The Many Benefits of Upgrading Your Old Electrical Panel

The Many Benefits of Upgrading Your Old Electrical Panel



Upgrading the traditional and old electric panels has benefits including compliance with regulations, enhanced safety and the increased capacity of the panel to house many new circuits. It is also a potent way to save costs.


The Many Benefits of Upgrading Your Old Electrical Panel


The electric service panels or breaker panels are installed in both residential complexes as well as manufacturing/commercial establishments. The panels are the central points where the outside electricity supply wires meet the inner electricity connections of your home/establishment. The panels may also be known by the name distribution panel, fuse box or the load center. These panels have the main breaker through which electricity can be shut off for the entire property.


If the property is more than 20 years old, your home still has the old and traditional fuse box, or when your electrical control panel smells or is abnormally warm, you might be required to upgrade the electrical service panel. Faulty panels also trip more often and may reduce the efficiency of the appliances used in the homes. You may also need an upgrade for your electrical panel when the lights flicker/dim frequently, or when you are adding some new more major appliances to your home (like an air conditioner). Upgrading the electric service panel has a number of benefits.


Complying with the Laws



The laws make it mandatory for the property owners to have the upgraded versions of the electrical service panels. These panels are more energy efficient, accurate and are also safer. Depending on the state you live in, there may or may not be any restrictions for a property owner to undertake the upgrade task by himself. But in most cases, you should hire an expert electrical enclosure/panel installation service provider. These professionals have the right skill set, knowledge, resources, and expertise to carry out the task in an expert, safe and error-free way.


Once done, you will be fully complying by the regulations and would evade any penalty charges.


Preventing Accidents and Threats


A faulty electrical panel may easily be a source of fire or shocks. When overloaded, these ill-kept panels are a source of fire hazard. The old panels are often defective or malfunctioning. They may trip more often. When they fail to trip at the right moment, someone may get an electric shock. Tripping failure may also lead to melted wires, fire and smoke, which occurs due to overheating. The fire may also spread and the whole property may be engulfed.


An upgrade will ensure that the panel is in the right working condition and does not suffer from these problems.


More Space




The old electric panels often get crowded. Hence you may not be able to add circuits to them. Insurance agencies do not provide insurance in case the electric panel has the fuses. The old panels also have inferior quality and have already undergone tremendous wear and tear.

In the majority of cases, the panels need to have new circuits to accommodate the increased demands. These may also occur when family members increase in the house or you add new appliances. Due to the unavailability of sufficient power, you may not be able to meet the needs properly.



A panel upgrade will bring to your home or property new grounding systems, sub-panels, the surge protection devices, and meter base replacements, among many new features. The upgraded panels also run more efficiently and provide cost savings.