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Earn Money By Selling your

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Seven Steps for Earning online

Step1 Register

  1. Create your profile onto Thesis Scientist by registering yourself.
  2. Then, login into your account.

Step2 Upload Document

  1. After login into your account click on "Upload", choose your file and then click on "Start Upload"
  2. Document can be of type: pdf, doc, docx, txt, ppt, pptx, jpeg, png etc.

Step3: Add Document Details

  1. Fill the required details of the document such as title, description, cost etc.
  2. Click on submit.

Step 4: Add Wallet for Receiving Payments.

You have to receive your payment via different modes:
  1. PayPal: by entering your PayPal email id.
  2. Various payment Wallets: Paytm, Ola money, Mobikwik, Paylo, Citrus wallet, Oxygen, Freecharge, buddy, Airtel Payment Bank, PayUMoney.
  3. Internet Banking.

Step5: Final Check

  1. Our team will verify your document.
  2. Notifies you within 1-3 working days, about the final upload status.

Step6: Earn Profit

The buyers buy our document and the profit regarding the document will go into your wallet.

Step7: Redeem Your Earned Money

Finally, you are all set to redeem your earned money from your wallet.

For Example

Customer pays: 100

Transaction Fee 3% ( 3) + Service Tax 15% ( 15)= 18

Cost of document for you: Total cost( 100) - total charges (18) = 82

Profit Received or What you get in your Wallet: 50% of 82 = 41