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Essay writing is introduced as early as high school. After which, it is a recurring requirement especially.How to improve Essay Writing Skills
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Published Date:29-06-2017
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How to Improve Your Essay Writing SkillsEssay writing is introduced as early as high school. After Throughout which, it is a such long span recurring of time, you will requirement be developing especially at your essay university from writing skills. bachelors level to With such time, masters with you can improve coursework and your skills. You doctorate with should. You papers. must. Here is how you can improve your essay writing skills.Practice and Process Practice makes perfect. Process makes perfect. Practice the process.Practice Practice makes perfect. However, there is not much opportunity and time to practice essay writing. Nevertheless, you have no choice but to “grab” each essay assignment as a chance to practice while you are at your “actual performance.” Hence, you must do your best.Process While you are practising in your actual performance, you need to follow a process. Essay writing is a process. And improving your essay writing skills is also a process.Process of Improvement Improvement means going from one level to the next or higher level. Start by assessing your current skills. I know I follow the the correct I don't process of correct know the essay writing process of correct but is not able Level 2 Level 3 Level 1 essay process of to perform writing essay well or not able to produce but don't writing. good output. follow it. I am able to I excel at essay perform well the writing (and correct process of essay writing still would like Level 4 Level 5 or able to to improve produce good further). output.Still, whatever the level of essay writing skills you have, the correct process of essay writing applies. For Levels For Level 1 2 to 5, skills, you need to you need to revisit the know the correct process correct process and perform it and perform it. better.Know the correct process of essay writing. narrow down 01 03 02 gather materials know what to – organise your – research the do – interpret the notes and question or topic question or choose points and take down select a topic you will include notes finalise 05 present 04 – outline your – write your chosen points essay and and develop your proofread it thesis statement from it1. Know What To Do If it is part of the task that you come up with your own topic based on the specific topics you If it is a topic that is Interpret the have covered in your course or given, determine the subject, you should select a topic question and come up with a specific one. alternative ways that correctly to To be able to do so, perform a you can address or determine what broad research and choose or talk about that topic narrow down to a topic or two you should do which you have enough and choose one that to be able to OR OR substantial materials and for you can do best. answer it. which you have enough interest and ability. 2. Gather Materials If a question, topic or title is given: proceed to researching about it. First, determine the scope of the research that you need to perform and identify potential materials or sources. When you read these materials, take down notes as you go along. Make them complete and correct. These notes will help you when you proceed to choose from them what you will include and when you finally write your essay, its source citations or references and bibliography. 2. Gather Materials If the task of coming up with your own topic, title or question is included in your essay assignment: conduct a broader but quicker preliminary research which purpose is to give you a glimpse of the available materials for the topics you can choose from and for you to better assess which of them you have enough interest and ability to write. Then select a topic or come up with what you will finally write about. Then, you can proceed to researching further the topic you have chosen or developed. 3. Narrow Down After concluding your research, organise your notes and choose the points you will include. 4. Finalise Organise your chosen points into an outline. Outline your points into a logical sequence. It is usually best to start with your strongest point. Putting your strongest point at the last also has its advantages.Structure of an Outline Title Introduction Discussion Point No. 1 Discussion Point No. 2 Discussion Point No. 3 Conclusion From your logically organised outline, derive or develop your thesis or argument. It is also your conclusion. You will present your argument in your essay's introduction in the form of thesis statement. And, you will also restate it in the conclusion. 5. Present Write your essay. From the previous step, you already have an outline of the overall structure of your essay. You will follow this. The other aspect is how to write the actual paragraphs. The sentences.Write, write, rewrite, review... You have the computer or laptop. Just type anything and everything that comes into your mind. You can edit or change anyway. Usually, being too choosy of or afraid about what to “say” or write ends up with writing nothing at all. Proofread The goal of proofreading is to spot errors on typing (typographical), spelling, grammar and the like. Here are actions that achieve that goal: 01 02 03 – Proofread your – Proofread – Have it essay first thing it on a tomorrow, specifically proofread by printed / hard that not after rewriting a friend. any portion. copy. PRESENTED BY: Remember, practice makes perfect. You can improve your essay writing skills with every assigned essay that you write. Know the essay writing process and follow it. Repeat doing the whole process and do it better. PRESENTED BY: