Zend Framework for Enterprise PHP on IBM i

Zend Framework for Enterprise PHP on IBM i 33
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Published Date:08-07-2017
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Zend Framework for Enterprise PHP on IBM i By Alan Seiden – PHP/i Developer and Consultant Strategic Business Systems, Inc.About me (Alan Seiden) Consultant/developer and mentor specializing in PHP & Zend Framework on IBM i • Consultant to IBM’s Redbook: Zend Core for i5/OS • First IBM i developer certified in Zend Framework • Co-founder of first Zend Framework Meetup (New York) • Developed “best web app” (COMMON meeting 2009) 2About Strategic Business Systems, Inc. Partner with IBM since 1982 IBM i hardware, software development, consulting Concentration in food & beverage and automotive industries HQ in northern New Jersey Partner with Zend (“the PHP company”) since 2008 PHP’s been our preferred web technology since 2005 In addition to our consulting/development services, we help customers select and purchase Zend’s training and software We represent Zend in the northeastern USA 3What I’ll cover today Evolution of PHP on IBM i In general, and… For each developer, assess where you are and what’s next Zend Framework Why it’s good for you Concepts and components Tips and tricks You will leave here understanding what ZF can do—and that you can do it 4Why PHP on i Powerful, flexible, popular Runs completely on your good old “i” Has backing & support of IBM Allows your teams to work together Re-use RPG logic, called from PHP Consolidate departmental solutions (Excel spreadsheets) into your reliable db2 database 5Typical stages of PHP on i Grass roots Prove to yourself how well PHP works on i Pilot project(s) Obtain some buy-in from management Enterprise PHP Important project developed with experience 6Grass roots stage 7Grass roots stage Go ahead, kick the tires Download and install Zend Core (free) Create a simple web page reading/writing to db2 Try open source software (such as Mantis/400) Prove it to yourself before “selling” to manager Special tools are optional at this point Even Notepad will do, but Zend Studio is free on IBM i 8Grass roots resources Zend Core: http://zend.com/products/core/downloads One year of free “silver” support included Online help and information PHP Manual: http://php.net Zend Core for i5/OS Redbook Knowledge base: http://kb.zend.com Forums (look for i5 forums): http://forums.zend.com 9Pilot Project 10Pilot project: how to pick one Well defined, useful, with modest scope Accesses IBM i resources db2 RPG calls (optional) Could be a new application or extension of an existing one to the web 11Pilot project: goals and resources • Small scale lets you do it right Set standards for future Safe space to get experience • You need these free tools Zend Core, Zend Studio • And one or more of these: Training/Support A PHP framework (e.g. Zend Framework, which is free) Mentoring, coached development • Greatly accelerate progress, save staff time • Especially when starting with a framework Zend Platform (try 60-day trial) 12Zend Studio for Eclipse (IDE) •Highlights errors, offers interactive debugging, and speeds creation of Zend Framework projects 13Zend Platform (soon to be Zend Server) Provides caching (fast), debugging and event tracking, integration with Zend Studio (IDE) 14Zend Framework • A starting point for your applications, providing Security features Modular design • A collection of over 70 PHP components to simplify common tasks, including some for: Form creation (and reuse) Logging Database access • A demonstration of PHP 5 best practices • It provides standards and great functionality but will not cramp your style. Your development is not limited in any way 15But what is Enterprise PHP? 16Enterprise PHP is: •Grown-up development •Think of your mature RPG processes Consistent Reliable •You know how to do that 17Enterprise PHP in detail Design/development cycle Standards Security Focus on easy maintainance Reusable functionality (not just copy and paste) Procedures that ensure quality Deployment Need tools to help support app in live environment Predictable, consistent performance 18Zend Framework An important piece of the enterprise puzzle 19The PHP community is evolving Old question: “what is PHP?” Current question: “Which PHP Framework do you use?” New question: “How do I integrate “x” framework into a project with Zend Framework?” 20