25+ Best Marketing Strategies (2019)

Marketing Strategies

25+ Best Marketing Tips and Strategies 2019

This blog provides you with several tips and Strategies for applying your digital marketing skills in a structured and iterative fashion. You have now taken the first step towards digital marketing mastery, and pretty soon you will be able to use these skills to produce measurable results and ultimately, a return on investment.


Marketing is the sole of every business. Without marketing business will die. This blog explains 25+ best Marketing Strategies and tips that boost your sales and business in 2019. 


Create Customer Value

Customer value is the difference between what the customer gains from the product, and what he is willing to give to get it.


You have had the experience before. You buy a product and get it home. After a few hours, you start feeling that you have been ripped off. This is an example of low customer value. Your intuition makes you believe that you overpaid for the product.

Success in the market is a result of high customer value.


The Importance of Customer Value

The significance of creating high customer value cannot be overstated. Every other marketing strategy you can think of depends on it.

No one buys a product; everybody buys a benefit. Would you purchase a Plasma TV if your bedroom already has one? Probably not! Otherwise, the second one would be left to gather dust.


Customers don't want to know what your product is; they want to know what it can do for them. And if the benefits are greater than the cost, that's high customer value. It tells customers the benefits they will get from the product.


Additionally, high customer value creates repeat buys and referrals. This builds trust and brand loyalty, enabling you to sell more.


How to Increase Customer Value

Customer Value

Here are the steps you must follow:


1. Understand the needs of the customers – you can do this by conducting surveys, studying buying trends, and using other research tactics. But before you do this, you must first determine your customers.


2. Analyze competition – these are roadblocks you must overcome to reach your customers. So make it a point to know who your competitors are, what they do, how they do it, and where they do it wrong.


3. Analyze your organization – your other task is to look at your product and determine how well it fulfills your customer's needs.


4. Work on ways of improving customer value – you should now have a better picture of how your market looks. That is, you may now know where the weaknesses are so that you can improve them. Or it may be that you have discovered something your competitors don’t have or aren't doing.


In the end, what you want is a win-win situation for you and your customers. They want products that solve their problems at fair prices and you want to charge enough to make a profit. Once you achieve this balance, other online marketing strategies become easy.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO means making your website attractive to search engines. When done right, your website can rank higher in search results that would increase visits. And these are not just any visits; they represent people interested in your product.


Furthermore, higher rankings are synonymous with being an authority. And this can increase trust in your customers.


How To Start Using SEO

SEO is one complicated subject. And it's only when you get your feet in it that you realize how vast it is. But that should not stop you from knowing the basics. So here they are:


Find keywords

 keywords are an important aspect of SEO. They tell search engines what your page is about. For example, “Introduction to SEO” will notify search engines that you want to teach beginners about SEO. Without keywords, search engines cannot understand your website. Therefore, they cannot rank it.


When researching keywords, with a tool like Google's Keyword Planner, you must choose high-volume, low competition words. This may sound easy – it's a lot of work but with higher dividends when done right.


The trend is to go for long-tail keywords. These are easy to rank since they have low competition. So instead of going for “affordable hotels,” you can opt for “affordable hotels in Hong Kong.”


Produce quality content – SEO isn't about stuffing your content with keywords anymore. Those days are gone. Search engines have gotten smarter and practices to fool them will get you penalized. Better rankings will come if you produce great content. This means everything you post on your website must be helpful to people.


Improve user experience – your website must not be heavy to load. It must not put your visitors on a treasure-hunting quest; it needs to be easy to navigate. Search engines watch the friendliness of every website on the net. Those with the worst user experience don't get better rankings.


Have a mobile-friendly website – in one research, 40% of users turned to a competitor's website because the website they first visited was not mobile friendly.


The number of people accessing the internet using mobile devices has increased. So if you want to improve your ranking, a mobile-friendly site isn't something you should ignore.


Monitor your results – SEO isn't something you do once and forget. You need to monitor it. If things are not working, you should take remedial action.

Depending on your needs, you may have to hire an SEO expert. But if you are ready to get your hands dirty, then tap into the huge pool of SEO tutorials online. Just know that mastering this subject will take time and hard work.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) refers to all marketing done on social media sites. The most notable ones include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus+, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. Thanks to advancements in technology, many are now on these websites. This gives you an opportunity to get closer to your customers.


The Importance of SMM

Ignoring social media is one of the worst blunders you can make. Not only will you miss potential sales, but you will also give your competitors an edge. Here are some important points of social media marketing.


Drive traffic to your website – apart from search engines, social media sites are your next bet to increasing your website's traffic. This is important as it may...


Increase your sells – no one visits a website just because he feels like it. There is always a reason. Although some will be there just for information, some will be there to buy.


Strengthens the relationship with your customers – social media allows you to interact with consumers on a personal level.


How To Get Started With SMM

Opening an account on a social media site is easy. The hard part comes when you start building a following. But with dedication, you can do it. Here are some things to keep in mind:


Have a goal – nobody, in his right mind, begins a journey without knowing his destination. The same applies to every SMM campaign. So decide now. Do you want to increase sells? Or do you want to increase brand awareness? Your answer to this question will determine the type of content you will make for your account.


Know where your audience hangs out- you are free to open an account on every social media site in existence. Unfortunately, this will be a burden on your resources (time and money). If your business is small, you should focus on just one or two networking sites. And these must be the ones preferred by your customers.


Create great content – great content is everything on the web. So before you post anything on your social accounts, check its quality. If you find it lacking, improve it.


Have a schedule – you must have a timetable for posting content to your accounts. Inconsistency is a recipe for disaster.


Build followers organically – do not get caught up in the numbers. Ten engaged followers are better than 5,000 bought ones, who don't even know your business's name. So build your followers the traditional way.


Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

SEO is quite effective at generating traffic. Above all, it's free. The only drawback is that it takes the time to show results. So if you want traffic quickly, it may not be a good option. This is where PPC comes in.


What Is PPC?

PPC is an acronym for pay-per-click. That is, an ad with search results embedded is placed on a website and you pay for it when a user clicks it. An example is the advertisements you see in Google's search results.


At the heart of PPC is the process of bidding for keywords. Depending on the number of bidders, the price for a click may vary.


But choosing a keyword does not guarantee a ranking. Many factors are taken into account before search engines can start including your ad in the search results.


When done correctly, PPC can generate a substantial amount of targeted traffic that will result in better conversions. If you are selling something, you can make a quick profit. However, PPC can also be a graveyard if not properly planned. It's common to spend money and get nothing in return.


Tips for Successful PPC Campaigns

PPC Campaigns

Just as with SEO, you won't master PPC in a day. It takes time. But if you work hard at it, you should be running at full speed in no time. Here are things to remember:


Choose the right keywords – this cannot be overemphasized. So give it the attention it deserves. Just as with SEO, you must go for specific, high volume, low competition keywords.


These will keep the price per click low while increasing conversions. Going for words like “desks” because it has a high search volume is not smart. “Ergonomic office desks” is less competitive, making it a better option.


Write your ad properly – the words in your ad must persuade customers to click. So take the time to make them persuasive.


Focus on conversions – clicks won't make you any money. What you need are conversions. So when your ad goes live, track the number of people answering your call to action.


Monitor and adjust – don't just launch a campaign and forget about it. You must keep on tweaking things. This will increase your chances of success.


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Blogging began as a form of a personal diary. With time, people discovered that they could use these platforms profitably. Blogs are now powerful business tools and not just collections of random thoughts.


The blog is the short form of weblog. In essence, it is a special type of a website, but unlike a regular website, a blog is updated regularly. Furthermore, it is interactive giving businesses a chance for two-way communication with customers.


Why Start Blogging?

In the US, 40% of companies use a blog in their marketing campaigns. And this is no surprise, considering that companies that blog get 55% more visits than those that don't. Need more convincing on why you should have a blog? Read on.


Blogs make communicating with customers easy – you can update a blog daily. This is not the case with a website. Additionally, a blog has a commenting system for customers to talk to you.


Helps you understand your customers – apart from social media sites, a blog is another way to stay close to your customers.


Blog posts are easy to share – sharing content that is on a website is not easy. Much of it is about your product or company. But with blogs, this is not usually the case.


Good for SEO – since blogs are updated regularly, search engines love them. And this increases your traffic.


How To Start a Blog

How To Start a Blog

There are a lot of tips on the internet to get you started with blogging. Gone are the days you needed to be a programmer to develop a good website. Below are some things to help you on your blogging journey.


Determine your audience

 This will dictate the type of content you will have on your blog, so don't skimp on this step. A blog is there to serve your product, but at the same time, it must be appealing to your readers. Selling all the time won't do you any good. You must keep a balance between selling and giving readers what they want.


Monitor the competition – you must never lose sight of what the competition is up to. So bookmark all your competitors’ blogs.


Keep on making more content – it can be hard to maintain a blog, especially when it's new. However, you must still force yourself to write daily. If you can't, aim for at least three posts per week.


Remember SEO – this must be integrated into your blog. It's one of the most effective ways to increase your traffic.


Promote the blog in other channels – if you want to grow your traffic, you must advertise your blog at every chance you get. So have its URL on your business card, car, etc.


Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is tantamount to getting a spot on somebody's show. If your ideas are great, you can be a star by the end of your session.


When you guest blog, you write a post on someone else's blog. Unlike ghostwriting, the post is published in your name - this has many benefits for your business. Here are some of them:


It gives you exposure – without a name, it can be tough to gain customers in the face of competition. Guest blogging gives you a platform to show what you can do for potential customers.


It generates traffic – a great post will get people's attention. As a result, they will want to know more about you or respond to your call to action.


Great for SEO – in each post, you can put a link or two pointing to your website. These links are called “backlinks”. They are like votes for your website. The more of them you have, the better. Search engines use them to determine your rank.


It's a form of networking – aligning yourself with influencers is important in business and Internet marketing is no exception. Networking gives you knowledge about your industry and it also opens new business opportunities.


How to Get Started with Guest Blogging

Guest blogging becomes easy once you lay the groundwork. Here are tips you can follow:


Have a great blog – before you start seeking guest blogging opportunities, you should have a blog of your own. Although this is not mandatory, it makes landing opportunities easy. Other businesses will want to see what you can do before they open their doors to you.


Choose quality blogs

Even when you're desperate for customers, you must not settle for less. Guest blogging takes a lot of effort so the results must be worth it. In your quest, you should choose authority blogs. These have a lot of readers. Moreover, the backlinks you will get from them will be quality ones.


Don't be afraid to initiate contact

You should pitch your ideas to editors of blogs you want to write for. Unfortunately, contacting these people is the scariest part of guest blogging. You must know, however, that you have nothing to lose. If you do not get awarded the opportunity, you should be proud that you at least tried.


Go the extra mile – assuming you get a guest-blogging chance, which you will if you work at it, you must work hard to create a great post. You want it to get people's attention. And you also want it to make way for more guest blogging opportunities.


Promote your post – once your post is live, you must take the time to make it popular.


Respond to comments – you should respond to people's comments. This is a simple way to build a relationship with them.


Video Marketing

Video marketing is the process of using videos in your marketing campaigns. You may do this to promote products or your company. The use of video marketing has grown in recent years and technology has managed to keep up with it.


Why is Video Marketing Effective?

Video Marketing Effective

The popularity of video marketing is no accident. Here are some of the ways it can help your company:


It's great for SEO – websites that use video content achieve better rankings.

Search engines like Google have made it clear that they love videos.


Increases conversions – as said earlier, you need conversions and not just clicks. Research showed that 57% of customers are likely to buy after watching a video demonstration of a product.


The video is easy to remember – 80% of the information that is seen and heard is remembered but you only recall 20% of things you see. As for the things you hear, the percentage drops to 10. So if you want to glue information into your customer's heads, a video is your best option.


How to Get Started

Getting started with video marketing is expensive and time-consuming. You will, of course, need the obvious tools: a camera, a microphone, a pair of headphones, and lights. And you must learn to make good use of these. Here are some tips for successful video marketing:


Have a purpose – every video you make should have a purpose. Online users have so much on their plates so they don't like getting their time wasted.


Keep them short – longer videos don't always get many views on the internet so you make yours as short as possible. Proper planning before you get in front of the camera is crucial.


Free vs paid to host – you have a choice to host videos on your own for a fee or upload them on free sites like YouTube. The former directs traffic to your website and gives you more control.


But it can take a time to gain a following. The latter provides instant traffic. Unfortunately, this traffic goes to the hosting website. So you must decide what's best for your business.


You can make videos on a range of topics. Here are some suggestions:

How To – these are among the most watched videos on the net. For a start, you can show customers how to use your product.


Customer testimonials – this is something you should not miss. Blog – thinking of writing a blog, why not make a video out of it?




Here is the great news about podcasting: it was dead, and now it is back. For a business, this is an opportunity you shouldn't miss.

Podcasting is the process of releasing an audio series that customers can download from the internet. And once a person subscribes to your podcast, his computer downloads subsequent episodes automatically.


Why Go for Podcasting?

The decision to include podcasting in your marketing campaign is up to you. Here are some of the reasons that may inspire you to:


Podcasting is easier than video – let's face it, the video isn't for everyone and this is where podcasting will save you from settling for written words only.


Podcasts give people a break – consumers want to give their eyes a break. Podcasting is facilitated by the availability of computers, mobile phones, and TVs.


Podcasts are flexible – people can listen to them while doing another task. This is impossible with videos and texts.


It builds authority – by podcasting, you will secure a place in your industry as an expert. This will build trust with your customers.


How to Get Started

There are a couple of things that will ensure a successful podcast. Here they are:


Get artwork – you have heard it before: don't judge a blog by its cover. Yet we all still do it. So do yourself a favor, get artwork that is both professional and attractive.


Come up with a good name – the name of your podcast must be easy to remember and should communicate what the show is all about.


Prepare – before you begin recording, it pays to think of what you will say. So for every podcast, take a time to make an outline.


Learn to edit – this will take your work from good to better. Just don't get carried away with it. A little goes a long way.


Get the necessary tools – here is a list of what you need:

A USB microphone – for the love of Mike, stay away from your computer's built-in microphone. A USB mic is a great option; it's cheap and it produces decent results. So no excuses.


Software – there are a couple of software packages you can use. Adobe Audition, Audacity, and Garageband are some of the most popular ones.

A pair of headphones – this does not need to be super-duper.

Anything in the $50 range should be adequate. You can upgrade later.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an old-time marketer's best friend. Despite major shifts in marketing practices, it has stood the test of time.

It refers to the process of sending commercial messages to people by email. The aim is to increase brand loyalty and recognition, increase sells, inform customers about new products, and many other reasons.


Why Bother with Email Marketing?

The long-standing popularity of email marketing is proof of its effectiveness. Here are some of its benefits:


It is targeted – you can choose the group of people to get your emails based on their characteristics. Some of the determinants can be location, gender, income range, etc. This kind of targeting ensures that the message is only seen by people likely to take the necessary action.


Easy to track – other forms of advertising, like TV or radio, are hard to track.

This is not the case with email marketing.


Emails can be personalized – you can customize each email to look like it was meant for an individual - this can be more successful than sending generalized messages.


Emails are cheaper – this is among the most prominent advantages of email marketing.


How to Be Successful with Email Marketing

 Email Marketing

Just as with the other online marketing strategies, success with email marketing doesn't come easy. In the beginning, it's a lot of work, but once it's underway, things get a bit easier. However, you should not fold your arms and watch – you must monitor the results and make changes if necessary. Here are some tips you can follow:


Make your emails attractive – the heading should be attention-grabbing. Again, the colors and layout of your email must keep the reader interested. Many marketers only focus on the content of the email and not its appearance, which is a mistake.


Personalize the emails – your emails must, at least, address each reader with his or her name. This builds trust and is effective in making you achieve your goal.


Offer incentives – your readers are always busy. So if they take the time to do what you ask for, you must thank them. You can do this with a discount, a free download, or anything else they will value.


Send at the right time – timing matters if you want to get your emails opened. Mid-week, mid-day works pretty well. That is, you must send your emails on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday around 1-3pm. You can break this rule, however, if it's necessary.


Grow your list – your email marketing campaign will fall to the ground if you do not have a list. Here is how you can grow it:

Have a signup form on your website – easy to put in place but not very effective.

  • Offer free stuff and get emails in exchange, e.g. ebook downloads.
  • Ask for emails at checkout.
  • Ask for emails when a customer calls in.


Get Endorsements

Get Endorsements

The consumer's voice is becoming more important every day. In one research, 90% of buyers were influenced by positive reviews they read online. If you want success, testimonials are a goldmine you should ignore at your own risk. Great reviews will only come if your customers are satisfied. So creating high customer value is important.


How to Get Endorsements

A frustrated customer and a highly satisfied one are the only people who find it easy to review your business. Your job is to get good reviews from every part of the spectrum. Here are some tips on how you can achieve that:


Ask customers to offer reviews – the easiest way to get reviews is to ask for them. So when someone buys from you, wait for a few days before asking him to provide a review of your product. To ensure success, you must...


Make the process easy – no review is worth climbing a mountain for. An example of a hurdle is the need to register at a website before leaving a review. Instead, give your customers an option to review your business on a platform of their choice. This can be facebook, Google places, Yahoo local, etc.


Provide incentives – there is no such thing as a free lunch. If you want reviews, provide your customers an incentive for fulfilling your wishes. Free downloads and discounts are things you can think of.


Get people to try your products – this is another popular way of getting reviews. However, the customers will have to make it clear that you offered them your product to review.


Ask for honest reviews – desist from asking customers to give you positive reviews. Instead, ask them to be as honest as possible. Buying good reviews is unethical.


Thank your reviewers – the customer took his time to review your product, so why not thank him?


Resolve grievances – negative reviews can be destructive just as positive ones can be effective. So if a customer has complained about your product, do what you can to make him happy. A review from a dissatisfied customer that states how much you care is better than a bad one.


YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

How to create a Successful YouTube Channel and Make Money


Introduction to YouTube

Many thought that YouTube was a trend that wasn't going to last. But shockingly, it has grown to become one of the biggest websites on the internet. And there is evidence to support that it will continue to rise. At the moment, over 1 billion people use it.


If you are a business, ignore YouTube at your own peril. Apart from SEO, SMM, and blogging, video marketing is a trend that will be a big part of internet marketing for a foreseeable future. And current technology is making it easier for customers to consume videos than ever before.


YouTube gives your business access to more customers. And this can give you an advantage over other businesses that do not include it in their marketing campaigns.


But YouTube isn't just for businesses, individuals can use it as well. All you need is an idea of what topics you will cover and the courage to do it. And you do not even need a website to get started.


But the biggest question you may have is whether it is possible to make serious money with YouTube. And the answer is yes! However, it depends on how hard you are willing to work. If you are lazy, then YouTube is not for you.


Additionally, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme

As someone who has created several YouTube channels, I know how frustrating it can be when getting started. Much of the information on the internet is not suitable for beginners. Furthermore, it can be confusing.


In this blog, I will give you some tips on how you can have a successful YouTube channel. I will also give you tips on how you can make money with it. I'm sure you will find the blog helpful. Enjoy the reading.


YouTube Video Optimization

Over 300 hours of new videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. For viewers, this is a blessing as they have a lot to watch. For video creators, unfortunately, that statistic should raise some hair. Standing out from such a cloud will take a lot of work.


But that doesn't mean it cannot be done. Actually, if others are doing it, why should you fail? One of the strategies you can use is optimization.


What Is Optimization

What Is Optimization

When looking for something on the internet, you think of some words you can use to search for that thing in a search engine. Those words are called keywords. For example, you would type “how to bake a cake” in Google. In this case, the keyword is “how to bake a cake.”


When used in a video, the keyword informs the viewer about the content he will see. Also, since search engines can't watch a video, they rely on the keywords to understand it. This helps your video to rank in the search results that contain the keyword.


With proper optimization, you can get a lot of viewers some of which may turn into subscribers. And this would lead to an increase in your income. However, optimization isn't just about using any words. You must find the right ones in a process called keyword research. And this can be a lot of work depending on how competitive your niche is.


How Do You Find Keywords


You shouldn't wait for great keywords to land on your head like water on a rainy day. In the world of keywords, it doesn't rain every day. You should look for words with high search volumes. At the same time, these words must be relevant to your video.

Here are some tips you can follow to find good keywords:


Ask people

 You may start by asking others the words they would use if they were looking for something. Since they may not be familiar with the words you use in your industry, they will give you keywords average people would use. And you would be surprised by the results you can find with this method.


Come up with some words yourself

in addition to the words, you would get from the people you ask, you must also think of some keywords yourself.


Spy at the competition – competitors make your work difficult, but they can also simplify it. If the competitors you focus on are big, chances are that they use some of the best keywords. Looking at their titles, descriptions, and the tags is a good way to get started.


Use a keyword tool

 There are a lot of keyword tools you can use. These will give you a clear picture if the words you have chosen get enough searches to drive traffic to your channel. Some tools you can use include Wordtracker, SEO blog: We Love SEO and AdWords Keyword Planner.

You should go for keywords with a minimum of 300 searches in a search engine like Google.


How to Use Keywords

Let's assume you have found some great keywords. Still, there is one important thing you should also master – knowing how to use them. No matter how great your keywords are, if you goof on this, you won't achieve anything. Here is how you can use keywords:


Title – you must find a way to fit your keyword in this space. This is easier when the title has a couple of words.


Description – don't be lazy and make a one-sentence description like many newbies. You want your description to be of a good length. Ideally, it should be between 250-500 words. This will give you a chance to use the keywords without stuffing them. The keyword must be used 3 or 4 times.

Tags – although not very important, you must not ignore them.

Video name – you must rename your video so that it includes your main keyword.


Tips on Creating Great Videos

Creating Great Videos

Success on YouTube comes from doing a couple of things right. One such thing is giving your viewers what they want to see. 


No matter how good your keywords are, or how powerful your camera is, you will not be a big hit if your videos suck. And it won't be long before you will start looking for another way to make money.


So you must do your best to avoid filling your channel with mediocre content. Here are tips you can use:


Make a plan

I don't have to remind you that failing to prepare is preparing to fail. If you want to make a good video, you must write a plan of what you will say before you even get in front of the camera.


This will help keep your message focused. Also, you will have a chance to iron out imperfections on paper and not in the video. As if not enough, knowing what you will say will boost your confidence.


Make sure the video is relevant

 Even though people spend a lot of time on YouTube, it doesn't mean they are ready to consume garbage. So every video you post must have some benefit to them. Unfortunately, people are different; what's useful to you may not be useful to me.


To avoid that, determine your audience first. Are they women aged 20 who live in the U.K? Or are they middle-aged men interested in golf?


Once you have this, you must determine their main purpose of watching your video. You can do this by reaching out to them and asking. If you don't have the resources, follow them on social media and see the things that trouble them.


For every video you post, you must ensure that it solves the problem you identified.


Work like an expert

YouTube is no longer a platform for teenage boys with a lot of free time. If you want professional looking videos, you must work like a professional. So instead of shooting the video yourself, you may hire a videographer.


And instead of shooting in your bedroom, you can rent a studio. Although this may sound like a lot of money, you would be surprised how cheap it can be when compared to the benefits you get.


Use proper equipment

if you have to shoot the videos yourself, then you must use the right equipment. Unlike decades ago, it's now possible to find a decent camcorder in the $100 range. And if your phone has a good camera, you may also want to use that. But for the love of God, stay away from your computer's webcam.


Another thing you will want is a mic. USB microphones have also come down in price – so no excuses. And if you will be working indoors, you will need some lights.


Know how to edit

shoot your videos

 You must shoot your videos so that they won't require much post-processing. However, editing is still something you should embrace. It will give your videos a professional feel by enhancing things or correcting some mistakes.


Unfortunately, learning to edit properly takes time. But you can accelerate your progress by reading a lot on this topic and practicing at every chance you get.


Have a good title – before anyone will decide to watch your video, he will look at your title first. So you should take your time when crafting this. But don't get clever here – your title should describe the video. Good titles are short, have keywords, and still communicate what the video is about without losing the viewer's interest.


Choose a good thumbnail

along with a good title, you must ensure that you have also chosen a good thumbnail for your video. Although you are free to go with the one YouTube chooses, you will get more views with a custom thumbnail.


Even better, you can have a still image that captures the most attractive part of your video. If this was a recipe, you can have a picture of the food.


Your content should be unique – you do not need to go to mars to discover fresh ideas. Even if something has been done 100 times, there are still another 100 ways to do it differently. So decide how you can present the message in your video from a new angle.


Shoot with two cameras – in order to make your video less boring, you may want to invest in a second camera. By changing viewing angles, you will make your videos interesting.


Make a proper intro and ending – an intro is a good way to introduce viewers to your channel. Also, it puts them at ease and gives them a sense that you take your work seriously. An ending encourages them to subscribe to your channel, share, comment, or like the video.


Strategies for Growing Your Audience

If you have a lot of subscribers on your channel, making money with YouTube won't be a far-fetched dream. Every video you will upload will have people waiting to watch it.

However, to grow your audience, you don't have to only rely on search engines for optimizing your videos. Here are other ways you can use:


Upload videos regularly

Consistency is one of the strategies for getting a lot of subscribers. The funny thing is, it's so easy to understand this but difficult to practice it. However, you must still force yourself to create great content all the time. Also, you must have a schedule for when you upload videos to your channel. This will help your viewers know when to expect something new.


For fresh ideas, you can:

  • see what your competitors are doing and find something to improve
  • see the problems your audience complains about of social networks, forums, and Q&A sites
  • talk to your audience directly, just one member is enough to watch videos not related to your niche, you may get some inspiration
  • or find an idea related to your niche think of the future and how it will affect your niche


Build links to your channel

– if you have a blog with good traffic, you can make posts that are related to your videos. You would then embed the videos in the posts.


In addition, you can also embed the videos in a guest post on other sites. The more authoritative these websites are, the better. Furthermore, you can answer questions on websites like Quora, and provide a link to your video.


Ask for shares – even when viewers like your video, chances of sharing it are very low. But you can make them simply by asking. If the video entertained or informed them, they will likely respond positively to your request.


Having them share the video will carry more weight than if you do it. People trust recommendations from friends than strangers.


Let people subscribe from your website – assuming you have a website, you can let people subscribe to your YouTube channel from it. And this strategy is easy to implement as you just need to add a YouTube widget to your website.


However, this widget should be placed where it can easily be seen. Throwing it at the bottom is suicide because people don't usually get to the bottoms of web pages. Again, burying it amidst ads will be a waste of useful space.


Do cross promotion – it's normal to think of your competitors as enemies. Not only do they steal your subscribers, but they also contribute to making you go broke. However, you must remember that you are in business. A scratch on your competitor's back may get you one in return.


YouTube lets you have featured channels where you can include channels that may be useful to your subscribers. The owners of those channels may also add you as a featured channel, giving you access to some of their subscribers. This makes for a win-win situation.


Use annotations wisely

These are meant to correct mistakes in a video. Usually, these are minor mistakes that don't warrant reshooting the video. But you can use annotations as ads.


For starters, you can reinforce your call to action with these. For example, as the video is getting to the end, you can have an annotation that asks viewers to subscribe, share, comment or click a link.

Just don't get carried away in using them; a little goes a long way.


Ask for favors from your biggest fans – YouTube has a feature that lets you see your biggest fans. The keyword here is fans. They like your content and will be more than happy to help your channel reach new heights. So reach out to them and ask if they would love to promote your channel to their friends.


To make it easy for your fans, you can give them messages they should send to their friends.


Give incentives – this is a well-known strategy that can get you a lot of subscribers in no time. Who doesn't like free stuff? You can say by liking, sharing, or commenting on your video, someone will get a chance to win a gift.


However, the biggest disadvantage of this is that you will also attract other subscribers who are not interested in your content.


Create a channel trailer

A decision to watch a movie is usually influenced by a good trailer. Likewise, if you want to get a lot of subscribers, you should consider making a trailer. Every time a non-subscriber comes to your channel, he will be greeted with it. And if it's good, you can convert him into a subscriber.


Trailers showcase what you have to offer. And they make good tools for carrying your call to actions. However, you must think of duration when creating your trailer. Although there is no limit, it's common knowledge that shorter is better. Specifically, don't let it exceed 90 seconds.


Don't ignore social media

Don't ignore social media

Social networking site isn't platforms to brag about how great your last weekend was. For YouTubers, you can use these sites as serious business tools.


The best part is that a lot of people are now on social networking sites, giving you access to a wider audience. Since you are just getting started, you may be overwhelmed with the number of social networks. But you do not need to have accounts in all of them.


First, determine your audience and know the social networking sites they use. You will likely end up with a long list of websites. From this, choose the best 2 or 3 sites to focus on. This will give you a chance to have time for growing your YouTube channel while still leveraging social media.

When you have a new video, you must share it on your social accounts. And YouTube makes this process easy.


Making Money with YouTube

Making money with YouTube is no tea party. Knowing what to do is not enough. You need to apply the things you know. And this can be an uphill battle, especially for the faint-hearted.


Although there are a lot of ways you can use to make money with YouTube, some of those ways just don't work. They will waste your time and kill your morale when you see no adjustments in your account balance.


However, there are still other ways you can use. In this blog, I will show you these ways. Just be ready to give them the effort they deserve.


Sponsored Video

This is one of the most lucrative ways of making money on YouTube. Just that YouTube has recently tightened the rules on it.


With this, you need to find yourself a sponsor. Your sponsor would then pay you to feature him or his products in your videos.


If you have a lot of subscribers, you can find a wealthy sponsor capable of paying you a lot of money. Also, great negotiation skills can help land you a nice contract.


But YouTube wants a piece of the cake. So to make sponsored videos without limitations, your sponsor must buy ads from Google. Those sponsors who don't will find this strategy less rewarding.


Whatever the case, you must only sponsor brands you trust. Promoting mediocre products to your subscribers because you want money will hurt your reputation and the success of your channel.


Drive Traffic to Your Website

Drive Traffic to Your Website

This does not directly make you any money on YouTube. Instead, you work so hard providing free stuff on YouTube so you can drive people to your website. This is where your money making opportunities lie.


Assuming your website is monetized, the traffic from YouTube can make you some money. Current statistics show that over 1 billion people use YouTube. This makes it one of the greatest sources of traffic.


Do Affiliate Marketing

Do Affiliate Marketing

Another great way to make money is to focus on affiliate marketing. This means you will promote the products of companies and get a commission on each sale made. The easy part is that you don't have to go through the labor of making any products yourself.


Although the commissions are usually low, the money can add up if you have a lot of videos and viewers. When you register as an affiliate marketer, you are given a unique link. This enables the website you are working to track your earnings.


Just like with sponsored videos, you must choose the products you believe in. And this is easy since you have a whole range of products to choose from.


You can make reviews about the product, videos showing how to use it, or any kind of video you know your subscribers will like. You would then insert your affiliate link in the video.


Become a YouTube Partner

This is probably the easiest way to get started making money on YouTube. The only drawback is that it does not make a lot of money for most people. As a YouTube partner, you agree to have ads in your videos. These are placed by YouTube and you split the money made.


In order to be successful with this strategy, you need to have a lot of videos on your channel. At the same time, you also need a lot of viewers.


Promote Your Own Products

If you have a blog, software, or anything you would like to sell, you are free to use YouTube for promoting it. This is similar to affiliate marketing. The only difference is all the money belongs to you instead of getting a small piece of the cake.


Increasing YouTube Engagement

Engagement is one thing you shouldn't ignore on YouTube. Remember, this website isn't just a platform for hosting your videos; it is a community. The more you engage with others, the more fun it becomes.


But engagement isn't only important as a way of finding new friends living in another continent. It is also used by YouTube to determine your rank. Lots of likes, comments, and shares show that you have a great video. And this makes YouTube include it in search results.


So you must approach this topic seriously. Unfortunately, since your channel is just new, the handful of subscribers you have may be reluctant in engagement. This is when you must wear the hat of a true marketer. You must use tactics that increase the possibility of healthy engagement. Here are some tips you can use:


Have a personality

No one will want to establish engagement if it feels like there is a robot behind your channel. People want to interact with other people. So in your videos, try to show your human side. I know making money is serious business, but that doesn't have to take all the fun away.


For a start, you can try to be less formal. You can laugh, make jokes, show your bloopers, and anything you believe your audience will connect with. You don't have to be perfect; that is something for computers.


A common mistake is to try to be someone else. Unfortunately, your viewers will see through this and it may make you look awkward. You have to remember that there is no one like you. And this is the reason your viewers tuned in. They want to see you and your ideas.


Ask for engagement 

People need a little push to do things. Usually, no matter how great your video is, your viewers will not think of commenting on their own. So what do you have to do? Simply ask!


And there is no reason to feel like you are being desperate by doing this. Everybody does it. However, you don't just need to ask anyhow. This is your call to action, so you have to properly plan it if you want the best results.


Making a great call to action is not easy. You must tell the viewers the benefit they will get for doing what you are asking from them. For example, telling them how much you will appreciate if they will comment on your video is a good way to start. But you have to think outside the box for even better results.


Respond to Comments

Respond to Comments

 if someone comments on your video, they like your content. And the last thing you want is to not respond to such good comments. You will kill engagement faster than you think.


But if you respond, you will please your viewers. The next time you will have a new video, they will be more than happy to comment again. This will lead to a stronger relationship, which is crucial to your success. Also, by seeing the interaction on your channel, new subscribers will be willing to join in the fun.


But you shouldn't just respond to positive comments, the negatives ones also matter. Just try to be polite and never take anything seriously.


Know the Needs of Your Audience

This may seem like an off-topic addition only included to make the blog longer. But it's not. In fact, it is among the most important strategies for increasing engagement.


No one will be willing to share, like, or comment on your video if it wasn't of any benefit to him. So when making your videos, you have to think of your viewers. Determine what they want to watch.


Although you can just guess this, it's better to have a chat with a member of your audience. If that's not an option, follow them on social networks to know their problems.

And when you finish making your videos, you have to think if those videos achieve what your customers wished for.


Ask questions – your viewers may have knowledge on something you do not know. Instead of researching that thing yourself, you would just ask them to share what they know about the subject. With the right questions, you can give birth to healthy conversations.


Cover current events – this strategy is easy to implement and can give you great results. On your part, you have to be in touch with everything going on in your industry. You can do this by reading the news, following the industry leaders, attending special events, etc.


YouTube Mistakes to Avoid

If you will do something wrong a couple of times, a moment will come when you will learn how to do it right. The only drawback is that this may derail you. Additionally, if you are like others, you may give up before achieving your goal.


Since you are on YouTube to make money, you don't want mistakes to hold you back. Others have already been there so you can learn from their mistakes. This will help reduce the time it will take before you start making money on YouTube.


Having Unrealistic Expectations

New YouTubers have hyped up expectations of what success is like on YouTube. They believe that, if they have a good video, it will get lots of views and make a lot of money.


If you have that mindset too, you must slow down a little. Your work does not end when you finally upload your video. Actually, uploading your video marks the beginning of a new phase that needs even more work. Specifically, you will need to promote your video. And even then, don't think you will start making money right away. It takes time.


Focusing Too Much on Short Videos

Knowing what to include in your videos to make them valuable comes with experience. As a result, you may find that most of your videos will be shorter since you are just getting started. But such videos don't usually cut it.


To begin with, they do not give the viewer enough information to help him. For example, you cannot make a decent review of your brand new phone that lasts for 1 minute.


Secondly, search engines prefer longer videos in their search results. Searching “how to draw a cartoon character” in Google brought results that are longer than 3 minutes.


However, this doesn't mean you should include fluff just to make the video longer. Viewers won't be patient to stick till the end. And this will also hurt since YouTube uses the percentage of the video watched as an indicator of quality.


Research by Buffer Social has indicated that the ideal video length is 2 min 54 seconds. But that should not limit your creativity. You can make a video that is longer than 3 minutes as long as you have reasons to justify it. I have seen videos that are 1 hour long and still manage to get lots of views.


Neglecting Audio Quality

Most people can stand a bad video. But it's only a handful of them who will put up with bad audio. And this may seem confusing since we think of the image as being more important than the audio. But the truth is that audio also matters.


Like I said earlier, you must get a stand-alone mic. This will sound better than your camcorder's built-in microphone.


Additionally, you must record in a room that is not noisy. Closing the windows and doors should help eliminate most of the sounds outside. Also, you may want to use a pop filter to reduce popping sounds.


If you find it impossible to record audio as you shoot the video, then start with the video, and do the audio later.


Being Everything

No one will want to subscribe to your channel if it has no main theme. It could be that you have videos on sports, fashion, music, tech products, make money online tutorials, etc.

Instead, you must have a channel for every niche you want to cover. This will make it easier to reach your target audience.


Selling Too Much

Although ads can be fun to watch, the fact still remains that they suck. And the last thing viewers want is to tune into a channel only to be bombarded with lots of advertisements.


You are free to sell as much as you want, but try to keep a balance between selling and giving your customers what they want. If you don't sell too much, you will find it easy to win the loyalty of your customers. And this will help you make more money.


Editing Too Much

Excessive editing screams “amateur work.” No amount of post processing will make your video great if it is bad in the first place. So you must focus on getting a good video when shooting. This will eliminate the need for too much editing.


There is a breed of YouTubers that just can't keep their hands from the mouse. They add so many effects to the video that instead of watching it, you are left wondering if all this was necessary.


Here is a rule you should always remember – the only edit if you know what you are doing, will enhance your video.



Success on YouTube does not come easy. You will need to work very hard. That is, you must be on the hunt for new ideas and do your best to produce great videos every time. Furthermore, you must not forget to promote your channel. Although you can make money with YouTube, it won't happen overnight. So be patient and don't lose hope.


You must also keep on learning. You may do this by being friends with fellow YouTubers; they may know something you don't. Additionally, the internet provides most of the things you may need to know about YouTube, so make full use of it.


You don't have to wait till you are perfect to become a YouTuber. You will learn the other things you don't know along the way. So get started today. I wish you luck in your quest for making money with YouTube.