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how motivation affects employees performance

why we need motivation? how motivation helps employees and how motivation increase productivity of employees | free ppt download
Leaders Guidance Why We Need Motivation • Lack of reason we need motivation…. • Survey says • 37 of executives say that motivating their employee is the toughest job. • Few of employees resign their job, why Give Reward as a Punishment • Most manager use it to induce a desire behavior by blending demand with punishments. • but this idea works in simple straight task not for the difficult ones.Money • 90 of owner thinks that employees leave for more money, but few employees go for a better knowledge. • Money is a big source of motivation, but sometimes if owner pays enough, then incentive comes into play.How Motivation Helps Employee • It helps to develop their skills and talents through intervention at individual or group level. • standing against all odds and protecting your people and your organization. • Increase higher morale • Performance • productivityWhat Things Motivate People • Selfdetermination • Dedication • superiorityGuiding Points Praise from Managers • Use weekdone tool to know employee current status and tasks • Give transparent feedbackMore Attention from Leader • Only 37 of employee are well informed of their company’s goals and strategies . • Give people purpose by explaining the bigger picture. Take Responsibility • give freedom to take their decision. • Give opportunity to their decision. • Give them more demanding task.Cash Bonuses • Properly structured incentive programs can increase employee performance. • Reward goal has to be realistic and at the same time challenging. • Make sure reward system is reviewed. Pay Raises • Discuss the amount and term with employee before hand. • Raise should be around 10 to make an impact.Advantages • Provides strong motivation and reward for the leader. • Leaders and groups act as one unit. • It permits quick decision making. • Employee are given relative autonomy to work. • It gives good results when one is dealing with unskilled employees.Disadvantages • Most people dislike it, don’t show autonomy to work. • Frustration, dissatisfaction and fear develop easily . • Employees do not involve their “self” in the organizational activities. • The assumption that people have skill and will help organizational effort may not be always correct.You can find us
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