How Can WhatsApp Help In Business Communication


How Can WhatsApp Help In Business Communication?

Today, there’s a lot of buzz around the WhatsApp messaging app and for a good reason. With over 1.6 billion users around the globe, WhatsApp has emerged to be the go-to messaging app.


It is a convenient way to chat, share photos and videos, create group texts. It also enables you to send and receive documents, and engage in secure, private conversations at any time of the day or night.


With the unveiling of WhatsApp business, companies can now use the WhatsApp gateway for sending messages to customers.


WhatsApp as a Communication Channel

In today’s omnichannel world of chats, posts, tweets, and texts, consumers are no longer interested in the traditional form of business communication.


They demand an interactive process like the way they communicate with family and friends. Surely, messaging apps have become the most preferred channels for business communication today. As the world’s most popular messaging platform, WhatsApp has users from over 10 countries and unleashes around 60 billion messages every day.


This is why you must be excited about the potential of this communication platform. The WhatsApp API allows businesses to build new experiences that can reach millions of people worldwide. It also results in effective customer engagements.


With WhatsApp, you can send appointment reminders, order notifications, shipping alerts, verification codes, product demonstration videos, customer surveys, and much other information. Your information is more personal, will be delivered instantly, and has an international reach.


The end-to-end encryption facility from WhatsApp also makes it a reliable platform for business communication. When used correctly, WhatsApp messaging can transform the way you communicate with clients. You will boast of a real-time, private, B2C conversations that are delivered using the world’s favorite messaging app.



Do You Really Need Another Messaging App?

SMS and email have long been the most used communication channels for business communication. But this dominance is changing in the present scenario. Messaging apps like WhatsApp can offer greater customer satisfaction. It helps to improve deliverability, manage support costs, sharpen security, and achieve other vital business KPIs.


Nevertheless, other messaging channels like the RCS and SMS also have a central role in business communication and cannot be replaced entirely. However, WhatsApp is the preferred mode of communication in many parts of the world. As such, your business will get a chance to address a global audience with ease. In fact, embracing WhatsApp for your business can become a game-changer – a tool that will help you remain competitive.


Here are some top arguments as to why you must begin with WhatsApp for customer communication.


For Creating Superior Brand Connections

Maintaining excellent brand relationship with customers is often considered to be the holy grail for businesses. WhatsApp can deliver this promise by providing you with a closed, personal environment. It even lets you create a unique business profile with a fully-branded business identity. All business specifics like emails, website addresses, social media links, phone contacts, store address, and others can be furnished to your customers.


Most importantly, having a great brand profile will let you inject its personality with every customer interaction. Since the WhatsApp gateway verifies all business accounts, your customers are assured that they are dealing with a genuine business entity.


This way, your business can benefit from greater customer loyalty and trust. Since WhatsApp also supports multimedia communication like photos, videos, documents, and slides, you can be more creative in your customer conversations.


For Taking Your Business To customers

When was it that your home or the office phone rang for a business conversation? Or when did you last respond to a direct mail? Conventional channels like these are being discarded for more convenient solutions. Successful companies understand that a business needs to be taken to the customer through their preferred channels.


In fact, research has found that over 56% of customers prefer to message customer service rather than speak directly on the phone. Not only businesses but customers also benefit through WhatsApp. It gives your customers the flexibility to reach out to you and have their issues resolved.


Championing Two-Sided Conversations

With WhatsApp, the conversation is always two-sided. Today’s customers prefer having two-way conversations and do not believe in responding to the one-way messages directed at them.


This is especially true in places where regulatory issues and poor-quality phone connections make it impossible for two-way interactions to take place. WhatsApp can address this issue through a reliable two-way communication across the globe.


While it is a great channel for notifications, it also serves to provide a store-like experience to the customers. These days, messaging apps are able to produce researched content on services and products, get consultation and reviews, file a complaint, make a payment process, or book a service without using email, phone or even visit the brand’s website.


Get ready for a unique customer engagement process. With WhatsApp, you can lay all your worries about business communication to rest. It is a great platform to advertise your business ethos and enjoy greater customer retention.