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How to get out from lies of the age

There are five stages of human: Babyhood, toddlerhood, Elementary, Teen Age and Adulthood. lies about yourself | Download PPT
LIES ABOUT YOUR AGESTAGES OF A HUMAN BEING Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 2 Stage 1 Stage 3 Teen age Adulthood Toddler Baby Elementary hood hood TAKE A LOOK AT THE TEENAGE A LITTLE DEEPER….There was no word like “TEENAGER” before 1941 The word first time appeared was in a magazine Before 1941, stage 4 was non existentth “TEEN” is a 20 century creationJewish culture doesn’t believe in this Once a time a 13 years Jewish boy goes through BAR MITZVAHWhy this culture of being TEEN createdIn 1941, TEEN culture is manufactured by the corporations. Most remarkable personalities during this timeSTEVE JOBS The first job of Steve jobs was at Hewlett Packard(HP) when he was 13. After 10 years, he will be worth 1 million. After a year, 10 million. After a year, 100 million.A computer ELON MUSK game called “Blaster” was programmed by Elon Musk at age 12. He sold his first company for 307 million at age 24.Between age 13 to 24, STEVE JOBS and ELON MUSK was not busy being a ‘TEEN’.GENERAL IMPLICIT MINDSETS BEHIND BEING A TEEN TODAY1 Being a teen is to be a PARTICULAR TYPE OF INDIVIDUAL It is defined by the market.IN 2005 TO 2010 70 of student thinks that it is important to have A LOT OF MONEY As compared to 48 in 1976 1978, IN 2005 TO 2010 45 student admit that they don’t want to DO HARD WORK Compare to 30 in 19761978.• Depression and Anxiety in adolescences and advertising spends are strongly correlated and increasing day by day.• It means if it is running like that we will continue to be the most Depressed and Anxious Generation.2 It just lead us to the second lie about our age.Being a teen stop saying when I will be in 20s, so I will better make the most of it.BUT People in there twenties……. • Dislike responsibilities • Have no real saving • Loves to travel the world • Have no real goal in lifeFew things ABOUT life……….. • Graduated college at 21 • Did a lot of things to develop the future at 22. • Got married at 25But ……… Age and hormones will not change your attitude. People In this generation thinks that they are special.• Here the truth is that No one is special, You are just employee or just entrepreneurs, If you want to unique then you………You will be unique only to extent your fingerprints. 3 And the truth is that after done your teen age “Things Will Not Just Happen” THE WORLD WILL DEMAND A LOT FROM YOU.• You have to make it happen yourself…. • Stop saying to yourself the world have bound you, you will bound yourself.• Set real hard, goals in your life. • Do hard things.Make your life meaningful. Break The Lies About Your Age.Any queries You can find us at
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