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Digitalization Made in Germany advantages of digitization ppt and digitization techniques ppt and accelerating the digitization of business processes
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Published Date:08-07-2017
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Digitalization MaDe in gerMany Company presentation T-Systems International GmbH Deutsche telekoM Profile custoMers & Markets Facts & Figures custoMers Markets telekoM in Figures, 2015 eMployees & responsibility  156 m mobile customers  Present in 50 countries  Revenue € 69.2 bn  Employees worldwide: 225,000  29 m fixed-network customers/  Germany, Europe and the USA: with  Adjusted EBITDA € 19.9 bn  8,600 trainees and cooperative 18 m broadband customers own infrastructure degree students in Germany  Free cash flow € 4.5 bn  Approx. 6.6 m TV customers  T-Systems:  Pioneer of social issues (climate global presence & alliances via protection, data privacy, diversity,  Some 1.6 m managed workplace partners etc.) systems Source: DT 2015 annual report/TMUS annual report to shareholders 2015 T-Systems International GmbH May 2016 2 t-systeMs – Deutsche telekoM’s subsiDiary For Major corporations 8,2 billion € revenue 0,8 billion € ebitDa 46,000 eMployees Information technology and telecommunications services in all industries: automotive, finance, transport, retail & public sector Pionier in cloud computing Corporate customers, multinational corporations & public sector Financial figures taken from DT's 2014 annual report T-Systems International GmbH May 2016 3 t-systeMs Our MissiOn “We're shaping the Future oF a connecteD business WorlD anD society. anD We are creating aDDeD value For our custoMers, eMployees anD investors through innovative ict solutions.” Reinhard Clemens, CEO of T-Systems and Member of Deutsche Telekom Board of Management T-Systems International GmbH May 2016 4 our solutions ZerO Distance fOr Our custOMers Digital DarWinisM – transForM or Die “Digital incoMpetence” Will cause a quarter of all companies to lose their market position by 2017. 8 of 10 top brands are it-, electronic or internet coMpanies. “The future won‘t wait for us. When it arrives, everything that can be DigitizeD Will be Digital.” – Bild Zeitung T-Systems International GmbH May 2016 6 scareMongering? or has gerMany MisseD the Digitalization boat? “ There is the potential for a Digital econoMic Miracle. The question is Whether it Will take place in gerMany ” T-Systems International GmbH May 2016 7 … or Do We see things “typically gerMan”: too critically? GerMan LessOns Many countries want a Mittelstand like Germany‘s. It is not so easy to copy. Germany ranked fifth in Bloomberg‘s Global Innovation index. WHisPer it sOftLY: it‘s OK tO LiKe GerManY Many Britons will be cheering for Germany in the World Cup final because we admire their football. But there is much more we can learn from them too. T-Systems International GmbH May 2016 8 “gerMan Way oF Digitalization” – obsolete or a soliD FounDation? the art oF engineering inventive spirit specialization reliability Machine tools 2nd most-important 7 of 10 companies have a new Germany‘s economy benefits from HEN DEGUO German export product in the last two years some 1,300 „Hidden Champions“ “Made in Germany” has been a Value: 163 billion euros recognized sign of quality since the 19th century Hen Deguo: Sign of quality for Made in Germany in China innovation Quality T-Systems International GmbH May 2016 9 „the gerMan Way oF business“ Our motto is not “fail harder,” but We are not “Move fast and break things” – we are “think first, then act.” “think before acting”. We are not Silicon Valley – we are Swabian entrepreneurs Instead of Zuckerberg – and 1,000 world market leaders. Prof. Dr. Ing. Bauernhansl. We don’t “kill the middle” – we A German Degree in “enable the middle. ” Engineering makes World Champions. Instead of Stanford, we have With Deutsche Telekom Hasso Plattner. to a new digital age. T-Systems International GmbH May 2016 10 WirtschaFtsWunDer 4.0: “the gerMan path toWarD Digitization”  “Wirtschaftswunder 4.0”. WE DO NOT BELIEVE  Deutsche Telekom as a business partner IN MIRACLES, WE for core industries with concrete work, WORK TO MAKE pragmatic consulting offerings and the focus THEM HAPPEN. to the most important tranformation sections, to realize the “Wirtschaftswunder 4.0”.  This is “Digitization Made in Germany” DIGIZATION MADE IN GERMANY T-Systems International GmbH May 2016 11 six steps to the WirtschaFtsWunDer partner For partner For the potential oF the Digitization ict transForMation Digitization Develop new business models with Customer Insights  Analytics Digital business Develop new models of collaboration  Mobile Collaboration MoDels anD innovation Use new sales channels with more flexibility and speed  Cloud integration essential thereby is: Ensure high reliability and quality for infrastructure  Dynamic platforms More agility and speed level  Dynamic Network Protection of data and IP  ICT Security T-Systems International GmbH May 2016 12 t-systeMs portFolio core clouD & all ip Digitization & Mobility & security belieFs transForMation analytics collaboration autoMotive public clouD cross inDustry Digital proDucts Digital & Multi-clouD & iot enabling & platForMs portFolio public integration platForM For inDustries retail proDucts & it DynaMic DynaMic DynaMic Device solutions inFrastructure applications ManageMent portFolio ttl health connectivity & enterprise enD user tc access netWorks coMMunications portFolio energy Mobility DiFFerentiation platForM zero transForMation e-2-e partner through … coMpetence outage expertise services ecosysteM T-Systems International GmbH May 2016 13 ict security systeMs integration t-systeMs – partner For zero Distance global capacities Market leaDer in clouD We are experts For ict anD integrateD ict experience anD security transForMation expertise it, tc anD MObiLe inteGrateD nOt siMPLY tHe frOM sinGLe sOurce enGineerinG MaDe in GerManY “saMe Mess fOr Less” operational excellence – zero outage best quaLitY fOr YOur business T-Systems International GmbH May 2016 14 our reFerences ZerO Distance fOr Our custOMers zero Distance For pioneer hoW Do you aDapt it to changeD business conDitions? T-Systems International GmbH May 2016 16 REFERENCE: PIONEER you go to the t-systeMs private clouD SCALABLE IT RESOURCES  Comprehensive outsourcing agreement based on Dynamic Services for SAP offering  Hosting of SAP landscape at T-Systems data centers  Operation of extensive range of SAP applications  Flexible access to IT resources on a pay-per-use basis ® Application Operations for SAP Solutions Hosting Services T-Systems International GmbH May 2016 17 zero Distance For shell shell hoW can More than 90,000 eMployees WorlDWiDe Work together More siMply? T-Systems International GmbH May 2016 18 REFERENCE: SHELL through Fast availability oF Data at every location DYNAMIC SERVICES FOR COLLABORATION  Launch of global collaboration with SharePoint in 2010  3 farms: MS and TSI for specific applications  Cross-farm services: Web Analytics  Identity + Access Management (single sign-on) Enterprise Solutions Unified Communication & Collaboration T-Systems International GmbH May 2016 19 zero Distance For barMer gek hoW can you get closer to your oWn custoMers? T-Systems International GmbH May 2016 20

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