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Investor Presentation for company

Investor Presentation for company 26
OnDemand Insurance Solutions INVESTOR PRESENTATION 1 Ebix Way Johns Creek GA 30097 Phone (678) 281 2020 DISCLAIMER This Investor Presentation has been prepared by Ebix, Inc. (“Ebix”) for investors, solely for informational purposes. The information contained herein has been prepared to assist prospective investors in making their own evaluation of the Company and does not purport to be allinclusive or to contain all of the information a prospective or existing investor may desire. In all cases, interested parties should conduct their own investigation and analysis of the Company and the data set forth in this information. Ebix makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of this information and shall not have any liability for any representations (expressed or implied) regarding information contained in, or for any omissions from, this information or any other written or oral communications transmitted to the recipient in the course of its evaluation of the Company. This Information includes certain statements and estimates provided by the Company with respect to the projected future performance of the Company. Such statements, estimates and projections reflect various assumptions by management concerning possible anticipated results, which assumptions may or may not be correct. No representations are made as to the accuracy of such statements, estimates or projections. Prospective investors will be expected to have conducted their own due diligence investigation regarding these and all other matters pertinent to investment in the Company. This presentation may contain statements that are not historical facts, referred to as “forward looking statements.” The corporation’s actual future results may differ materially from those suggested by such statements, depending on various factors including those described in filings made with the SEC. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND GROWTH PLATFORM EBIX MISSION Ebix goal is to be the largest insurance software services player in the world. CONVERGENCE The company’s technology vision is to focus on convergence of all insurance channels, processes and entities in a manner that data can seamlessly flow once a data entry has been made. The company intends to do that by designing products and services that are pioneering and at least a few years ahead of its competition. The company believes that profitability and revenue growth must go hand in hand. With no competitors who can match the completeness of its vision or its distinct advantages, Ebix is ideally positioned to seize an enormous “green field” opportunity. Continually cited for the high quality of its offering, Ebix has built an outstanding reputation among a large, impressive customer base. With a strong recurring, Software as a Service model, Ebix is positioned to be a leading player in the Global insurance software industry ABOUT EBIX Founded in 1976 Ebix, Inc. is listed on the NASDAQ Global Market is a part of the Russell 2000 Index, Standard Poor's Small Cap 600 GICS Application Software SubIndustry Index and Dow Jones Internet Services Index and Dow Jones Internet Composite Index. A leading international supplier of OnDemand software and Ecommerce services to the insurance, financial, egovernance and healthcare industries, Ebix, Inc. provides endtoend onDemand solutions ranging from infrastructure exchanges, front end back end enterprise systems, outsourced administrative custom software development solutions, and risk compliance solutions for various entities involved in these industries. Run by an Indian Entrepreneur Robin Raina who serves as Chairman of the Board, president CEO of the company since 2001, the Company has 11 offices in India since 2001 with an employee base of approximately 2,000 staff members. India serves as the design and intellectual center of the Company’s operations since 2001. The Company has also made deep inroads in the charity sector in India through its CSR initiatives across the length and breadth of the country. (please see enclosed profile of Ebix CEO Robin Raina). With 40+ offices across Brazil, Singapore, Australia, the US, UK, New Zealand, India and Canada, and a market capitalization of approximately 2 Billion, Ebix powers multiple exchanges across the world in the field of life, finance, health and property casualty insurance while conducting in excess of 100 billion in insurance premiums annually on its platforms. Through its various SaaSbased software platforms, Ebix employs hundreds of insurance and technology professionals to provide products, support and consultancy to thousands of customers on six continents. For more information, visit the Company's website at Ebix provides end to end solutions ranging from infrastructure exchanges, carrier systems, agency systems and Risk Compliance services to custom software development for all entities involved in the insurance and financial industries. The Company’s technology vision is to focus on convergence of all channels, processes and entities in any functional channel area, so that data can seamlessly flow once a data entry has been made. With a recurring revenue base of approx. 80, Ebix strives to work collaboratively with clients to develop innovative technology strategies and solutions that address specific business challenges. Ebix’s focus on quality has enabled its development unit in India to be awarded Level 5 status of the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI). With a \ ISO 27001security certification, the Company also has a ISO 9001:2000 certification for both its development and BPO units in India. Its vast customer base includes hundreds of banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and hundreds of thousands of brokers, in addition to 80 of the Fortune 500 corporate clients. This includes an impressive bluechip account base consisting of the world’s largest and most respected financial institutions, banks and insurance companies. In 2012 Ebix was ranked as the 6th Fastest Growing Technology Company in America by Forbes Magazine. Ebix was also ranked 4th Fastest Growing Technology Company in 2011 by FORTUNE. ABOUT EBIX The Company has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, while having 45+ offices across the world in countries like Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, U.K and India. Through its various SaaS based software platforms, Ebix employs 3,500+ professionals providing products, support and consultancy to thousands of customers on six continents across 60+ countries. A  few  more  summary  facts  about  Ebix   •  Market capitalization of 2 Billion approximately •  Largest insurance exchange in the world •  The client base includes 80 of the Fortune 500 clients •  The Company has a 99 plus customer retention rate across the world •  The Company has a proven high Growth and Profitable Recurring •  Ebix’s exchanges power transactions between hundreds of Revenue Model with 80 plus recurring revenues. thousands of brokers and insurance companies   •  Strong Balance sheet and an 18 year history of consistent •  Ebix runs over 22 million compliant life policy illustrations and over profitability, cash growth and revenue growth 40 million life insurance quotes annually   •  A client base spread across 60 + countries with hundreds of •  Ebix’s Financial exchange powers more than 50 billion in Annuity thousands of users using its platforms and exchanges premiums annually in the United States   •  Hundreds of thousands of users of its insurance, financial and •  Ebix Exchange in Australia powers most of the electronic property healthcare exchanges casualty insurance transactions   •  Strong presence and roots in India spread across 11 offices with •  Ebix’s OnDemand CRM solution is used by 125,000 plus users in approximately 2,000 employees the United States alone   •  Ebix’s centers in India have Carnegie Mellon’s highest CMMI 5 •  Ebix systems tend to be multilingual, multicurrency and work in rating and that establishes the quality of Ebix’s operations to any of French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi and its prospective customers English •  Ebix has a strong clientele of financial institutions, banks, insurance •  All worldwide intellectual property and development is led by its companies, insurance brokers, healthcare professionals across the India staff world besides having a reputed client base in India including Indian Govt., Indian public and private sector, hospitals, insurance companies, brokers etc. as clients SUMMARY HIGHLIGHTS Industry Leadership Opportunity Large, Impressive Client High Growth and Profitable by Leveraging Ebix’s Strong Base for Expansion and Recurring Revenue Model. 1 2 3 Market Presence. Crossselling. The U.S. insurance IT market is a highly Ebix’s outstanding reputation with a large With approx. 80 of its revenue generated from fragmented 60 billion industry. Ebix’s innovative customer base and community of recurring sources, derived from a 99 exchange strategy and its global reach positions insurance professionals offers tremendous plus customer retention rate, Ebix has a solid it as a possible leader in the worldwide insurance expansion and crossselling opportunities to revenue base to build a high degree of visibility exchange markets accelerate an already very strong market to its growth and future revenues. position. Consistency of Performance. Operating Margins Q1 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 Annualized 37   37   34   Revenues in million 316.4 298.3 265.5 214.3 204.7 199.4 33   32   Growth of Q1 2017 annualized 6 19 48 55 59 over other years Net Income in million Q1 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 105.7 93.8 79.5 63.6 59.3 70.6 Growth of Q1 2017 annualized 35 13 33 66 78 50 over other years 33 32 32 Diluted EPS in 3.31 2.86 2.28 1.67 1.53 1.8 Growth of Q1 2017 annualized 16 45 98 116 83 over other years Q1 2017 Q4 2016 Q3 2016 Q2 2016 Q1 2017 results have been annualized for presentation purposes. These numbers are GAAP numbers. SUMMARY HIGHLIGHTS Unique Differentiation Enhances Ebix’s Leadership Opportunity Ebix’s exchanges power transactions Ebix provides a multinational between hundreds of thousands of broker or carrier a common code brokers and insurance companies. base worldwide, unlike any other software player in the insurance Ebix runs over 22 million compliant life policy industry that addresses these illustrations and over 40 million life insurance markets. quotes annually. Ebix’s annuity exchange powers in excess of 50 billion in premiums annually in the United States. Ebix Ebix systems are multilingual, multicurrency Exchange in Australia powers the majority of the electronic property and work in French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and casualty insurance transactions. Ebix’s OnDemand CRM solution is used English. by 125,000 plus users in the United States alone. With the aggregation of a large community of insurance companies and brokers on its exchanges, Ebix is seen as a vehicle to insurance markets by these entities. Companies not using Ebix exchanges risk losing access to the aggregated markets that Ebix could offer them access to. With fully owned offshore facilities in India, Ebix has the ability to reduce the cost structure of acquired companies and increase Experienced Executive Management their efficiency. Team with Domain Expertise and Industry Recognition. Ebix’s centers in India have Carnegie Mellon’s highest CMMI 5 rating and that establishes the Ebix’s team includes subject matter and quality of Ebix’s operations to any of its prospective customers. domain experts with a deep understanding of the insurance industry spanning a thousands of years of experience amongst them. Its infrastructure and experienced executive management team is highly capable of sustaining its leadership and developing Ebix into an even larger organization. GLOBAL FOOTPRINT Our markets and our clients cross geographic boundaries. Ebix employs hundreds of insurance technology professionals providing products, support and consultancy to thousands of customers on six continents across 50+ countries through 40+ offices. Canada United Kingdom United States India UAE Singapore Brazil Australia New Zealand FINANCIAL SNAPSHOT THE JOURNEY TILL NOW • In 1999 Ebix had 19.0 million in Net Losses. • In 2016 Ebix had 93.8 million of Net Income. 120 105.71 100 93.85 79.53 80 71.37 70.57 63.55 59.00 59.27 60 38.80 40 27.31 20 12.70 6.00 4.30 (19) 2.60 (11) 1.70 0.10 0.50 0 2001 2002 2004 2006 2007 2003 2005 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Q1 Annualized 2000 (20) 1999 (40) CONSISTENT GROWTH AND PROFITABILITY Revenue  (in  millions)   Net  Income  (in  millions)   Diluted  EPS   316.41 298.29 265.48 214.32 204.71 199.37 168.97 132.19 105.71 93.85 79.53 71.37 70.57 63.55 59.27 59.00 1.80 2.28 1.75 1.67 1.53 3.31 1.51 2.86 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 YTD 2017 Q1 Annualized CAGR calculated using 2009 as the base period through 2016 Revenue CAGR – 17 Net Income CAGR – 13 EPS CAGR – 16 RECURRING REVENUE STREAMS WITH CONSISTENT GROWTH AND PROFITABILITY • Stable, predictable base of recurring revenues • Approximately 80 in recurring revenue streams • Scaling ondemand model of with 30 40 operating margin levels 298.29 265.48 Sales (in millions) Operating Margins 214.32 204.71 199.37 168.97 132.19 41 40 39 37 37 34 33 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Revenue Growth Operating Margins RECURRING REVENUE STREAMS WITH CONSISTENT GROWTH AND PROFITABILITY 93.85 Net Income (in millions) 79.53 Diluted EPS 71.40 70.60 63.55 59.27 59.00 2.86 2.28 1.80 1.75 1.67 1.53 1.51 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 EBIX Net Income Growth Diluted EPS OPERATING INCOME Combined Operating Income from 20102016 = 542 Million 100.3 Operating Income (in millions) 88.7 79.7 77.0 75.0 68.7 52.5 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 RECURRING INCOME STREAMS WITH CONSISTENT MARGINS Net Income (in millions) 26.4 Operating Margins 24.6 24.1 23.0 22.2 21.9 20.2 37 35 35 33 33 32 32 Q315 Q415 Q116 Q216 Q316 Q416 Q117 EBIX Operating Margins Net Income Growth BALANCE SHEET METRICS Healthy Balance Sheet 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Net Debt/(Net Cash) 21.9 44.4 (0.6) 69.4 148.4 155.6 (millions) Current Ratio 1.28 1.44 1.54 1.49 2.28 2.34 Cash Balance (millions) +Shortterm 25.2 37.4 57.5 52.6 58.7 117.2 investments Working Capital 14.0 25.0 35.7 34.1 65.6 120.2 (millions) Debt to equity ratio 0.15 0.22 0.14 0.28 0.51 0.64 INDUSTRY AND MARKET OVERVIEW INDUSTRY AND MARKET OVERVIEW EBIX’s footprint addresses the most strategic needs in the insurance industry Life and Annuity 4 Property Casualty (PC) 1 • OnDemand straight through processing solutions for Life • Enterprise Solutions for Carriers, Brokers, Agents, MGA’s, TPA’s Insurance and Wealth management sectors • Backoffice Administration Systems • New business to claims including reinsurance and commission • Broker/Agency Management processing • CRM • Enterprisewide innovation to the front and back office • Research, Quoting, Underwriting operations of financial services • Policy Production • Enterprise CRM Solutions • Accounting • Agency Management • Claims Processing • Research, Quote and Illustrate • Insurance Certificate Creation/Management • eApp Exchange, Requirements Management, Case Management, Underwriting, App. Submission, Compensation Health Exchanges Health Content/ELearning 2 Management, Agent Portals • Policy Administration • eSignature • Claims Administration • Policy Delivery • Agency Management – CRM, Advisor Tools • Post Issue Policy Servicing • Web Portals – Brokers, Employers, Consumers • Online Quoting Software Development Services 5 • Online Enrollment • Custom Product Development • Medical Management • Strategic Consulting • Analytics Reporting • Business Process Management • Consumer Patient Healthcare Information • Systems Integration • ELearning, MLearning • IT Outsourcing • CME • EGovernance • Telemedicine Risk Compliance Solutions 6 Risk Management 3 • Insurance Certificate Creation Issuance • Managers, Claims Administrators, TPAs, Healthcare, Carriers and • Certificate Tracking Safety Professionals • Backoffice Compliance • Worker’s Compensation Injury Reporting Service • Claims Validation • Claims Management and Compliance • Claims Processing • Incident and Loss Notice Reporting • Health Enrollment Services • Managed Care Tracking • Health – Claims Adjudication • Loss and Risk Analysis • Reinsurance EBIX’S INSURANCE INDUSTRY OFFERINGS PC Broker Systems EXCHANGES RISK COMPLIANCE SOLUTIONS PC Insurance Company Backend Systems EXCHANGE CHANNEL VERTICAL Multiple exchanges across the world in the fields of life, annuity, health, property casualty insurance conducting in excess of 100 billion in insurance premiums. Customer Relationship Management Annuities Health Benefits Property Casualty Life Insurance Risk Mgmt. Workers Compensation 12   17   33   28   9   1   Ebix Vertical Exchange Channel Revenue Split in 2016 REVENUE DRIVERS NEW GROWTH INITIATIVES EXCHANGES CONTINUE TO GROW WITH RECURRING REVENUE STREAMS Risk Management Workers 1 Carrier Systems Broker Systems 5 1 Compensation PC 28 RCS Life and Annuities Exchanges 25 38 69 Health 33 Revenue by Channel Exchange Channel Revenue Transaction 12 International 26 63 Subscription 74 25 Professional United States Services Revenue Source Revenue by Geography PERCENTAGE OF TOTAL REVENUE EBIX’S REVENUE DRIVERS Q1 2017 72 YTD 67 The Insurance Exchange Channel PC EXCHANGE (NZ/AUS) Illustration Exchange (WinFlex) ENTERPRISE LIFE REINSURANCE EXCHANGE (USA) EXCHANGE OnDemand CRM (SmartOffice) Order Entry RISK/CLAIMS Exchange EXCHANGE (USA) (LifeSpeed) ANNUITY EXCHANGE (USA) Order Entry HEALTH Exchange HEALTH INFORMATION EMPLOYEE EXCHANGE WORKERS COMP BENEFITS EXCHANGE (USA) EXCHANGE Servicing (USA) Portability Exchange Exchange • Multiple exchanges across the world in the fields of life, annuity, health and property casualty insurance, conducting in excess of 100 billion in insurance premiums. • Enterprisewide administration system used by hundreds of brokers, thousands of employers and millions of employees. • Annuity Exchange, namely AnnuityNet on an average processes 50 Billion in premiums each year • Ebix runs over 22 million compliant life policy illustrations and over 40 million life insurance quotes annually. • A defacto standard in the Australian Markets. 7 million quotes per year. • Majority of the electronic transactions in the property casualty sector in Australia. • Launching new services such as servicing of Annuities, portability of annuity policies, Ebix Enterprise etc. More than hundred thousand brokers, 100 plus toprated Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions and many of the largest Multinational Banks are Ebix clients AIRPORTS AS TO THE BUSINESS OF TRAVEL EBIX HOW THE BUSINESS OF INSURANCE IS TRANSACTED EBIX’S REVENUE DRIVERS EXCHANGE Life Exchange LIFESPEED Pending Cases Status WINFLEX WEB Paramed Exam Order Pending Cases Status eApp Submission eApp (Data Forms) Sales Illustration (Multiple Carriers) Life Carrier 1 Pending Cases Status eApp (Data Forms) Client Agent Pending Cases Status eApp Review Approve Sales Illustration SMARTOFFICE WINFLEX WEB (Multiple Carriers) Life Carrier 2 PARAMED EXAM ORDER Pending Cases Status eApp (Data Forms) General Agent Service Provider Life Carrier 3 Life Insurance Straight Through Processing LIFE INSURANCE NEW BUSINESS PROCESS Agent calls Brokerage General Agent (BGA) requesting a Sales Illustration for client. BGA logs in a request into SmartOffice which passes the information to Winflex Web to run a Sales 1 Illustrations covering multiple carriers. Sales Illustration is delivered to Agent via the BGA website. Agent logs into Winflex Web through the BGA website and shows Sales Illustration to Client. Agent can launch LifeSpeed and pass client and coverage data to the LifeSpeed 2 eApplication. Agent completes eApplication in LifeSpeed and asks the client to eSign the forms. Upon submission of the application by the Agent, the BGA is notified to review and approve the application. A Case is created automatically in SmartOffice and a Paramed 3 Order request is sent via EbixExchange to the Service Provider. BGA reviews eApp in LifeSpeed and clicks “Approve”. Data and forms are sent in good 4 order via EbixExchange to the Life Insurance Carrier. Life Insurance Carrier sends pending case status, during the underwriting process, to EbixExchange. EbixExchange passes the 5 pending case status into SmartOffice for the BGA and into LifeSpeed for the Agent. EBIX’S REVENUE DRIVERS EXCHANGE Annuity Exchange eApp Transmission Money Settlement To Carriers Carrier 1 Product Data Forms Policy Values eApp Depository Trust Clearing Corp Transmission Multicarrier Product Selection Brokerage Account Prefill eApp Submission Funds Check Compliance Review Product Data Forms Carrier 2 Policy Values ANNUITYNET Client Financial Advisor Product Data Forms Policy Values Carrier 3 Annuity Straight Through Processing ANNUITY NEW BUSINESS PROCESS Financial Advisor (FA) logs into Broker Dealer system and accesses Brokerage Account. FA can directly launch into AnnuityNet and pass client and agent data to AnnuityNet Order Entry Wizard. FA selects the desired Carrier from MultiCarrier list, selects a Product, then completes an eApplication in AnnuityNet and “Submits” the transaction. Transaction is routed to the designated Broker Dealer for a full fledged review (Branch Manager review, Compliance Review, Operational Review etc) and then released for electronic transmission. AnnuityNet transmits data to Depository Trust Clearing Corporation for money settlement. Depository Trust Clearing Corporation transmits the information to the Insurance Carrier for policy issuance. EBIX’S REVENUE DRIVERS EXCHANGE Synergies eApp Submission CRM AMS LifeSpeed SmartOffice AnnuityNet Research Illustration Producer Manufacturer Distributor Carrier WinFlex VitalSalesSuite INSURANCE INVESTMENT DATA DELIVERY EbixExchange Straight Through Processing EBIX’S REVENUE DRIVERS EXCHANGE The only endtoend comprehensive exchange trusted by thousands of carriers, third party administrators, brokers, employers consumers, designed to address the specific needs across the Healthcare service value chain. Claims Encounter Processing Policy/Benefits Administration SaaS based Healthcare Benefits and Workers Compensation Administration Claims Management Employee Benefits Risk Management Multiple Benefit Lines : Integrated Flexible Benefits Administration Medical, Dental, Vision, Specialty, FSA, Integrated ‘Web’ ‘Voiceenabled’ Benefits Communication HRA, HSA Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) STD, LTD, Group Life / ADD, COBRA Optical Imaging/IOCR Full Accounting and Premium Billing HIPAA Compliant Solutions Electronic imaging/workflow COBRA Administration System Reinsurance Case Management System Analysis Reporting Financial Services Online Quoting Multimedia Encyclopaedia Care Guides Cost Care Guide Agency management Interactive Decision Tools Health News Real Value Statement CRM/Sales Automation Health Risk Assessments Mobile Technologies Dependent Audits Advisor Tools Wellness Calculators Marketing Technologies NurseLine Enrolment Services Drug Tools ELearning, MLearning Employee Assistance Health Wellness Exam Scheduling Program (EAP) Recommendation Tools 9 Million Insured Lives, used by Top carriers 3 of the Top 10 TPAs in the US International Cross Selling Opportunity NEW GROWTH INITIATIVES EXCHANGE A.D.A.M. Annuity Portability OnDemand Annuity Servicing Exchange PC Exchanges in US Exchange Brazil (Pricing, multiquoting, underwriting, contract binding, reinsurance placements etc.) Ebix Enterprise ePolicy Delivery Mobile Utility Smart Office (endtoend underwriting/ in Life Initiatives Anywhere accounting/B2B for Health) NEW GROWTH INITIATIVES EXCHANGE Workers Compensation/Risk/Claims Exchange • OnDemand Worker’s Compensation • OnDemand Risk Management and • OnDemand Medical Care Management Injury Reporting Service for Workers Claims Administration Compensation Claim submission • Comprehensive Case Management • RMIS solution for Risk Managers, Claims Solution • Multiple report formats, including the most Administrators, SelfInsured and Insurance uptodate IAIABC industry formats for filing • Entire Medical and related administrative Organizations, and Work Comp, Healthcare workers' compensation claims processes from inception of medical and Safety Managers episode through case closure •Worker's compensation reports both • Business intelligence and adhoc electronically and on paper according to • Fully integrated with the full suite of reporting individual state requirements and Claims Harbor solutions to meet entire specifications • Regression analysis and predictive claims processing, reporting, payment and analytics modeling for indepth loss and risk workflow needs • Quick and easy customized management analysis and OSHA 300 reports • RVIQ rules engine Servicing 450+ Customers within 40 Insurance Companies and a few hundred Risk Departments PERCENTAGE OF TOTAL REVENUE 21 Q1 2017 YTD 28 EBIX’S REVENUE DRIVERS EXCHANGE Certificate Exchange Risk Compliance Solutions Management Full services to help service, reduce uninsured outsourced solution exposure and for issuing, tracking improve corporate and managing control Certificates of Insurance Single largest provider of this service in Endtoend the world services for issuing, soliciting, validating Services and electronic offered to more than storage of the 1,000 organizations certificates across 26 different industries Data Entry handled in Ebix India for improved Cost Management PERCENTAGE OF TOTAL REVENUE EBIX’S REVENUE DRIVERS Q1 2017 YTD 1 Carrier Channel Client server based, endtoend, backend system to automate an insurance Ecommerce, company’s entire dot net based, business Policy endtoend, backend processing / Claims system to automate administration / Sales an insurance Policy Management / company’s entire processing / Underwriting / Rating / business Claims administration General Ledger / / Sales Management Exchanging data / Underwriting / Rating etc. etc. Built inhouse, deployed in US Presently and Europe being developed in Latin America on cloud basis 69 Insurance companies across United States and Europe use these products PERCENTAGE OF TOTAL REVENUE 5 EBIX’S REVENUE DRIVERS Q1 2017 YTD 5 The Insurance Broker Channel • Fully integrated modules that support all • Ecommercebased, endtoend, backend • Comprehensive ecommerce enabled business phases of the business process including system to automate a broker’s entire system designed for General Insurance Quotations, Policies, Placing, Invoicing, business Intermediaries Insurance Intermediaries Accounting, Claims Analytics • Policy processing/Claims administration/ • Used by over 5,000 users across 600 • Multicountry, multicurrency and multi Sales Management/ Underwriting/Rating businesses in Australia lingual etc. • Interfaces with Ebix Exchange, Online quoting • Built inhouse, deployed across United and all of the major premium funding applications States • Seamless integration to electronic trading platforms, Premium Funding systems, Banks, Payment Gateways and Document Management Systems Many of the world’s top Brokers use Ebix’s Broker systems ACQUISITIONS Looking at Constantly Marketplace domestic and Evaluating remains robust International companies exchanges SaaS and Operating Cloud based Immediately Margins that solutions in our core Accretive to can reach 40 verticals of Life, earnings within 6 months Health, Annuities Expands of acquisition and PC our sales reach CRITERIA High Cash Flow generation Usually Low Structure Customer Adds to our 75 or acquisitions with Attrition Customer base more of Complements an Earnout rates Recurring our existing feature revenue product base UNDERSTANDING OF COMPETITIVE EDGE The Secret Mantra COST PRICE SELLING PRICE KEY COMPANY GOALS Operating Margins of 40 On Demand SaaS recurring or more revenue streams SUMMARY Large First mover Minimal Untapped advantage in Customer Market our markets attrition potential Approximately Sustainable 80 plus 40 operating Recurring margins revenues Chairman Strong free Minimal owns 10 of cash flow debt generation the company Thank You
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