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Tips How to Create Great Podcast

Podcasts are changing the way of consuming content. More than 48 million of people listen to podcast monthly. how to create a podcast blog and also how to create a podcast channel on itunes | Download free ppt
Tips How To Create Great Podcast About Podcast • A Digital Audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device. • It typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.Why Podcast Different Of Others • Podcasts are changing the way of consuming content. • More than 48 million of people listen to podcast monthly.Variant Of Podcast • Enhanced podcasts: It can display images synchronized with audio. • Podcast novels: It is a literary format that combines the concepts of a podcast and an audio book, Like a traditional novel.Continued….. • Video podcasts: A video podcast (sometimes shortened to "vodcast") includes video clips. Web television series are often distributed as video podcasts. • Oggcast: An oggcast is a podcast recorded and distributed exclusively in the Ogg vorbis audio codec or other similarly free codecs.Continued….. • Political podcast: focuses on current events, lasts usually a half hour to an hour, often with a relaxed and conversational tone, and features journalists and politicians and pollsters and writers and others with credentials in the public sphere.More than 90 person use Super Wealthy (approx social media. every person have household income more..) Highly educated person those complete their graduation More than 60 person listen on Marketers Dream mobile Establish A Workflow Ready Make A Edit and for Recording write to Research Schedule the post SubjectThings that should be kept in mind before writing podcast • Pick a good podcast format. • Interview style allow you to leverage influencers to build the audiences.Continued…. • Solo talking head style is also good. In it one person talking before mike and the content can be news related tutorial any thing.Continued…Continued… • Video format is a great way to create a relationship with your listeners. • Prepare For Your Podcast. • Invite your guestFor Good Sound • Use good quality microphone • Get a pop filter • Grab some head phones • Consider a mixer • Record in a quite placeFor A Good Launch • Give yourself time to crush it. • Try a pre launch • Spend at least 70 on promotion Make plan for launch Share Make Create their them those plan expertise successfulDo analytic experiments daily “Think Broad, Never Slow Down”You can find us at
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