How to Make Money from Articles writing

how to make money writing articles for magazines and how to make money from home writing articles and how to make money with article marketing
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Published Date:03-07-2017
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Article W R I T I N G How to Make Money from Articles2 Pre-Requisites Certain pre-requisites are needed for making article writing a revenue generating opportunity Grammar & Research Spelling skills Need to have decent Need to understand skills in 1. Grammar 1. Client business 2. Spelling 2. Client customer 3. Punctuation (your reader) 4. Vocabulary 3. Buyer persona 5. Sentence 4. SEO goals structuring3 Method1 Join and Associated Content Associated Content / eHow • Available to US residents only • Accepts PayPal • Sign up for writer’s compensation program 1.50 to 2 for every thousand views4 Method2 Write articles and submit to search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo • Do keyword research to find out important words that users type in their search More articles = • Write engrossing articles and submit Increased visibility = to search engines Enhanced business opportunity5 Method3 Write articles for high Alexa rank sites High Alexa rank site submission • Sites like Collegehumor have Alexa rank below 3500 – a sureshot winner to submit your articles • Articles need to be as per Articles submitted to the genre of the site. So Collegehumor will take in high Alexa rank sites articles like leads to better brand visibility