How Creative Writing affects the Brain

Creative writing express the writer’s thoughts and feelings in an imaginative often unique and poetic way. and how is creative writing important | download free pdf
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Published Date:31-03-2017
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Knowledge for Creative Writing What is Creative Writing? It express the writer’s thoughts and feelings in an imaginative often unique and poetic way. What is the purpose of creative writing Enhance oral development, Reinforce the vocabulary and language structure. •Expand present ideas, information and feelings •Show ones creativity and critical thinking. Writing Process • Activate knowledge • Take in information • Generate ideas • Recognize • publish Graph of Creative Writing Prewriting Drafting Editing Revising Polishing Reflecting Stage of Writing There are four stage of writing to develop your writing skills. • Copying • Guide writing • Controlled writing • Independent writing • Parallel writing Approaches • Modeled writing to writing • Shared and interactive writing • Process writing • Experiential writing • Creative writing …………. etc. Factors needed for creative writing Presenting information ideas and feeling coherently and clearly. Using basic conventions of English and vocabulary. Elements of creativity Originality Fluency Define Flexibility problems Visualization Lateral Elaboration thinking Through task based activity how to develop writing skills Have a context Have a purpose Learners draw up their own framework of knowledge and skills. Involve learners thinking. • Brainstorming: Excellent way of creating many new ideas. • Help students to break out of their thinking pattern into new ways of looking at things. MIND MAPPING Mind Map: used for arranging and developing ideas. A good format for reviewing ideas. Why we need brainstorming and mind mapping To identify and problem task to be done Use mind map to arrange and develop ideas Find brainstorm solution “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”. - Benjamin Franklin Download Free Notes, PPTs, Articles and Books Any questions? You can find us at

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