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How 5G wireless technology works

5G is a packet switched wireless system with wide area coverage and high throughput. 5G is going to be a packed based network. 5g network pdf
1 5 G2 Contents ▪ Introduction to 5G ▪ Evolution from 1G to 5G ▪ Standards of wireless 5G ▪ Architecture ▪ Features ▪ Advantages ▪ Applications ▪ Conclusion3 Introduction ▪ What is 5G ▪ What does it offer ▪ why we need 5G 4 Introduction of 5G 5G is a packet switched wireless system with wide area coverage and high throughput. 5G wireless uses OFDM and millimeter wireless that enables data rate of 20 mbps and frequency band of 28 GHz. 5G is going to be a packed based network. 5 What does it offer  Worldwide cellular phones.  Extraordinary data capabilities.  High connectivity.  More power features in hand held phones.  Large phone memory, more dialing speed, more clarity in audio video. 6 Why we need 5G ▪ Due to drawback of other generation. ▪ They have low speed , poor voice and video quality as 5G. 7 th Evolution 0 Generation ▪ Precell phone mobile telephony technology, such as radio telephones that some had in cars before the arrival of cell phones. ▪ Communication was possible through voice only. ▪ These mobile telephones were usually mounted in cars or trucks. ▪ Technologies : PTT(Push to Talk) MTS (Mobile Telephone System) IMTS (Improved MTS)8 th 0 Generation ▪ First mobile radio telephone In 1924.9 st 1 Generation “A voice call gets modulated to a higher frequency of about150MHz and it is transmitted between radio towers. This is done using a technique called FrequencyDivision Multiple Access (FDMA).”10 Continued….. ▪ Technologies: FDMA (Frequency Division Multiple Access) NMT (Nordic Mobile Telephone) AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System) ▪ Problems : No security Prone to distortions11 st Drawback of 1 G ▪ Poor battery ▪ Poor voice quality ▪ Large in size ▪ No security ▪ Frequency call drop12 nd 2 Generation ▪ Digital cell phones ▪ Speed: 10kbits/sec ▪ Time to download a 3min MP3 song: 31 41 min ▪ Different Services : ▪ Standards: Digital voice calling GSM Short message service (SMS) CDMA TDMA13 Drawback of 2G ▪ Weaker digital signal ▪ Due to rapid changes in user expectation, they do not meet today's wireless need. ▪ These systems are unable to handle complex data such as Videos. ▪ Low voice data slow transmission. ▪ Reduce range of sound14 rd 3 Generation ▪ Time to download a 3min MP3 “ 3G networks provide the ability to transfer voice data song: nonvoice data over the same ▪ 11sec1.5min network simultaneously.” Applications ▪ The aim of the 3G is to allow for Speed: 144kb/sec3mb/sec i.e. 1 more coverage and growth with million bits, or 125,000 bytes, of minimum investment. data are being transferred per ▪ Internet, email, fax, ecommerce, music, video clips, and second . videoconferencing.15 Continued…… Features includes: Phone calls Global roaming, GPS Send/receive large email messages Highspeed Web, Navigation/maps Video conferencing Electronic agenda meeting reminder16 Drawback of 3G ▪ High Bandwidth Requirement ▪ Expensive 3G Phones. ▪ Large Cell Phones17 th 4 Generation ▪“The word “MAGIC” also refers ▪ Speed: to 4G wireless technology which ▪ The data transfer is 100 Mbps stands for Mobile multimedia, for outdoor and 1Gbps for Anywhere, Global mobility indoor. solutions over, Integrated wireless and Customized services.”18 Continued….. ▪ Features include: A spectrally efficient system High network capacity Huge data rate Perfect connectivity global roaming High quality of service, Security Privacy 19 Drawback of 4G ▪ Battery uses is more ▪ Hard to implement ▪ Need complicated hardware ▪ Expensive equipment required to implement next generation network.20 Standard of WIRELESS 5G WiMAX formed to provide conformance and interoperability of the IEEE 802.16 standard. It aims to provide wireless data over long distance from pointtopoint link to cellular mobile type access. WiBRO a part of IEEE 802.16e in process to provide collaborative and generic mobile WiMAX.Continued….. 21 3GPP LTE a project aims to improve the mobile phone standard to cope with future requirements. 5GPP 2 UMB a project to improve the CDMA 2000 mobile phone standard for next generation applications. Feature 23s of 5G High resolution for crazy cell phone users Bidirectional large BW Less traffic 25 Mbps connectivity speed Better fast solution. Enhanced available connectivity just about the world Uploading Downloading speed of 5G touching the peak (up to 1 Gbps ). 24 Advantage Data BW of 1 Gbps or higher Globally accessible Dynamic information access Available at low cost Bi directional, accurate traffic statistics25 Application of 5G Wearable devices with AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities. 5G iphones Pervasive (Global) networks Media independent handover Radio resource management VoIP (Voice over IP) enabled devices26 Conclusion ▪ 3G Operator Centric ▪ 4G Service Centric ▪ 5G User Centric. ▪ 5G can serve as a flexible platform. ▪ We have proposed 5G wireless concept designed as an open platform on different layers. ▪ The new coming 5G technology will be available in the market at affordable rates, high peak future much reliability than preceding technologies 27 Thank to All of you...... You can find us
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