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how case study is written in a Nutshell

A case study is an empirical enquiry that investigates a contemporary phenomenon in depth and within its real life context and how to write case study assignment | Download Free Pdf
Case Study in a nutshellDefinition A case study is a empirical enquiry that investigates a contemporary phenomenon in depth and within its real life context, especially when the boundaries between the phenomenon and context is not clearly evident Case study method is one of the most common methods of teaching in west and in many premier institutes in India This helps students in enhancing their analytical, reading, strategic planning and implementation skill and application of learning of domain knowledge in real life situationsTypes of Case study Intrinsic case study It is the case study in which researchers do not have to select the case Eg: Evaluation of the process of implementing an innovation in an institution Instrumental case studyIt is the type of case study in which researchers begin with a research question or problem, and seek out a case that offers illumination Advantages of Case Study Method Develops strong reading skills Develops analytical skills Develops logical thinking Develops strategic planning skillsAdvantages continue Develops good communication skills Develops confidence and art of public speaking Develops thinking, planning and implementation skillsTypes of Designs Single case holistic Single case embedded Multiple holistic Multiple embeddedHow to solve case study Read, visualize, realize and analyze Think Think about alternatives What went wrong What is to be doneHow to solve Case Study Focus on various data, graph and events Find out the major reason for success/failure Focus on different types of analysisProcess of Case Analysis Reading the case Jotting down/underlining/highlighting the key facts, figures, events, strategies, success or failure Analyzing the economy and various dimensions of business environmentData Collection Documentation Archival notes Interviews Direct observationPrinciples of Case Study Create a case study data base Use multiple sources of data Maintain a chain of evidenceAreas to focus Data, facts and figures Industry reports Company financials Industry financials Economic lifecycle Product lifecyclePresentation of the Case Make a good power point presentation Support it with graphs and charts Support it with statistical data and analysis Recommend the various functional strategiesSolutions Remember that there may be multiple solutions to a case Give solutions that are relevantThank you Any queries You can find us at