Cross-platform C++ development using Qt

cross platform application development using qt framework developing cross platform application using qt pyqt and pyside
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Published Date:14-07-2017
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Cross-platform C++ ® development using Qt Fall 2005 QT Presentation By Gabe RudyQT Presentation Overview ® • About Trolltech /QT • Qt Features and Benefits • Examples and Code • Demos and more Code • QuestionsAbout Trolltech/QT QT Presentation By Gabe RudyQT Presentation Trolltech • Founded in 1994 • Offices: Eirik Chambe-Eng Haavard Nord – Oslo, Norway (HQ) – Santa Clara, California – Brisbane, Australia • Ownership: – Majority by employees – 24% VC ® • Main products: Qt and QtopiaQT Presentation Products • Qt: a complete C++ application development framework • Qtopia: a comprehensive application platform and user interface for Linux-based consumer electronics • QSA: Qt Script for Applications • Teambuilder: distributed compilation solution ® Linux /UnixQT Presentation Other Products First • Any Linux based PDQ will be running QTopia, which is based on QT-embedded. • If you know QT, you could easily write for this platform.QT Presentation Qt in a nutshell • Qt is a complete C++ application development framework, including – A comprehensive C++ class library – RAD GUI development tool (Qt Designer) – Internationalization tool (Qt Linguist) – Help browser (Qt Assistant) – Source code and comprehensive documentationQT Presentation Qt is comprehensive • Qt supplies 80-90% of commonly needed functionality for rich client developers – 400+ fully documented classes – Core libs: GUI, Utility, Events, File, Print, Network, Plugins, Threads, Date and Time, Image processing, Styles, Standard dialogs ® – Modules: Canvas, Iconview, Network, OpenGL , SQL, Table, Workspace, XML – Tools: Designer, Assistant, Linguist – Extensions: ActiveQt, Motif migration, MFC migration • Qt Solutions for platform-specific customer requests • Easy to add/extend/customize QT Presentation Qt is cross-platform • The Qt API and tools are consistent across all supported platforms – Qt runs on mobile phones to Cray supercomputers • Consequence for users and customers – Freedom of choice in terms of development and deployment platform – Protection against changing platform fashionsQT Presentation A few platforms it runs on: ® • Windows 95 through Server 2003 ® • Mac OS X • Linux and embedded Linux • AIX, BSD/OS, FreeBSD, HP-UX, IRIX, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, Tru64 UNIX • And moreQT Presentation Qt is native • Qt builds on the native graphics layer • Qt applications run at compiled speedQT Presentation Native look on WindowsQT Presentation Native look on LinuxQT Presentation Native look on Mac OS XQT Presentation Qt is open source, but…QT Presentation QT is also Commercial • QT requires a commercial license if you plan to sell your product written in QT. • Per developer licensing • License cost based on edition and number of platforms • Windows does not have GPL version of QT • NO runtime fees/roalties etc.QT Presentation Qt is rock solid • Qt is used as the basis of the Linux KDE (K Desktop Environment) – Millions of lines of code, strong reliability requirements, industry strength stability • Widely used by Linux community – thousands of developers – millions of end-users • Used commercially in a wide variety of demanding applications – Medical devices – Air traffic guidanceQT Presentation Qt customers • Adobe, Agilent, ARM, Boeing, Bosch, Cadence, Canon, CEA Technologies, ChevronTexaco, DaimlerChrysler, Deutsche Telekom, Earth Decision Sciences, ESA, Fraunhofer, HP, IBM, Intel, i-penta JD Edwards, Lockheed Martin, LogicaCMG, Mentor Graphics, NASA, NEC, NTT, PGS, Pioneer, Rohde & Schwarz, Scania, Schlumberger, Sharp, Shell, Siemens, Sony, STN-Atlas, Stryker Leibinger, Synopsys, Thales... • Qt is used for a wide variety of applications: mass-market and custom software, internal apps, research, modeling, visualization, etc..QT Presentation Sample application: Abobe Photoshop AlbumQt Features and Benefits QT Presentation By Gabe Rudy