How to share your Story

When we pay attention to the story elements it helps us to learn all we can about a story.and how to share your story with others | download free pdf
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Published Date:29-06-2017
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What are story elements? Story elements are the important parts of a story. When we pay attention to the story elements it helps us to learn all we can about a story.There are five story elements characters setting problem solution moral or theme Images from Microsoft clipartLet’s look at each element to learn about it.Characters Characters are the people in the story.Characters They can also be objects that act like people. Characters can also be animals. Examples of Character • From Cinderella Step Cinderella sisters Fairy The prince godmotherSetting The setting is where and when the story takes place.Where the story takes place Cottage in the Enchanted forest woods jungle Big City farmWhen the story takes place Long Ago In the future NowProblem The problem is the situation that the characters are facing in the story.Problems in Stories Solving a mystery fears Being poor Getting in trouble facing evilSolution The solution is how the characters solve their problem.Solutions in Stories Doing the Going to right the ball thing Finishing the task Catching the Facing your bad person fearsMoral or Theme The moral or theme is the idea that the runs through the story. It often teaches a lessonExamples of Themes and Morals Dreams can come true True love Hard work pays off conquers all Good defeats evil Be true to yourselfNow that you know the 5 story elements: characters, setting, problem, solution, and theme, don’t forget to look for them when you read. Happy readingReferences • Images on slides 1,2,3,4,8,11,13,17, the prince on slide 7 and the witch on slide 12 are from Microsoft Office Clip Art © 2006 Microsoft Corporation • Images on slides 5 and 6 courtesy of Frances Palmateer • All other images from Print Master Platinum 18.1 by Broderbund ©2010 Encore Software, Inc.