How to prepare for a Consulting case interview

how to prepare for economic consulting interview and how to prepare for strategy consulting interview
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Published Date:15-07-2017
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How to prepare for the consulting interview Patricio Ramirez - MIT SEBC ConsultingYou will face something like this 10 - 15 minutes Open discussion Discuss prior experiences Behavioral questions 20 - 25 minutes Case 5 - 10 minutes Q&A, your questionsMIT students prepare, but not enough Open discussion Fail here, more often Discuss prior experiences Behavioral questions Case Fail here Q&A, your questionsTo succeed, you need to answer interviewer internal questions Is this someone who … Open discussion 1 I would like to work with? Discuss prior experiences 1 makes a good impression on clients? Behavioral questions 2 Case is an achiever focused on results? 2 can solve problems efficiently and logically? Q&A, your questions 1. 2. the interview by preparing your hard and soft side Is this someone who … You need to … I would like to work with? makes a good impression on clients? Connect and be positive Prepare behavioral answers is an achiever focused on results? Prepare for the case can solve problems efficiently and logically?To perform well then … 1. Prepare for the case 2. Prepare behavioral answers 3. Connect and be positive1. Prepare for the caseApproach the case in five steps Introduction Approach Analytics Recommenda Next steps tion Listen, listen, Take time, 1min Ask for data Tie back to start Propose listen implementation Create structure Follow structure List Take notes of the to solve recommendations You might skip Quantify goals (brainstorm) this 30-sec summary. Explain impact Confirm details 3 - 4 points Here tree from Cosentino’s bookUse a nice structure, they love it and it will help you if you get lost Here tree from Cosentino’s book 1. Cosentino, M.P. Case In Point.Read Cosentino’s “Case in Point” and these extras • Cosentino videocast at MIT – • MIT’s Bilal Wahid folder of cases – • Free case (very detailed) at “” – • AT Kearney’s cases – • The “Vault guide to the case interview” is not good – The Vault guide to companies are very good thoughBe promiscuous: practice with many partners and … • Do – Use a relevant framework to structure and prioritize – Ask clarification questions – Think out loud – Give examples: personal or from business literature – Use the clues interviewer gives you, don’t be stubborn – Summarize if stuck • Don’ts – Ask for data before having a structure – Repeat every detail from case setup – Make critical assumptions without explaining logic – Ask “How did I do?” at the end2. Prepare behavioral answersPrepare answers for these questions and the one’s in Cosentino’s book • Tell me about a time when you: – convinced someone/a group of doing something they didn’t want to do – achieved a goal you had set for yourself – had to persuade a group – deal with a crisis/difficult situation • Why consulting? You don’t want to go into academia anymore? • Why this city?Use Answer = Headline + STAR • Headline = sentence describing achievement – “I convinced my advisor to pursue a new line of research” • Situation or Task = background 1 – “Let me give you some background …” • Action = overall approach and details – Name the main ideas: “I realized I had to do three things to convince my advisor…” – Explain each of them • Result – Finish with summary of results 1. and-interviews/Use mock interviews from the careers office and … • Listen to “Connecting Resumes and Interviews” – http://www.manager- resumes-and-interviews/ • Learn the STAR method – and don’ts • Do – Build answer around key points – Pick accomplishments in advance – Have 2min and 4-5 min answers – Focus on the specific things you did – How do you add value, what make you stand out • Don’ts – Relate events chronologically – Give exhaustive explanations – Ignore the time and pace3. Connect and be positiveUse the profiles of interviewers to find something to connect Here profile of interviewerMake it a conversation and smile • Make the interview a conversation – Might be harder with young consultants • Communicate energy: smile • Relax and be genuine – If they like you they will help you more • Don’t get frustrated with the case or questions • Listen to “Interviews - The Introduction” – introduction/Prepare and be positive 1. Prepare for the case 2. Prepare behavioral answers 3. Connect and be positive Good luck