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Strategies to Improve Your Work Productivity

• Kill the Negative Thoughts • Close Out Email • Find the Right Noise Levels
Strategies to Improve Your Work Productivity1. Kill the Negative ThoughtsThe “negative mindset” is a dangerous mindset where you allow the thoughts in your head negatively affect the current task that you are working on.• Note down these thoughts on a paper then explore the idea when you are not focused on a specific task. • This will help you to kill the negative thoughts that often pops into your head.2. Close Out Email• Email that is open all the time is very alluring. • Set the “Inbox Time” at the end of each working day when you have completed your high energylevel tasks.3. Find the Right Noise Levels• Some people need silence while others need some noise at their workplace. • Experiment with different styles of noise and find which will help you to improve your work productivity.4. Manage Meetings• Do planning for meetings. • Set a time limit for each topic. • Only invite those people to the meeting who are required. 5. Avoid Multitasking• When people involve in multitasking, productivity decreases. • Multitasking reduces creativity and makes difficult to remember important details. • Chances of high mistakes.Focus on one thing at a time and nothing else.6. Learn How to Deal with InterruptionsInterruption can be a minor irritation or a major problem. How you deal with interruptions make you successful.7. Learn to Say “NO”• whenever you say “yes” to a request, you say “no” to something else in your life. • Use the “yes, but” method for some people such as a boss. 8. Use Productivity Tools• To minimize the amount of time you spend on computer, use tools. • Identify the tools according to your work and job responsibilities.Follow us on: