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Published Date:12-07-2017
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Digital Marketing Robert Farrell Marketing Companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships to capture value from customers in return. Kotler & Armstrong (2010) Digital Marketing Marketing using electronic media such as the web, e- mail, interactive TV, IPTV and wireless media in conjunction with digital data about customers characteristics & behaviors. Chaffey, Chadwick, Mayer, Johnson (2009) Robert Farrell Robert Farrell Websites Types of Web Presence: • Transactional e-commerce site: • Amazon, Dell. • Services-oriented/Relationship building: • Accenture, British Gas. • Brand building site: • Guinness. • Portal or Media site: • Compare the market. • Social network or Media site: • Mashable, Inc, Entrepreneur, Facebook. Robert Farrell New Trend: Communication style Robert Farrell New Trend: Participation Product Price Place Participation Promotion Physical Evidence Process People Get them involved: Social Media Platforms Crowd sourcing Testimonials Fan submitted content Robert Farrell Robert Farrell Digital Media Landscape Who is doing it well 10,287 mobile visits Robert Farrell So what could go wrong Robert Farrell Concerns  Uncontrolled: live conversation.  Time intensive.  Identity theft/Imitators.  Hard to keep up with many updates & platforms. Robert Farrell SOCIAL NETWORKS Robert Farrell Robert Farrell Irish statistics  Facebook: 2.2m users 2013  Twitter: 520K users 2012  Youtube: 1.3m users 2011  LinkedIn: 713K users 2011  92% of consumer trust peer recommendation Robert Farrell Social Networks  Facebook.  Twitter.  Youtube.  LinkedIn.  Pinterest.  Google +. Robert Farrell Facebook  Used by people & business.  Set up a profile (bus or personal).  Example: Yankee candle Ireland.  Tips:  Comment regularly (audience interests).  Add pictures, video, images.  Link to your website.  Maintain it. Robert Farrell Facebook Personal: Business:  5000 friends.  Unlimited.  No SEO.  SEO.  One profiles.  Multiple.  No Insights  Insights.  Private.  Public  Sponsored posts. Robert Farrell Facebook  Business use:  Win new customers.  Communication & brand building.  Run events.  Competitions (Rules).  Market Research.  Tech support. Robert Farrell Facebook Build an Audience:  Invite friends.  Get Likes & comments.  Post good contents.  Ask for likes or comments on content.  Redirect to website or call to action Robert Farrell Facebook videos  Facebooks Youtube Channel  How to Create a Facebook Business Page  Sponsored Stories