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PM-INTERNATIONAL AG NE NEW W Success Guide II Accompanying Texts Rolf Sorg Alexander PlathPM-INTERNATIONAL AG Success Guide II Accompanying Texts Rolf Sorg Alexander Plath ISBN 978-3-00-021898-93 PM-International Success Guide – Accompanying Texts The right way to take the Products: Whatever goals you want to reach in life, you will realize that persistence counts more than one short-lived top performance. And this persistence starts with your own nutritional supplements. Over and over, we have experienced that success in our business depends largely on how seriously you take your own products, your body and your business, every day. That is why it is important that we now prepare the first drink together. You received an Optimal-Set with your Initial Order, FitLine Power Cocktail and FitLine Restorate. Because your body absorbs nutrients in the best way at different times of the day, the FitLine products have been created especially for those times of the day. So let us start by preparing your morning Power Cocktail together. Get a big glass (200 ml, approx. 6.7 fl.oz.) and a spoon to stir. Fill the glass with still water. Pour the contents of one bag of FitLine Power cocktail into the glass. Stir thoroughly until the powder has dissolved and now you are ready to enjoy your first morning cocktail. Let’s discuss the nighttime cocktail now, too. You will enjoy one every night star- ting tonight. The nighttime cocktail is your FitLine Restorate. It should be taken around half an hour before going to bed. Here, too, you take a glass of still water (250 ml, ap- prox. 8.45 fl.oz) and put in a teaspoon full of Restorate. Now stir until the FitLine Restorate drink stops fizzing and the powder has completely dissolved. The fizzing activates the minerals for optimal intake into your body and now they are available in the best possible form. Exercise is important At least 3 times a week for at least ½ hour, e.g. running, cycling, swimming, Nordic walking etc.4 Success Guide – Accompanying Texts PM-International Good Reasons for PM-International’s products � You and your customers will feel the effects in minutes. That makes it easy to convince someone. � W e bring the nutrients to where they take effect with significantly faster and up to 10 times better results through the Nutrient Transport Concept, FitLine NTC (up to 1000% more). � Scientific Studies confirm the ef fectiveness of the FitLine products to you and your customers. � Pr emium products for you and your customers � Patented pr oducts and concepts. Only you and our other partners are permit- ted to exclusively offer the products: a unique and all encompassing cell energy concept that reflects the trend of our time. � You are working in the largest growth market of the 21st Century: the Wellness Market. � Manufactur e according to GMP (highest possible standard of quality) and perma- nent quality control by the Swiss Vitamin Institute in Lausanne, among others. � Permanent doping tests by the laboratory for Doping Analysis at the German Sports University in Cologne. � Y ou offer customers beauty from the inside and out: FitLine and Laurent Cristanel Paris � Pr oducts which taste good, work and everyone just has to have. 5 PM-International Success Guide – Accompanying Texts Good Reasons for PM-International � With PM you have a business opportunity with an easy start that we can all be proud of. � PM-lnternational also offers you 6 possible simultaneous incomes and you start making money immediately. � PM-lnternational also offers you, in addition to the incomes, a car program, tra- vel incentives and a pension plan. � You decide yourself when, where and with whom you want to work – your free- dom. � International Expansion – you can quickly and easily build your business inter- nationally. � PM-lnternational offers you an Internet site that does not require you to know anything about the Internet. � PM-lnternational is one of the 100 most innovative companies in Germany. For 7 years in succession, it has been among the 100 most innovative companies, 6 times among the Top 10. This gives you great credibility when presenting the business and its products. � Your partner, PM-lnternational, has the best economic valuation (by the renow- ned company Dun & Bradstreet) and offers you stability for long-term success. � PM-lnternational makes your business easy – with a consistent policy of multi- ple trademarks. � We have a unique Sport marketing concept and many famous athletes use our products - excellent advertising for you � Your PM business is great fun. The most important factor for my success was my own enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is infectious and it is fun to be with enthusiastic people and to work with them. Brigida von Steffelin from Lichtenau, Germany6 Success Guide – Accompanying Texts PM-International Sell simply and successfully 1. Feel Let your customer taste and feel the Nutrient Transport Con- cept, FitLine NTC, with FitLine Activize Oxyplus. 2. Explain Explain the Nutrient Transport Trinken Concept, FitLine NTC, using the example of FitLine Activize Oxyplus. Nährstoff- aufnahme 3. Sell Tell your customer that the Nutrient Transport Concept, FitLine NTC, is utilized in all FitLine products.7 PM-International Success Guide – Accompanying Texts Sell simply and successfully Feel Add a measuring spoon full of FitLine Activize Oxyplus to two glasses of still water (approx. 120 ml, 4.06 fl.oz.), one for you and one for your customer, and stir with the spoon. Drink an Activize Oxyplus drink with your customer. After about 7 mi- nutes your customer and you will feel the energy from the product Explain While your customer is waiting for the effect, explain to him the unique Nutrient Transport Concept, FitLine NTC. FitLine Activize Oxyplus flows through the eso- phagus straight into the stomach. Because of a very short time in the stomach, the ingredients reach the duodenum very quickly and from there pass on into the arteries. Once in the blood, the ingre- dients are transported to the cells without delay. The cells are where FitLine Activize Oxyplus functions in the body and also produ- ces the effect which you feel just a few minutes after taking it. FitLine Activize Oxyplus intensifies the flow of blood in your body, which you can feel in a pleasantly warm and stimulating way in every cell of your body. We get the nutrients to the place they take effect with significantly faster and up to 10 times greater results through the Nutrient Transport Concept, FitLine NTC, (up to 1,000% more). Blood vessels are expanded and oxygen and nutrients thereby transported into the most remote cells. The whole body is supplied in the best possible way and activated for increased performance. FitLine Activize Oxyplus ensures an effect you can feel after just a few minutes. You feel refreshed and full of energy all around. Sell Now it is time to ask the decisive closing questions, which lead directly to sales � Would you only like Activize and Restorate for (for example) s 1.02 a day or the Optimal-Set for (for example) s3.30 a day? � Only for you or for the whole family? � For the family, it costs only around (for example) s2.20 each per day. 8 Success Guide – Accompanying Texts PM-International There’s a Strong Team behind you In your new PM-International business there are many people who will help you to reach your goals: first and foremost your Sponsor. That is the person who intro- duced you to the PM business. If your Sponsor himself has not been active in this business for long, there is the International Marketing Manager (IMM), who will also be happy to help you. Beyond that, the whole PM-International Team is, of course, prepared to support you. Welcoming Call The next thing you should do is introduce yourself to your local team by calling your country’s subsidiary (or PM Speyer, Germany under Tel: + 49 6232 296-230, Fax: + 49 6232 296-231, E-Mail: Customer Services will be glad to provide you with the following information, which can also be found in your welcoming letter. Note it here, or in your planner: Name of my Sponsor: Telephone Number of my Sponsor: Name of my IMM: Telephone Number of my IMM: Date of the next Business Academy (BA): Location of the next Business Academy (BA): Date of the next Update-Conference (at Tuesday, (date) at 6pm (CET, my time zone) Telephone Number, ISD, PM Speyer, Germany: + 49 6232 296 230 International Marketing Manager, Leader in my Upline9 PM-International Success Guide – Accompanying Texts Only what you concretely plan in writing will actually happen. Note the dates for the next Update-Conference and the next Business Academy firmly in your calendar. It is crucial to get to know the PM-International Business Academy and the Update-Conference as quickly as possible. Now call your Sponsor and/or your IMM and set an appointment within the next 3 days to take the next steps together. If you do not have a Sponsor or an IMM, or if they are both not available, then simply use the Audio-Sponsor on the Internet instead. Update-Conference: Get the latest information and motivation live from successful business partners For 12 years, I very successfully organized specialized trade fairs for the printing industry and earned a lot of money. But, unfortu- nately, the economic situation changed so dramatically that my company came close to failing within two years. I was haunted by fear of the future and my energy-levels regularly dropped. Then I was introduced to PM-International, but admit that I was very skeptical at fi rst. After just 3 months, I qualifi ed for a com- pany car and for the pension plan and built a parallel income wi- thin a short period of time which surpassed my main income. I am proud to be able to work with PM-International. Eva Bernhard from Sinsheim, Germany10 Success Guide – Accompanying Texts PM-International Test Yourself Fitness is an essential part of your quality of life. Anyone who strengthens their immune system and mental and physical performance levels is more successful in life. Anyone who feels great all around appears more attractive and has a positive radiance. Yet what is fitness? How is well-being expressed? Is your health as you would like it to be? The following test is intended to make you aware of the state of your physical situation. Test your personal fitness now � Are you fit and able to perform? Answer the following questions and you will quickly form a picture of your current physical situation. In the first step, only fill out the first column, “1st Day”. � Note in your calendar a date exactly three weeks from today. Convince yourself � Test yourself Take the indicated amount of all the FitLine products every day for three weeks. We promise, you will clearly feel how your well-being changes. Recognize the difference � In three weeks’ time, we will go through your personal Fitness-Check again. Exercise At least 3 times a week for at least ½ hour, e.g. running, cycling, swimming, Nordic walking etc.11 PM-International Success Guide – Accompanying Texts Your personal Fitness-Check: General Fitness 1st Day 21st Day Do you often feel tired and weak during the day? Yes No Yes No Is it diffi cult for you to concentrate over a longer period of time? Yes No Yes No Are you often exposed to stressful situations? Yes No Yes No Are you under pressure at work? Yes No Yes No Do you exercise at least 3 times a week for a minimum of ½ hour? Yes No Yes No Do you often wake up not feeling rested? Yes No Yes No Do you fi nd it diffi cult to get up in the morning? Yes No Yes No Do you have trouble falling asleep? Yes No Yes No Well-being 1st Day 21st Day Do you have digestive trouble? Yes No Yes No Do you often suffer from colds? Yes No Yes No Do you often suffer from headaches? Yes No Yes No Do you often have muscle cramps or stiff joints? Yes No Yes No Do you drink less than 2 liters (68 fl .oz.) of liquids a day (no coffee, tea, etc.)? Yes No Yes No Do you eat less than 5 servings of fresh fruits, vegetables, and salads every day? Yes No Yes No12 Success Guide – Accompanying Texts PM-International Well-being 1st Day 21st Day Do you drink alcohol regularly? Yes No Yes No Do you smoke? Yes No Yes No Do you take the ‘Pill’ regularly? Yes No Yes No Do you often eat ready-to-serve meals or fast food? Yes No Yes No Are you prone to sunburns in the summertime? Yes No Yes No Are you prone to bad skin? Yes No Yes No Are you unhappy with your hair, and/or your nails? Yes No Yes No Weight Management 1st Day 21st Day Are you happy about your current weight? Yes No Yes No Do you have trouble holding your weight? Yes No Yes No Do you have experience with dieting? Yes No Yes No Do you have diffi culty fi tting into your favorite clothes? Yes No Yes No Do you exercise regularly? Yes No Yes No13 PM-International Success Guide – Accompanying Texts Priorities How much is your well-being worth to you a day? 1,50 Ð 3,00 Ð 5.00 Ð Assuming there was a way to positively infl uence your health defi cits, would you take advantage? Yes No14 Success Guide – Accompanying Texts PM-International My Contract with Myself The most important contract in my life is My Contract with Myself. With this con- tract, I agree with myself that I will do everything to reach the goals I have set for myself within the next 90 days. For the next 90 days, i.e. until the……………………………………(date) I will strictly work through the activities in my Success Guide and thereby achieve my following goals (enter your goals here) Health-related Financially 30 Days 60 Days 90 Days I will strictly use the FitLine products because I know that this is the prerequisite for being able to recommend them successfully and with conviction. I will exercise at least 3 times a week for at least ½ hour (walking, cycling, Nordic Walking, swimming etc.) I am willing to learn and will take every opportunity to talk to everyone about my pro- ducts and my business. I know that my income depends on talking to people and giving them an opportunity to become familiar with my business and my products. I will also help my business partners to reach their Goals and am aware of my responsibility as a self-employed person in my own business. I will reward myself after reaching my goals in 90 days with................................... ......................................................................................................................... ........................................ ................................................ City, date Signature15 PM-International Success Guide – Accompanying Texts Your first Customers are all the people you know. What are you paid for in your business with PM-lnternational? Most people think it has to do with money for passing on the products and the business idea. At first glance, it really looks that way, but the business is actually much easier: in order to find people who also want the products due to the good results or who want to change their financial future just like you, you have to speak to people of course. Some of the people will say “yes” to the products and the business, and others will say “no”. That is normal and has nothing to do with you being particularly gifted or not. It is important to remember this, as no one always manages to get a “yes”. In any case, you cannot decide for other people, whether they believe that the products will help them or not or whether they believe that they are right for the business or not. It is simply your responsibility to inform everyone you know about them. Ultimately, everyone decides for him or herself. It is crucial that it is not important to you at all whether someone says “yes” or “no”, what is important is merely the number of people you speak to. The more people you speak to, the more people there will be among them who say “yes” to the products and the business. Who are the people we speak to? To discover whom we can talk to, it is necessary first of all to make a list of possible contacts. We call this list our “List of Names”, or “A List of the People I know”. We will now prepare this list together with the help of the form you will find on page 17 (master copy on page 113). Please take half an hour to an hour to prepare your List of Names. As the first step, you only need to write down first and last names. The other columns can be filled out later. This method is very important as the goal of the first step is simply to find as many names as possible. You will quickly notice the longer you think about it, the more names you will recall.16 Success Guide – Accompanying Texts PM-International In an hour, you should have at least 30-50 names on your list. Please repeat this procedure during the days to come. Do not give up until you have at least 100 names on your list. Make this List of Names your constant companion. Whenever you get to know someone new, or recall another name, put them on your list. To internalize this topic again, please listen to the training session “List of Names“ in the Audio Sponsor area of the Internet. Whenever you contact a person, all you want is to make an appointment for a presentation. You do NOT want to explain the business. My name is Nicole Frehoff. I am 30 years young and work as a teacher in a secondary school. At the end of last year, my husband and I decided to advance our career and took a good look at our List of Names and picked out the names we want to work with success- fully in the future. With the support of our Upline, we qualifi ed as IMM in December and as Vice President in January. This success resulted from strictly contacting the names. Nicole Frehoff, Hamm in Westphalia, Germany17 PM-International Success Guide – Accompanying Texts Your personal List of Names W Why? Str arum? Stärken der Person engths of the person Resultate Results Last Name, First Name Phone18 Success Guide – Accompanying Texts PM-International Your List of Names – a real Gold Mine You will be amazed how many people you know and you have contacted in the course of your life. All these people are the start of your new business with PM-In- ternational. Here are a few hints which will help you to remember as many names as possible within a short period of time. Your “Database” Write down everyone who is saved on your mobile phone and in your e-mail address book. Simply write down all the names you find. People you have met Everybody makes a lot of contacts throughout their life. The names, though, are often forgotten or buried deep down in the subconscious. There is a trick to recall all these people you have dealt with at some time. � Go through the stations of your life in your mind. Who do you know from school? Who did you meet at job training? Which former colleagues do you remem- ber? Simply write down all the names you remember. Names that stimulate memories Sometimes a person we had something to do with occurs to us when we hear or see a particular name. Use this trick to recall forgotten names. � Pick up a book of names (for example those given to new parents) or use the list of names on the following page. � Consider each name. A few of them are bound to remind you of a specific per- son. Simply write down all the names you recall. 19 PM-International Success Guide – Accompanying Texts Photos with an “Oh Yeah” Effect People we have contacted in the course of our lives leave their marks in different ways. Use all the aids available to recall memories: � Go through old photo albums and try to remember the people photographed. � Do you have an address book? Here, there are also names which could be pos- sibles for your business. � Maybe you have birthday lists, school class lists or other ones which could assist you. Simply write down all the names you can remember. People you are related to Have you ever considered how big your family is? How many uncles, aunts, in- laws you have? And what about their individual partners? These are also people you should in no way leave out. � Go thr ough all the people who belong to your closer and extended family in your mind. You will be surprised how many names you come up with. Simply write down all the names you recall. 20 Success Guide – Accompanying Texts PM-International Who else do you know? Everyone has friends and acquaintances who he or she likes to meet and shares something in common with. � Note everyone you would consider a friend. � Whom do you know from hobbies, sports or leisure activities? � Whom do you know from clubs, associations, unions or organizations? � Which colleagues are you closer to? � Which neighbors do you know where you now live? � Which neighbors did you used to know elsewhere? � Whom do you know in the course of day-to-day life (deliveries, cleaners, hair- dresser, handiman, doctors, specialty shops…) Also add all these names to your list. Names to remind you A AMANDA ANTHONY BERTHA ALICE AMBER ANTONIO BETH AARON AMY APRIL BETTY ADAM ANA ARTHUR BEVERLY ALAN ANDREA ASHLEY BILL ALBERT ANDREW AUDREY BILLY ALEX ANGELA B BOBBY ALEXANDER ANITA BARBARA BONNIE ALFRED ANN BARRY BRADLEY ALICIA ANNA BEATRICE BRANDON ALLEN ANNE BENJAMIN BRENDA ALMA ANNETTE BERNARD BRENT ALVIN ANNIE BERNICE BRIAN

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