Things You Should Not Think About Study Abroad


8 Things You Should Not Think About Study Abroad

Studying abroad is inspiring but daunting as well. Before joining college it is a good idea to first check out what is in other parts of the world. However, the process of studying abroad requires having a positive mindset and good planning. This is the trick to making your dream a reality. Here are a few things not to think about study abroad.



One big party holiday

Don’t think that studying abroad is an opportunity to get away from home and enjoy a vacation. This is more than that. You will get a chance to live independently, immerse yourself in a new culture, learn a new language, to broaden your knowledge, and gain an international perspective. Studying abroad is a healthy balance between learning and having fun.


This is an opportunity to become more social while studying. Getting back home after discovering this balance will give you the satisfaction from the experience.


Too expensive

The chance to study abroad is probably costly regardless of your choice of country. However, most people have realized the importance of allowing students to study abroad in high school. This is availing more opportunities to offer students financial support to make study abroad possible. You can benefit from these to study in your dream country.


Universities and organizations offer high school study abroad scholarships for students to make travel abroad. You just have to find a reputable organization where to get appropriate assistance and the right scholarship to meet your needs. the organization will guide you through all the procedures to ensure that your dream of traveling abroad to study becomes true.


Employers don’t care

Growing globalization in the modern world requires having international experience when applying for jobs or pursuing your dream career. Not taking advantage of study abroad programs will negatively impact the chances of employment.


Including your experience during a study abroad program in your resume will make employers realize that you’re a risk taking, independent, and can work with people from various cultures and backgrounds.


Making friends abroad is too hard

There is no need to worry about making friends abroad being too hard. You will get used to walking up to strangers and asking for directions. This will array earlier fears about talking to strangers you have grown used to.


Additionally, universities hosting foreign exchange students have various programs aimed at helping international students from various parts of the world to connect. This will make it easier for you to begin making plans with your new acquaintances likely to become lifelong friends. 


Need to learn the language

There is no need to worry about the language barrier when studying abroad. Foreign schools offer classes in English making it easier for international students like you to enjoy their study. This means that you can study abroad without the knowledge of the native language. Learning basic phrases in the local language is essential while communicating with the locals. This will make it easier to immerse yourself into the local culture and to interact confidently with local people.


Can’t study my major abroad

Study abroad can suit any study subject. You just have to find an organization with a range of programs to select one to meet your study requirements. Ensure to check each study program and requirements to make it easier to find the right one to meet your needs.


Additionally, ensure to find the right school that will give a pleasant learning experience. This will ensure that you meet what you expected on reaching the new country.


Delaying graduation

Before selecting a study abroad program, it is important to do your research well. The rule of thumb is to choose a program that will not add extra time to complete your course. Additionally, the courses you are to study abroad should offer transferable credit into your current qualification. This will ensure that you graduate at the same time as your colleagues.


Ensure to talk to a counselor in your current school for assistance in selecting a school abroad that seamlessly integrates with your current study. 


Missing things back home

Living away from home makes you miss some things but not all. Your family and friends will miss you like crazy. However, you will be keeping in touch on social media including WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook.


This makes it possible and easier to keep in touch with loved ones regardless of distance. You will never feel homesick since you can just contact your loved one on your smartphone. The phone will also come in handy to share your experiences with people back home.


Final thoughts

A study abroad program is a wonderful opportunity to travel the world before going to college. However, making the most of your experience requires avoiding thinking wrongly about the program. It is not true that the program is not affordable since you can get a scholarship to finance your experience.