How to increase your Essay writing skills

This presentation will describe various ways and methods for Essay Writing. grammar rules for essay writing and how to improve essay writing skills
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Published Date:29-06-2017
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Rule 1 • Answer the specific question set – relevance is essentialRule 2 • Underline the key words to focus your planning and ensure you will answer the right question.Rule 3 • Make a paragraph by paragraph plan which presents a developing argument to answer the questionRule 4 • Avoid waffling in your opening paragraph – focus immediately on the given issue or topic.“This is a very important issue and there are many different approaches that can be taken in considering it. Many experts have pondered the matter, but there is no definitive position. There are arguments for and against and certainly people are provoked to strong feelings when regarding the topic.”Rule 5 • Spend the rest of the first paragraph outlining the ground you intend to cover in the essayRule 6 • Make one point in each subsequent paragraph using a topic sentence, developing it with close textual reference and end with a summary or link it to the next paragraph.Rule 7 • Use linking words at the beginning of paragraphs to help your readers follow the development of your essay.• Nevertheless,… • We can see, then, that… • Furthermore… • Thus… • With this in mind… • Another means by which… • However,… • Consequently… • Similarly… • In contrast… Rule 8 • Your concluding paragraph must return to the topic or issue raised in the question and draw a conclusion. Rule 9 • Any sources used must be clearly identified either in the body of your essay or in the footnotes & bibliography.Rule 10 • You should carefully check your essay for technical control and accuracy before you hand it in ON TIME