5 Tools for Effective Studying


5 Tools for Effective Studying

There are a lot of voices blaming the internet for being distracting for students. However, we live in the age of technology which means that students need to be updated with the latest trends.


The Internet is part of students’ life. They need it not only to become the professional adults of tomorrow but to also learn faster and more effectively. Keep reading this article and discover five of the best tools for effective studying.


5 Tools for Effective Studying


An effective study requires organization. Students tend to create a mess in their notes when they start studying. Therefore, it would be great if they can use a tool to keep all their notes and information in one place.


Evernote is an online tool which synchronizes the information students store on different devices. This tool can be used for various tasks. For example, students can use it to organize their presentation notes or to create the structure for their research paper. Evernote is an invaluable organizational tool which can play a crucial role in the studying efforts.



As we already mentioned, students can get easily distracted. They can be tempted to browse the internet or go on Facebook instead of studying. In these situations, cutting access to the internet is not necessarily a solution. Forest is one of the most popular tools used by students worldwide to prevent them from getting distracted while studying.


Students start the app at the beginning of the study session. During the entire period, the app actually grows a tree. If the student uses the phone during the established studying period, then the tree dies.


On the other hand, if the student doesn’t touch the phone or computer while studying, then the tree grows, and the student begins growing a forest. It might seem silly, but this is an effective tool to keep students away from mobile phones or tables and focus on studying.



When students create their profile on Quizlet, they fill it with their study preferences and focus, and Quizlet comes with the questions and tests. This tool comes with a variety of subjects which students can choose based on their targets. It will challenge the students’ judgment and knowledge by generating flashcards, practice tests, quizzes, or matching games.


It also has a free app to help students learn on the go and they can even access it offline. Some of the most popular games are Scatter and Space Rows.


Scatter allows students to learn terms faster by allowing users to drag the definitions and match them to the corresponding terms. Space Rows comes with different definitions which roll on the screen and students have to type the correct word related to it until the definition disappears from the screen.



“One of the most efficient study methods is working with flashcards. StudyStack is a very efficient method which is using this principle. Students can create their own sets of flashcards, or they can try those already made by others.


Students can flip the cards until they memorize the information”, says the CEO of one of the best online essay writing services reviews. Once the set of cards is created, the site plays with the information and transforms it into a variety of games. For example, students can play hangman or scramble, using the information from the flashcards. Thus, they combine games and study in a very effective way.




If they want to study effectively and on time, students need to keep their schedules very organized. Schooltraq is a tool where they can store the dates of their most important tests and quizzes.


It is a digital planner which becomes a great alternative to the paper agenda. In addition, it synchronizes automatically with the phone and table. Thus, it will become easier for students to start reading for the upcoming tests in advance. This tool will help them keep a good balance between relaxation and school life.


Some students prefer to study alone while others study better in groups. The tools above will work effectively in both scenarios. Digitalization is here and it is bringing a lot of benefits to students. These tools are a clear example that students need technology and tools to study effectively.