How To Choose Pre Employment Testing Online


How To Choose Pre Employment Testing Online?

It is not surprising to see many enterprises using pre employment tests to select candidates who are suitable for the job. They focus is now on identifying and employees candidates who are a ‘right fit’ in all aspects. Apart from qualifications and experience, the candidates need to possess other personal skills required to interact with colleagues, seniors, juniors, suppliers, customers, etc.


Be it a small scale business or a global enterprise, hiring employees who are suitable for the job will give better results and ensure that the business expands over time. Employees too can advance in their careers, making it a win-win situation for both. Matching the right employee to the right job is not easy. Way too many factors come into the picture. Hard skills, soft skills, knowledge, technical skills, and more should be considered and assessed comprehensively to make the right decision.


Pre employment tests are conducted online. Enterprises hire the services of companies that offer the test tools. The companies then assist enterprises in either choosing a test form from the existing ones or in customizing a new one to meet the exact requirements of the job. From changing the theme of the test form to adding the logo of the enterprise, the test form can be customized in many ways. This creates more impact on the candidates and will make them want to do their best.


The tests are interactive and use advanced simulation to include real-time scenarios. Audio and video files can also be used as s part of the test. For jobs such as data entry and customer service, audio files are used to assess the listening capabilities of the candidates.


Using pre employment tests can help enterprises reduce their cost and time spent on recruiting by around 60%. The test forms are assessed online by the system, thereby reducing the risk of human error and favoritism. Enterprises can shortlist and pick the best of the lot based on the results.



While it is easy to talk about Pre Employment Testing Online, enterprises should be careful in choosing the right test and setting correct parameters for assessment so that they can hire the best employees for the job. Enterprises need to do some background work to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the business, the employee turnover rate, the investment and profit ratio, etc. to get an idea about the kind of employees they need to hire.


Randomly choosing and implementing a test can provide adverse results no matter how popular the test is in the market. What suits the business is more important than the popularity of the test. It is equally essential to conduct the test at the right stage of recruitment. And unless enterprises decide what kind of test they want, they cannot decide when it should be conducted.


Pre employment tests can be used for initial screening as well as at a later stage. While the initial screening test focuses on the basic skills and aptitude assessment, the ones conducted later focus on individual employee behavior and how well the person can fit into the existing work environment.


Types of Pre employment Tests

Pre employment tests are classified into various categories. Some of these are again subclassified into three levels- entry, intermediate, and advanced based on the job experience. That said, enterprises can choose questions from two or more tests to create a new test form that covers all the aspects required for the job.


  • Skills Assessment Test
  • Knowledge Assessment Test
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment Test
  • Behavioral Assessment Test
  • Cognitive Abilities Assessment Test
  • Personality Assessment Test
  • Integrity Test


The tests are also categorized based on the industry and the department or subject of importance. From healthcare to travel to media and retailing, an enterprise in any industry can make use of Pre Employment Testing Online to hire eligible candidates for the job. For example, there are separate tests for financial accounting, marketing and sales, data entry, customer service, business intelligence, and many more such areas.


The data from the test forms can be used to enhance and improve other recruitment methods such as technical and personal interviews. Instead of asking every candidate the same set of questions, the HR personnel can create personalized questions for each candidate based on their responses in the test form. This will help in understanding the candidates better and will also act as a tool to double-check whether the candidate is providing genuine answers or not.


It depends on the enterprise to decide if it wants to use a single test at each stage of recruitment or combine the tests and conduct only one test. By making a few changes to the recruitment process and including pre employment tests, enterprises can increase their return on investment and expand into new markets.