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2016 CONTENT MARKETING PLAYBOOK SHOOT, SCORE, AND WIN WITH 24 EPIC CONTENT IDEASPLAY TO WIN If you want your content marketing to take your business closer to its goals, it helps to have a game plan – a strategic selection of plays you can rely on to help you beat the competition and score points with your target audience. Each year, our Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends research reveals which tactics marketers are currently using. And while it’s clear that certain platforms and plays are likely to cycle in and out of popularity over time, we’ve noticed an alarmingly consistent trend that seems to impact nearly all of them: Content marketers are experiencing a large gap between using a tactic and getting eective r ff esults from it. Our newest Playbook aims to help all content marketers better understand the value proposition of content marketing tactics and achieve greater success with their eorts. On the f ff ollowing pages, you’ll find: ▶ Descriptions of 24 popular content marketing tactics ▶ The latest stats on their usage across multiple industry segments ▶ Insights that will help you decide whether a given tactic should play a part in your strategic plan ▶ Targeted tips to help you optimize your content’s performance ▶ A bestinbreed example that we hope will inspire you to achieve greater success in the year to come Now, take the court, and learn how to make every content marketing play a winner. 2 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKSOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT THE PLAY: For the second year in a row, the top tactic content marketers are leveraging is social media content – no surprise, considering how entrenched social networks have become in the lives of consumers and brands alike. No matter what the special interest is, chances are there’s a devoted social community out there somewhere, just waiting for content worthy of their attention – making this channel ideal for engaging them in meaningful, relevant brand conversations. Content Marketing Play: Social Media Content 93 B2B North America 50 90 B2C North America 66 92 Australia 70 94 UK 66 97 Nonprofit North America 64 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 3 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKSOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: Before planting your brand flag on a particular social playing field, follow these guidelines to make sure your eorts ar ff e positioned for optimal content marketing success: 1. Carefully cultivate your social soapboxes: Understand the unique characteristics of each social platform you consider working with, and decide on a casebycase basis whether it’s a good fit for your outreach intentions. Case studies that earn extra points: MINI Answers 2. Listen and learn: Spend time joining conversations and building relationships before you start to share your content; and be prepared MINI USA leverages a variety of content creators and techniques to promote the iconic car brand and its to join in the banter without sounding uninformed, selfpromotional, passionate community of drivers. For example, MINI or out of touch with other members of the social community. created a series of Instagram videos in which fans can ask questions, and the MINI Cooper S automobile 3. Don’t be afraid to get creative: Instead of just pasting in pieces of itself offers the answers. Cleverness, humor, and great your typical business content, try creating something original and production quality make this series stand out and provide plenty of content to engage the company’s social less formal, such as a peek behind the scenes at one of your media followers. company’s social functions, or an informal photo tour of your office facilities. 4 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKCASE STUDIES THE PLAY: Case studies were a marketing mainstay long before the internet was even a twinkle in the eye of Tim Berners Lee. But despite the maturity of this tactic, there’s still a lot of wisdom to be had in leveraging examples of the great work your company has produced. These benefits aren’t lost on over 80 of B2B marketers in North America and the UK, as case studies still feature prominently in their content marketing mixes. Content Marketing Play: Case Studies 82 B2B North America 65 38 B2C North America 51 70 Australia 57 82 UK 67 36 Nonprofit North America 63 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 5 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKCASE STUDIES HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: A good marketing case study not only highlights outstanding work, it can also serve as a teaching tool that gives readers a better understanding of the ways your products and/or services can help them achieve success. Here are some tips for making case studies easier to create while also making them more interesting and impactful: Case studies that earn extra points: Think With Google ▶ Start by interviewing a real, live person: Case studies have narrative storytelling value, but need to be rooted firmly in the Google has played a role in many of the most innovative marketing campaigns; yet Google itself relies on the experience of the customer – something that’s easier to understand if tried and true case study to offer testimony to its you spend time talking to one. marketing prowess. With its straightforward approach, Google highlights the needtoknow takeaways of each campaign – its goals, approach, and results – then ▶ Use photos or videos: Multimedia can make your case studies uses video to take viewers deeper inside the strategy, more engaging and give you a way to connect with auditory and execution, and other dynamics that led to its success. visual learners. ▶ Sprinkle in howto tips: Instead of just explaining how your customer implemented your solution, offer advice on how others can do the same. 6 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKBLOGS THE PLAY: Blogging is one of the most fundamental points of entry into the content marketing game: It’s a versatile technique with a lot of creative possibilities; and although it takes hard work to produce and maintain a successful blog, it doesn’t require a lot of complicated equipment or technological knowhow to get started. It’s also a powerful means of building an audience for your brand and sustaining their interest over time. Perhaps these benefits are why 81 of B2B marketers in our 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends study say they are blogging as part of their content program, with other sectors reporting similarly high usage rates. Content Marketing Play: Blogs 81 B2B North America 59 77 B2C North America 53 74 Australia 69 84 UK 69 64 Nonprofit North America 48 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 7 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKBLOGS HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: While you shouldn’t expect today’s timeconstrained visitors to read every word of your blog posts, the trick is to create content that’s intriguing enough to compel them to return, again and again. Consider these tips from Neil Patel on how to communicate so that your point comes across whether readers skim, scan, or savor your article: ▶ Write a strong headline to spark their interest. Case studies that earn extra points: Saddleback Leather ▶ Summarize the main point in the beginning. A lot of people skim the beginning of the article and then fizzle out. It takes a tough leather company to create a blog full of tenderhearted tales. Focused on topics of interest ▶ Reinforce your message with the images you choose to accompany to founder Dave Munson – like family, philanthropy, the post. solid craftsmanship, and travels he took with his faithful dog, Blue – the Saddleback Leather blog ▶ Restate your points in bulleted or numbered lists to make it easier for doesn’t just talk product, it highlights the aesthetic skimmers to absorb the information. of adventure and the love of a life welllived. Not only does this content position Saddleback as a purveyor ▶ Use subheadings to emphasize the supporting points of your of highquality, ethicallysourced leather goods that argument. will help travelers go the distance, it demonstrates just how far its employees will go to live and breathe ▶ Summarize your main point at the conclusion, for readers who the causes they support. jump right to the end. 8 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKENEWSLETTERS THE PLAY: Email is an essential structure that supports and strengthens all your other content eorts. It’ ff s also one of the best techniques for building a subscriber base – which helps foster deeper engagement and lasting brand loyalty. But, just like any critical system, success with email is tied to proper maintenance and upkeep – if you fail to keep pace as consumption trends shift, even your most faithful followers may start to overlook your enewsletters in their crowded inboxes, or opt out altogether. Content Marketing Play: ENewsletters 81 B2B North America 60 83 B2C North America 67 84 Australia 65 87 UK 54 94 Nonprofit North America 69 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 9 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKENEWSLETTERS HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: Like blogs, your enewsletters need to be published consistently and should be customizable to each subscriber’s delivery preferences. But it’s also a good idea to incentivize reader interest by offering them something of value in exchange for the personal information they provide. Here are a few ideas for stellar enewsletters: ▶ Foster a sense of belonging among your readers: Publish your favorite reader comments, give shoutouts to top customers, or highlight other ways they can get involved in your brand and the community it serves. Case studies that earn extra points: ▶ Provide exclusive content or benefits that aren’t available Woot Daily Digest anywhere else: Give them access to discounts, downloads, insider only information, or other special assets and offers. What makes the content from daily deal site Woot stand out from the competition It comes down to one word: monkeys. The company’s website and ▶ Use progressive profiling: Slowly and unobtrusively collect daily newsletter are crawling with them, telling additional data on your subscribers; then, use that information to jokes, offering product advice, and adding a bit of customize your email experience to better suit their needs and humor and personality that transforms each email interests. from a productfocused alert into an entertaining conversation. 10 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKINPERSON EVENTS THE PLAY: While marketers tend to spend much of their time in cyberspace, there’s simply no substitute for providing tangible, memorable experiences IRL (in real life) or engaging in authentic, facetoface interactions with your audience. Inperson events such as conferences, master classes, networking events, and other live experiences help brands demonstrate their insights and extend their influence while creating a space where likeminded consumers can gather, interact, learn, and further their passions. Content Marketing Play: InPerson Events 81 B2B North America 75 73 B2C North America 67 75 Australia 72 74 UK 69 91 Nonprofit North America 77 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 11 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKINPERSON EVENTS HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: Not only can live events help marketers create realworld value that goes beyond a brand’s products and services, they can also serve as a platform for additional online content creation – increasing the impact and relevance of each event and helping keep your business topofmind for longer periods of time. Here are a few tips for transforming events into powerful content Case studies that earn extra points: generation engines: WilliamsSonoma Cooking School ▶ Engage prospective attendees online before they arrive. Share At the WilliamsSonoma Cooking School, small groups travel tip lists, event maps, mobile apps, or other tools that will get of students prepare, cook, and share meals together in a fully outfitted kitchen. Open to gourmets of all them excited about your event and make the experience easier for skill levels, classes range from cooking quick and easy them to manage and enjoy. summer meals to crafting a traditional French bistro style meal. By offering a fun, relaxing, and educational ▶ Find ways to keep the conversation going after the event takes environment in which foodies can master their craft, WilliamsSonoma brings passionate patrons in the door, place, such as publishing photos from your networking events or and sends them away feeling full of culinary inspiration. offering ondemand access to popular sessions Read more: Live Experiences Reinvent the Way ▶ Repurpose conference presentations into videos, ebooks, social Customers Interact With Brands media posts, and other forms of content that can help them remember what they’ve learned, or catch up on what they may have missed. 12 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKWEBSITE ARTICLES THE PLAY: Your website is your home turf – the place where your best content, your brand advantage, and your unique business perspective should all come together to demonstrate your worth to consumers. Every article you publish on your site should reflect the value proposition you offer, and should strive for optimal engagement. Though your site visitors may only represent a small component of your content marketing audience, if you use the platform to deliver a memorable experience, they’ll recognize the benefit of spending their precious time with your business. Content Marketing Play: Website Articles 79 B2B North America 56 81 B2C North America 55 87 Australia 56 79 UK 58 87 Nonprofit North America 50 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 13 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKWEBSITE ARTICLES HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: Using your website articles to tell a fascinating story about your business is a great way to attract the attention of readers. But unless you also have a plan for converting those delighted readers into qualified leads and loyal customers, there will be no happy ending in terms of reaching your marketing goals. Here are a few tips Bumbl’s Greg Miles suggests for helping your Case studies that earn extra points: website articles move the needle in the right direction: Everlane’s Factory Tours ▶ Write a compelling call to action: Opt for more creative and original Every item on the Everlane website includes the choices that speak your customers’ language. story about the factory where that particular item of clothing was manufactured. As you read the stories, ▶ Add click triggers: Product ratings, testimonials, or other bits of text you’ll learn details about how long the factory has been in existence, how Everlane came to work with it, that foster trust can reassure visitors about their decision to work with you. what materials it uses, information about the owner, and how many people work there. It’s this type of ▶ Simplify your lead forms: Make the process of converting as simple transparency that helps Everlane’s consumers feel as possible for your customers – even if it means sacrificing some of the confident that they are supporting a company that information you would like to gather. cares about ethical working conditions. ▶ Optimize for mobile: Use responsive article design and streamline Read more: 3 Ways to Use Transparency in Content to Cut Through the Noise your website experience to make it easy for visitors to read your articles, navigate through your site, and take action when working on small screens. 14 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKVIDEOS THE PLAY: Video is a powerful storytelling medium, helping to bring your brand’s mission, vision, and values to life in an attentiongrabbing way. But just because you film it, doesn’t mean the customers will come flying to your door (talking heads rarely have an impact). The video competition is tough, so your offerings need to be relevant, memorable, strategic, and purposeful – not just entertaining – if you’re going to see any returns on your video investment. Content Marketing Play: Videos 79 B2B North America 62 82 B2C North America 59 78 Australia 70 83 UK 56 87 Nonprofit North America 65 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 15 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKVIDEOS HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: A widelyviewed viral video is often thought of as the holy grail of marketing success. But beyond YouTube, there are plenty of other ways to use the combination of sound, motion, and emotional resonance to drive deeper, more satisfying interactions with your brand. Here are a few ideas: ▶ Help customers overcome their practical challenges with a helpful demo. Case studies that earn extra points: Gatorade’s 360degree Bryce Harper Virtual Reality Experience ▶ Educate viewers on the issues relevant to your business by offering a video tutorial on the topic. To allow baseball fans to experience what it feels like for a Major League Baseball player to step up to ▶ Include a video on the About Us page to give website visitors a glimpse the plate, Gatorade created the 360° Bryce Harper Virtual Reality Experience. Using YouTube 360, this of what makes your team unique and special. threeminute video puts viewers inside the head of Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper as he goes to ▶ Record your responses to sensitive public relations issues. Video press bat with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning of releases can convey the appropriate emotional tone in a way that text a tie game. Created using a combination of realaction video and computergenerated imagery, the video alone just can’t manage. isn’t just immersive, it’s interactive – fans can click and drag the screen to see what a clutch play looks like from Harper’s full perspective. (Read more in the February 2016 issue of Chief Content Officer magazine.) 16 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKILLUSTRATIONS/PHOTOS THE PLAY: Anyone who has seen a picture of a cave drawing knows that humans have a long history of communicating with pictures and illustrations. But with today’s shorter attention spans coupled with the need for businesses to stand out in a noisy, crowded marketplace, these visual messaging vehicles have become more essential than ever when it comes to conveying a message that your audience will want to consume. Content Marketing Play: Illustrations/Photos 76 B2B North America 55 87 B2C North America 66 85 Australia 57 75 UK 48 86 Nonprofit North America 76 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 17 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKILLUSTRATIONS/PHOTOS HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: Here are a few techniques that Neil Patel recommends for maximizing the power and impact of your photos, illustrations, and other visual assets – on social networks or any other content platform: ▶ Use a featured image at the beginning of every article or blog post you publish – and make sure it’s included in the snippets that appear on your blog page. ▶ Break up long blocks of text by adding one image for every Case studies that earn extra points: 350 words. The Geek’s Guide to London ▶ Create a signature style for your visual content, which becomes part London Technology Week stands as a celebration of tech innovation and entrepreneurial talent. To of your brand’s familiar look and feel. connect with the event’s tech insiders, Ion Interactive created an online map of London’s hidden science and ▶ Add your logo and/or a link to custom images and illustrations, so technology gems – from museum exhibits, to virtual viewers can trace it back to your brand, no matter where it gets shared. reality experiences, to walking tours. By including an interactive event planner for events, eateries, and ▶ Add the proper alt tags to every image, so your images will be more social soirees all over the city, the guide also helped London’s tech elite speak geek without getting lost. likely to display in search results. (Read more in the December 2015 issue of Chief Content Officer magazine.) 18 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKWHITE PAPERS THE PLAY: Rich, substantive content that educates, rather than sells – this is the cornerstone of a successful content marketing program, and white papers offer it in spades. Though they may not be as exciting as a video or as socially sharable as a photograph, what white papers may lack in viral virility, they more than make up for in their ability to drive the kind of lasting – and lucrative – value that can have a measurable impact on your brand’s bottom line. Content Marketing Play: White Papers 71 B2B North America 63 32 B2C North America 41 42 Australia 52 52 UK 57 27 Nonprofit North America 53 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 19 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKWHITE PAPERS HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: White papers enable brands to offer highly detailed, factfocused conversations that few other formats can manage. Follow these tips from Farland Group’s Roanne Neuwirth to meet your marketing goals while delivering on your consumers’ informational needs: ▶ Jettison the fluff: Scattershot ideas, poorly researched perspectives, rehashed promotional materials, and other lowquality, selfserving content will earn your white papers a timeout – in the trash can. Case studies that earn extra points: ▶ Select the right topic and point of view: Carefully choose topics that IBM Marketing Cloud White Papers will enable you to highlight your unique expertise while proving to readers that you are a credible voice on the issues at hand. It can be hard to get enthusiastic about the standard white paper – by nature they are highly detailed and crammed with important data; but this means ▶ Use it as a jumpingoff point: Once your paper has established they can often come off as stuffy and stiff instead of your perspective on the topic, you can build a range of accompanying imaginative and engaging. Yet IBM’s white papers content pieces to expand on key themes and drive separateyetrelated manage to defy the stereotypes without sacrificing conversations. the deep insights and analysis that CMOs need in order to understand the complexities of the today’s marketing landscape and manage the tasks at ▶ Consider collaborating with your customers: Clients can play the hand. Using a fresh, conversational tone and vivid role of expert research panel, adding unique fodder to enhance and visuals, IBM illustrates essential information without strengthen your perspective. intimidating its audience. 20 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKINFOGRAPHICS THE PLAY: Part picture, part data, and allpowerful, infographics are an ideal format for demystifying even the most complex concepts, as well as for distilling large volumes of information into stimulating, memorable, and highly shareable conversations. Furthermore, when well designed and executed, these versatile content pieces can be used to fuel your social media and demandgeneration programs, or attract relevant linkbacks – a great way to build your brand influence. Content Marketing Play: Infographics 67 B2B North America 58 62 B2C North America 63 64 Australia 51 71 UK 52 71 Nonprofit North America 59 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 21 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKINFOGRAPHICS HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: Beyond posting them on your blog posts and social channels – here are some additional channels LinkedIn’s Jason Miller recommends leveraging if you want your infographics to reach a receptive and relevant audience: ▶ SlideShare: This presentationsharing platform can be used to host, display, and share infographics right from your company’s profile page. ▶ Infographic directories: These allow you to display and then track traffic from your infographic back to your website or other callto action destinations. Case studies that earn extra points: The Author Rank Building Machine ▶ Press releases: Creative visual renderings of information are more likely to attract the attention of storyseeking journalists than Think infographics are all checklists and cartoony graphics This example from Vertical Measures will standard, textbased coverage requests. have you thinking again. Using GIF animation, the graphic brings the idea of a productive content engine to life, while walking viewers through all the technical steps that factor into the ranking process. Though more complex to create, the eyecatching effects – and deeper engagement potential – make it well worth the effort. Read more: Go Beyond Infographics: Here’s How to Make a Bigger Impact With ‘Gifographics’ 22 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKONLINE PRESENTATIONS THE PLAY: Online presentations can be built from practically any content assets you have on hand – including blog posts, video clips, sound clips, animations, photos, live event transcripts, and more. They also help make every story more easily scannable, enabling your business to dig deeply into the details of complex topics without requiring readers to pore over long blocks of text before they reach your key messages and takeaways. Content Marketing Play: Online Presentations 65 B2B North America 58 48 B2C North America 58 57 Australia 55 63 UK 45 41 Nonprofit North America 52 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 23 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKONLINE PRESENTATIONS HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: The world’s highesttraffic online presentation site is SlideShare. It’s over 70 million users consume a lot of business content; yet with over 18 million uploads, there’s also a lot of competition for their attention. Try a few of these SlideShare secrets to help stack the decks in your favor: ▶ Grab attention right off the bat with a powerful headline. ▶ Keep your story simple and concise so readers don’t lose interest before they reach the last page. Case studies that earn extra points: The Evolution of a Salesperson ▶ Emphasize imagery over text by incorporating video, infographics, Salesforce takes full advantage of the storytelling photos, and other static images. potential of SlideShare with this imaginative presentation on how its connected selling solutions ▶ Insert a clickable calltoaction link in your slides to make it easy can help teams overcome the complex challenges of for the user to take the next desired step. selling in the digital age. Designed using 8bitstyle animation, viewers rapidly click through the slides to simulate a story being told in the style of a flipbook. It’s an artful example of how to deliver useful, practical information that the audience can quickly scan through without missing a single detail. Read more: SlideShare Secrets to Stack the Decks in Your Favor 24 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKWEBINARS/WEBCASTS THE PLAY: Like online presentations, webinars let viewers do a deep dive into a topic without the expense of travelling to a conference. They are also among the more responsive content marketing vehicles available, since these targeted, topical conversations truly start to come alive once they are launched in real time – when participants can put their own questions and concerns up for discussion. Content Marketing Play: Webinars/Webcasts B2B 66 North America 66 40 B2C North America 54 37 Australia 59 43 UK 49 28 Nonprofit North America 63 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 25 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKWEBINARS/WEBCASTS HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: Because their interactions take place at a designated place and time, webinars are one of the few content formats that have an innate urgency. But that doesn’t mean their value can’t be extended by repurposing the various components into more evergreen formats and discussions: Case studies that earn extra points: ASCD ▶ Questions posed by participants can become topics for additional content creation. The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) is a global community dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and ▶ The main talking points of the presentation can be repurposed into a leading. Given its education focus, it’s no surprise SlideShare deck. that webinars are featured prominently among its content meant to help members stay at the head of the class (so to speak). ▶ Video webinars can be edited into multiple clips you can post to your YouTube channel, or add to relevant blog posts. The organization’s robust professional development online resource center features a rich collection of webinars addressing timely and relevant topics like ▶ The audio track can be turned into a podcast. student engagement, classroom technology, and instructional strategies. By offering these learning ▶ You can archive past webinars on your site, and offer ondemand opportunities for free – including its open access events, as well as membersonly lessons – ASCD access. is promoting the value of lifelong learning, and is teaching that lesson by example. 26 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKMICROSITES THE PLAY: Part branding site, part independent online experience, microsites are ideal when exploring a topic that’s highly relevant to a specific component of your audience but isn’t necessarily about your business itself. With looser ties to your core operations than an official company website can get away with, microsite content represents a way to freshen things up creatively and pivot in an exciting new direction. Content Marketing Play: Microsites 47 B2B North America 51 52 B2C North America 56 55 Australia 54 39 UK 50 42 Nonprofit North America 59 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 27 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKMICROSITES HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: While microsites can be imaginative, experimental, and even whimsical at times, they still need to reflect your brand value and help further your business goals. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when creating these content assets: ▶ Focus on your key buyer personas. Each microsite should have Case studies that earn extra points: a clear idea who it’s targeting, and why, and should keep the content Visit California’s Road Trips focused on feeding consumers’ unmet needs and interests. Capitalizing on iconic images of the California coast, ▶ Include features to drive participation: Microsite content works mountains, and vineyards, Visit California’s Road best when it’s aligned with your audience’s passions. Enabling them Trips microsite offers sample itineraries for travelers to contribute their own ideas, images, and inspirations makes the interested in exploring the diverse natural landscapes experience more personally rewarding, which will make them more the state has to offer. Combining jawdropping willing to take action. photography, inside information about each stop on the journey, and links for more local information, Road Trips is just the right balance of useful information and ▶ Keep the customer’s needs in focus. Successful microsites aren’t built inspiration – a distinction that earned the campaign on content that’s focused on your brand’s product or service; they both a Content Marketing Award for Best Integrated should be carefully constructed to feed a consumer’s unmet needs and Program and a 2015 Webby Award. (Read more on Page interests. 35 in the December 2015 issue of Chief Content Officer magazine.) ▶ Don’t abandon the audience you attract. Like any content, a microsite is a content promise to your customers. So don’t just build a microsite if you aren’t dedicated to seeing it through – create a strategic plan for publishing consistently, and on an ongoing basis 28 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKRESEARCH REPORTS THE PLAY: Few tactics showcase a brand’s authority, insight, and influence as powerfully as original research reports. Their benefits don’t come cheap, and they need to be rigorously designed and scientifically sound. But in return for the time and effort you put in, you’ll be rewarded with increased credibility, trustworthiness, and plenty of datadriven proof that your brand can deliver on the informational and educational needs of your industry. Content Marketing Play: Research Reports B2B 49 North America 61 36 B2C North America 44 50 Australia 51 48 UK 63 47 Nonprofit North America 47 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 29 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKRESEARCH REPORTS HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: Research reports are highvalue content assets in and of themselves. But the data you generate by conducting surveys, polls, interviews, and other statistically significant methods can also be repurposed into myriad other content formats and used for multiple marketing purposes. For example: ▶ Use visualization techniques like charts, graphs, heat maps, and infographics to place your data into a relevant and easytounderstand context. Case studies that earn extra points: ▶ Write a blog that teases out the topline results of your research, PwC’s Annual CEO Surveys and link to the full study for readers who want to explore the data more deeply. Released at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos each year, the PwC CEO Survey provides access to insights from more than 1,000 ▶ Publish your research findings as a gated ebook to help with lead business and government leaders. But it’s also a generation. stellar example of how a brand can repurpose the data it generates from a single research activity into dozens of different content options – from full reports, ▶ Combine your statistics on a particular topic with other relevant data data charts, and video roundtables to key findings and create a guidebook of relevant facts on a given topic. summaries, statistics snapshots, microsites, and custom research projects. 30 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKPRINT MAGAZINES THE PLAY: With businesses increasingly shifting their focus, and funding, to delivering content online and on mobile devices, print magazines have become a wideopen playing field. Given the opportunity to capture attention with vivid visuals and highquality writing, and the ability to accommodate a wide range of creative storytelling techniques, it may come as a bit of a surprise to see that so few marketers are taking advantage of this powerful and proven content marketing tactic. Content Marketing Play: Print Magazines 36 B2B North America 36 41 B2C North America 57 42 Australia 42 35 UK 32 49 Nonprofit North America 63 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 31 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKPRINT MAGAZINES HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: Given the comparatively lesscrowded playing field, print magazines represent a tremendous opportunity for marketers to stand out from the competition and create a delightful content experience to an engaged audience of eager recipients. But remember: Creating “hardcopy” content is hard work, so prepare to deliver on these expectations: Case studies that earn extra points: SherwinWilliams’ STIR ▶ Design and visuals: The look and feel of your magazine doesn’t just need to be compelling and eyecatching; it must align with all the This Clevelandbased paintandcoatings powerhouse qualities readers would expect from your brand. has a long legacy of quality content marketing. The company launched its first monthly print magazine, Home Decorator, in 1910 to inform customers about ▶ Relevance: Make sure you are covering topics that are timely and in contemporary design and decorating trends. Though step with the topics readers are likely to be thinking about when they it shelved the magazine in the 1950s in favor of other receive your magazine in the mail. forms of promotion, SherwinWilliams resurrected it in 2004 as STIR, and never looked back. Today, the ▶ Size and scope: Aim for issues to be large enough to tackle a few magazine is available in both print and digital formats, subjects that are important to your audience, without expecting them and is focused on the needs of decorators and design professionals. to have to absorb too much information if they decide to read it while on their morning commute or afternoon lunch break. Read more: 2016 Will Be the Year of Content Marketing MA ▶ Easy access to digital assets: Tie your print content to what you are publishing on your other channels, and use techniques like shortlinks and PDF versions to make it as easy as possible for readers to go back and forth between your content worlds. 32 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKPRINT NEWSLETTERS THE PLAY: Print newsletters enable marketers to achieve many of the same competitive advantages and marketing benefits as print magazines offer, but with fewer production resource requirements and greater ease of delivery. However, despite being versatile and costeffective, they are among the leastused tactics by marketers who operate outside the nonprofit space. Content Marketing Play: Print Newsletters 22 B2B North America 32 35 B2C North America 46 25 Australia 34 19 UK 22 45 Nonprofit North America 57 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 33 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKPRINT MAGAZINES HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: While print magazines can explore a wide variety of topics in each issue, print newsletters are more appropriate for serving a single, narrowly focused point of interest to your audience. Consider creating a print newsletter when you need a way to: ▶ Discuss your brand’s unique perspective on common industry issues ▶ Offer advice on specific customer challenges your audience might typically encounter Case studies that earn extra points: The Bathroom Minutes ▶ Introduce a new product line or service offering to your current What better way for Dollar Shave Club to extend its subscriber base influence over men’s grooming habits than to give its razor service subscribers an entertaining read ▶ Test out new creative ideas to see if they are worth developing further that’s perfectly suited for use during their daily “me” time Full of grooming tips, puzzles, and hygiene related factoids, the monthly print newsletters also ▶ Explore relevant topics that may lie a bit outside of your brand’s give special recognition to some of its customers’ usual purview personal interests, as well as their notable achievements (i.e., those that take place outside the confines of the water closet). 34 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKDIGITAL MAGAZINES THE PLAY: Whether they’re meant to be consumed online or on phones and tablets, digital magazines can be customized to suit nearly every marketing purpose and reader personality. More than just words on a page, articles can incorporate multiple media formats – like audio, video, gifs, and graphics – and are easily shareable on social media. Content Marketing Play: Digital Magazines 29 B2B North America 38 31 B2C North America 56 34 Australia 28 29 UK 44 41 Nonprofit North America 50 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 35 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKDIGITAL MAGAZINES HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: Though many digital magazines have evolved from their printbased counterparts, their versatility allows brands to branch off in new creative directions, as well. Here are some possibilities to explore: Consider creating a print newsletter when you need a way to: ▶ Digital magazines don’t always have to mean original content. Content on a particular topic or theme can be curated from around the web and compiled into a onestop collection of needtoknow info your audience will truly appreciate. Case studies that earn extra points: Van Winkle’s ▶ Go off on a relevant topical tangent. Magazine content doesn’t have Mattress retailer Casper launched a webbased to be directly related to the products and services your brand offers. magazine (and a companion enewsletter) devoted Consider building your editorial around things like current events to all things sleeprelated – from reporting the latest and issues that impact your industry or social causes that your scientific findings on dreaming, to investigating the audience might be interested in. things that keep us awake at night. Cleverly named Van Winkle’s, it operates completely independently of its ecommerce parent, avoids any overt ▶ Help your stories leap off the page: Just because you call it a promotion of Casper’s products, and is managed by a magazine doesn’t mean it has to look or feel like those things you flip talented team of experienced journalists who take an through at the dentist’s office. Liven up your text and images by adding eyeopening and newsworthy approach to “exploring gifs, sound, video, or other interactive components. sleep with our eyes wide open.” 36 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKMOBILE APPS THE PLAY: Think of mobile apps as everpresent content companions – tiny tools that enable onthego consumers to access helpful information, interact with friends, accomplish necessary tasks, and engage in whatever interests them, whenever and wherever they want to do so. By providing a fast track to achieving their goals, apps give brands the chance to play the hero in the customer’s journey of discovery. And since every download is an optin invitation to engage, the impact of your content marketing is more measurable. Content Marketing Play: Mobile Apps 28 B2B North America 49 43 B2C North America 59 33 Australia 44 27 UK 47 36 Nonprofit North America 34 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 37 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKMOBILE APPS HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: It can be timeconsuming, expensive, and technologically challenging to develop a killer mobile content app, let alone get it into the hands of the right audience. So before you jump in, make sure your eort will be ff aligned with your brand’s strategic goals – and well worth your users’ limited cellphone space. ▶ Play to the platform’s strengths: Build your experience around easytoaccomplish actions – like tapping, swiping, viewing photos, or voting – rather than requiring users to do a lot of typing or tasks that Case studies that earn extra points: can be tedious on the small screen. OPI’s ColorChat ▶ Enable your app to play on all devices: Though availability on iOS is When the success of your cosmetics line depends on de rigueur, remember that Apple (and its app store) isn’t the only its ability to communicate through color, even the player in the app economy. mostsubtle distinctions between shades can speak volumes about the wearer. So OPI smartly developed its ColorChat smartphone app to help nail polish ▶ Remember it’s not all about play: While a branded parody of the obsessed fans engage in IM conversations and raise latest trendy game may give you some temporary streetcred, selfexpression to a unique and colorful art form. providing realworld utility – things like maps, todo lists, ondemand Through the app, each letter and character typed in advice, product comparison tools, or helpful hacks – is a surer path to a text message gets transformed into a colorful drop longterm engagement. of nail polish in one of OPI’s signature shades. The abstract shapes form an alphabet that can be used to write coded messages – perfect for enabling nail artists to share their trade secrets with one another. (Read more on Page 69 in the August 2015 issue of Chief Content Officer magazine.) 38 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKBRANDED CONTENT TOOLS THE PLAY: Putting your brand name on a clever, useful convenience tool – like a map that’s preloaded with points of interest, an autoresponse generator, a product configurator, or even a personalized set of emoji that helps speed up your instant messages – invites consumers to think of you in a favorable light every time they use it. Content Marketing Play: Branded Content Tools 42 B2B North America 50 46 B2C North America 49 47 Australia 44 38 UK 60 33 Nonprofit North America 58 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 39 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKBRANDED CONTENT TOOLS HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: This form of content works best when businesses emphasize the “tool” part of the equation, rather than the “brand”: ▶ Add value, not vanity: Focus on creating something people will want to use or share with others again and again, regardless of where it came from. ▶ Make it a hypefree zone: If it’s more selfserving than Case studies that earn extra points: customerserving, you’re doing it wrong. Westin’s Out of Office Generator ▶ Enable personalization: Let users take your original idea and add their Out of office emails started as a simple way to manage the expectations of clients, customers, and own flair to make it something they’ll truly want to share with others. other contacts during rare times when you may not be able to respond right away; but they have grown to become a de facto way to creatively express your personality in absentia. Trying to conceive of just the right message can pile on the pressure – especially when your prevacation todo list is already a mile long. Thankfully, you can easily cross off this creative task with a little help from Westin. By partnering with the master humorists at McSweeney’s, the travel brand’s helpful tool provides clever little anecdotes that can be used to suit any outofoffice experience, and do so with memorable style. 40 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKBOOKS THE PLAY: Writing a book takes a tremendous amount of time, eort ff , dedication, and knowhow. But if you are looking to become THE authority and market leader on a particular topic of interest to your audience, there’s no substitute for being the brand that “wrote the book” on it. Not only will a published tome make a strong impression on your audience, books also create a deep well of content assets you can draw from and repurpose for years to come. Content Marketing Play: Books 30 B2B North America 47 31 B2C North America 51 32 Australia 58 32 UK 50 25 Nonprofit North America 31 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 41 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKBOOKS HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: Want to give your book a boost when it comes to securing shelf space Here are some suggestions from Jim Kukral, founder of the Author Marketing Institute: ▶ Consider selfpublishing: Unless you are looking to take your book on tour, you’ll have the same shot at getting sales whether you have a publisher or go the DIY route. ▶ Invest in a good editor who specializes in your genre. ▶ Create a killer cover design: When readers can browse dozens of book choices on Amazon in a matter of seconds, an eyecatching cover will give you an edge at getting discovered. Case studies that earn extra points: ▶ Go for a series: Instead of one long book, certain topics work better Tealium’s Taming the Digital Marketing Beast when they are broken down into microcontent. Alternately, if your advice applies across multiple areas of expertise (think the …For Enterprise tag management provider Tealium found Dummies series), consider writing multiple books, each targeted to a a fun, retro way to cut through the content clutter: different industry. a children’s book. The company launched Taming the Digital Marketing Beast to give away at industry trade shows. The book is meant for attendees to take home to their kids, and includes a reference guide for adults on how the company’s digital marketing technology streamlines complexity and helps unify marketing applications and data. 42 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKPODCASTS THE PLAY: What do you get when you combine sound, expert insights, a little food for thought, and a distinct brand voice (literally) You get the podcast, a stimulating, strategic content format that listeners can take with them wherever they go – online or off. Focus your podcasts on a niche topic that your brand is uniquely passionate about, and you’ll create a onetoone conversation that your audience will truly look forward to immersing themselves in, again and again. Content Marketing Play: Podcasts 23 B2B North America 40 21 B2C North America 51 27 Australia 41 25 UK 43 19 Nonprofit North America 41 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 43 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKPODCASTS HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: High quality podcasts are easier than ever to produce and distribute, thanks to the availability of inexpensive recording software and sound equipment. But if you want your show to make it to the top of this increasingly popular trend, here are some tips Lush Digital Media’s Sarah Mitchell recommends following: ▶ Be ready to make a longterm commitment: You can’t build an audience if you quit after only a few episodes. ▶ Publish consistently: If you want your audience to keep your show on their listening schedule, each episode needs to arrive at the designated Case studies that earn extra points: time. GE’s The Message ▶ Use text transcripts: Audioonly content doesn’t get indexed by search To raise its profile among a younger, techsavvy engines. audience, GE produced an eightepisode scifi podcast called The Message. The story follows a 70yearold message that came from outer space, ▶ Set up a Twitter feed for your show to prompt listeners to tune in. the decoding of which is achieved by the members Include a photo for each episode in your tweets to improve of Cypher – a fictional encryption think tank, engagement. whose experts rely on real ultrasound technology (developed by GE) to get the job done. Andy Goldberg, GE’s global creative director, astutely ▶ List your podcast in as many directories as possible: In addition to describes the effort as “science fiction meets real iTunes, try Stitcher, Libsyn, SoundCloud, and smaller directories, too. science.” (Read more in the February 2016 issue of Chief Content Officer magazine.) 44 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKVIRTUAL CONFERENCES THE PLAY: There are some complex subjects that require a more immersive educational experience than the typical live conference allows for. That’s where virtual conferences come in handy. They allow eager participants from all over the word to come together, focus their time and attention on the topic at hand, gather helpful insights from renowned experts… and then get right back to business without skipping a beat. Content Marketing Play: Virtual Conferences B2B 25 North America 50 26 B2C North America 41 18 Australia 33 19 UK 27 15 Nonprofit North America 44 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 45 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKVIRTUAL CONFERENCES HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: Though running a virtual conference means you don’t have to worry about buying blocks of hotel rooms, securing a large enough venue, or providing evening entertainment, there are still plenty of logistical details to pay attention to. Make sure attendees have a memorable experience – for all the right reasons: VIRTUAL EVENT • 2.24.16 ▶ Book, and confirm, your speakers as early as possible to avoid Case studies that earn extra points: ContentTECH potential scheduling conflicts. ContentTECH Learn about today’s cuttingedge technologies While the content marketing industry’s largest ▶ Doubleand triplecheck your technology. Nothing frustrates event, Content Marketing World, covers a lot of that will help you fuel your content marketing. attendees more than poor sound quality, weak video feeds, or other ground when it hits Cleveland each year, CMI technical difficulties that keep them from getting the content they realized that there are some techrelated topics that signed up for. require a much deeper dive for marketers to master FREE REGISTRATION confidently. ▶ Take multiple time zones into account. If you want both East and Enter ContentTECH, a free virtual conference that West Coasters to attend, make sure your event doesn’t start too early, enables attendees to immerse themselves in the or end too late in the day mechanics of content marketing – without ever having to venture into the daylight. Held each February, keynote speakers bring attendees up to speed on the ▶ Extend the experience by offering ondemand access to those who latest technological trends and advances impacting were unable to participate at the time of the live event. the industry, while a series of live webinars offers insights and advice on morepractical aspects of working with today’s marketing tools. 46 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKEBOOKS THE PLAY: Ebooks enable you to sell your story directly to an audience without first having to shop it around to a publisher. While a crowded market for businessfocused books means physical shelf space in your content niche might be at a premium, ebooks can be downloaded from just about anywhere, and are available immediately after purchase, providing instant gratification as a reward for your online audience’s interest. Content Marketing Play: EBooks 39 B2B North America 56 30 B2C North America 43 34 Australia 58 38 UK 49 14 Nonprofit North America 41 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 47 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKEBOOKS HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: Because ebooks are typically highly detailed longform eorts, the ff y are ideally suited to being broken up and turned into additional content assets. The resulting microcontent can then help you crosspromote your ebook – and your overall insight on the topic – in multiple ways. Here are a few topofthefunnel promotion ideas to get you started: Case studies that earn extra points: ▶ Post the first chapter on SlideShare as a teaser for the full version. 37 Ways Brands Use Bitly We all know how useful link shortener Bitly is when ▶ Record someone from your team reading selected chapters and launch we need to cram a few extra characters into a tweet the recording as a podcast or audio book. or add an easytotype URL into a graphic we plan to share on social media. But did you know it can be ▶ Compile some of the ebook’s useful tips and tricks into an infographic. used to help marketers track leads, or even find the best channel to push a particular product promotion to Bitly leveraged the ebook format to highlight the ▶ Turn your best quotes into tweets, with a link to your landing page. unexpected ways its little links can be used to make a big impact on branding, social media, metrics and content marketing efforts. By including over 30 thirdparty examples, along with perspectives from marketers who are personally using the service for their business, the company makes a pretty compelling case for marketers to buyin to Bitly. 48 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKGAMES/GAMIFICATION THE PLAY: Gamification puts your audience directly at the center of the action, using interactive activities like games, quizzes, contests, and social media challenges to drive interest and engagement. Personalized gaming experiences are a winwin for both marketers and fans alike: Players get to have a little fun with the content you create, while your business gets a platform for building customer conversations your audience will be passionate about. Content Marketing Play: Games/Gamification B2B 12 North America 27 22 B2C North America 34 8 Australia 30 13 UK 47 9 Nonprofit North America 25 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage who use Percentage of users who find this effective Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Research 49 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKGAMES/GAMIFICATION HOW TO USE IT TO SCORE A GOAL: Though they can be expensive and time consuming to develop, when pulled off well, this tactic can take the concept of immersive content to a whole new level. Here are some ideas to explore: ▶ Expand the story of familiar characters. If you have a company mascot, or characters your fans would be familiar with, games are a great way to let fans go deeper into their backstories. ▶ Consider tying your game play to rewards players can earn in real Case studies that earn extra points: life. For example, Entertainment Weekly’s Front Row community earns Rick Morty’s Rickstaverse points for answering survey questions, which can be redeemed for gift cards from Amazon or iTunes. Part interactive photo album, part hidden object game, part Choose Your Own Adventurestyle experience, this innovative Instagram effort enables ▶ Make it easy for players to bring friends in on the fun by including fans of the subversive Adult Swim cartoon, Rick and sharing tools in your game interface, or providing the ability to “ask a Morty, to join the intrepid intergalactic imbeciles on friend” for help advancing their game play. an exploration of 11 different planets. Built through a web of linked Instagram accounts, the game lets ▶ Use a leaderboard to let fans track their progress against fans dive in and out of photopowered versions of other players. locations seen on the show and access a galaxy’s worth of exclusive content, Easter eggs, and hidden injokes. 50 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKFor more expert advice from leading B2B and B2C brands on how to increase your content marketing success, join us for Content Marketing World 2016. Register using the code PLAYBOOK for 200 off main event and allaccess passes. 51 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOKABOUT CONTENT MARKETING INSTITUTE Content Marketing Institute is the leading global content marketing education and training organization, teaching enterprise brands how to attract and retain customers through compelling, multichannel storytelling. CMI’s Content Marketing World event, the largest content marketingfocused event, is held every September in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and the Intelligent Content Conference event is held every spring. Don’t miss the latest CMI publishes the bimonthly magazine Chief Content insights, ideas, and inspiration Officer, and provides strategic consulting and content you need to create winning marketing research for some of the bestknown brands content marketing eorts. ff in the world. CMI is a 20122015 Inc. 500/5000 company. Subscribe to our Watch this video to learn more about CMI. weekly newsletter. 52 2016 CONTENT MARKETING PL AYBOOK
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