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Challenges Only Introverts Face

Challenges Only Introverts Face 2
15 Challenges Only Introverts Face (The Struggle is Real) HabitsGuyMany people confuse introversion with shyness.But the primary characteristic of introverts is that their internal “battery” drains when spending time with others, and they “recharge” by being alone.This means we each have our own unique challenges when it comes to our personal and professional lives.Can you relate to any of these 15 introvert challengesPerception of Rudeness or AloofnessPeople tend to undervalue people who are quieter, which leads to the perception that introverts are indifferent or uncaring.Exhaustion from OverstimulationMany introverts feel emotionally drained after spending a lot of time in social situations.Being Perceived as DullAs introverts, we often think carefully before speaking, so we have a tendency not jump into fastmoving conversations.Lack of Confidence and ShynessConfident introverts simply don’t feel that constant need to speak and only speak to say important things. Making a Good First ImpressionWe can be very talkative once we get to know someone, but it’s hard for many of us to make a positive initial connection with someone new. The Fine Art of Small TalkMany struggle with their first words because they don’t know how to handle the next phase of the conversation— small talk. Talking on the PhoneIt’s impossible to gauge the subtle nuances of a conversation while you’re on the phone.Building RelationshipsWe often feel like we're somehow less valuable than someone who seemingly has hundreds of friends.Being Pushed AroundBeing loud isn’t something that introverts are known for, and because of it, their opinions and wishes are often overlooked.Working in TeamsWhen it comes to workplace trends, things are moving in a less introvert friendly direction.Giving FeedbackMany introverts struggle with giving negative feedback to others out of fear or shyness, or due to a lack of confidence.Not Having Your Contributions RecognizedAs an introvert, you may prefer to stay in the background but staying there can have a disastrous impact on your career and personal life. Nurturing Relationships with ExtrovertsIt’s easy to have conflict when extroverts and introverts are in a close relationship due to misunderstandings different social needs. NetworkingDoes the word “networking” make you cringe Networking is one of the most common complaints about being an introvert.Not Being Seen as a LeaderMany people view leaders as people who are extremely outgoing and personable, traits that aren’t natural to many introverts.Though these challenges may be difficult to face at times…Though these challenges may be difficult to face at times… …don’t allow them to hinder your successYou can learn to use specific strategies to overcome themReady to Harness Your Introverted "Powers"Confident You An Introvert's Guide to Success in Life and BusinessClick to check out the book in Amazon Confident You An Introvert's Guide to Success in Life and BusinessOR grab your FREE copy of… 77 Good Habits to Live a Better LifeClick me OR grab your FREE copy of… 77 Good Habits to Live a Better Life
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