7 Proven Tips and Tricks to Get Quality Backlinks for Your SEO Efforts


7 Proven Tips and Tricks to Get Quality Backlinks for Your SEO Efforts

Whenever a third party site links to one of the pages, it’s a backlink. They remain one of the most important Google ranking factors but the fact is, link building is also about leveraging trust and popularity and one does have to be smart enough to make sense to link with good quality sites only. A high-quality backlink is the only link that works in the long run, and has known to work considerably for several businesses worldwide.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) became popular after the advent of Google’s search engine, that rested its ranking methodology on high-quality link-building and several other strategies. A recent Moz survey revealed that 37% of business owners spend $10,000 - $50,000 on a monthly basis on external link building.


If a business is spending that amount, they should have clear and precise information on link-building that is trusted by Google’s search algorithm. Faulty information can be as problematic for businesses as doing nothing in this regard. Also, the focus has to be both on quality and quantity of links to make a sizeable impact on the site’s ranking on search engines.


High-quality backlinks that refer to a website lead to higher searches rankings, since it sends positive signals to major search engine crawlers, revealing that the linked website is highly valuable and useful. All of these factors boost the website’s search rankings, enhance the credibility of the website, and drive relevant website traffic, in turn, impacting business operations positively.


Types of Backlinks:



  • Nofollow: An HTML attribute value that instructs search engine bots to not influence target’s ranking in its index. It helps reduce the effectiveness of search engine spam, thereby boosting search engine result quality.

Example: <a href=”http://www.google.com/” rel=”nofollow”>Google</a>


  • Dofollow: Dofollow links permits search engines to follow them and link to the website thus ensuring a backlink. These links help search engines as well as its users to follow the targeted link to any website or page.

Example: <a href=”http://www.google.com/”>Google</a>


Top tips to get quality backlinks for your blog/website:

Check out these 7 tips in order to derive quality backlinks for your site with a proper strategy and plan in place:


1.  Public Relations: Writing original articles isn’t the only approach to introduce a company’s name and content into major publications. You can strategize with a traditional, PR-style approach to get handy news coverage for your firm. HARO, for instance, is like Tinder for public relations.


HARO is a service that is designed to aid writers to find good sources of quotes and research. Indicate your areas of expertise related to your company’s industry and you can reply to the lists of specific requirements from journalists.


Answer their questions if you are qualified to do so, or refer them a quote from an expert in the company related to the topic. You can even mention your own qualifications and get them interested by giving important info on the topic. They will include your name and credentials along with your quote in the final article — with a reference link to your company’s site citing as a source.




2.  Skyscraper Content: “Skyscraping” refers to the process of scouring content in your industry that’s successful, then creating and compiling something better.


This technique is used with help from popular posts identifying opportunities for smart skyscraping using Ahrefs’ Site Explorer tool. Enter a domain and then and select Site Explorer section for Best by Links. The most linked-to pages on the domain will be found then.


Once you scroll through this report, you can check out relevant topics to your industry. You can even research for your competitor’s site, and check out ways in which one could produce something more relevant and better in quality. New content can be churned out in a topic that your intended audience is already interested in and quite open to what others have to say.


3.  Link Reclamation: Every once and a while some writers mention your company in a blog post but without attaching a link to the site. These Unlinked Brand Mentions are quite easy to be converted into backlinks. This is because the writer of the post had already mentioned and recommended your company which implies they liked something about it. A friendly email about it can earn you a backlink in the post to your website easily.


4.  Broken Link Building: Many sites rely on thousands of links and relevant sources for statistics, important facts, and other information. But when one has to rely on sources that get moved to other pages or get deleted, those links break that affect user experience negatively. Leverage this opportunity by searching for broken links, then providing alternative site pages to boost the site itself.


  • Use Ahrefs’ Broken Link Checker to search for broken backlinks
  • Enter site domain to derive links
  • View the Broken Links report
  • Check for links that link to pages that no longer exist
  • Check the context of these links, and then link them to resources that already exist on your site
  • If the pages do not exist in the same context, create a new page on the topic


5.  Resource Pages of High Authority: Resource pages are link builder’s dream since they link efficiently to other sites. But deriving links from high-quality resource pages is a huge ask sometimes.


  • Find resource pages that are also named “helpful resources”, “further reading”, “additional resources” and other keywords.
  • Secondly, you need to reach out for a link.
  • You can check out for outdated links so that you can already link them directly to your content.
  • Let the owners of resource pages know about the broken links since they carry the weight of 2-5x the conversion rate compared to new links.
  • Personalize your outreach emails based on the links.


6.  Search for Competitors’ Backlinks and Use them: Identify link targets for your site with relevant competitor research, exploring pages that are linking to competitor websites.


  • Use the Ahrefs’ Link Intersect tool to search for linked sites to multiple competitor sites.
  • Enter some competitors’ domains, and check the linked sites. Any sites that are mentioned in this list are main link targets for the site.
  • Be sure of competitors and commence on searching for new target keywords. Check the top ten ranked sites on the keywords, then drop the URLs into the tool.
  • It is in your best interest to earn links from the same sites.



7.  Guest Posts: Guest posting is a tried-and-tested strategy for earning relevant links. It involves reaching out to different blogs and site owners with free content distribution.

Include a link to your site within the contributed content body, or within the byline. For some guest contributions, even the author gets a brief bio space that is reserved at the end of the post for links. The author’s job title links to the company site and the link is good enough to enhance the site ranking since the postings are usually done from reputable content sites within the industry.


But the editors of the site are aware of the backlinks hence even if the content is freely contributed, they will only include the link if the content itself is high in quality. As a content creator, one has to devote ample time to come up with useful ideas for research and write that are relevant to the site audience, at least worthy enough to merit a link back to your site.


  • Identify sites that are good enough and reputed enough to contribute content.
  • Check out publications within your industry and well-known distribution sites as a start.
  • Pitch the content to traditional editorial sites locally.
  • Uncover opportunities with efficient competitor research, identifying sites on which the competitors have been publishing their content
  • Check out these sites using the useful to Ahrefs Content Explorer. The “author” operator helps users to search for well-known figures in the same domain.



Benefits of Having a Quality Backlinks:

Builds Brand Authority: With proper backlinks from popular websites, every business reaps the advantage of proper SEO that establishes the brand authority. Google gets a good indication on the quality of a site with the help of quality backlinks it is linked to, while consumers understand that these links are indicative of the quality of the brand and its expertise in the domain.


        So, while high-quality links from popular websites will benefit SEO efforts, one can even attract consumers to the brand by proper association. Always elevate a company as an information source within the industry, so that professionals rely on you for advice, with other websites linking to the content you churn out, establishing natural backlinks, much preferred Google and other search engines.


Domain & Page Authority: 

Google determines the rank of a page based on a given query considering the quantity and quality of all kinds of inbound links to the page. This aspect of quality is termed as page authority, that is a subjective measure of inbound links with respect of its quality and quantity to a page. Domain authority, on the other hand, measures the entire website in terms of its inbound links.


A higher domain authority of a website helps in its presence to any relevant search query. The number and quality of sources and links determine the domain authority of the site. Hence efforts should be concentrated on elevating the quality of your link building campaign thus ensuring higher chances of site pages to rank high enough in organic search results.


Referral Traffic: Website traffic does not only originate from Google or search engines. Referral traffic also makes up a high percentage of web traffic, that implies people click on links embedded within content to be redirected to specific pages, seldom found on search results.


High-quality links that generate huge traffic aid in SEO efforts while driving targeted traffic to the website all the time. A single link within a popular website can lead the web traffic to your website for a long time too while keeping it highly targeted to the relevant audience. Businesses invest in paid search consistently. Some have high CPCs, so every referral brings them high-quality traffic without much cost associated with it.


Indicators of Trust and Credibility: When a site features on a high-profile publication, you automatically acquire bragging rights in the industry. Many brands publicize their achievement and even rely on the popular logos of the publications to acquire a sort of credibility and respect for their brand. The publishing approval works as a web badge as a testimony to your expertise in the domain. These badges establish your brand as authoritative and credible, with a strong conversion rate too.


Create New Relationship: When someone reads and praises good content, they check out the backlink that links to the source or the original writer’s page. They are keen to know about the source and learn more about the credentials, expertise, and experience of the writer.


You can forge a relationship with the individual getting them to join the newsletter or get them to do some proactive action on your website. They can also connect you’re your web pages, social media profiles or handles that would have more stuff, a blog or images that are of interest to them. A simple link can establish a relationship between a company and consumer without SEO playing a role in it.


Use of backlinks for SEO and non-SEO marketing efforts has been in vogue since years. But not many businesses are able to leverage the practice to impact their bottom line convincingly.


It is essential to choose a veteran digital marketing provider or a search engine optimization consulting company to leverage high-quality backlinks to derive better website traffic, good response from clients, enhance their credibility in the industry, and establish the company itself as a thought leader among contemporaries.


Link-building is an art and a science too since marketers need to put tireless efforts in ensuring good quality content being linked to reputable sites consistently. With better brand authority, domain authority, high-quality backlinks from reputed sites, and by forging new relationships with clients worldwide, businesses can make sense of their online identity and drive their business forward, without any problem whatsoever!


Author Bio:

Prateeksha Mathur is a tech savvy marketing professional writing for Zestard Technologies, who loves to write about digital marketing, web design, web development and other technology spheres. She is a coffee addict and a bibliophile too. You can follow her on Twitter.