How to Start Essay Examples



How to Start Essay Examples: Check in the Biggest Academic Papers Database

Writing an essay might be both a complicated and pleasant task. All depends on the student`s preferences, abilities, skills, and many more different factors.


For now, let`s just leave those students who cannot or don’t want to write their assignments on their own. There is a different category of students. Those, who love writing and always enjoy a task connected with this activity. They can create perfect essays, any kind of them:

  • A wonderful argumentative essay
  • An engaging compare and contrast essay
  • A fascinating descriptive essay
  • A full of amazing ideas essay in English literature
  • A great narrative essay



But what is really complicated for them is to start a paper.

For such students, the largest database of academic paper examples, that contains all possible essay samples  on and how to start an essay examples. All you have to do is to check paper introduction samples in the same field. Or maybe there is a sample that is taken from a paper that has even a similar topic with yours? That would be just perfect!


Now, the real work starts. You might find thousands of good papers written in the same field as you need. It is clear that you will not be able to read all of them. Moreover, you don’t need to read all of them. which topics are the closest to the topic of your paper? Now, you gut fewer results, didn’t you? But still, you might end up with plenty of pages to read.


You might narrow your search results even more. Which topics are the most intriguing? Which of them make you want to read that paper? This is, by the way, one of the main criteria of how your paper is going to be evaluated: by its topic. So, it should be really nice. The reader should be captured by it so, that he/she will just continue reading.


So, the papers with the most interesting topics are selected. Now, start reading the first paper. Doesn’t matter with which one you start. Is the introduction interesting enough? Do you want to continue reading? Then just read till the end. 


Maybe after just one paper you will have your head full of ideas and will get enough inspiration to create your own essay. However, once you get bored while reading, just leave it. It means, that the paper is not worth your attention. Well, when you have hundreds of results, you have options to choose from.


Ok, let`s suppose, for example, that you liked the paper but still don’t have a clear idea what to do with your task. This is not a huge issue, that happens. Start with another paper. Follow the same principle. Just continue till you collect ideas that you can use for your assignment. Once you feel that the needed material is collected, you can start working on your own paper.


When Essay Samples Do not Help

It is clear though, that this approach will work for those students only who like writing and usually do their writing assignments on their own. But what should those students do who don’t have the needed skills or don’t have time for their writing assignments?


Of course, they cannot be left without professional help and advice. The best option, in this case, is to address the issue to a professional. This is a simple though very efficient solution. 


A professional writer will not only provide you with a short sample of his/her writing but will give you useful tips on the main ideas used in the paper. As well, a real professional will explain to you how to respond to the questions that your teacher might have and in general, will guide you through the entire submission process.



That’s why if you can handle your writing assignment on your own, the biggest database of papers will definitely provide you with some valuable ideas. However, if you doubt in your writing skills or don’t have time for your paper, any format of it, request help from a professional.