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Published Date:08-07-2017
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Nel presentation Jon André Løkke Chief Executive OfficerNel ASA Nel ASA • Pure-play hydrogen company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange – facilities in Norway and Denmark • Three divisions offering hydrogen technology and solutions for industrial and energy applications • More than 850 hydrogen solutions delivered in 60 countries world wide since 1927 • World 1 on hydrogen electrolysers and hydrogen fueling – unrivalled performance and track-record • Financially strong company with a world-class experienced management team in place Hydrogen Electrolysers Hydrogen Fueling Hydrogen Solutions 2Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser • Global leader in hydrogen prod. plants - highest uptime, lowest conversion cost, robust and reliable • More than 850 hydrogen solutions delivered in 60 countries world wide since 1927 • Scalable production capacity for industrial and energy/transport applications – small scale to large scale solutions Solar Grid Wind C-Series A-Series Small scale turn-key modules Electrolyser Large scale plant solutions Up to 600kg/day Scalable and modular Up to any capacity size 3Nel Hydrogen Fueling Nel Hydrogen Fueling • Global leader within hydrogen fueling solutions for vehicles, first to adapt the newest fueling standards • Delivered more than 30 stations in 8 countries across Europe since 2003 • Highest reported availability and innovative, in-house developed technologies High capacity, smallest footprint Flexible installation, smallest footprint Largest manufacturing facility 2 200 kg/day, 10m 50 m from station, 1/3 size of normal dispenser 300 station per year capacity 4Nel Hydrogen Solutions Nel Hydrogen Solutions • Unified delivery of complex renewable hydrogen solutions, efficient system integration, project development and sales across segments • Only provider of integrated solutions along the entire value chain: 1. Fueling Networks • Develop entire fueling networks, incl. renewable hydrogen production • Service and maintenance • Network monitoring services 2. Renewable Hydrogen & Storage Solutions • Renewable hydrogen • Production based hydro, wind or solar • Large, medium or small scale • Storage solutions and “constant” renewable supply 5Solid backlog for 2017 • Orders received 2016: NOK 150 million • Orders received to date 2017: NOK 190 million • Main order announcements to date: • Iceland EUR 4 million • Royal Dutch Shell Plc (California) NOK 140 million • H2 Frontier Inc. USD 1 million • Current order backlog NOK 250 million Hyundai 2018 model concept FCEV: 800 km range 6The hydrogen opportunityWhy now? The hydrogen opportunity Renewable electricity is becoming competitive & also creates new challenges • Cheap renewable = cheap hydrogen, creating “fossil parity” • Timing of supply/demand does not always match - hydrogen “bridges the gap” • Hydrogen solutions needed to realize full potential of renewable energy Hydrogen cars are available and affordable • High global focus on zero-emission transportation • Climate, environment, local energy security & health • Big advances in cost/quality within hydrogen technology for automotive purposes • Majority of car manufacturers see hydrogen as the main breakthrough for electric/zero emission mobility 8Renewable hydrogen has reached “fossil parity” in multiple markets The hydrogen opportunity Renewable hydrogen is set to out-perform gasoline on a cost basis, due to substantial cost reductions for renewables & hydrogen technologies Norway Europe California avg. grid price Wind land based Solar (LCOE) Assumptions: • Pump price for hydrogen is converted to a €/litre equivalent • Incl. both CapEx and OpEx without subsidies • Electricity and gasoline prices incl. applicable energy taxes, excl. VAT • Capacity utilization makes the difference, assumes utilization of 70% on installed equipment 9 gasoline/diesel gasoline/diesel gasoline/dieselAvailable and affordable The hydrogen opportunity • All major car manufacturers are deploying Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) • Hyundai, Toyota and Honda have already started FCEV sales & lease in California at affordable prices • Additional car manufacturers are expected to launch FCEVs models in the coming years 369/month lease 349/month lease 499/month lease From H2’17 (incl. hydrogen) (incl. hydrogen) (incl. hydrogen) Learn more at: or or 10The automotive industry sees hydrogen as the most important fuel of the future The hydrogen opportunity 78% of executives absolutely or partly agree that FCEVs will be the real breakthrough for electric mobility KPMG: Global Automotive Executive Survey 2017 62% of executives absolutely or partly agree that BEVs will fail due to infrastructure challenges 11..and is putting money behind their words: pledges USD 10.7 billion investment The hydrogen opportunity 12Acquiring Proton OnSite 13Nel will be able to offer any type of electrolyser in any market • Signed a non-binding term-sheet to acquire Proton OnSite and successfully closed private placement • Settlement to be done through a 20 MUSD cash payment and… • …a fixed number of Nel shares (140 million) paid in two installments (12 & 24 months after closing) PEM ALKALINE ATMOSPHERIC ALKALINE PRESSURIZED  “Proton OnSite will fast-track Nel into the PEM electrolyser market” “Nel will be a one-stop-shop completely independent of technology preference, and the combined sales teams will be a global force to recon with” 14Proton OnSite in numbers USD 27m 2600+ 75+ 2016 revenue Installations Countries with worldwide generators installed 20 80 Years of installation Registered patents 100 Employees 15Proton OnSite transaction rationale Nel will become the world’s largest producer of electrolysers with a global outreach Nel will get strong foothold in the U.S. hydrogen market accelerating Nel’s growth ambitions Complementing Nel’s current business with several areas of synergies Nel will cover relevant sizes and technologies in the rapidly growing worldwide hydrogen market Nel will more than double its revenue and be a player with industry leading scale Strong cultural fit combining two organizations with stellar track-record in the hydrogen industry Optimally positioned to benefit from global opportunities arising within energy storage and hydrogen fueling 16Two companies with strategic and geographical fit Several synergistic areas to benefit from Complementary sales organisation and market reach  Provide strong foothold in the U.S. and new markets  Complementary product offering, full range of electrolyser technologies  Extending range of product offering (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL)  Accelerating technological development  Cost reduction through sourcing synergies  Financial muscles to support ambitious development roadmap  Few areas with overlap both along product and market dimension  17Key product overview • Proton OnSite offers a H-Series C-Series M Series wide range of products, which are sold to 1 MW Process Skid approximately 75 countries worldwide • Customers range from Net production rate: 10-30 Nm3/hr Net production rate: 100-200 Nm3/hr Net production rate: 2-6 Nm3/hr industrial companies to laboratory institutes 2 MW Process Skid S-Series Lab Gas Generators • Proton Onsite additionally offers services, including installation training, service at delivery and maintenance kit Net production rate: 0.53-1.05 Nm3/hr Net production rate: 300-400+ Nm3/h 18The PEM megawatt (MW) electrolyser Announced the world’s largest megawatt PEM deal • Announced the world’s largest megawatt PEM electrolyser deal in December 2016, three systems to be delivered in 2017, possibilities for additional ten systems over next 18 months – total deal value for the 13 units in excess of USD 20m • Growing market, opportunities for additional Key fact sheet M Series systems to be sold in different markets Net production rate (Nm3/hr) 100 – 400+ Purity 99.9995% • Several near-term opportunities for order Output Pressure 15 barg (218 psig) / 30 barg (435 psig) wins Key features: 0-100% variable output, 99% availability Cold start less than 5 minutes • Proton OnSite is going into 2017 with a Full ramp up/ramp down in seconds prospective pipeline for its PEM electrolyser Indoor or outdoor options system Instantaneous response to variable requirements Sense demand and automatically adjust production accordingly 19Other recent developments 20