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Corporate Presentation KPIT

Corporate Presentation KPIT 21
Technologies for a better world. Corporate Presentation Ravi Pandit 3/3/2016Safe Harbour Some of the statements in this update that are not historical facts are forwardlooking statements. These forwardlooking statements include our financial and growth projections as well as statements concerning our plans, strategies, intentions and beliefs concerning our business and the markets in which we operate. These statements are based on information currently available to us, and we assume no obligation to update these statements as circumstances change. There are risks and uncertainties that could cause actual events to differ materially from these forwardlooking statements. These risks include, but are not limited to, the level of market demand for our services, the highly competitive market for the types of services that we offer, market conditions that could cause our customers to reduce their spending for our services, our ability to create, acquire and build new businesses and to grow our existing businesses, our ability to attract and retain qualified personnel, currency fluctuations and market conditions in India and elsewhere around the world, and other risks not specifically mentioned herein but those that are common to industry. 2 3/3/2016 © KPIT Technologies LimitedContents What we are Areas of focus Offerings Summary Partnerships and Recognition Innovation at KPIT Org. Structure and Leadership KPIT Products The way ahead 3 3/3/2016 © KPIT Technologies LimitedWhat we are © KP4 IT Techno Marc logie h 1 s 6LimitedKPIT Overview More than two Decades of Consistent Growth Technology Company First Decade  60+ Global Patents filed till date Revenue Growth  10 USD Mn 8.6  Various Awards and accolades for technology leadership 9 7.45 8  7  5.75 6  5 Industry Vertical Focused 3.72  4 2.94 3  2.06 Automotive Transportation 2 1.19  0.59 1 0.22 0.15 0.02  Manufacturing 0 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001  Energy Utilities    Revenue Growth  PAT Growth USD Mn Growth Oriented 489  500 INR Mn 444 3000 410 50 CAGR from 2003 to 2009 450  400 2500 309 350 41 Growth in 2011 2000 300 216 250 43 Growth in 2012 1500 174 200 154 145 150 103 1000 33 Growth in 2013 73 100 57 28 16 11 500 50 8 Growth in 2014 0 0 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 10 Growth in 2015 5 March 16 © KPIT Technologies LimitedKPIT in a Nut shell Technology that is Cutting Edge Automotive Proactive Innovative IT + Engineering A Technology Company that Cares for cares Manufacturing Customers Employees Stakeholders Energy Society at Large Utilities 6 March 16 © KPIT Technologies LimitedKPIT Financial Snapshot Income Statement FY2014 FY2015 Q3FY16 • The Revenues for Revenue in US Mn 444 489 123 FY16 are estimated to be flattish over FY15 Revenue in ₹ Mn 26,940 29,899 8,130 in terms EBITDA 15.71 10.94 14.59 PAT in ₹ Mn 2,489 2,370 735 • PAT for first 3 PAT 9.24 7.93 9.04 quarters in FY16 grew by 3.5 over the corresponding period Balance Sheet Snapshot FY2014 FY2015 Q3FY16 last year Shareholder’s Funds ₹ Mn 12,736 12,954 15,087 Total Debt ₹ Mn 4,942 5,027 2,751 • The first half of FY17 is also expected to be Total Cash ₹ Mn 3,737 4,352 3,826 flattish and growth is Net Cash ₹ Mn (1,205) (675) 1,075 anticipated from Total Fixed Assets ₹ Mn 2,161 2,328 2,790 H2FY17 onwards 7 March 16 © KPIT Technologies LimitedKPIT – Mission and Values Mission: To co–build, along with our partners customers, an integrated and sustainable world by leveraging technology. Our Values 8 March 16 © KPIT Technologies LimitedCurrent Presence 10 Development centers 75 Automotive OEMs 34 Offices in 16 Tier1s 50+ Manufacturing Countries companies as long standing clients Global organizations benefitting from our 10,500+ Employees services and technology across the globe 200+ Employees representing Winner of 9 Innovation over 25 Nations Awards in last 4 years 9 March 16 © KPIT Technologies LimitedAreas of Focus © KP10 IT Techno Marc logie h 1 s 6LimitedAutomotive Vertical – Trends and KPIT Presence Mega Green and Smart and Safe and Standardization Cost Efficient Connected Reliable Trends ECUs Sensors Lines of Code Software Complexity Criticality Cost KPIT Offerings in Automotive Domain led ERP, Surround ERP, Big Data, Analytics, Cloud, Warranty, PLM, Business IT Enterprise Cost Management Powertrain, Safety, Infotainment, Diagnostics, Telematics, Engineering InVehicle Networking, MEDS, Body Chassis, IoT, Products Platforms 20+ OEMs 50 Tier I Vendors 300+ Production Programs 40+ Patents 100+ ERP rd Implementations Largest 3 party vendor for Automotive Electronics 11 March 16 © KPIT Technologies LimitedManufacturing Vertical – Trends and KPIT Presence Digitization Product RD Operations Intelligent Products Accelerated Agility in Operations Machine to Machine Innovation cycles Business Process Connectivity The Shortening Product Integration Enterprise Internet of Lifecycles Reduced Cost Management Everything Big Data timetomarket Supply Chain Safety and Analytics Competitive Regulatory Compliance Mobility Cloud Advantage Market Industry Consolidation Virtualization Share Enhancement Global Operations KPIT Offerings in Manufacturing Domain led ERP, Value Chain Planning Execution, Customer/Vendor Business IT Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics, Cloud, Warranty, Enterprise Cost Management, Supply Chain Management, IMS PLM, Product Engineering, Machine to Machine (M2M), Application Lifecycle Engineering Management, Embedded Software 12 March 16 © KPIT Technologies LimitedEnergy Utilities Vertical – Trends and KPIT Presence Digitization Product RD Operations Asset Utilization Smart Grid and Planning Procurement Mobile Workforce Smart Meters Revenue Accounting The Internet of Energy Management Supply Chain everything Big Data Battery Management Safety and Analytics Management Regulatory Compliance Mobility Cloud Alternate Energy Asset Management Prompt Customer Sources Global Operations Service MA Activity Billing KPIT Offerings in Energy Utilities Domain led ERP, Asset Management, Customer Relationship Management, Business IT Business Intelligence, Big Data, BI and Analytics, Cloud, Supply Chain Management, IMS Engineering Smart Metering, Asset Management, IoT, Embedded Software 13 March 16 © KPIT Technologies LimitedOfferings and Presence © KP14 IT Techno Marc logie h 1 s 6LimitedKPIT – Automotive Engineering  Auto OEMs 20+ OEMs Industry  Tier I Vendors Focus  Auto focused Semicon Companies  50 Tier I Vendors  Premium Member AUTOSAR JASPAR  3500+ Engineers Consortiums GENIVI  ASAM  1500+ Projects  AUTOSPICE Level 5 Strong Process Orientation CCMi Level 5  300+ Production Programs  AUTOSAR Cutting Edge  Infotainment  40+ Patents Technology  Vision Systems  Hybrid System rd Largest 3 Party Vendor for  Powertrain Capabilities Automotive Electronics in India…..  Chassis 15 3/3/2016 © KPIT Technologies LimitedKPIT Products Platforms KSAR Worlds’ FIRST AUTOSAR Tools R4.0.3 Solution Basic Software Stack Functional Safety Vehicle Diagnostics Rapid Prototyping Platform Tool Chain ARTOP EUCD NOS Tools Konnect KIVI KPIoT Platforms Connectivity: Device to Car / KPIT InVehicle KPIT IoT, Big Data and Device to Appliance Infotainment Analytics Platform ITS BMS Products KPIT Intelligent Transport Battery Management Plug In Parallel System for Smarter Mobility Hybrid Solution Systems 16 3/3/2016 © KPIT Technologies LimitedKPIT Oracle Amongst the Only 3 Vendors to have extensive support capabilities in WMS 2000+ Oracle Consultants Oracle 25 Oracle Specializations nd 2 largest partner to Oracle in North America in Industrial Manufacturing th 8 overall largest partner to Oracle in North America 17 3/3/2016 © KPIT Technologies LimitedKPIT SAP Technology Platform BW Business SAP Suite HANA 1600+ SAP Real time Cloud Consultants Apps Solutions KPIT recognized as a leader in IDC SAP 18 SAP Qualified Energy Insights Worldwide Professional Industry Solutions Services SAP Suite on HANA in Utilities  800+ SuccessFactors Winner of Best Onpremise delivery performance Projects completed 2012 award SAP Partner Summit ‘13, India Positioned in the Niche Players Quadrant of the 2012 Magic Quadrant Partner Impact Award at SAP North America Field for the SAP Implementation Service KickOff Meeting (FKOM) 2012 Providers, NA. 18 3/3/2016 © KPIT Technologies LimitedKPIT Digital Technologies Enabling Technologies • 25+ active IoT programs IOT • 5m+ Products Attributes Enhanced; 8k suppliers Cloud Integrated i C A M S • Over 50 IoT use cases Analytics prototyped in the areas of smart home, smart energy, Mobile smart manufacturing and smart vehicle Social Manufacturing Hi Tech CG Auto Transportation Energy Utilities Life Science Driver Safety Device Track Trace Equipment Performance Equipment Performance Driver Safety Vehicle Tracking Engine Performance Smart Billing Vehicle Track Trace Brand Sentiment Predictive Service Brand Sentiment Rig Management Meter Management Trade Promotion Sustainable Enterprise Parts Optimization Customer Experience Management 19 3/3/2016 © KPIT Technologies LimitedKPIT EPLM Global EPLM practice with strong capability to act locally while leveraging global strengths developed through decade long Engineering and IT lineage across focused verticals Technology Experience 200 PLM Consultants across US, Europe, APAC and India 4 EPLM Specific Development Centers across US, Germany and India Strong Strategic Partnerships with PTC( Product Development+  Service) Oracle and Siemens Known for Consulting, Platform based Products, Enterprise level Analytics, AMS Services and Enterprise Cost Management Solutions Onsite, Near Shore and Offshore models for customers in US, EU APAC for Lean operations 20 3/3/2016 © KPIT Technologies LimitedKPIT IMS Integrated RUN Digital Workplace Enhancing User Experience Enabling Operations Excellence • Global Service Desk • Application Monitoring • Desktop On Demand • Continuous Integration 01 02 • Enterprise App Store • Business / E2E SLA’s • DasS/ BYOD / VDI • Integrated Service Desk • Unified Communications • Automation and service Integration • Enterprise Mobility • Engineering Services Reporting Intelligent Monitorin Analytics g Hybrid Transformation Automated Application Operations Platform Application Aware Infrastructure Service Enhancing Agility Automation IT • DC Consolidation Operations Intelli• DevOps Manage • Data Center Transformation • Continues release Management gence • Hosted/Public/Hybrid Ops 03 • Performance Assurance ment 05 • SDDC / Hyperconvergence • Production Support Grid • DR Archival Services • Database and Middleware Support • App Aware Security Auto • Internet Of Things mation Suite Hosting Partners Security Services Enhancing Application Experience • GRC • Security Operations Center 04 • Identity management • Application Security • Mobile Device Management 21 3/3/2016 © KPIT Technologies LimitedPartnerships and Recognitions © KP22 IT Techno Marc logie h 1 s 6LimitedPartnerships and Certifications Business IT Engineering ISO ISO OHSAS ISO ISO ISO Certifications 9001 14000 18000 27001:2005 20000: 2011 22301: 2012 23 March 16 © KPIT Technologies LimitedInnovation Awards and Recognition Specialists in Product Engineering one of Worlds’ Leading Automotive software developers Featured among select vendors under Embedded Software and Electronics Design , Automotive Business process outsourcing in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Automotive Demand Chain and Supply Chain Technologies KPIT in Asia’s “Best Under a Billion” list for second straight year A specialist in Automotive Processes from design to customer data “Since 2008, KPIT has been MOVING UP THE SUPPLY CHAIN by tackling bigger, more inclusive projects where it can add more value to the outcome” 24 March 16 © KPIT Technologies LimitedInnovation at KPIT © KP25 IT Techno Marc logie h 1 s 6LimitedDNA for Innovation + Dedicated RD Team Alternate Hybrid KPIT’s RD Center fuel 16 3 CREST 60+ (Center for Research on Engineering Sciences Technology) Patents ADAS Members of our Board Others – Driving Innovation 14 19 KPIT BMS Parallel comp 3 uting Dr. Raghunath Prof. Alberto Sangiovanni 5 Anant Mashelkar Vincentelli Our Innovation Board Innovation Connect with RD International Integrated MTech , My Idea Portal centers, CSIR Labs Universities Connect PHD Programs Council Programs 26 3/3/2016 © KPIT Technologies LimitedOrganization Structure and Leadership © KP27 IT Techno Marc logie h 1 s 6LimitedOrganization Structure Top Mgmt CEO Products Geog. 2 CTO CPOO CFO CMO 1 (SS) Unit Leaders HR Infrastructure IBU SBU 1.SS – Services Solutions Quality 2.CPOO Chief People 3 IES Operations Officer Training 3.IES – Integrated Enterprise Automotive 4 Solutions PES Recruitment 4.PES – Product Engineering Solutions Manufacturing SAP A/c Mgmt. 5.DT – Digital 5 Transformation DT Energy Delivery Excellence 6.ePLM– extended Product 6 Lifecycle Management ePLM Utilities IMS 28 March 16 © KPIT Technologies LimitedKPIT Leadership Ravi Pandit Kishor Patil Sachin Tikekar Chairman Group CEO Managing Director CEO President and Board Member Gold medalist Chartered Chartered Accountant, among Masters in Strategic Management Accountant with masters from the youngest to get this from Temple University's Fox School MIT Sloan School of Management. professional achievement. of Business Management. Pankaj Sathe Anil Patwardhan Abhishek Sinha Pawan Sharma Anup Sable CMO CFO CPOO CEO (SS) CTO 29 3/3/2016 © KPIT Technologies LimitedKPIT Products Overview © KP30 IT Techno Marc logie h 1 s 6LimitedRevolo: Hybrid Solution for Everyone Smart and Intelligent Fuel Saving Solution  Suitable On road vehicles can be retrofitted  Affordable At a starting price point of INR 75,000  Convenient Can be installed in 4 to 6 Hrs time Payback under 2 years Test Results  Revolo is tested extensively at ARAI, NCL The Hon. Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi  Over 200,000 kms on road testing complete flagged off the smart electric bus, an indigenous technology developed by KPIT.  Consistent significant fuel/emission reduction Unique and Novel Ease of driving Vehicle Model Technology with 15 fewer gear shifts Independent Solution International Patents 31 3/3/2016 © KPIT Technologies Limited ARAI: Automobile Research Association of India NCL: National Chemical LaboratoriesOn Bus Intelligent Transportation Solutions – Making Public Transportation Smarter India’s First ARAI Certified OnVehicle ITS All leading CV makers in India power their buses using KPITs OBITS 10 Potential Savings in operational cost TAM of over 5,00,000 vehicles Includes Passenger Information Systems, (buses other utility Automatic Vehicle Locator, Security vehicles) in India will turn Systems, Monitoring Diagnostics Intelligent Notes: ITS Intelligent Transport Systems; ARAI Automotive Research Association of India 32 3/3/2016 © KPIT Technologies LimitedAdvanced Driver Assistance Systems – Enhance Safety to car occupants Advanced Technologies for Autonomous driving TAM of over 5BN USD for Image Processing Vehicle Control Integration Testing ADAS applications and related Algorithms Algorithms of ADAS in Vehicles services ACC FCW Adaptive Cruise Forward Collision 11+ Control Warning Patents in Vision Image LDW Processing LKA Lane Departure Lane Keep Assist Warning 8+ TSR DSM Indigenous Solutions Traffic/Road Sign Driver Status Recognition Monitoring 400+ NVPD ABC Night Vision with Distinct field failure situations Advanced Beam Control Pedestrian Detection identified for camerabased Night Vision PA Systems Park Assist 33 3/3/2016 © KPIT Technologies Limited 17SSEP2013AUTOSAR InVehicle Networks – Addressing Software complexity through standardization st Worlds 1 AUTOSAR R4.0.3 KSAR ECU Configuration AUTOSAR Basic S/w Stack KSAR Pro Complete Solution Editor For AUTOSAR R3.X R4.X Premium Member Largest AUTOSAR OEM Specific Integration Customization Service Provider AUTOSAR Migration TAM of over 400MN USD Strategy Solutions MCAL for AUTOSAR Products and Related Services Bootloader 34 3/3/2016 © KPIT Technologies Limited Tools 10SSEP2013KConnect – A Super platform for transforming in vehicle consumer experience The car helps you meet your friends The car manages your missed calls The car becomes your DJ at your favorite place Shares update Call log about friend at Phone 1 Headunit nearby restaurant Phone Phone Favorite playlists Sends location Phone 2 Find Finds s fr fre ee e time time fr from om y your our c cale alend ndar ar Phone 3 Headunit Presents list of missed calls Headunit Combines songs creates a group P Pr rovides ovides opti option f on for call b or call back ack Navigation directs you to the restaurant playlist 35 3/3/2016 © KPIT Technologies LimitedKConnect – This platform can also be extended to other domains too.. Case In Point – Highlights KConnect for Living Rooms Multi Device Connectivity Control TAM of over 50MN USD for Connectivity solutions in Concurrent Connecitivty to Wifi Automobile Domain only 4G networks Connectivity to Car Infotainment , Mobile and Tablets of occupants Connectivity across devices and appliances for home and commercial applications 36 3/3/2016 © KPIT Technologies LimitedFlavours of our Work 37 3/3/2016 © KPIT Technologies LimitedCommunity Initiatives • Chhote Scientist Initiative Education • School Kit Drive • Techno Wolves Robotics Transform lives of people through science and technology education. Program • Zero Garbage • Farm Ponds Environment • One Tree One Child • Environment Week Making this world a better place to live in. • Forest Safari • Solar Water Heater Project Energy • KPIT The “Energy Developing innovative solutions for efficient energy consumption and Champion” renewable supply. • Blood Donation Drive • Annadan (Food/Grain Employee Engagement Donation Drive) Utilize employee strength to make this society better. • Volunteer Fair, USO Drive, etc. 38 3/3/2016 © KPIT Technologies LimitedThe way ahead © KP39 IT Techno Marc logie h 1 s 6LimitedVision USD 1 Billion Revenue 18+ EBITDA Leadership in niche areas Focus on Strategic Product Engineering Accounts, Select Digital Transformation Geographies Consulting and Business IT IMS and AMS Steady improvement in Products and Platforms Operating Cashflow Operational Efficiency through people development generation and productivity improvement Inorganic growth for technology Strong specialization in three industry leadership, domain expertise, verticals geographic head start, customer mining Nonlinear growth via products, IPs, Aim for more annuity, offshore patents, productized solutions revenue 40 3/3/2016 © KPIT Technologies LimitedTHANK YOU 41 3/3/2016 © KPIT Technologies Limited
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