Advantages of E commerce ppt

advantages and risks of e-commerce and advantages of e commerce payment systems and advantages of e-commerce in marketing
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Published Date:23-07-2017
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COM1004 Web and Internet Technology  What business tasks are involved in running an e-commerce site?  What are the advantages and risks of e- commerce?  How can sites be attacked? Can attackers be identified?  What about more general scams? Can you trace the scammer?  Is e-commerce viable in the face of web- piracy?  Identify your goals  Identify your products  Identify your customers  Be aware there are different types of site  Understand the risks and threats  Choose a sensible web strategy  Do you have wider strategic aims?  Increased sales?  Reduced processing costs?  Faster turnaround of orders?  How will you judge your own success?  Is e-commerce a sensible solution?  Selling books (yes)  Detailed legal advice (probably need a local office or phone link)  Fresh bread (probably need a local shop)  What sort of site is this?  All businesses face threats  They can be systemic (bad planning, bad structure)  They can be internal (unhappy staff, lack of training)  They can be external (illegal attacks, competitors)  Hackers  Not getting enough business  Getting too much business  Hardware failure  Network and utility failure  Reliance on other companies  Competition  Software errors  Government policies and taxes  Capacity limitations  Exposing confidential data  Loss or destruction of data  Modification of data  Denial of Service (DoS, DDoS) attacks  Errors in software  Repudiation confusing-brand-website/ 30 August 2011 Hi - You haven't actually answered my question AT ALL. I already knew that the existing card couldn't be de- registered (I even said so in my original message). The question is whether the NEW card has to be registered….