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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing 34
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Published Date:12-07-2017
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Digital Marketing Robert Farrell Let me introduce myself Robert Farrell Website: The Small Business Guides Twitter: TheSmallBusines Facebook: The Small Business Guides LinkedIn: Robert Farrell What about you? Who has a: Website Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blog Email newsletter Robert Farrell Roadmap  Introduction to Digital Marketing (DM)  The Main Social Networks  Digital Marketing Tools  Digital Marketing Plan Robert Farrell Before we begin…  This is an introduction.  Forget the hype.  Decide if it’s for you.  If it is, then experiment.  I’Il focus on the use not the figures. Robert Farrell INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL MARKETING Robert Farrell Marketing Companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships to capture value from customers in return. Kotler & Armstrong (2010) Digital Marketing Marketing using electronic media such as the web, e- mail, interactive TV, IPTV and wireless media in conjunction with digital data about customers characteristics & behaviors. Chaffey, Chadwick, Mayer, Johnson (2009) Robert Farrell Robert Farrell Websites Types of Web Presence: • Transactional e-commerce site: • Amazon, Dell. • Services-oriented/Relationship building: • Accenture, British Gas. • Brand building site: • Guinness. • Portal or Media site: • Compare the market. • Social network or Media site: • Mashable, Inc, Entrepreneur, Facebook. Robert Farrell New Trend: Communication style Robert Farrell New Trend: Participation Product Price Place Participation Promotion Physical Evidence Process People Get them involved: Social Media Platforms Crowd sourcing Testimonials Fan submitted content Robert Farrell Robert Farrell Digital Media Landscape Who is doing it well 10,287 mobile visits Robert Farrell So what could go wrong Robert Farrell Concerns  Uncontrolled: live conversation.  Time intensive.  Identity theft/Imitators.  Hard to keep up with many updates & platforms. Robert Farrell SOCIAL NETWORKS Robert Farrell Robert Farrell Irish statistics  Facebook: 2.2m users 2013  Twitter: 520K users 2012  Youtube: 1.3m users 2011  LinkedIn: 713K users 2011  92% of consumer trust peer recommendation Robert Farrell Social Networks  Facebook.  Twitter.  Youtube.  LinkedIn.  Pinterest.  Google +. Robert Farrell Facebook  Used by people & business.  Set up a profile (bus or personal).  Example: Yankee candle Ireland.  Tips:  Comment regularly (audience interests).  Add pictures, video, images.  Link to your website.  Maintain it. Robert Farrell