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IFC VENTURE CAPITAL ACCELERATING TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION FOR EMERGING MARKETS December 2015 1OUTLINE IFC AT A GLANCE IFC’S TRACK RECORD IN VENTURE INVESTING PORTFOLIO THE IFC ADVANTAGE WORKING WITH US TEAM 2IFC: PART OF THE WORLD BANK GROUP TWIN GOALS: ENDING POVERTY PROMOTING SHARED PROSPERITY IDA IBRD Solutions in International International Bank Loans to middle Interestfree Development for Reconstruction income and loans and grants private sector Association and Development creditworthy to governments development lowincome of poorest country countries governments IFC Guarantees of private sectors Conciliation and investment’s arbitration of noncommercial investment risks disputes MIGA ICSID Multilateral International Center Investment and for Settlement of Guarantee Agency Investment Disputes 3OVER US 120 BILLION INVESTED IN EMERGING MARKETS SINCE 1956 KEY CORPORATE FACTS FOUNDED OFFICES EMPLOYEES FINANCIAL INVESTMENT PRODUCTS PORTFOLIO 1956 with 184 108 offices in 98 4,000 global Equity, quasi Committed member countries countries equity, loans, risk portfolio of management and US50.4 Billion. local currency products TOTAL TARGET SECTORS THE IFC ADVANTAGES ASSESTS GEOGRAPHIES US87.6 Billion Global Emerging E.g.  AAArated by SP and Moody’s Markets Agriculture/Financial  Largest multilateral source of Markets/ loan/equity financing in Emerging Manufacturing Markets Service/Health  Takes market risk with no sovereign Education/ guarantees Infrastructure/ Promoter of environmental, social, and Oil, Gas and Mining/ corporate governance standards Telecoms, Media  Focus on development impact Technology 4GLOBAL INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO 17.7 BILLION in longterm investment commitments, including more than 7 billion in funds mobilized from other investors. including global projects 5OUTLINE IFC AT A GLANCE IFC’S TRACK RECORD IN VENTURE INVESTING PORTFOLIO THE IFC ADVANTAGE WORKING WITH US TEAM 6IFC MADE ALMOST 1 BILLION IN VC INVESTMENTS TO DATE IFC HAS MORE THAN A DECADE EXPERIENCE IN VENTURE INVESTING Total Investment (in millions, 20042015) Cumulative Number of Investments 90+ investments up to 1 Billion 200910 200408 20112013 2014 onwards CLEANTECH IT SERVICES EXPANDED CLEANTECH IFC VENTURE PLATFORM ACROSS SECTORS Dedicated Cleantech Selective VC investing Expanded into VC platform Expanded VC mandate in IT services Agribusiness and Water established. beyond Cleantech incl. tech Focus on technology priority sectors: Edutech, Focus on China transfer and Asia Regional Expansion into Health, Consumer India Africa, Latin America and Internet. Caribbean, Middle East Investing worldwide in ventures geared towards Emerging Markets. Total investments are cumulative, including Early Stage Funds and Joint Ventures with IFC’s Mainstream Business 7STRATEGIC PRIORITY SECTORS EDUTECH  Skills Assessment Enhancing  ELearning HEALTH VC CONSUMER INTERNET  Service Delivery  Marketplaces  Health IT  Ecommerce  Diagnostics  Enabling Services CLEANTECH 2.0  Off/ongrid  Smart Energy / IoT  Storage 8OUTLINE IFC AT A GLANCE IFC’S TRACK RECORD IN VENTURE INVESTING PORTFOLIO THE IFC ADVANTAGE WORKING WITH US TEAM 9SNAPSHOT OF PORTFOLIO COMPANIES Coursera (USA) is a global platform for free online education classes that holds great potential for promoting access to highquality university and vocational education for millions of students in developing countries. Aihuishou (China) is China’s largest secondhand electronic device reuse and recycling platform. The company provides an online pricing and bidding platform as well as logistics services and collection booths that allow users of smart phones, tablet computers and other electronics to sell and recycle their old devices in an environmentally friendly way. Microvast, Inc (China) is a growing research and technology driven company offering advanced power solutions for applications including electric vehicles, electric bikes, and power tools, as well as patented battery materials. Fluidic Energy (USA) is a provider of energy storage solutions with significant operations in Southeast Asia. The company supplies zincair batteries to support critical loads and backup power applications worldwide. The company’s products include remote site management, multiyear performance warranties and innovative financing terms. Netshoes (Brazil) is the largest pure play ecommerce sporting goods in the world with growing operations in Latin America. Netshoes owns five distribution centers, three of which are in Brazil, one in Argentina and one in Mexico. 10ACTIVE PORTFOLIO OF 24 VC DEALS Netshoes Hepsiburada Portea Medical Planet Labs Kaymu 20 MM Equity 15 MM Equity 7 MM Equity 20 MM Equity 5 MM Equity Brazil, 2015 Turkey, 2015 India, 2015 World, 2015 Croatia, 2014 OffGrid Eletric Aihuishou Dafiti Lamoda EyeQ 7 MM QuasiEquity 6.7 MM Equity 17 MM Equity 11 MM Equity 5.5 MM Equity Tanzania, 2014 China, 2014 Brazil, 2014 Russia, 2014 India, 2014 Bridge International Ayla Networks NephroPlus Fluidic Energy Organica Academies 4.5 MM Equity 7 MM Equity 7 MM Equity 4 MM Equity 10MM Equity World, 2014 India, 2014 World, 2014 World, 2013 Kenya, 2014 11ACTIVE PORTFOLIO OF 24 VC DEALS Ecolibrium Coursera Kaiima Kalkitech Haitai 5MM Equity 1 MM Equity 10 MM Equity 1.35 MM Equity 9 MM Equity World, 2014 India, 2014 World, 2013 India, 2012 China, 2011 Azure Power Microvast Applied Solar Attero Recycling 18.6 MM Equity 30 MM Equity 10 MM Debt 5 MM Equity 9.88 MM Convertible 12.06 MM Equity Convertible China, 2011 India, 20102015 India, 20102014 India, 2010 12VC FUNDS PORTFOLIO WAMDA Rocket Fund Learn Capital TPG ART CVentures 10 MM Equity 8 MM Equity 28 MM Equity 20 MM Equity 25 MM Equity MENA, 2014 Brazil, 2013 World, 2015 World, 2015 World, 2013 SINOGREEN EARLYBIRD FUND Sinogreen Fund Nereus Capital Early Bird Almaz Capital Infuse Capital 20 MM Equity 20 MM Equity 25 MM Equity 25 MM Equity 5 MM Equity China, 2012 India, 2012 Turkey, 2013 Russia, 2013 India, 2012 GEF China Environment SACEF Venture East SBCVC Fund II Fund IV 20 MM Equity 15 MM Equity 20 MM Equity 20 MM Equity South Asia, 2010 India, 2008 China, 2006 China, 2011 13OUTLINE IFC AT A GLANCE IFC’S TRACK RECORD IN VENTURE INVESTING PORTFOLIO THE IFC ADVANTAGE WORKING WITH US TEAM 14IFC VALUE ADD EMERGING MARKETS FULL CYCLE CAPITAL ACCESS Decades of experience as the As IFC’s corporate venture arm, we can leverage IFC mainstream and largest multilateral source of equity seamlessly deliver financial products according to company maturity. financing in emerging markets. DEEP DOMAIN EXPERIENCE PATIENT CAPITAL GLOBAL NETWORK Deep technical knowledge and Longterm investment horizon. With a global network across expertise across sectors, with stakeholders, we can introduce access to more than 4000 IFC companies to coinvestors, potential specialists worldwide. clients, and other strategic partners. 15STRONG NETWORK OF COINVESTORS NORTH AMERICA ASIA MIDDLE EAST LATIN AMERICA WORLD STRATEGICS 16LEVERAGING IFC’S GLOBAL REACH IFC HQ/HUB OFFICE IFC OPERATIONAL CENTER IFC COUNTRY OFFICE 17IFC VC SPURS TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER INTO EMERGING MARKETS 18OUTLINE IFC AT A GLANCE IFC’S TRACK RECORD IN VENTURE INVESTING PORTFOLIO THE IFC ADVANTAGE WORKING WITH US TEAM 19OUR INVESTMENT SWEET SPOT INVESTMENT Late venture and early growth companies Proven products / business model with revenue traction Focus sectors: Health VC, Education Tech, Consumer Internet, and Cleantech Impact in Emerging Markets Minority investor, US325mm typically Tier1 coinvestors Scalable business models Lead/ CoLead Board seats typically 20OUTLINE IFC AT A GLANCE IFC’S TRACK RECORD IN VENTURE INVESTING PORTFOLIO THE IFC ADVANTAGE WORKING WITH US TEAM 21WASHINGTON, DC SAN DIEGO, CA MUMBAI, INDIA IFC VC TEAM BEIJING, CHINA ISTANBUL, TURKEY Nikuni Jinsi Sean Petersen Pravan Malhotra Xiaomin Mou Ruzgar Barisik Monique Mrazek Hoi Ying So Peter Möckel Peter Cook Sobhi Mahmassani Karthik Tiruvarur Falgu Shah Iris de Graaf Ruchira Shukla Dipta Shah Kentaro Toyoda Sandy Yang Zhu Yash Sankrityayan 22More Information WWW.IFC.ORG/VC 23
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