50+ Best Ways to Increase Sales (2019)

Best Ways to Increase Sales

50+ New Ways to Increase Sales in 2019

We can talk all day about technology, likes on Facebook, rankings in Google and all sorts of other pieces to the Million Dollar Plan, but you will never achieve millionaire status if you are not able to write copy that sells.


There are several ways to drive sales, some of them are easy and reliable. This blog explains 50+ Best Ways to Increase Sales in your business in 2019. 


You can hire the best WordPress expert, Facebook and SEO ninja, but if you are unable to write sales copy that moves your potential customers to take out their credit cards and purchase something from you, you’re not going to make it to the next level.


All the top influencers and business owners write most of their own copy and create their own content. On the other hand, those clients who have an idea and bring you on board to help grow your talents into the business, now you have an active business owner taking the business to new heights.


TIP 1 for Increase Sales:



The best copywriter will write a sales copy without the reader knowing they are reading a pitch. Sales pitches will turn off new website visitors.


However, there is a time and a place for creating a real sales pitch, and that is right before you are about to remove them from your email list. But you do not want your prospect to read a heavy sales pitch on their first couple visits.


The objective of the first visit is to introduce the reader to your message and what you do, tell your story and let your reader get to know your purpose. Feel free to not link to anything requiring entering of a payment method, as sometimes this can turn off a potential customer.


Then begin to disguise offers in the form of free gifts and other valuable tools that will help them with their frustrations. This is inching towards earning trust and building your rapport with the new or prospective customer.


This is a fine balance between giving value and creating solutions, without losing their interest and attention. After the first couple of emails and a few videos I have shared, I begin moving into providing downloads or other free workshops.


While on workshops and other training, we offer to take the opportunity to the next level. Make your customers feel comfortable because let’s face it, no one like a used car salesman pitch!


Online consumers are getting smarter, and they are getting alerted to the tricks that once worked, so be sure to test the newest tactic, content marketing and giving your customers huge value!


Then retarget the potential buyer through ads to give a free workshop or something else that you can give away for free. Wait till you have their undivided attention and move towards your sales pitch, without being too pushy.


TIP 2 for Increase Sales:


target audience

The Internet is a massive space and your message can easily get lost in a hurry. Unlike that billboard that you can place on the side of the road where your target prospect will see the ad every day on their way to work, the Internet is an ever-changing landscape that can look different with each click of the refresh button.


In Facebook, it is nearly impossible to go find an ad if you missed it on the first go-around, and you will have to hope the ad reaches you again.


Create urgency, stand out with your graphics and be sure your copy headlines are clear and make sense. Stay away from click-bait and other techniques to get clicks fast.


These tactics come and go, and you are better building your business on a sustainable foundation. Disrupt their lives and enter your message, plucking the strings that frustrate your audience and allow your target audience to understand at a glance, “This is what I need.

This is what I have been looking for.”


Again, it is tough to tell you the exact text that will get your prospective audience to stop in their tracks and take action with your site, but you should be testing several different titles and copy to see what works for your business. Always test new ideas!


TIP 3 for Increase Sales: 


email marketing

New social media fads will come and go, but email marketing is here to stay. Be sure to focus your main action on your site to sign up to an email list. Offer free gifts, free workshops, free anything, or even coupons and discounts to gain a new email sign-up.


Your email list should be driving a large percentage of the sales for your business every month. And if you are not driving in sales through your email marketing, get started on that today!


TIP 4 for Increase Sales: 



I could write an entire blog just on writing sales copy, but if there is just one thing that you take from this blog, that would be valued stacking and reframing. When I learned these strategies for closing sales and the partial takeaway sale, it changed my business forever.


Here is an example: How much would you be willing to pay to generate an extra $1 million in sales for your business next year? $100,000? $50,000? $10,000? What if I told you that clients have worked with us and paid over six figures a year for our services! Don’t get me wrong, they are totally happy as their businesses and lives have been changed forever.


But what if I told you that our new product is here, and for the next 30 minutes, I will offer you lifetime access to our new system for only $997! As a bonus, I want to throw in a lifetime membership to this and that for free! Just for taking action today. This package is valued at over $150,000, and you can get all this for only $997.


This is an example of an awesome close you could add to the end of your next workshop or webinar, and by giving huge value throughout the entire presentation, you will have a percentage of your viewers to get their credit card and buy on the spot! There are people right now doing over $1 million in sales per month with this strategy!


It’s insane to think about. How would you like to do $1 million per month in sales for a product that is completely evergreen? Crazy to think about, right? Sitting on the beach for the month, while watching the money come rolling into your bank account. If this is your dream, then make it happen!


Let’s go back to the first tip for a moment. If you are able to hide a sales pitch like the one above without the user feeling like they are being pitched by a used car salesman, then you have a game changer for your business.


Especially in an evergreen sales process, where the only interaction they have with you is through your email marketing, blog content, and videos. Just remember to be sincere with your marketing copy throughout the entire process.


TIP 5 for Increase Sales:


lead generation

Learn how a 32-year-old college dropout, who failed ninth-grade English, launched a number one best-selling book in five weeks! That might be a good headline that works for me on a case study video that I will be launching soon, or perhaps it is a different bit of copy. Regardless, these headlines get attention!


Other forms of attention grabbers are using “even if” in your headlines. This tactic is a great way to get attention from your audience and identify with their frustrations. Here is a headline that built my email list to over 5,000 subscribers in three weeks:


“How to rank on page 1 of Google, even if you failed a computer class”


Yes, this headline built my first 5,000 subscribers to my list and also helped to sell hundreds of SEO courses. One subject line beat out every other test.


This headline instantly identifies with website owners and tells them you do not have to be an expert in computers to follow along. This was an awesome product launch and my first huge success in selling an information product online. All thanks to this awesome headline!


Another way to share a case study is by using a download of a blueprint, where you are telling the potential customer to grab your cheat sheet or blueprint that helped you achieve a goal in a certain amount of time.


With this form of download or case study, you will be able to implant the thought of future success inside the mind of your potential customer before they have seen a sales page. Think about that, you are planting the thought of success with sharing a case study right from the beginning.


Fact is, case studies are not just limited to businesses. They can be used in relatively every form of business. Health, finance, real estate, legal, and the list goes on.


As I am sitting here typing this, I cannot think of a single business where a case study would not be helpful. Even in gaming or mobile gaming, there are testimonials or reviews for how others enjoyed the application or game.


Insane to think, we are all just followers who take action based upon reading others who have tried and tested before us. Don’t fight it, case studies work. We have evolved over the years by learning from previous mistakes.


TIP 6 for Increase Sales: 


drivers of sales

The fear of loss is one of the number one drivers of sales for every company. This fear can be conveyed through an expiring offer, a countdown clock on the page, or by explaining how the offer or coupon is only valid for a limited time. This form of sales can be seen dozens of times a day, through online and offline marketing campaigns.


When you become aware of ‘limited time offer’ sales tactics, they will seem more prevalent in your life. However, keep in mind that when you are looking for something, it will appear more often.


Or at least have the perception in your mind that it will appear more frequently. But in fact, limited time offers have been driving copy since the beginning of advertising.


Subliminally our minds are drawn to colors and text that give us a sense of urgency and make us want to take action. Yes, color has been proven to affect our buying habits by changing our mood, making us hungry and in some cases, even raising our blood pressure.


Accompany that with a great limited time offer and now you have an excellent sales page. In order to become a great copywriter, open your eyes to the sales campaigns that you see around you.


Your sales will skyrocket when you learn how to utilize the takeaway sale and inject the fear of loss into the mind of your customers. I listen to my friends and family consistently use this fear of loss as to why they compulsively purchased something.


“The offer was for today only, so I bought four of them.” It makes me laugh thinking this is someone overcoming their buyer’s remorse by regurgitating a sales pitch that was cooked up by some marketer.


A great place to see how people react to sales copy and offers is inside department stores. Keep in mind, this blog is mostly focused on leveraging online sales, but it is tough to visualize the website visitor sitting at home, and it is much easier to see how people interact inside a physical store.


Watch how people are attracted to sales racks and how stores set up the sales racks in the back of the store. Watch how the customer is attracted into the store for deals, and how they interact with sales racks with bright colors and limited time offers.


People watching in stores is fun, but what really excites me is creating successful sales pages online. And one of my favorite tools in creating increases in sales is the scarcity of a countdown timer.


Combining a limited time offer with a countdown timer is possibly the best way to get a user to buy because you are not only saying there is a limited time, but the timer is counting down.


I build these timers and connect to my offers with two purposes: 1) I need to take an offer down because there are a limited number of seats available or we are launching a live training course at a certain date or


2) I am planning on raising the price of an offer and the countdown will be until the sale price is ending. Either way, using the countdown timer on your sales pages is almost guaranteed to raise your conversion rates if you learn how to execute the limited time offer properly.


TIP 7 for Increase Sales: 


drive more sales

The number one thing that is going to drive more sales for your business is to not make your website visitor think. Don’t give them options. Instead, give them one option that you know they are going to want to take.


Then through email marketing, you can offer a variety of other opportunities and offers they might be willing to take while giving value and educating your buyer.


Here is something that I want you to do. Next time you are out shopping at a mall or any other retail store, watch the people while they are at the cash registers. Try to watch their faces while they are swiping their cards and purchasing items.


Don’t pay too much attention while they are walking around and picking out items, because that is not the exciting moment for the customer. The happiest moment most shoppers have in a retail store is just as they are swiping their credit card for payment.


It’s crazy to think about, but people actually enjoy buying things! Your online experience can be just as exciting as the retail experience for your clients. That is totally up to how you position your sales copy and the excitement throughout your buying process.


Flip your thinking upside-down and understand your customers are so excited to pay you, which equally you should be excited to get paid. Make your sales process a win-win where everyone is happy. Accomplish this and you are beginning to create raving fans for your business.


I have worked with hundreds of clients, and many of them believe that the sales process is not fun for the customer. That is just not the case! Add your personality into your sales process and your marketing, then you will see your audience and customers begin to identify with you, your marketing and your products.


I have clients that have gone through my training systems, and they call and email me every once in a while to update me with the progress in their business. These messages from clients make my day, and keep me moving forward in creating more training and value for my clients.


And equally, I try to make my training and other marketing fun, while also being helpful. Keep the sales process and fulfillment process fun, and your customers will continue to buy from you. This all begins with the words that you use in your marketing campaigns.


TIP 8 for Increase Sales: 


lack of sales

With everything in life, there is good and the bad. Often, the lack of sales and scaling a business can be due to a bad copy.


Don’t worry if you think your copy is bad, know that you can get better! Know that we are not naturally given the gift of words, but know that we can learn how to communicate better. That is a fact! Where to start? Or how would you know if your copy is not good?


Start with knowing who your audience is and directing your text to communicate directly with your target audience. If you are not completely sure who you are writing for, then there is a strong possibility that you are missing the mark with your copy.


Research your competition, and read how they are communicating with the audience, and that should give you some ideas. Once you understand your audience, learn what frustrates your audience and how they communicate with each other.


Next tip, every sentence you write should make a point and then end. Be careful of run-on sentences and thoughts. Be sure to make your point and then end your sentence.


Be sure to structure your thoughts in an easy to follow a pattern, and try not to skip around. In your mind, you might think that you are being super creative, when in fact you are just confusing your readers.


Grammar is very important, even if you are trying to create a statement with bad grammar, or if you are trying to connect with a different audience. Take my word for it, do not use bad grammar on purpose and think that you are creating a brand.


I would say it is OK for one or two words to be branded in your logo or slogan, but continuing bad grammar through all your content can become annoying quickly. What is cute and creative can turn into a nuisance.


Tread lightly with your humor, as what is funny to one person is often not funny to the next. Unless you are a comedian, and that is why people are reading your content, it is probably best to steer clear of the overuse of humor in your content. Especially if you are trying to sell something that is not your latest comedy record.


Yes, this can be contradicting as we have discussed in detail creating a brand, showing your personality and standing out of the crowd, but try to learn more on your personality and less on your jokes. Let your images tell the story and make them fun, but let your text have a certain degree of seriousness.


Do not alienate your audience with your copy, since your insults or comments can be misconstrued. People can take your content out of context very easily, especially when it is difficult to hear a tone through your copy. Sarcasm and satire can be completely lost, and often can offend your customers in the process of purchasing.


Just be mindful of others and potential sensitivities that people might have. I was listening to the radio the other day and heard some used car salesman pitching their offer, “our sign is outside and you would have to be blind to miss this deal.”


And with that, I just realized that is the second or third time I have mentioned “used car salesmen” in this blog, and perhaps that might offend you. Well, I am not that concerned because you are not my target audience. And if you are selling used cars, just don’t be that guy.


TIP 9 for Increase Sales: 



Sales and marketing are the core teams for most companies, and these teams need to be enthusiastic about your product. Keep your team motivated by using sales training techniques available through some of the best trainers like Dale Carnegie.


Purchase blogs and share with your sales team, motivate your team to put a smile on their face and always keep reaching for their greatness.


But personal development and motivation will only go so far. The biggest failures of sales teams are due to poor education on the product and the employees not fully embracing the company message. Educate your staff about your product and keep them embraced in the vision of your company.


Good salespeople are very hard to find, and it seems like the younger generation is not developing the skills as our parents and grandparents once had to build.


Call me an anti-millennial, but I have seen the younger generation is not willing to put in an effort to achieve success through sales. You can blame society, their parents or the media, but regardless of whose fault, the old school “pound the pavement” salespeople are retiring and eventually will be completely gone. This is even more of a reason to automate your sales process the best you can through leveraging technology.


The older generation consisted mostly of sales, customer service or blue-collar workers, and this new generation can get caught up in the activities that are not the foundation of a traditional work ethic.


Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that I can make money while I am sleeping, but in no way does that make me lazy. Do I think a majority of the millennial generation are lazy? No. But I think there are far less “sales” minded millennials than previous generations.


[Note: You can free download the complete Office 365 and Office 2019 com setup Guide.]


TIP 11 for Increase Sales:


Grow Audience

Your website is online and you feel good about your offers and call to actions throughout your site. All your follow-up emails are written and your graphics team has put together some compelling ads and landing pages. You feel good about your business, offers and product or service. You are ready to take your message to the world. But where do you start?


I first begin looking at what the competition is doing, trying to break down how they are marketing, using social media and growing their email list. Yes, I have a trained eye to know what to look for, but if you start now, you will find that you too can understand what your competitors are doing and what is working in their businesses.


As always, we like to get inspiration from our competition, and we are not trying to copy our competitor's word for word. The best marketers learn this strategy to get inspiration or possibly reverse engineer sales funnels to understand how and why businesses run campaigns as they do. And you will need to find this ability inside you to take your business to the next level.


Or, perhaps you are stubborn like I was for years with my business, and I refused to run campaigns mirroring my competitors. Take my word for it — I spent far too much of my own money testing my ideas when the how-to guides to success were right in front of me in the form of my competition.


All I had to do was sign up to their email list, get their emails and buy their programs. Wow, I learned so much about my competition by purchasing their products. All of this illuminated my path towards creating an online presence for my business.


The most important factor is creating unique value for the marketplace and standing out with your best talents. Do not try to be everything to everyone, and understand that you will need to become the best at one thing, and stick with that. It has taken me years to understand what I am the best at because historically I have just been decent at everything I do.


I am a decent golfer, wakeboarder, surfer, guitar player, and so many other things that I just do decently well. But when it comes to business, decent often does not make the cut. People want to hire the best, and being the best to attract attention online.


Often my competitors attract customers through flashy cars, houses, yachts and celebrity status. But I find all that flashiness to be a little over the top. To me, I want to attract new people with my message and not with my flashiness.


So I wake up every morning and begin my process of combating mediocrity in my business by creating value and helping people in my organization to achieve their goals.


Regardless of the attraction methods you choose online, find what works for you and stick with your messaging. Your consistency will attract new business to your products and services.


The most important thing to remember is to convey that you are the best in your marketplace, and potential buyers should choose your business because… then give your best reasons.


Deliver this message with your online presence and you will have a winning formula for creating success in your business. Be humble, give back to charity and above all, be yourself. Never create an online presence that is someone else, because your audience will eventually see right through your charade.


TIP 12 for Increase Sales: 


graphic design

The first step to creating a strong online presence is branding your company with graphic design and making your brand consistent over all platforms. Understand that every social media profile is slightly different, with different size images to upload and specifications for images.


Also, the call to action buttons are slightly different on each — for example, Facebook = Like Me, Twitter = Follow Me, YouTube = Subscribe, LinkedIn = Add Me. Master the graphics for your social media and your online presence is halfway there.


In your graphics, be sure to include your main brand image, whether that is an image of you, your product or your logo. Then include a slogan or elevator pitch where a visitor can understand your purpose at a glance. I also like to consider adding a call to action right on the header graphics, such as Free Workshop on Date.


Don’t Miss Out! If you do this correctly, you will have potential buyers signing up for your email lists without a single penny being spent in your advertising budget. And often users who find you through online channels, not through advertising, will be just as likely, if not more likely to buy than your visitors that are paid through advertising.


Create your graphics for the social profiles, tighten up and brand and stay consistent with your messaging. Once your graphic designer completes the branding project, get them to start working on your daily posting content. Yes, you will need to post educational or valuable content about your business every day.


The secret here is to keep your community and audience engaged through daily content, and when I post to my page 20 times a day, I actually see a boost in engagement, sales, and overall exposure.


Stay consistent with your posting and stay on brand with your messaging. With this consistency, you will see an improvement in your advertising and organic reach of your social profiles.


Why? Because the more you post and educate your audience, the more engaged your audience will be. Also, the social media algorithms are mostly skewed towards those pages that post more regularly and have an engaged audience. You will need to find the sweet spot between just enough posting and too much and then execute.


For your business, just enough could be three posts per platform per day, while too much could be 10 posts per platform. Remember, I am posting 20 times a day, but my page is all about Facebook marketing and showing entrepreneurs what I am doing to create success in my business.


You will need to test to find what is working for your business. Note: start testing with a similar schedule as your top competitor.


TIP 13 for Increase Sales: 



The strongest social media plans begin with offline marketing. Crazy right? You would think that you start at 0 and begin online, but the strongest campaigns are also supported by your offline marketing. How is that possible?


For brick and mortar companies, leverage your foot traffic to engage in online promotions. Do not let a single customer leave your establishment without signing up for your email list, or liking you on Facebook.


Try to do this without being pushy. Add signage or include in your welcome message an offer such as, “Be sure to do [social media activity] and earn $5 your next purchase.”


Get creative and test new ideas, ask your customers what they would want and do your best to gauge what is working and what is not working. Stop activities on what doesn’t work and attempt to scale what is working in your business.


If you do not have a physical location, that is OK. Utilize your business cards to drive a result, or create a print flyer for potential customers. Handouts with calls to actions are excellent for trade shows and networking events. Be sure to have something to hand out at these events, and never miss an opportunity to add a potential customer to an email list or social media profile.


The idea is to leverage offline advertising and engagement to drive your online advertising and engagement for your business. Let’s face it, advertising can be expensive, so you need to leverage everything you can to try to ease the stress on your advertising budget.


For some of my clients, they use their offline advertising and engagement to educate the potential buyers, then when the person sees ads online, they will be more likely to take action on the first impression. With that, lowering your cost per engagement when paying for impressions. 


TIP 14 for Increase Sales: 



Your online reputation might not make you a million dollars a year, but it could cost you a million per year. Keep that in mind as you are building your company.


One of my previous clients started their business around the turn of the millennium, and for years the owner would say “as long as the credit cards keep running, what do I care what a few wackos say in some forum?” Needless to say, he should have cared more.


This client ended up being penalized from Facebook, Google, and other marketing sources because of this poor reputation and had to begin a massive campaign to thwart the negative reputation online to salvage advertising relationships to stay in business. One way or another, negative actions or comments can catch up with you.


Personally, I try my hardest to overcome negative comments from the beginning, and I never argue with my customers. If I did not meet your expectations, tell me what I have to do to make it right.


Take a similar approach to your business and do whatever you can to make it right. Perhaps the customer will never buy from you again, and perhaps you were right and the customer was wrong.


Regardless of the circumstances, rise above the pettiness and learn how you can make it right for the next customer. Take your company’s reputation seriously, and keep a pulse on what your customers are saying about your products and services.


In the past few years, Google has created an awesome free tool called Google Alerts. With this simple application, you can set up a system to track keywords and trends that are posted to Google in real time.


Meaning, if you want to track mentions about your business online, you can set up an alert to send you an email or notify you when something has been written about your business. This is just another way that Google is providing free tools to make our business easier to run and manage our online reputations by leveraging technology.



Search Engine Optimization

Find out what is working today in social media. Everything online is changing so quickly and what is working today might not be working a year from now. 


It is crazy, but we learn new things every day too! We are the experts and we supposedly already know everything already, right? Wrong. In fact, I just learned something new over the past 48 hours.


I will share with you here as an example but note that the Facebook algorithms are constantly changing, and a year from now, this tip might no longer be applicable. But honestly, I think this will be a strategy for years to come.


I started my Facebook fan page a few years ago, but I got serious about promoting on my page in 2014. During the next year, I executed a successful product launch of our Search Engine Optimization strategies.


During this product launch, I spent around $25,000 in 10 days of Facebook advertising. This ad spending shot up my engagement, likes, and sign-ups to my course and I was able to make a profit. Success!


My thoughts were to just post on my page every so often while I was working on my next product for launch later in 2015. However, when I started to post more frequently later in the year, I was noticing that Facebook was not showing my messages to my fans.


Note at this time I had over 80,000 fans on Facebook and when I posted to my page, less than 100 people were seeing my messages. This means that less than 100 people out of 80,000 were seeing anything I was posting.


I was furious. Why would I spend all this money getting people to like my page just to have Facebook’s systems decide that my content was not good enough for my audience, or that my content was not desirable?


So here there are dozens of experts saying to create content that is valuable and worth sharing, now I am spending hours creating this content and Facebook is not sharing with my audience.


It’s not like I was creating epic adventures and spending years of my life on creating the content, but what if I was, it didn’t matter no one was seeing my posts. How do I fix this problem?


Earlier this week I start posting other entrepreneur’s content to my Facebook wall, and viola - likes, comments, and shares galore. Engagement is through the roof and I have grown my engagement times ten over the last 48 hours. Here I was for months, beating myself up about the poor engagement, thinking about ditching Facebook and moving to YouTube.


But in the last ditch effort, I started posting other content that was already viral to my page, and my engagement is through the roof! That is the secret. You have to find relevant content that is already viral at the moment, meaning content that is being shared like crazy already through Facebook, then share that viral content on your wall.


Insanity! Now I have a new Facebook posting schedule, where I am scheduling 20 posts a day, and mixing in viral content that matches my message and peppering in my original content with the hopes that someone will click, like, share, comment and sign up to my offers.


Keeping in mind, I am always running paid advertising and this organic reach tip has nothing to do with the advertising that is running that I am paying for.


What I am mentioning here is my content that is not being boosted or paid for, and the content that is organically shared throughout Facebook.


I want my posts to become viral, and get to the point that I no longer have to boost posts and my posts organically get shared throughout the entrepreneurial communities without my advertising dollars needed.


Your goal might not be to become the next influencer in social media and entrepreneurship, but that has been my dream for the past 10 years. If it is your dream too, keep working at it and eventually you will build a large presence online, just like I have.


If your goal is to become the best in your industry, then this might also apply to you as well. My best advice is to stand out, get noticed and test everything. 


Consider writing a blog and leveraging speaking engagement or events to establish yourself as being on the top of your industry. Learn from your competitors, buy their products and break down what they are doing well. Understand your customers, identify with their frustrations and solve their problems.


If you are helping people, sharing your message with the world and trying to stand out with a great online presence, you should be able to make it in your business. Do not get discouraged and understand that there is always a new idea to test, track, pivot and repeat.


Do not give up, and know that you will always have the opportunity to be the next big success, just as long as you continue working at your business every day. If you quit, you fail. Guaranteed.


TIP 15 for Increase Sales: 



What would you say if I told you that so many entrepreneurs try to jump to this section, without going through all the steps that we have discussed in previous blogs?


Sure, if you can master the setup of Facebook or Google ads, you can create wealth in your business. However, it is very important to have the right plan, set up the proper web systems and create a scientific testing process for your advertising.


Advertising is an excellent way to waste money if you do not take the correct steps before moving into the advertising phase. Equally, even if you went through all the steps, setting up advertising campaigns incorrectly can leave you spending your entire ad budget in a single day.


In my 10+ years of advertising and marketing, the number one thing that I hear from existing business owners is, “we don’t use ___fill in the blank ad method___ because we tested that before and it didn’t work.” Don’t let this mindset hold you back from massive success.


Think about it this way — have you tested every possible ad, with every possible ad target and every possible landing page to try to find what works for your product and industry?


Have you exhausted every possible scenario, looking for the best way to create results through the marketplace for your business? Is the answer no? Then you have not tested everything!


For years I worked with a client who was so stubborn and would not test new things. He used to say, “I refuse to test TV ads because we tried that and it didn’t work.” Years later I finally dug up that TV ad they tested and it was horrible. The brand was completely lost, there was no call to action, no incentive to take action and the message was not clear at all.


What if I would have tested a TV ad and we saw 10 times growth in sales? What if? Instead, the client said, “people do not remember what they had for breakfast, let alone what they saw on TV.”


What is the logic in that? If your top competitor is advertising on TV, wouldn’t you ask yourself why? Why is my competitor doing better and selling more than my business? What can I do with my advertising to improve my results? How can I borrow ideas from their success to generate my success?


If you have been in business for a while, then perhaps there are instances where you have a bad taste left in your mouth from a previous campaign. This reminds me of another situation, which is really funny because the issue came back around, twice.


Let me explain: I was playing golf in a charity tournament a few years ago, and one of my golf teammates asked what I do for a living. I briefly explained that I do web development and marketing. Well, he instantly jumped into pitching his idea to me. This is something that happens all too often.


After his pitch, he asks my advice on how I would advertise this startup and considering that his business is a service that people are searching for on Google, I instantly come to the conclusion that Google is a great place to start advertising.


However, he goes on to explain how his previous marketing guy set up Google ads and accidentally did not set a low budget. 


After the marketing guy set up the ads in Google, the owner woke up the next morning to see thousands of dollars paid to Google for advertising because the budget was not set low to start. He told me that he fired the web guy, turned off Google ads and will never try Google again.


After listening to his story, I responded with, “That is tragic, and I am sorry to hear that. Perhaps we can connect later to come up with a new strategy.” Then after a few follow-ups, which he never followed up with, I gave up trying to help him. Figured that he moved on and this project was no longer a priority.


Fast forward 10 months and I had a lead come in from a referral. “Let me send over this guy’s information. He is trying to start up a new business and is having issues finding an expert like you to help out. I will send over his contact information.” Here comes an email from a familiar name, pitching a similar business that I vaguely remembered.


His email started by saying, “You come highly recommended by several people in the community, so I had to connect with you.” I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to follow up on progress.


We get on the phone to discuss and he remembers me after a few minutes. Refers to me as the ‘Google guy’ and says that he will not advertise again on Google. I never heard back from him.


Of course, I followed up a few times trying my best to help. But it is crazy to think that someone who had a bad experience with someone setting up ads incorrectly can hold back business for success in the future.


The moral of the story is to let go of your past experiences and understand that one bad test does not mean that traffic source is ineffective for your business.


I have no idea what happened to this guy’s business, but I truly hope that he was able to let go of the past and start advertising on Google again. But he needs to find an expert who cares about his money as much as he cares. Google ads can work if you know what you are doing.



TIP 19 for Increase Sales:


There are a thousand different ways to advertise your business, both online and off. Many of the ad networks are through social media companies like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Stumbled Upon, etc.


In fact, every year several new companies are launched and have different ways to connect with your potential audience. However, I highlighted in this blog my three favorite ways to market a business online. Perhaps you find success in LinkedIn ads or Twitter ads, which is awesome! Test everything to find what works!


The key to marketing success is to go where your customers are. Learn about your customers, their frustrations and what they want. Carefully craft your marketing message to deliver the pain and pleasure, solving their problems with your product or service.


Test everything you can, understand how to test using the scientific method approach to testing and have reporting set up to gauge the results of your testing efforts. Test, pivot, retest, and repeat. Never stop testing new ideas.


TIP 20 for Increase Sales:


I can’t tell you in this blog exactly what ad is going to work for your business. But I can tell you to try different ads and get creative. If everyone is testing a message like, “Learn how to set up Facebook Ads,” then maybe you should have your ad copy differ to stand out.


Here is an example idea, “Facebook ad headline that generated a 400% increase in clicks.” Perhaps that is not your focus, but see how different that title is, and I guarantee that title will get far more clicks than the first title.


Make your images stand out by using bright colors that differ from the rest of the page. Use calls to action and have a very clear offer for your potential customer. Give value and be sincere.


Do not trick your visitor or frustrate them. You have one chance to make a good first impression, and often the best first impression is education.


Educate your potential customer on what your business is, how your product helps create a solution and who your product is for. If you set up the right targeting in the ad campaign, hopefully, you reached the best audience for your product.


If you have not reached your desired results, go back to the drawing board to create a new ad test. When you are looking through your reports, find out what is working and attempt to identify what is not working. Eliminate the elements you believe are causing the test to fail and retest with your hypothesis.


Continue testing, retesting and pivoting until you find exactly what works as you are able to start drawing conclusions.


Going forward, continue to test new ad platforms and expand your reach by becoming an early adopter of new technology. The world is moving fast, and if you are always playing catch-up, then you might miss out on the opportunity.


Go to new opportunities and stay open to change. Always test new ideas and watch how your reports will change over time. Identify hours of the day, days of the week and special days in the year that perform better than others.


Focus on building a team around your advertising efforts and understand one person cannot manage an entire million-dollar business. If you have a single person managing your entire ad strategy, you are missing out on opportunities and leaving money on the table.


Expand your campaigns, budget, reach and marketing team. Pay your team well and invest in their future education for success. Attend workshops and conferences, network and make new friends. Do not operate inside a bubble.


Share your results with others and become part of mastermind groups to learn what others are doing to create success. There is an infinite opportunity for you to grow, and it is up to you on how far you are willing to go to reach your full potential.


TIP 21 for Increase Sales:


Leverage advertising applications that track, report and help optimize your ads across multiple networks. This can save you hours in your workweek and thousands of dollars in your advertising campaigns. There are dozens of these applications, so be sure to find the best technology that suits your needs.


Typically, I do not jump right into these software solutions right away. I will use the native ad platforms, like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads first, and then as my ad spend grows to over $1,000 a day or so, then I will look into the best solutions to fit my needs.


I believe one of the issues today is entrepreneurs get the shiny new object syndrome. This is where new technology would come out, and through social media, it seems to be the talk of the town, yet the solution does not necessarily fit your needs.


Stay focused on your business, and stay focused on the majority of your business. If Twitter ads are driving less than 5% of your sales, for example, do not focus too much of your time on those ads.


Focus a majority of your attention on the ads that are performing the best, and slowly continue to tweak or phase out your advertising that is not performing for your business. But test everything! Track your testing performance leveraging technology and continue to pivot until you find what is working for your business.


In all of my years in marketing, the first ads typically do not meet my expectations. Why? Well, I have very high expectations. Set your goals for your advertising campaigns high, and keep tweaking until you reach your goals.


If your systems and sales funnels are flawed, tweak your funnels and continue to come up with new creative ideas on how you can create massive results.


TIP 22 for Increase Sales: 

Previous companies I have worked with had a handful of analysts going through reports all day, looking for areas of concern and places to improve. They would report back to the CEO on their findings and spend their entire day looking for issues and trends. The CEO would then confirm the trend through cross analyzing and call up the marketing team to create solutions.


The marketing team would test an idea to fix the problem and then analyze again. For massive marketing companies, these small changes in the marketing campaigns can make a huge difference in profits.


During my years spending more than $1 million a month in advertising, I have been able to identify large gaps in reports that over time have yielded hundreds of thousands in recouped revenue. In fact, a former client’s CEO said on several occasions, “If it wasn’t for Matt, we would not be in business right now.”


I am not an amazing analyst. In fact, I am terrible at Excel. I have no idea how to set up a pivot table, nor how to merge fields or set up functions. Yet I was able to learn how to read reports and come up with a hypothesis using the scientific method for testing ideas.


The secret is to identify a trend, find an opportunity for improvement, create a strategy and execute. Then I would identify what I think will happen in the report and watch to see how it improves the numbers. If the numbers do not improve, then I test again and again.


TIP 23 for Increase Sales: 


To better understand who is doing what on your website, I leverage Infusionsoft. This powerful tool helps me understand who signs up, opens the email, clicks on emails, buys products, visits my website and takes action with my offers.


Leveraging Infusionsoft and the reports that come with the software, I am able to create a dashboard that gives me a pulse on my marketing efforts at a glance.


Also, Infusionsoft has a powerful application program interface (API) plugins and other tools that can be created custom by their marketplace partners. It is definitely a powerful tool if used correctly. So many Infusionsoft users are not fully leveraging its power as a reporting tool and marketing automation system.


For example: not only can the system send you an automated report on users who have taken actions on your site, but you can also set up the system to send marketing offers based upon different actions taken within your application.


For instance, if a user reaches a certain lead score, based upon your set scoring algorithm, that user can be moved into a new action set that sends emails with special offers.


In short, Infusionsoft is not only a CRM and marketing tool, but the system can automatically send emails and offers to your customers at the perfect time, based on their actions.


Infusionsoft is not the only software platform that does this, but it is the software solution that I will use going forward, as explained in previous blogs. This system is so widely integrated into every aspect of my business and can create reports on virtually any breakdown of who is doing what on my website.



There are dozens of software systems that offer to report, and it is up to you to find the reporting systems that work best for you.

When you look for software solutions, such as customer service, fulfillment, project management and other systems that you might implement into your company procedures, be sure to pick a solution that has excellent reporting.


Better yet, choose systems that integrate into your CRM platform. If you choose Infusionsoft as your CRM, be sure to see if the other systems have integration for Infusionsoft.


If an API is not available, consider creating a custom API or looking for a different solution. I always find what I am looking for if I look around a bit, and the people in the Infusionsoft communities are very helpful to find solutions as well.