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Published Date:08-07-2017
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ANAND Group Corporate Presentation June 2017 © ANAND 2017. All rights reserved. www.anandgroupindia.comLEADING PLAYER ACROSS TWO VERTICALS AUTOMOTIVE LUXURY HOTELS 2FACTS AT A GLANCE BILLION 16,000 US DOLLAR EMPLOYEES 1.3 REVENUE JOINT 61 16 VENTURES LOCATIONS TECHNICAL COLLABORATIONS 7 19 COMPANIES 3SIX DECADES OF BUILDING TRUST Our History 2011 onwards 1981 - 1990 1961 - 1970 1991 - 2000 Continuing growth Acquiring talent 2001 - 2010 1971 - 1980 Humble Successfully 2010s beginnings 1980s Diversifying Early focus on collaborating New collaborations Hiring IIM grads portfolio community with Mando, FM and 1961 and Chartered 1990s Seiken Established Accountants 2000s 1970 - 75 New JV’s - CY Gabriel India New JVs - MAHLE, JV with Dana Myutec/CYI, Dana 2012 1983 CY Myutec, Corporation for /Spicer, Behr, Business Visionary 1964 Focus on exports Faurecia, FM for piston rings. Mando, Henkel, Award by NITIE to JV with Victor started bearings & Takata Gabriel’s engine Valeo & Haldex Mr. Deep C. Anand (subsequently bearing division bought by Dana) 1986 2003 started with 2013 1993 - 95 for gaskets Gabriel in Nashik Deep C Anand technical support Mr. Jaisal Singh ANAND U & introduced cellular Foundation from FM elected to Board of ANAND Farm 1967 manufacturing and ANAND Directors, Relais & Launched filter Supervisory Board 1976 Châteaux 1998 products with SNSF, a dedicated Indian managers Purolator 2007 CSR wing 2016 deputed to JV Diversification into Mrs. Anjali Singh partners luxury hospitality: 1978 receives Women SUJÁN ANAND School Achievers Award Federal-Mogul (FM) from FICCI 4LEADING THROUGH S LEADING THROUGH STRONG GO TRONG GOVERNANCE VERNANCE Deep C Anand Foundation Deep C Anand Chairman & Chief Mentor DCA Foundation ANAND Supervisory Board Anjali Singh Jaisal Singh Aditya Narayan Rohit Arora Lorenzo Piaget Tejpreet Chopra Chairperson, ASB Chief Executive, Ex-President & CEO, Founder & Chairman, Partner, President & CEO, Excecutive Chairperson, SUJÁN Luxury BHP Billiton India Silverskills Piaget & Cie Bharat Light Gabriel India Power ANAND Executive Committee Deepak Chopra Sunil Kaul Mahendra K Goyal Manoj Kolhatkar Jagdish Kumar Chief Executive Officer Group President Group President Group President Group President Chairman, AEC Excellence in Aftermarket Business Developement Group Chief Financial Officer Head Business Group I Manufacturning, Head Business Group III and Corporate Materials Head Business Group V Innovation & Technology Head Business Group IV Head Business Group II Group I: Mando, Spicer, SUJÁN, Takata I Group II: Anand CY Myutec Automotive, CY Myutec Anand, Haldex, MAHLE Behr, MAHLE Filter Systems Group III: Anand I-power, Faurecia, Federal-Mogul Anand Bearings, Federal-Mogul Anand Sealings, Valeo Friction, Valeo Services, Faurecia I Group IV: Gabriel I Group V: Henkel, Ansysco Anand/Anchemco Anand 5DIRECTING THE FUTURE STRATEGICALLY Vision To Create Value Sustainably Through Pursuit of Excellence and Good Governance BE THE FIRST CHOICE BUILD & STRENGTHEN DEVELOP, FOR CUSTOMERS SUSTAIN STRATEGIC CORPORATE EMPOWER & PARTNERSHIPS GOVERNANCE & GROW PEOPLE CITIZENSHIP ASPIRE ATTAIN CREATE INSPIRED ACHIEVE SUPERIOR AND DARE TO BE LEADERSHIP LEADERSHIP & PROMOTE BUSINESS INNOVATIVE IN TECHNOLOGY ENTREPRENEURIAL PERFORMANCE & SPIRIT GROWTH Strategic goal is to double revenues to 2.2 Billion US Dollars by 2020 6ANAND BELIEFS & BUSINESS PHILOSPHY Growth • Be top 3 player in each segment • Aim to grow ahead of the market • Target 8% Operating Margin People • Live by “Business is 90% people” • Attract and retain talent • Empower people and encourage accountability • Develop people for required skills and experience Business Visionary Award 2012 Conferred by NITIE Customers Partnerships • Become the preferred supplier of our customers • Build and sustain strategic partnerships • Provide value and exceed customer expectations • Exchange best-in-class management • Nurture strong and enduring customer relationships practices between partners • Strengthen “Unified corporate entity” Manufacturing & Technology • Achieve operational excellence through lean production Corporate Citizenship & Governance systems • Be always ethical • Develop supplier base through VSME program • Enhance fairness and transparency • Aim to spend 2% of sales in R&D • Strengthen CSR activities under SNS • Develop innovative processes and products to stay Foundation competitive • Ensure robust strategic planning and execution QUALITY • Strengthen governance • Foster a culture of quality through ANAND Supervisory Board • Deploy world-class quality standards, tools and systems VSME: Visionary Small and Medium Enterprise 7BEING CLOSE TO CUSTOMERS 8PARTNERSHIP BASED MODEL JOINT VENTURES EUROPE USA JAPAN KOREA AFRICA TECHNICAL LICENSES 9PARTNERING WITH GLOBAL LEADERS JV PARTNERS HEADQUARTERS REVENUE EMPLOYEES BUSINESSES CY Myutec Korea KRW 135 210 Synchroniser rings for transmissions Billion DANA USA 5.8 24,900 Highly engineered driveline, sealing and thermal- Billion management technologies Faurecia France € 18.7 98,608 Seating, Interior systems and Emissions control Billion Federal-Mogul USA 7.4 53,000 OE: Pistons, bearings, seals, gaskets, ignition coils, etc. Billion Aftermarket: Wipers, brake friction, chassis components etc Haldex Sweden SEK 4.4 2,033 Brake and suspension systems for commercial and off- Billion highway vehicles Henkel Germany € 18.7 51,350 Laundry & Home Care, Beauty Care and Adhesive Billion Technologies MAHLE Germany € 12.3 76,632 Engine systems, filtration, electrics/mechatronics and Billion thermal management Mando Korea KRW 5.8 4,300 Brakes, suspension and steering. Halla Group: Logistics, Trillion transportation, construction, heavy industry etc Takata Japan Yen 662.5 50,530 Safety systems, airbags, child restraint systems etc Billion Valeo France € 16.5 91,800 Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems (interior Billion controls and electronics, driving assistance), Powertrain Systems (electrical, electronic, transmission and engine system), Thermal Systems, Visibility Systems and Valeo Service (aftermarket) 10AUTOMOTIVE CUSTOMER PRESENCE 50+ OEM Customers across Two Wheelers, Three Wheelers, Passenger Cars, Commercial Vehicles Railway Segments and Engine Components 11AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCT PORTFOLIO STEERING, SAFETY FILTRATION ENGINE PARTS SUSPENSION & PRODUCTS BRAKING PARTS EMISSION THERMAL ENGINEERED DRIVETRAIN CONTROL MANAGEMENT FLUIDS SYSTEMS 12AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCT PORTFOLIO • Engine Parts • Filtration FEDERAL-MOGUL ANAND FEDERAL-MOGUL ANAND SEALINGS INDIA BEARINGS INDIA JV: FEDERAL-MOGUL CORPORATION, USA JV: FEDERAL-MOGUL CORPORATION, USA GASKETS, HEAT SHIELDS & OIL SEALS BI METAL COPPER LEAD & ALUMINUM TIN BEARINGS, BUSHES, FLANGES & THRUST WASHERS MAHLE FILTER SYSTEMS INDIA ANAND I-POWER JV: MAHLE FILTERSYSTEME (Formerly Perfect Circle India GMBH, GERMANY Limited) VALVE COVER MODULES, AIR JV: FEDERAL-MOGUL INTAKE MANIFOLDS SYSTEMS, CORPORATION, USA AIR CLEANER MODULES, FUEL & OIL FILTER MODULES, PISTON RINGS & CAST IRON OIL MIST SEPARATORS & SPIN-ON COVERS/PLATES OIL FILTERS 13AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCT PORTFOLIO • Steering, Suspension & Braking Parts • Safety Products TAKATA INDIA JV: TAKATA CORPORATION, JAPAN MANDO AUTOMOTIVE INDIA SEAT BELTS, AIRBAGS JV: MANDO CORPORATION, KOREA & STEERING WHEELS HYDRAULIC BRAKES, ELECTRIC POWER STEERING SYSTEMS, SHOCK ABSORBERS and STRUTS GABRIEL INDIA TL: KYB CORP. , JAPAN; YAMAHA MOTOR HYDRAULIC SYS- TEMS, JAPAN; KYBSE, SPAIN and HALDEX INDIA KONI BV, THE NETHERLANDS JV: HALDEX AB, SWEDEN SHOCK ABSORBERS, STRUTS, FRONT FORKS, SELF-SETTING AUTOMATIC BRAKE GAS SPRINGS, ADJUSTERS, MANUAL SLACK COOLANTS & BUSHKITS ADJUSTERS, CONDENSOR-CUM- SEPARATOR, ABS & OTHER AIR BRAKE PRODUCTS 14AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCT PORTFOLIO • Emission Control Systems • Thermal Management • Engineered Fluids ANSYSCO ANAND AND ANCHEMCO ANAND TL: LIQUI-MOLY, GERMANY; SEIKEN CHEMICAL INDUSTRY COMPANY, JAPAN RADIATOR COOLANTS, PVC ADHESIVES, SEALANTS, ENGINE OILS, LUBRICANTS & CAR CARE PRODUCTS HENKEL ANAND INDIA FAURECIA CLEAN MOBILITY JV: HENKEL TEROSON GmbH, JV: FAURECIA EMISSIONS CONTROL GERMANY TECHNOLOGIES, FRANCE TL: SUNRISE MSI, JAPAN MAHLE BEHR INDIA EXHAUST MUFFLER ASSEMBLIES, SEALANTS, ADHESIVES, CATALYTIC CONVERTERS, JV: MAHLE BEHR HOLDING GmbH, COATINGS & INSTRUMENT PANEL GERMANY NVH PRODUCTS REINFORCEMENT ASSEMBLIES (IPRT) AIR CONDITIONING, ENGINE & DOOR SIDE COOLING SYSTEMS, VISCO FANS IMPACT BEAMS (SIB) & EXHAUST GAS RECIRCULATION COOLERS 15AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCT PORTFOLIO • Drivetrain SPICER INDIA JV: DANA HOLDING CORPORATION, USA AXLES, DRIVE SHAFTS & DRIVETRAIN COMPONENTS VALEO FRICTION MATERIALS INDIA VALEO SERVICE INDIA AUTO PARTS JV: VALEO, FRANCE NON-ASBESTOS, SOLVENT & LEAD-FREE CLUTCH FACINGS WIDE RANGE OF AUTOMOTIVE PARTS FOR AFTERMARKET ANAND CY MYUTEC AUTOMOTIVE CY MYUTEC ANAND JV: CY MYUTEC, KOREA HIGH PRECISION SINGLE CONE & MULTI-CONE SYNCHRONIZER RINGS OF BRASS & STEEL 16AUTOMOTIVE GABRIEL, THE FLAGSHIP COMPANY Established in 1961 Revenue of INR 15,345 Million & Profit Before Tax of INR 1108 Million (7.2%) during 2016-17 Publicly listed entity Pioneer of Ride Control Products in India Product range: Shock Absorbers, Struts, Front Forks, Seat Dampers Market leader in India 7 manufacturing plants and 3 satellite facilities Strong R&D with over 16 patents in products and processes Recognised for its HR practices; “Amongst Top 3 Best companies to work for” in India in the Auto Component Industry for the year 2016 17LUXURY HOTELS PROPERTIES & EXPERIENCES A collection of iconic and experiential properties 18LUXURY HOTELS GLOBAL RECOGNITION SUJÁN has established itself on the global high-end luxury tourism scene and has won prestigious accolades. SUJÁN Rajmahal Palace 2017 Sher Bagh, Ranthambore 2015 ‘JAWAI-Land of The Leopard’ Book Launch by Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Jawai, Jawai Bandh Raje in Bikaner House, New Delhi, 2016 2014 ACCOLADES • The Gold List - Condé Nast Traveler, 2017 • Top 100 Hotels in the World - Tatler, 2016 • Andrew Harper Annual Grand Awards, 2016 • The Gold List - Condé Nast Traveler, UK & USA, 2016 • The Hot list - Condé Nast Traveller, UK & USA, 2015 • Most Beautiful Hotels in the World, Hotels by Design Guide, House & Garden, 2015 • Andrew Harper Hideaway Report, 2015 Outlook Traveller Awards 2017 - SUJÁN Rajmahal Palace, Jaipur Outlook traveller awards 2015 - Sher Bagh, Ranthambore CNBC Awaaz Travel Awards 2014 - Jawai, Jawai Bandh 19ANAND GROUP CORPORATE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AFTERMARKET HUMAN RESOURCES OPERATIONS, MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION INTERNAL AUDIT, CORPORATE EXCELLENCE & CORPORATE FINANCE, TAX & LEGAL MATERIALS CORPORATE CORPORATE SOCIAL MANAGEMENT & COMMUNICATIONS RESPONSIBILITY GOVERNANCE 20