalundborg Symbiosis has gradually expanded to the Asnæs plant—some 150,000 tons per year— comprise nine members: the bioethanol producer is used by Gyproc to manufacture gypsum board Inbicon; Novo Nordisk, the world’s largest producer for the construction industry. Likewise, 150,000 of insulin; Novozymes, the world’s largest producer tons of yeast, a waste product from insulin produc- of enzymes; Gyproc, which produces gypsum board; tion at Novo Nordisk, is used each year in feed for DONG Energy, which owns the Asnæs plant, the 800,000 pigs. Moreover, the organic waste gen- largest power plant in Denmark; RGS 90, which erated by Novo Nordisk and Novozymes is used manages waste and contaminated soil; Statoil, which in agricultural fertilizer. Also, some 30,000 tons of owns Denmark’s largest oil refinery; Kara/Novoren, a straw is converted into 5.4 million liters of ethanol. More information www.symbiosis.dk29 Genivi Alliance: An automotive entertainment consortium The GENIVI alliance is seeking a new era in coopera- Most of GENIVI’s work is directed by its technical tion among automobile manufacturers, component and marketing teams and their respective groups. providers, and technology developers to streamline The Technical Board of Directors works on: com- In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) products and services. piling requirements and developing specifications; Today’s vehicles are equipped with information and intellectual property law; testing and launching of entertainment systems that encompass music, reference implementations; and adoption and com- news, Internet, multimedia, navigation, tracking, and pliance of programs. The technical groups comprise telecommunications. the System Architecture Team (SAT); Multimedia; Automotive; Mobile Office & Internet; and Reference As more and more applications are released, the Systems. The marketing team handles all internal cost and complexity of producing these systems and external communications, and divulgates infor- increases. GENIVI is leading a program to develop, mation on the Alliance and its results. test and implement these technologies in diverse car ranges and models. It is promoting a reusable, The founding members of GENIVI are the BMW open-source IVI platform whose benefits include Group, Wind River, Intel, GM, PSA Peugeot Citroën, faster product-to-market times, savings in develop- Delphi, Magneti-Marelli and Visteon. The alliance ment costs, transparency in solutions, more person- currently has more than 100 members at differ- alization options, and compatibility between differ- ent levels of participation that offer distinct benefits ent IVI systems from distinct vehicles and models. in terms of auditing, participatory and leadership rights. The levels are determined based on econom- GENIVI has established a compliance program that ic contribution: provides its members with a series of specifications to measure their products and services. The pro-• Founding member: 300,000 first year fee / gram delivers the level of standardization required 100,000 annual renewal fee for applications from different developers to run on • Charter member: 150,000 first year fee all GENIVI distributions. Various products have al- / 100,000 annual renewal fee ready been deemed compliant, including MeeGo, • Core member: 25,000 annual fee which is Linux-based, and Ubuntu IVI Remix, which • Associate member: 5,000 annual fee is Ubuntu-based. More information www.genivi.org31 American Express + Foursquare: Discounts in real time ® American Express is now offering discounts to shop- The alliance between the two companies as consoli- pers via Foursquare, the social network that allows its dated after a successful pilot program conducted in users to access special offers and prizes when they March 2011 in Austin, Texas. More than 60 stores use their mobile phones to check in at their favor- participated in the “Spend 5, Save 5” campaign, ite businesses. The service exploits GPS tracking on offering Foursquare members a 5 discount on the ® smartphones. Once American Express cardholders purchase of any of their products if they checked in at ® sign up to the Foursquare network, they can enjoy the store and paid with an American Express card. the special offers from participating merchants. The program has been funded entirely by American ® ® This partnership will enable American Express to Express . For the company, it was the first phase of reach a younger public—a massive user of social a process in which merchants will ultimately establish networks—and expand its network of merchants, the special offers. Like other companies in the pay- ® while allowing Foursquare to enter into the business ments industry, American Express is currently en- of shopping by mobile phone and to increase its user deavoring to attract tech-savvy customers that in the traffic. And shops, hotels and restaurants should see future, will make their purchases via mobile phone. their sales increase, thanks to the more than seven Foursquare is participating in the initiative for free to million potential customers in the social network. This gain visibility. Initially, it will not make any money with alliance will establish a new relationship between on- this campaign, but it hopes to eventually see some line consumer behavior and offline consumer habits, revenue by charging merchants for the discounts or ® encouraging consumer evangelists to recommend by sharing profits made by American Express . products and services to their friends. More information UCB: Where patients become strategic allies for innovation Pharmaceutical company UCB, headquartered in they can provide relevant input. Many chronic dis- Brussels, has over 8,500 employees operating in eases such as Crohn’s disease, epilepsy and Par- over 40 countries. Collaboration is in its DNA, both kinson’s disease are considered “silent diseases”, as for projects involving several strategic partners as patients often faces social stigmatization. As such, well as when interacting with end-customers. these individuals have traditionally been reluctant to share their experience and needs. Thus, UCB envi- UCB’s innovation motto is “We aspire to be the lead- sioned that the new online tools would offer these ing customer-focused pharmaceutical company.” patients an opportunity to communicate and report Thus, the company has launched several initiatives on their progress in privacy, while guaranteeing that to communicate directly with groups of patients with it would obtain the knowledge that it sought. The specific diseases. These groups not only receive Belgian company now invests a significant portion marketing messages, but also information about of its budget to these “conversations” with the in- the disease and its treatment. In turn, the patients dividuals that are ultimately the end-users of their collaborate with UCB, helping the company design products (despite the fact that the company’s actual new strategies for treating diverse maladies, and commercial dealings are with healthcare systems consequently, helping the company to innovate in and pharmacies). its products. To raise awareness of the platform, UCB has spon- Patients participate just like the company’s strate- sored events to support these patients, as well gists and R&D managers, in multi-disciplinary working as online communities for patients suffering from groups aimed at developing new products. specific diseases, such as or UCB has even created an online R&D collaboration platform, based on the structure of Wikipedia, in which patients track every development for which More information www.crohnsandme.com35 Microsoft + Toyota: Intelligent energy consumption In April 2011 Microsoft Corporation and Toyota Mo- The Toyota Smart Center is currently running a pilot tor Corp. launched a strategic alliance to jointly fab- program to connect people, cars and homes with ricate a software platform dedicated to managing the aim of integrating energy consumption manage- the information systems for electric vehicles. ment and working towards a more sustainable so- ciety. Microsoft has established other strategic col- The initiative is invaluable for the new generation of laborations to advance its communications systems telematics services, which include energy manage- platforms in the automobile sector, and is hoping ment, GPS systems and multimedia technologies. to expand the in-car infotainment concept, through multimedia devices, maps, social networking, and The first fruits of this collaboration will be seen in voice-activated modules to manage all of these ap- Toyota vehicles in 2012. However, the companies’ plications. However, the Toyota Microsoft partner- objective is to create, by 2015, a complete platform ship is taking things one step further, with plans to in the cloud that can provide telematics systems to connect energy management systems of different every Toyota customer in the world. vehicles. The companies have envisioned that elec- tric and hybrid Toyota vehicles will connect to the As part of the collaboration, the two companies will intelligent network to handle their own charging with each invest 12 million in Toyota Media Service Co., maximum efficiency. a subsidiary that will develop digital information ser- vices for Toyota customers. More information Puma, Adidas, Innovalley: Collaborating to create intelligent sportswear and accessories German clothes and shoe manufacturer PUMA has sports use. The resulting product range, Sports entered into the mobile phone sector. In conjunc- Line, encompasses four models of headphones tion with Sagem Wireless, it has developed a tele- that are water- and sweat-resistant, feature a Kevlar phone designed for individuals that play sports on cable, and are built to survive extreme conditions. a regular basis. Other companies, like Innovalley, which was found- The PUMA Phone is a smartphone that supports ed in Barcelona and is now headquartered in Silicon video chat, is solar-powered and boasts GPS track- Valley, have also initiated collaborations with tech- ing, Bluetooth photo-sharing, and a music player nology centers to exploit mobile phone technology that includes a radio and direct access to PUMA to the apparel and accessories sector, with the aim World. The phone features a sports tracker to track of conferring garments with new functionality. For the user’s performance while jogging, cycling or sail- example, Innovalley has developed a laptop case ing, with utilities including a compass, a chronom- with flexible solar cells that mobile devices within eter, a distance-meter and a speedometer. it to be charged while the wearer is outside. The firm has also fabricated a prototype of GPS-tracked Adidas has begun a collaboration with the audio sneakers called GPShoes, which incorporate a sys- equipment maker Sennheiser, which specializes in tem of vibratory devices connected to the wearer’s microphones, headphones and accessories. With mobile phone, so that they can indicate the route to their combined know-how, the two companies have follow and deliver any other information obtainable developed high-quality headphones conceived for from the Internet. More information http://innovalley.us39 Cirque du Soleil, Reebok, Desigual: Added value for clients In 2008 a chance encounter between executives novel visual and creative environment, the firm de - from Cirque de Soleil and Reebok led to a collab- signed a new collection of garments based on the orative project in which the two organizations were characters and costumes of Corteo, the Canadian able to overcome major liabilities. company’s latest spectacle. The collection is sold in Desigual shops as well as at Cirque du Soleil shows. Reebok was seeking to consolidate its position in the womens’ sports apparel market. The company Marie-Josée Lamy, Cirque de Soleil’s Senior Direc- had obtained information on gym use, which indi- tor of Merchandising & Licensing and an active par- cated that women were bored in exercise rooms—a ticipant in both collaborations, highlights four critical problem which it sought to address. elements to their success: have a good understand- ing of the potential partner and their strong points; To meet this challenge, Reebok defined exercise learn from them and ensure that each party handles circuits for which Cirque du Soleil contributed cho- the work that they know best; establish a clear ob- reography, inspiration, music and backgrounds. The jective from the beginning and continually evaluate result was Jukari, a new line of exercise accessories the results; and ensure that the end client perceives inspired by Cirque du Soleil shows. The product has the collaboration as providing added value, rather been distributed at gyms around the world, which than as a mere business transaction. has provided the Canadian entertainment company with exposure to otherwise inaccessible markets. In 2011 Cirque du Soleil established an alliance with the Spanish fashion firm Desigual. After Desigual’s first contact with the Circus, which it perceived as a More information 241 Philips: Collaborating on multiple fronts Philips’ strategic alliances program is a major part ing light to become transparent, translucent or even of its business. The company collaborates with opaque. It also includes photovoltaic cells that pro- more than 30 leading corporations in its various vide power. The luminescent panels—only 1.8 mm operating sectors, to provide new products and wide—were made possible by organic light-emitting services. Numerous representative examples are diodes (OLEDs) fabricated by Philips and organic described below. materials provided by BASF. Together with Nivea, as part of their Nivea for Men In the health services area, Philips, with its iSite- cosmetics line, Philips has designed a shaver that PACS system, has collaborated with Microsoft, dispenses conditioner directly onto the skin, to with its Amalga platform, to facilitate the work of facilitate shaving and make the daily shaving rou- radiologists by bringing together all of the hospi- tine easier. tal records for a given patient. This obviates the need for specialists to consult various sources of With crystal maker Swarovski, Philips has devel- information, enabling them to dedicate their time oped a rage of sonic accessories and USB storage to analysis and diagnosis. devices that merge their state-of-the-art technology with the elegance of the Austrian firm. Philips has also worked with the Irish firm Aerogen, to develop the NIVO Nebulizing System, which en- Collaborating with Belgian brewer InBev, which ables patients with breathing problems to receive owns major brands such as Budweiser, Stella Artois non-invasive ventilation, by mask, rather than inva- and Beck’s, Philips has created a home beer tap sive ventilation, by endotracheal tube. system, to offer bar-style beer at home. Lastly, Philips and NeuroCall, Inc. have collaborat- Working with coffee company Marcilla, Philips has ed to provide Telestroke services to various hos- produced a fast, easy-to-use single capsule coffee pitals in the USA: Philips offers its advanced tele- maker, which, unlike Nespresso machines, includes medicine systems, and NeuroCall, the expertise of a fresh milk dispenser and steamer that provides a its remotely located neurologists, enabling faster frothy milk layer. diagnosis for crucial cases. Philips and BASF recently presented a solar car roof that illuminates the cabin while processing incom- More information 43 Repsol + Burger King: Collaborating to increase revenue at gas stations Only half of the sales at gas stations in Spain growth businesses around the world, began with now come from gas; the other half corresponds four stations in Madrid. The objective is to reach to products and high-value services offered to 150 stations in a period of 5 years, with investment gas customers. Business collaborations in this of some €50 million. Repsol is planning on hiring sector are aimed at increasing profitability by ex - approximately 1,500 new employees. ploiting the high volume of customers that stop to fill up. Repsol also has a collaboration with Spanish retail giant El Corte Inglés, to install the latter’s Open- Repsol and the fast food company Burger King re- cor grocery stores in some of its service stations in cently signed a strategic alliance whereby the gas large cities. The gas company also has sales alli- company holds exclusive rights to have Burger ances with ONCE and Nespresso. King franchises in gas stations in Spain. Repsol sells the chain’s food in its stations, in restaurant All of these ventures are part of a strategy to rein- areas that are staffed with its personnel, who in vent gas stations through so-called “non-oil” prod- turn receive directives from Burger King. ucts. Repsol is striving to move from the concept of a small convenience store that offers a limited This collaboration, which has led to Burger King’s number of high priority items, to a larger store for strongest growth in Europe and one of its greatest repeat purchases. 2