The Impact of the Millennial Generation on the 21st Century Workplace


The Impact of the Millennial Generation on the 21st Century Workplace

Throughout the 21st century, there have been major changes throughout numerous facets of our society that have had an immense impact on numerous spheres of influence all across the world.


Various facets of civilization have been altered in the past two decades, from the global political changes to the ways that people interact with one another. While the world has undergone significant change, it has become overt that the economy is experiencing a major transformation as well.


The economy has changed significantly in the past few years, and while there are numerous reasons why this has occurred, the addition of millennials to the workforce has been a large factor. Learning about millennials and understanding how they function in the modern economy is pivotal to comprehending how they are impacting the 21st century workplace.


Learning about Millennials’ Values

Oftentimes, people of older generations have a negative perception of millennials, and this has been exacerbated by reports in the media and other sources. However, although they are often spoken of negatively by older (as well as younger) generations, they are not the entitled generation that many people seem to think.


Millennials grew up in a world of chaos filled with the War on Terror as well as the Great Recession, so they do not have the trust for the government or established institutions that their parents and grandparents have.


Life has been extremely hard for millennials, as they have large college debts, poor job prospects if they did not study STEM, and have significantly fewer benefits than older generations, such as low cost of housing and a more bustling economy like their parents had in their 20s and 30s.


All of these factors have played a major role in building millennial culture and shaping their values, leading to the impact that they have had on the modern workplace.


Millennials in the Modern Workforce

There are numerous ways that millennials have affected the workforce in the 21st century. They have become increasingly important to the modern workplace, because they are more competent with technology than older generations and they also bring a unique perspective to the teams that they are a part of.


Because many companies do not provide benefits that are necessary for millennials, they do not have as much company loyalty, which of course makes sense. This facet has changed numerous aspects of running a business, such as with negotiations, setting salaries, and more.


Despite all of this, millennials still work hard for their companies and bring in fresh new ideas to their businesses to help them to succeed. If you are working with millennials, you understand that they are positively impacting enterprises in the modern era, and as the century progresses, they will continue to do so even more.


Final Thoughts

While the 21st century has progressed in the past 20 years, it has become evident how important millennial workers are to the modern economy. They will continue to affect the workplace throughout the future, and as they grow in numbers in the economy, their impact will become even greater.