Balancing Your Wellness Wheel

Balancing Your Wellness Wheel 10
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Published Date:06-07-2017
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Balancing Your Wellness Wheel BALANCING YOUR WELLNESS WHEEL Think of your experience with FLAT TIRES A flat tire… Makes it difficult to steer straight Makes the ride bumpy and shaky Makes steering difficult Causes a wreck Causes you to not reach your destination How do you define:  Health?  Wellness? Wellness Absence of Illness Growth Balance Aspects of who we are  Social  Emotional  Intellectual  Physical  Spiritual  Occupational Dimension One  Social Wellness  Relationships, respect, community interaction.  This dimension considers how we relate to others.  How we connect, communicate and get along with the people we are surrounded by. Dimension Two  Spiritual Wellness  Meaning, values.  This dimension helps to establish peace and harmony in our lives.  It is the ability to discover meaning and purpose in life. Dimension Three  Emotional Wellness  Feelings, emotions, reactions, cognition.  This is the dimension where you are in touch with your feelings and emotions of sorrow, joy, love, etc.  This dimension helps us to cope with the emotional challenges of life. Dimension Four  Occupational Wellness  Skills, finances, balance, satisfaction.  This dimension involves finding fulfillment in your job and knowing that it has meaning.  It is also the ability to establish balance between work and leisure time. Dimension Five  Intellectual Wellness  Critical thinking, creativity, curiosity.  This dimension considers the desire to be a lifelong learner.  It’s the ability to be open to new experiences and ideas in order to continue growing. Dimension Six  Physical Wellness  Body, nutrition, healthy habits.  This dimension considers overall health and what you need to do to maintain a healthy quality of life.  It is the ability to take charge of your health by making conscious decisions to be healthy. Let’s try it out  Where’s your wheel? A Balanced Life – The Wellness Wheel Activity Instructions  Read each statement;  Fill in the corresponding pie-shaped section of the wheel to the degree you are achieving this;  For example, question 1 is: “I eat a balanced nutritional diet”;  If you feel you are doing this 100% of the time, color in all of section 1. If you do this 60% of the time, color 60% of the section.  Complete this for all 36 sections of the wheel. The Physical Section: Orange 1. I eat a balanced nutritional diet. 2. I exercise at least 3 times per week. 3. I choose to abstain from sex or sex is enjoyable and I practice safe sex. 4. I do not use alcohol or use in moderation, am a non-smoker and avoid street drugs. 5. I am generally free from illness. 6. I am a reasonable weight for my height. The Finance/Occupation Section: Yellow 7. I have a solid balance between saving for the future and spending for the present 8. My beliefs/values surrounding money are harmonious with my behavior 9. What I am doing with work/school has purpose 10. I use money positively, e.g., little or no gambling or excessive massing of goods 11. I have a balance between work/school and the other areas of my life 12. I have financial plans for the future The Intellectual Section: Blue 13. I have specific intellectual goals, e.g., learning a new skill, a specific major 14. I pursue mentally stimulating interests or hobbies. 15. I am generally satisfied with my education plan/vocation. 16. I have positive thoughts (a low degree of negativity and cynicism). 17. I would describe myself as a life long learner. 18. I commit time and energy to professional and self-development. The Emotional Section: Red 19. I have a sense of fun and laughter. 20. I am able to feel and label my feelings. 21. I express my feelings appropriately. 22. I have a sense of control in my life and I am able to adapt to change. 23. I am able to comfort or console myself when I am troubled. 24. Others would describe me as emotionally stable.