The most wanted jobs in 2020 will be




The most wanted jobs in 2020 will be

The World Economic Forum states that around 800 million jobs will be affected by 2030, so we should expect to lose some but also gain some. Bots will occupy many jobs, while others will disappear because they will no longer be needed. But what are the jobs of the future?


Is it possible all of them to change in just a couple of years? Well by analysing the jobs that will be trending in 2020, we will have a better understanding of the ones we will have in the future.


Can we prepare for these jobs? Well, of course we can, education is the base to adapt to new trends. But to know what skills we need to acquire and what knowledge we need to gain, it’s important for us to know what jobs we may have in the future.


Here is a list of the most wanted jobs in 2020.

Software developer

Software developer

A software developer is someone who brings life to programs, computers and robots. Even after when the software is placed in hardware it cannot function without the assistance and support of an expert who makes sure they are running accordingly. The Internet is more complex than ever, robots are smarter, machines have more features, but without someone to design them, they would not exist.


So, the need for skilled programmers will grow and more companies will hire talented people to fill their open positions. In 2020 is expected more software developers to be needed in the mobile app development industry. It’s predicted that around 1.2 million jobs will be available in software development by 2026. In addition, people have all the reasons to apply for this job considering the employee benefits and salaries they can access.


Solar energy engineer

Solar power, alongside other sustainable energy solutions will be one present in our lives in the future because humanity wants to build a cleaner and a more eco-friendly world. Solar energy is an affordable power solution, and its price will continue to drop, as more solar farms are constructed.


Solar energy panels are installed worldwide and technicians and engineers are needed to maintain them. It’s estimated that only in the USA around 30,000 new jobs will arise in this industry in 2020. In 2018, the median pay for this job was around $42,000, so it’s worth to consider it.



It’s widely known that the present population is living longer, but they’re also ageing so they need assistance. The healthcare system finds challenging to assist so many elders, so they turn to private nursing services to help them live comfortably. In addition, some areas don’t have enough nurses and doctors to prove basic care to elders, so nurse practitioners are highly needed.


Nurses have the needed knowledge to diagnose and treat patients suffering from certain conditions, even if they are acute or chronic. In order to become a registered nurse you have to acquire advanced education. It’s expected the number of job openings to reach 140,000 by 2026. Nurses are needed in all medical areas, but most of the jobs will imply working with elders.

Physical therapist

Physical therapist

The need for physical therapists is also on the rise because of the growing number of seniors in all communities. Seniors have started to understand that with the right help they can live a better life and they can improve their health state.


Also, it’s expected people’s health state to quickly deteriorate in the future because the present generations are less active than the past ones, and their diet is poor in nutrients and minerals.


Physical therapists are needed to help people manage their pain, assist them to improve their mobility, help them recover from injuries, and enhance the effects of a treatment they are following. It’s expected the following year around 150,000 physical therapist jobs to open up.


Biomedical engineer

Because new health conditions are discovered daily, new treatments are also needed, and biomedical engineers have a deciding role. They are working in a field where their science knowledge can save lives if they find treatments that could revolutionise the industry.


If you want to have a great impact on people’s lives this is one of the jobs that could offer you this opportunity. It’s expected biomedical engineers to have a huge impact on the medical world through the discoveries they could make.


You need wide science knowledge if you want to apply for one of these jobs, so you should definitely consider enrolling in online chemistry tuition if you need to improve your education. As a biomedical engineer, you can design artificial organs, create medical devices, discover new medicines and drugs, and even grow bionic body parts.

brand advisor

Personal brand advisor

From small to large companies, they all hire freelancers to help them complete short-term marketing projects. Marketing is one of the aspects they cannot afford to neglect, and the latest trend is to collaborate with brand advisors to reach new audiences and attract new clients. Personal brand ambassadors are hired for short-term projects, but they don’t lack work because both companies and individuals need help to promote their services and products.


Some people need a personal brand advisor to help them manage their reputation, politicians are a great example of this. Growing a brand is no longer something only companies do, individuals are also in a constant effort to promote themselves. A personal brand advisor helps their clients to create and promote a constant image and reputation.


Robotics service technician

It’s expected the following years everyone to have robots at home to help them completing housework like cleaning, cooking, laundry, and outdoor maintenance. But sometimes these robots fail to work effectively and they need assistance and service. Only a skilled robotics technician can diagnose and repair them.


Occasionally the robots even have to be reprogrammed because they can be the victims of hacking or haywire. It’s expected robotics service technicians to be as commonplace as engineers, constructors, plumbers, auto-mechanics, and other skilled professionals who help people live comfortably. All robots and machines require repairs and maintenance from time to time, so it’s guaranteed that you will have plenty of work if you choose this profession.