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Published Date:03-07-2017
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HOW TO WRITE GOOD SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY ARTICLES Articles of any topic are of huge demand today in the Internet. It is a well known fact that not everyone out there will be able to write good articles. Moreover, even if people write good articles to read, most of `em fail to be search engine friendly. Today’s Internet is over crowded and there is a chance that your article gets disappeared in the crowd if not well written with some key elements. Just keep reading on to find out ‘how to write search engine friendly articles’ Free e-book sponsored by the manual article submission company- INDEX 1. THE HEAD - THE TITLE…………………………………………………... 3 The ideal title. A journalistic approach-not smart. Check for pre-existence of the title. 2. THE BODY – THE CONTENT…………………………………..………. 7 Include more keywords but don’t overdo it. Avoid keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing confuses the reader. Explain in detail. New and unique information. Research before writing. Schedule to save time. 3. TAIL PIECE – PROOF READING & ERROR CORRECTING…… 14 2 Free e-book sponsored by the manual article submission company- 1. THE HEAD-THE TITLE 1. THE HEAD-THE TITLE Writing and submitting the articles in the top class article direc- tories is very much important for online promotion. However, in the Internet, the world’s largest library, your articles should be found easily. Articles distributed in the Internet will be easily found by the readers if the title is appropriate and catchy. The ti- tle is the part which makes the first impression of the article. The title should have the ability to hold the readers and make them read the rest of the article. Remember that the first im- pression makes the best impression The readers must be able to get a rough picture about the arti- cle by seeing the title itself. Always write titles for humans and not for the search engine robots. In the mean time, lemme tell you that it is possible to tweak the keywords without reducing the quality of the title. Just turn to the next page to find out how to make the title search engine friendly and also attention grabbing. Experts believe that, if you spend one hour in writing the article, you must spend the same time in thinking about the title. 3 Free e-book sponsored by the manual article submission company- 1.1 THE IDEAL TITLE Take time in providing a suitable, appropriate and catchy title. Most people will not read the article if the title is drab or boring. Making the title short is always a good practice. Most of the search engines give high relevance to the first few words used in the title. The ideal length of the title is 6-8 words. The search en- gines display only up to 8-10 words in the search engine results. First of all you must determine who are the intended audience? After that a suitable title that you are sure will lure the audience to read the article should be selected. Here is the example for a bad title and a good title "My car driv- ing experience with my new car". A better title would be some- thing like "Porsche Spider –My driving experience" The second title gives the reader an idea of what the article is all about. You will be able to notice that the first title rambles on a little, it has the word car repeated twice which is unnecessary (though it may be the keyword), and doesn't really catch the reader's at- tention, it has many words that just don't work for the readers. It also has filler words like "with, and my" which won’t look good in the title. The filler words should be used as little as possible. The second example is the catchy title. It gives the product name first, which will catch the reader's attention. The best title for the article is one that explains that you are writing an article about first hand experience of driving your Porsche. 4 Free e-book sponsored by the manual article submission company- 1.2. A JOURNALISTIC APPROACH NOT SMART Online articles are entirely different from newspapers and maga- zines. In the case of newspapers and magazines, people are al- ready captive and will be searching within the page for articles of their interest. However, in case of the Internet, the reader, searching for a topic will find your article only if a short, appro- priate label (title) is attached to it. Using wordplay or a journalistic approach in the title is not advi- sory in the case of articles to be submitted in the internet. A title like “Is your Porsche not delivering the desired speed, Get XX performance parts” for an article written on performance parts for Porsche, is an example for a bad approach. Instead, making the title simple as “XX performance parts to unleash your Por- sche’s power” makes your article to be found easily by the read- ers through the search engines. The second title mentioned here is catchy, short and also includes the keyword ‘performance parts’ Word order is very much important while selecting a ti- tle. Improper word order will destroy the total meaning of the Title. 5 Free e-book sponsored by the manual article submission company- 1.3 CHECK FOR PRE-EXISTANCE OF THE TITLE 1.3 CHECK FOR PRE-EXISTANCE OF THE TITLE Make sure that the title that you have chosen has not been al- ready used. If already used, try to differentiate your title from those identical ones. If you use the same title as the others, your article will be lost in the vast Internet. Moreover, using the same titles as others will make your article look like a spam. If the title that you have chosen for your article already exists, just make some changes (change the word order or add or re- move some words) and make the title unique. However, make sure that the title does not loose its meaning while making the changes. So it is very much essential to do a bit of research before you se- lect the title for your article. As already said, title makes the first impression of the article. You only have one chance to make a first impression. So make the title best and unique. Search in Google and other search engines with the title that you have chosen as a keyword, to check the pre-existence of the same title. You can also check for the pre-existence of the article title in popular article directories like 6 Free e-book sponsored by the manual article submission company- 2 2 2... T T TH H HE E E B B BO O OD D DY Y Y– – – T T TH H HE E E C C CO O ON N NT T TE E EN N NT T T The body of the article is the area which should be made search engine friendly. Appropriate keywords should be used in the body of the article. However there are certain parameters to be considered while including the keywords in the article. Just keep read- ing on for more. 7 Free e-book sponsored by the manual article submission company- 2.1 INCLUDE MORE KEYWORDS– BUT DON’T OVERDO IT The first and foremost thing to be taken into consideration while writing an article which has to be submitted in the Internet is to make sure that there are enough keywords and phrases to link the article to your website and to show up in the search results. The use of keyword suggestion tools comes handy for this. A 2- 4% ratio of keywords is good to occur in an article. That means that, if you are writing an article of 500 words, try to have your keyword appear at least 8 to 10 times. Keywords are the keys that open the gates for the traffic to enter your website. The more keywords you include in the article, the higher it will show up in the search engine results. However, “too much of anything is good for nothing” and so, if you use your keywords too much, than your article will be viewed as spam. The optimum keyword ratio is 2-4% of total words in the article. Any- thing more than that will make the article difficult to read and will also destroy the professionalism of the article. 8 Free e-book sponsored by the manual article submission company- 2.2 KEYWORD STUFFING THE NEGATIVE READER EXPERIENCE An article, overloaded with excess keywords is called a keyword stuffed article. Keyword stuffing was used in the past to obtain maximum search engine ranking and visibility for particular phrases. This method is completely outdated and adds no value to rankings today. In particular, Google no longer gives good rankings to pages employing this technique. For example if your article has 500 words and out of it 250 words are keywords then search engines will flag this and that article may be banned too. Based on a reader’s point of view, when you are stuffing your ar- ticle with the keywords, your article will become more difficult to read. It will become a negative reader experience. For exam- ple, if the article is based on the early detection and prevention of diabetes, a sentence stuffed with the keywords ‘BMW, parts’ will look like, “BMW performance parts are very much essential for your BMW to tweak the performance of the existing parts of the BMW car”. This sentence will definitely confuse the readers. Instead, the sentence “To tweak the performance of you BMW use the additional performance parts” will be more meaningful. It is always advisory to write the body of the article, without caring about the keywords. Keep the sentence flow without paying particular attention to words. Naturally the keywords will fall in to place as you write. 9 Free e-book sponsored by the manual article submission company- 2.3 EXPLAIN COMPLICATED TERMS IN DETAIL Explanation of technical terms used in the article is very much important. The readers may not be proficient of all the techni- cal terms used. For example, you will know that the automobile term CRDI used in the article stands for ‘common rail diesel in- jection’, There is a possibility that the readers may wonder, what CRDI stands for. So it is necessary to explain the technical terms in the article. Once you provide all the explanation for the technical terms, your article will look like a reference and that what most read- ers will be looking for. For example people looking for refer- ences for CRDI will also have a look at your article if it’s well ex- plained. This increases the popularity of your article. Another aspect to be noted in using abbreviations is that, most abbreviations like ‘AA’ is applicable both for ‘American airlines’ and ‘America’s Army’. So it is necessary to explain all the abbre- viations used in the article inorder to avoid confusion. While using technical terms like piston stroke of an engine, its is always good to include a short sentence, explaining the same. It makes your article more interesting to read and also easy to understand. 10 Free e-book sponsored by the manual article submission company- 2.4 PROVIDE NEW AND UNIQUE INFORMATION People will be definitely looking for new and unique informa- tion. Old, outdated information will make people ignore your ar- ticle. So make sure that you provide the latest and unique infor- mation in the article. Moreover, the search engines will crawl the old articles on the same topics more than the new ones. You will be well aware that each and every industry will have its own niche. So it’s best to write unique articles focused on the current industry niche. Use the buzzwords as keywords in the ar- ticle. For example social media is a buzzword today. Its is better to include the keyword ’Social media’ in an article related to SEO or marketing. Reading other articles that are available on the inter- net is a good practice. It helps you know what is hot in the market. Reading is a great way to catch up on phrases and terminology. 11 Free e-book sponsored by the manual article submission company- 2.5 RESEARCH BEFORE WRITING The quality of the article depends on how well it is well re- searched. Researched articles will grab the attention of many readers. Also doing a bit of research will help you to write long articles which cover the topic in depth. Doing a bit of research in the internet, before writing the article helps you to provide reliable information in your article. An ill re- searched article could be found out at the first glance itself. This destroys the reliability of the readers towards your article. Accessing the popularity of the keywords is also a part of re- searching. The keyword suggestion tools comes in handy for this purpose. These tools will tell you how popular a keyword is and also will provide suggestions and alternatives on keywords. As you make a little research in the Internet, you will come to know which keyword is commonly used. Make sure that you se- lect the keywords that are specific rather than common. The popularity of certain keywords could be found out by the number of times the keyword has been used by the people. 12 Free e-book sponsored by the manual article submission company- 2.6 SCHEDULE AND SAVE TIME 2.6 SCHEDULE AND SAVE TIME Preparing a schedule for writing the articles saves much of your precious time. Set time limits for everything you do for the arti- cle. For example, you can allocate 1 hour or whatever you are comfortable with for writing the whole article. Of the 1 hour, al- locate 20-30 minutes for collecting the references and to come up with a catchy title and 15 minutes for selecting appropriate Keywords. You should be able to create some top notch content within one hour. You can also use any images (not copyrighted) that are associated with your article to make it look catchy. 13 Free e-book sponsored by the manual article submission company- 3. TAIL PIECE 3. TAIL PIECE PROOF READING & ERROR CHECKING 14 Free e-book sponsored by the manual article submission company- PROOF READING AND ERROR CORRECTION PROOF READING AND ERROR CORRECTION Most people skip proof reading the article due to the lack of time. Proof reading is the most important part of article writing. Articles which are not proof read is a total waste of time. If you write many articles and don’t have time to proof read those, simple, hire a proof reader to do that work for you. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and repeated words will destroy the professionalism of the article. Once you have com- pleted writing the article, preview the same. Add quotes to spice up the article if needed. Tie any loose ends. Edit the article till you get totally satisfied. To conclude, using all the above mentioned tips we are sure that you can write good search en- gine friendly articles. Also you will learn more about how to write a good articles as you go along. Submit your articles manually to the most popular article directories through and generate more traffic to your website. GGGGO OO O 15 Free e-book sponsored by the manual article submission company- 16