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how to write a resume dos and don'ts and how to write a good resume for students
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Published Date:04-07-2017
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Writing a Resume Objectives 1. State the purpose of a resume. 2. Describe the design, length, and format of typical and alternative resumes. 3. Distinguish between a chronological and a functional resume format. 4. Describe the six basic categories of information on a resume. 5. Review four sample resumes. 6. Write a quality draft of your resume for critique by others. Purpose of a Resume What’s Inside The resume documents one’s qualifications for a Alternative Resume Styles ............................2 position. It is a marketing tool and should be unique in both content and format to highlight facts about The Two Basic Formats..................................2 an individual as they relate to a job or position. A The Six Categories of Information ...............3 resume is a summary of one’s personal, educational, and work experiential qualifications. Resumes can Four Sample Resumes ...................................4 be used by candidates applying for work, graduate schools, or scholarships/fellowships. This guide The Resume Critique .....................................5 will focus on the resume primarily for a job search Resume Builder...............................................5 situation. Hints and Suggestions ...................................5 Style of a Resume Do’s and Don’ts of Resume Writing............5 Design Resume Printing .............................................5 Resumes follow several formats. There is not one correct design, but certain elements of the resume Positive Action Word List .............................6 have become standard. The following descriptions are intended to help you create a resume that will Job Duties Exercise .........................................7 serve and represent your individual needs and qualifications. Length A resume must present a positive image. Keep in mind that while a resume is an essential tool in How long your resume can be depends on the your job search, it is not meant as a substitute for purpose for which you are using it. In the private, the interview (it usually precedes the interview). non-profit, and goverment sectors, the traditional The resume is a summary, so you can use resume length is one page. Multi-page resumes may incomplete sentences to describe your job duties be appropriate when applying to graduate school and accomplishments. Some people feel that the programs, scholarships, or more academically resume should be action-oriented and reflect a more oriented positions. assertive, confident job seeker. Others are more If you are an active and involved student, keep in comfortable with a neutral tone demonstrating mind of the maxim “quality over quantity” and qualifications and experience without much focus on select only those experiences which strongly support assertiveness or salesmanship. Ultimately, the tone your candidacy for a particular position. It may be and content of your resume is based on information helpful to keep a multi-page master resume, which regarding your career field and prospective documents all of your experiences, and then save employer. different, one-page versions of your resume targeted at particular positions. Format recognizing the information. The format should attract attention and create y Avoid using underlining, bold facing, varied interest. Choose appropriate categories for your fonts, or other fancy formatting options. information and order them from most to least These can result in misread information. relevant to your objective. Use capital letters, y Do not fold or staple a resume that will be underlining, bold face, indentations, and white space scanned. If you are concerned about whether to emphasize important information. Be careful not a particular employer scans resumes, you to overload your resume with these. Once you’ve may want to call in advance to check. selected a format, be consistent within the categories. For more information on electronic and scannable The resume should be easy to follow and pleasing to resumes, see resources in the Career Library. the eye. Two situations that may require your resume in an alternate format include Internet resume The Two Basic Formats posting and resume scanning systems. The two basic approaches to organizing information Alternative Resume Styles on a resume are chronological (or general) and functional. Resumes for posting on the Internet Chronological or General A common job-hunting practice involves posting A chronological resume lists, describes, and dates resumes on the Internet. This may or may not the details of each job and educational experience increase your chances of securing an interview. separately. Listings under each category are placed There are a few recommendations to consider before in reverse chronological order, starting with the posting your resume. most recent schooling or job. This approach is most y No line of text should be longer than 65 appropriate if you have extensive, uninterrupted characters, including spaces. work experience in the area in which you seek y Pay close attention to your choice of words employment. It is also the most common approach. throughout your resume. Employers Functional searching for online resumes typically use This resume format consists of selections from keyword search programs to find resumes of your total experience of only those parts which interest. If your resume does not include these relate to the job you seek. Under each category, list words, it may not be retrieved during the search process. To select keywords, consider qualifications, skills, experiences, etc., that logically support your job objective in functional areas specific skills and qualifications necessary for such as management, research, writing, teaching, success in the field of interest. sales, human relations, etc. This approach is more y Keep in mind that the information you place difficult to construct but may be more effective in in your resume will be available to anyone documenting the skills or functions you want to who wants to see it, so avoid confidential perform, especially if your background is varied. information, such as your address and Functional resumes are generally not appropriate for telephone number. traditional college students. Scannable Resumes The Six Categories of Information Some employers use scanning technology to handle the large number of resumes they receive. This Certain elements of a resume have become standard. is done by a system that scans the resume into The following categories are commonly found on computer memory. Employers can then search the resumes. resume for skills that match those necessary for a 1. Identification particular job. Your name, full address, and phone number(s) When constructing a scannable resume, remember with the area code should be the first item on your the following tips: resume. If you are at a temporary address, you y Specify skills you have obtained using verbs. can include this in addition to (or in place of) your For example, “trained new employees.” permanent address. It has become common practice y Use lots of white space to aid the computer in to include your email address, but make sure it is 2 Writing a ResumeIf you have a long list of such activities, it might be wise professional in nature and doesn’t contain cutesy to select only the most important. You can omit the words, slang, or profanity. It is also important to others or include them in separate categories such as choose an email address that you check regularly. “Honors/Awards” or “Activities.” Including all of these 2. Professional Objective (optional) items under the Education heading might begin to This should be your career objective stated as dilute the image of the degree and make your resume concisely as possible. It should be broad enough to look cluttered and confusing. cover any suitable employment and to interest a wide 4. Experience array of employers, yet be specific enough to give an This category typically reflects your contact with element of sound career direction to your resume. specific employers. It is permissible to include full and If you are planning to seek employment in several part-time jobs, internships, volunteer work, summer different areas where the same objective would not be appropriate, consider writing a resume for each jobs, special projects, or military experience under this area. Remember to state clearly whether you are category. If you have several experiences very much related to your objective or target audience, you may looking for an internship, full-, or part-time job. wish to list those under “Related Experience” and An alternative is to omit this category from your your other experiences under “Other or Additional resume and relay the information in a cover letter. Experience.” A potential problem with this approach occurs when List position titles, names of organizations, locations cover letters and resumes get separated, creating (city and state), dates, and duties. Present this in a a void when it comes to comments about your job format where the most relevant information comes interests and objectives. first. Two different examples for presenting the same Statements concerning your objectives should be information follow: continually reinforced and supported through the other elements of your resume. You can focus on any of the following: Holiday Inn: Tallahassee, FL Desk Clerk, 1/11 - Present y position title y career area Desk Clerk - Holiday Inn, Tallahassee, FL y organization type January 2011 - present y specific population y skills you wish to use Employers are mainly interested in the degree For more information, visit the Career Center of responsibility you held and the skills you demonstrated. Outline your duties in a way that Library’s Guide to Writing an Objective Statement. accentuates your job experience and at the same time 3. Education relates it to your professional objective. For example: The highest level achieved (or the degree you are currently seeking) should come first and continue Crew Member, McDonald’s backward with other schools attended, degrees Tallahassee, FL, 1/11 to present earned, or training received. It is not necessary to include high school after sophomore year. However, y Managed operations and supervised 19 co-workers if some items in your high school background y Compiled inventory data and maintained stock show high honors or generally reinforce the career y Assisted in hiring and training new employees objective, then that data should be included. List the names of schools, dates attended or graduation date, degrees earned, and major/minor subjects. Use the Positive Action Word List and Job Duties Exercise included in this guide to help you identify You may also include honors, awards, Dean’s list, and document skills and accomplishments from your grade point average, and other items which may past experiences. Remember, any experience in the enhance this section of your resume. The possibilities world of work may be capable of demonstrating your for expansion in this category are unlimited. dependability, resourcefulness, and responsibility, Consider listing courses you have taken, as well as including internships, volunteer experience, leadership research projects and other efforts that demonstrate positions, class projects, part-time work, etc. Choose your abilities. 3 Writing a Resumeitems that show your qualifications and experience to y Certifications your best advantage. y Computer Skills 5. Personal (optional) y Honors/Awards Personal information about age, gender, marital status, y Interests and ethnicity is typically not included on a resume. y Languages In fact, many employers become uncomfortable y Licenses when receiving this information out of fear they y Memberships may violate federal equal opportunity laws. It is important to note that this information may be y Professional Activities necessary when using a resume to apply for a y Publications/Presentations position abroad. Other information, such as hobbies y Recitals/Art Shows and interests, should only be included if it is relevant y Special Skills to the position to which you are applying. y Workshops/Seminars For example, a person applying for a sales position If you have information which you feel is important but with Nike might list relevant sporting activities. doesn’t fit any of the above categories, create sections to 6. References encompass this information and/or the requirements of specific job targets. You also may have categories unique Choose one of the following: to your field of study, e.g., clinical nursing experience. y Leave off the statement referring to references, The key is having categories that best fit the position(s) as it is assumed you will provide them. you are seeking. y “References available upon request.” y Provide on a separate page. Four Sample Resumes To document your references, list the names, titles, At the end of this guide are four sample resumes. These addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses are only intended as examples. Feel free to create a format that of three to five people on a separate page. Include fits your own style and career goals. Please note that the font your contact information on this page as well in size of the samples has been reduced for inclusion in this the event that your resume and reference list are guide. They are intended to help you pull together the separated. Be sure these individuals can speak about information in the preceding sections and to give you your experience or knowledge of a specific subject some idea of what finished resumes can look like. Be matter. Remember to ask their permission before aware of the variety in layout style, writing techniques, listing them as a reference and make sure to provide format, etc. Additional sample resumes are available your references with a copy of your resume. Provide in two locations where a career advisor may also be this list to the employer only when requested. available to help you. Your Career Portfolio is a good place to store your y The Career Center Library, DSC 1200 references. y The College of Engineering, B226 FSU students and alumni seeking admission into Pick and choose what is useful and consistent with your graduate or professional school, or those applying individual needs and objectives and create your own to teaching, nursing, social work, library science, original resume. Remember, the focus is on your needs, or higher education positions have the option of objectives, and qualifications. utilizing a “Credentials Files Service.” This service is a fee-based file, available via the FSU Career Center Resume Builder for their references. For more information, please contact the Career Center at 850.644.6431 or visit If you need help getting started, SeminoleLink has a new feature called “Resume Builder.” To start the process, click on the “Create a Resume” button located under the Other Categories: The above categories are a “Shortcuts” tab in SeminoleLink. foundation of a resume, but there are many other options. Some possibilities include: Resume Builder allows students and alumni to create a resume using a variety of formats and styles. Resume y Activities Builder should be used as a starting point, and y Background 4 Writing a Resumeindividuals are encouraged to bring in their resume drafts to the Career Center for further revisions. Hints and Suggestions Do’s and Don’ts of Resume Writing Before you begin the task of actually writing your Do rough draft, thoroughly familiarize yourself with y Quantify information and give specific the Do’s and Don’ts of Resume Writing included skills gained. in this guide. By following these guidelines, y Be brief, clear, and concise. A resume that you will increase the probability of producing is not confusing, easily readable, and well- a readable and straightforward account of your organized is more competitive. unique qualifications. While most sources agree y Be consistent. Experiment with the that a resume composed along these lines is more arrangement of headlines, captions, competitive and successful, remember, the focus is indentations, blocks of text, and the use of on your needs and objectives. Consider which hints capitalization and underscoring. Then choose will help you write the resume most appropriate for a layout which is readable and appealing to your job objective. the eye and stick with it. y Be positive. Start statements or phrases The Resume Critique with verbs denoting positive actions (see the Have several people critique your best draft. Next, Positive-Action Word List for ideas). Avoid bring your revised draft to the Career Center, and a the use of the personal pronoun “I.“ Omit career advisor will be glad to review it with you. negative statements. y Be honest. Included information should Resume Printing accurately represent you to employers. Given the accessibility of computer technology, most y Be careful. Double-check for typos individuals produce their resume using some form and mistakes in grammar, spelling, or of word processing software. However, be sure not punctuation. Use a dictionary. When in to use the templates or wizards in these software doubt, check it out. Errors in detail suggest packages. Using these tools often results in a generic careless workmanship. resume which looks too much like the resumes of y Be neat. Use lots of white space when other people. Plus, it can be difficult to edit and creating your resume to avoid the cluttered revise resumes created by these tools. Thus, you look. Make sure you get a clear, unmarred might need to recreate your resume from scratch on copy. Print copies of your resume using a a Word document. Once you have completed your quality laser printer. resume, you may want to print your resume on y Get your resume critiqued resume paper. Don’t If you want a certain type of paper to print your y State salary requirements. If asked, research original on, specialty papers are sold at most office the value of the position and your skills and supply stores and copy centers. Avoid textured or give a range of mid to high. marbled paper as it does not scan or copy well. y Give reasons for quitting previous jobs. Remember, when you save your file on a USB drive or hard drive you can easily update it, but be sure to y Limit geographical considerations unless keep a backup of this file in a safe place so you don’t absolutely necessary. lose your resume. Both the online Career Portfolio y Expound on philosophy or values. and SeminoleLink at are great y Offer any negative information. places to upload your resume for safe keeping. y Use standard resume templates found in Students can access a variety of computer labs popular computer software or books. on campus to create and print their resume. For information on campus computer labs visit Students and alumni can also use the Career Center’s computer lab located in 1200 DSC. 5 Writing a ResumePositive Action Word List accomplish delegate interpret publish account demonstrate interview purchase achieve decrease invent qualify act decide investigate raise administer design judge read advertise determine landscape recommend advise develop lead recruit analyze devise learn repair appraise diagnose listen report appeal direct make research arrange discover manage review assemble document manufacture schedule assign draft market select assist draw measure sell attend edit meet serve audit engineer mobilize solve authorize entertain model speak budget establish motivate staff build estimate negotiate start calculate evaluate operate structure catalogue exercise order submit chart exhibit originate supervise clarify experiment organize supply collect explain paint synthesize communicate facilitate perform talk compete formulate persuade teach complete furnish photograph test compile guide plan train compose handle play translate conduct hire predict travel contribute implement prepare tutor control improve present type coordinate increase preside understand correct influence produce verify counsel initiate program write create inspect promote dance install propose instruct provide 6 Writing a ResumeJob Duties Exercise Sometimes people have a difficult time describing what they did in a particular job. In the Career Center we often hear, “Oh, I just waited tables.” Every position requires skills which are transferable to work after college. Use the following steps to identify these skills and make them relevant to employers. 1. Think about a specific job you held. Picture in your mind what you did on a typical day. 2. Use the Positive Action Word list to brainstorm all of the skills you employed during this day. Mark each word that fits the job. 3. Choose three to five of these words that shows you working at your best. 4. For each verb think of the questions “Who?, What?, When? Why? How?” to write a detailed description of the job duty. These steps can help you create a vivid and accurate picture of a past job. For example: Rabbit’s Restaurant, Head Server, Tallahassee, FL January 2010 - July 2011 y Promoted nightly specials while greeting guests y Trained 25 new hires in restaurant policy and procedures y Supervised front-of-house staff when manager was off duty Now, use this space and the four steps to describe one of your jobs. 7 Writing a ResumeChronological Resume: Example 1 Steve Andrews 123 Ocala Rd 1 Tallahassee, FL 32304 (850) 323-4000 Education Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 5/13 Master of Accounting in Taxation Overall GPA: 3.92 Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 5/12 Bachelor of Science in Accounting Overall GPA: 4.00, Summa Cum Laude Experience FSU College of Business, Tallahassee, FL, Teaching Assistant (ACG 2021) 8/11– Present • Review course assignments with approximately 50 students • Assist students in course material by staying after class frequently • Administer and grade course exams as well as assignments Leon Co. Commission, District 5, Tallahassee, FL, Campaign Treasurer 6/11 –11/11 • Supported fundraising efforts, achieving 87,000 in campaign contributions • Managed the campaign account utilizing campaign software • Produced financial reports in accordance with Florida election law State of Florida DEP, Tallahassee, FL, Accountant I 6/10 – 8/10 • Reconciled work order accounts and processed checks • Assembled vouchers to pay invoices for various projects ABC Bank, Tallahassee, FL, Accounting Clerk 5/09-8/11 (seasonal) • Determined institution’s fixed assets • Updated the Accounting Department procedures manual • Handled accounts payable and receivable assignments Honors Member of National Society of Collegiate Scholars – 2009-present FICPA, Tallahassee Chapter Scholarship – 2012 FSU College of Business Achievement Scholarship – 2012 FSU Accounting Department – Outstanding Senior 2011-2012 FSU Accounting Department – Outstanding Junior 2010-2011 Dean’s List; 8 consecutive semesters Activities Accounting Society, Treasurer, Political clubs—local & school, intramural footballChronological Resume: Example 2 Natalie Jones 123 Park Avenue North Tallahassee, FL 32301 Home: 850-575-2000, Cell: 333-290-8000 Education Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, Bachelor of Science, April 2013 Major: Criminology, Minors: Psychology & Sociology Major GPA: 3.5 Experience Assistant to Director of Undergraduate Internships, January 2012 - Present Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL • Collect and analyze reporting data using SPSS • Deliver basic advising services to undergraduate students • Answer phones, file documents, and post internships Receptionist, September 2010 - August 2011 State Attorney’s Office-Worthless Check Division , Tallahassee, FL • Collected and processed fees and receipts • Processed mail, organized files, and responded to general inquiries Administrative Assistant, September 2009 - August 2010 Thomas Smith Law Offices , Tallahassee, FL • Created spreadsheets and performed data entry • Arranged daily appointments and greeted clients Account Representative, May 2009 - August 2009 National Distribution Centers, Orlando, FL • Acted as the sole account representative for the Florida sales territory • Kept accurate and current inventory records and account receivable ledger • Prepared orders and selected individual carriers for distribution Research Experience • Florida State University - Center for Excellence Study on School Violence • Federal Public Defender’s Office - United States v. Drayton Honors • All American Scholar Award 2011 • Seminole Award Nominee 2011 • Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges Nominee 2011 • Dean’s List - 5 semesters Activities • Alpha Phi Sigma - National Criminology Honor Society • Volunteer - Animal Shelter, Kate Sullivan Elementary SchoolFunctional Resume Ariana Franklin 7578 Tree Lane • Atlanta, GA 30318 • (850) 385-1370 Objective To obtain a position in the financial industry to utilize financial and managerial skills to increase the customer base of the organization. Education Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA 5/13 Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance GPA 3.6/4.0 Financed 100% of Education Relevant Coursework Corporate Finance International Finance Financial Institutions Relevant Experience Banking • Serviced business and consumer accounts according to customer financial needs • Processed consumer loans and created lines of credit • Approved transactions and resolved discrepancies on accounts Analytical • Served as liaison between regional executives and sales staff by tracking, forecasting, and reporting revenue activities • Analyzed sample of projects to evaluate the quality of current forecasting tools • Established reports that enabled the sales department to increase efficiency of operations Employment History Nations Bank, Atlanta, GA 2/13 - Present Consumer Banker I Wallace Computer Services, Atlanta, GA 1/11 - 12/12 Sales Analyst Honors • Tracy Oaks Scholarship for Outstanding Leadership • Dean’s List Skills • Proficiency in Lotus 1-2-3, Excel, and dBaseIVCombined Functional & Chronological Resume DANIEL TAYLOR 1234 Park Ave. Apt. 15, Tallahassee, FL 32303 Home: (850) 555-7000 · Cell: (407) 555-6000 EDUCATION Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 8/13 Biology, Bachelor of Science G.P.A. 3.55, with Honors, Dean’s List HEALTHCARE EXPERIENCE Healthcare Services, Tallahassee, FL 6/13 - Present Self-Employed • Founded a business working with adults with disabilities • Provide rehabilitation services to clients to improve physical and mental health • Develop and incorporate daily routines that utilize physical exercises Starlight Child Center, Tallahassee, FL 1/12 - 8/12 Counselor • Mentored and advised children ages 3-11 • Prepared programs with activities for youth success Bobby E. Leach Center, Tallahassee, FL 12/11 - 12/12 Personal Trainer • Refined fitness goals and introduced proper technique to over 150 clients • Motivated and enhanced clients’ work-life balance by incorporating physical fitness into their daily routine MARKETING AND SALES EXPERIENCE Vector Marketing, Orlando, FL 4/11 - 8/11 Sales Associate • Achieved and exceeded quarterly sales goals • Worked sales and marketing functions for CUTCO product Mail Boxes Etc.—U.P.S., Orlando, FL 8/10 - 8/11 Sales Associate • Generated store marketing plans and refined customer service procedures VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE • Gretchen Everhart School: Aide to children with a wide range of mental disabilities • International Medical Outreach: Medical mission trip serving a third-world population • Clairbridge Nursing Home: Program facilitator for the elderly • Hospital: Shadowed physicians and assisted with daily routines ACTIVITIES & HONORS American Medical Student Association (V.P.) Golden Key International Honor Society FSU Career Center Advisory Board Seminole TorchbearersAlternative Format Available. Revised 2/14. 850.644.6431 •

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