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Roads and Highways

Roads and Highways
Roads and HighwaysCOWI Group COWI is a leading international consultancy M.Sc. or B.Sc. degrees in civil, structural, company founded in 1930. COWI is privately geotechnical, mechanical or electrical engineer Consulting services provided by owned and entirely independent of any manu ing and other academic areas such as geology, COWI facturer, supplier or contractor. hydrology, chemistry, biology, agronomy, Nature The COWI Foundation is the majority sociology, economics and planning. • Natural resource management shareholder. The Foundation supports research In 2006 the annual turnover was 376.7 • Environmental policy and regulation and development in various fields of consul million EUR (512.4 million USD). More than • Environmental protection • Coastal engineering tancy activities. 60 percent of the turnover of the company is COWI’s head office is in Kongens Lyngby generated outside Denmark in more than 100 Society • Welfare economics and services 12 km north of Copenhagen, the capital of countries around the world. • Public administration Denmark. • Social development and HRD COWI is a highly versatile and multidiscipli Transportation • Urban and regional development • Development cadastral nary firm providing services of the highest COWI has more than 75 years experience in • Cadastral and land administration quality in the fields of engineering, environ transportation consultancy covering all phases • Geographical information systems and mental science and social economics. of infrastructure projects from initial planning IT mapping COWI employs around 3500 staff of which and feasibility studies over design, construction Transport 1600 are based outside Denmark in subsidiar and commissioning to maintenance management • Transport planning and management • Roads ies, branch offices or project offices. Most of and rehabilitation. • Airports the employees are professionals with Ph.D., • Railways and metros • Tunnels • Bridges • Ports and marine structures Buildings • Residential buildings • Educational buildings • Hospitals and health buildings • Cultural and sports buildings • Commercial buildings Industry • Industrial buildings • Production and processing plants • Oil and gas • Health, safety and environment • Environmental and social due diligence Utilities • Municipal and hazardous waste • Water and wastewater • Energy planning and systems • Telecommunication Photo: Morten LarsenRoads 3 Road engineering has become a complex Project cycle discipline, where road safety, environmental The services offered by COWI in relation to Consultancy services and expertise and socioeconomic issues are as important road engineering comprise assistance through covering all project phases as technical design and construction super out the whole project cycle: project and quality Feasibility phase vision. COWI, in cooperation with our clients, management, project preparation and plan • Generation and development of ideas develop optimal solutions by employing our ning, site investigations, design, project imple • Feasibility studies • Studies of infrastructure needs vast worldwide experience of road projects. mentation including construction supervision • Layout studies and management, operation and maintenance • Assessment of design data • Highways and motorways and institutional strengthening. • Cost estimation • Urban roads • Construction and procurement scheduling • Environmental impact assessment • Feeder roads • Social impact assessment • Traffic terminals Design phase • Road facilities • Establishment of design basis • Pavements • Study of oceanographical conditions • Electrical installations for roads • Design data studies • Geotechnical assessments • Environment, occupational • Durability design Services health and safety • Civil and structural design • Project preparation and planning • Mechanical and electrical installations • Operational risk assessment Specialist design team • Field surveys and investigations COWI’s specialist design team provide techni Tender phase • Special studies and tasks • Development of tender design cally sound solutions which are economically • Design • Management of tender procedures feasible. Our experience ranges from labour • Tendering and procurement • Value engineering based feeder roads in developing rural areas • Preparation of contract for construction • Contract administration and to large multilane motorways with complex construction supervision Construction phase interchanges and advanced service facilities. • Construction management • Operation and maintenance • Quality, environmental and safety management COWI’s specialist design team uses the latest • Institutional development • Construction risk management methods of CAD (Computer Aided Design), and training • Interface coordination modelling and computerised animation and • Programme and budget control dynamic simulation presentations. • Site supervision • Contract and claims management Operation and maintenance (OM) • OM management system • Inspection of structures and installations • Ranking of maintenance and reinvestment needs • Repair and strengthening design • Institutional development and training • Quality management Photo: Andrew Stewart4 Highways and motorways When designing complex highway and Highways motorway projects, COWI provides complete The majority of COWI’s highway projects are solutions by combining the knowledge of our located worldwide, and COWI has gained Services engineers with input from other inhouse specialist knowledge and considerable working • Project preparation and planning specialists, representing disciplines such as experience of the particular conditions for road • Field surveys and investigations road safety, environmental impact assess construction in a large variety of countries with ment and socioeconomic studies. climates from arctic over temperate to tropical. • Special studies and tasks • Feasibility studies Motorways • Design COWI has vast knowledge of design and su • Tendering and procurement pervision of domestic and overseas multilane • Contract administration and construction motorway projects with complex interchanges supervision and advanced service facilities. • Operation and maintenance • Institutional development and training Zhing Zhu Expressway Project IV, • Quality management Hubei Province, China Jiangyin Bridge, China Photo: Mike Somerford5 Elsinore Highway, Denmark Photo: Mogens Carrebye6 Urban roads Urban road design is of a complex nature. Labourbased road construction in Ghana. COWI applies time and cost efficient compu COWI, in association with terised design tools, which are specifically Conterra Ltd. of Ghana, designed and prepared developed for urban roads. The tools include tender documents for use facilities for an integrated design of bridges, under labour or equipment based contract packages. The sewers, street lighting, traffic signs and road 400 km project is financed markings. by the World Bank Principal issues Principal issues such as interconnection between roads and adjacent buildings and structures, the environmental impacts from noise, air pollution and traffic vibration are always addressed by COWI in cooperation with the client. Traffic on Rákáezi útica, Budapest, Hungary Road project in Tanzania Services • Surveys • Noise abatement analysis • Road safety audits • Road traffic accident analysis • Traffic simulation and modelling • Vulnerable roadusers • School travel planning analysis • Traffic action plans • Speed control planning • Impact assessment • Environmental impact assessment (EIA) • Economic analysis • Integrated design of roads, sewers, lighting and road furniture Photo: Andrew Stewart78 Feeder and rural roads COWI has comprehensive inhouse experi ence of the entire range of engineering, economics, social impact and environmental issues in relation to feeder and rural roads. We have developed countryspecific procedures for the establishment of criteria for investment in feeder and rural road rehabilitation and maintenance, ranking roads for improvement in terms of economic feasibility, by analysing data from road condition and traffic surveys, and developing estimates for cost improvement and maintenance. Development of labourbased methods For many years, COWI has been actively in volved in the development of labourintensive methods in coordination with road administra tion agencies in developing countries, particu Services larly in Africa. • Surveys We offer services ranging from institutional • Material investigation and testing support, specification and procurement of • Pavement condition studies appropriate equipment, development of work • Feasibility studies programmes, standards, contract documenta • HDM4 analysis tion and management systems, and training of • Road design staff and contractors. COWI has vast experience in producing solu • Pavement design tions which address poverty alleviation, • Environmental impact assessment (EIA) strategic and policy support with decentralised responsibility and local empowerment. • Social impact assessment • Procurement • Tendering • Construction supervision • Maintenance Chinese construction companies carry out surface treatment in • Quality management Laos910 Pavements Pavement repair in Zambia on the Pavements are designed specifically for the COWI designs pavements that meet the 590 km LusakaMongu road, expected load conditions throughout the requirements of each specific load condition. traversing the Kafue National Park design life of the road. Pavement types vary We combine stateoftheart methodology and – the largest game reserve in Africa from flexible pavements through semirigid expertise to reach sustainable and costeffective to rigid concrete pavements. solutions. At the same time, we are dedicated to the utilisation of available technology and materials, always observing environmental requirements. Paved areas may be subjected to a wide variety of loads. From rubbertyre vehicles moving at high to moderate speeds, through forklifts with solid wheels of high stiffness to stationary loads created by parked vehicles or stacked containers. Services • Surveys • Pavement condition studies • Pavement analysis and modelling • Pavement design Flexible and semirigid pavements Rigid pavements Lownoise pavements Special pavements, e.g. container terminals Innovative pavements • Recycling • Material investigations for pavements • Material engineering for pavements • Pavement maintenance • Environmental impact assessment (EIA) Compaction machinery at • Economic analysis work on the DarMlandizi road, Tanzania • Quality management1112 Road facilities The provision of appropriate and effective road facilities is of the utmost importance in order to achieve wellfunctioning roads in terms of road safety, capacity, road user comfort and minimised environmental impact. Planning and design In close dialogue with our clients, COWI at taches much importance to the planning and design of facilities from the onset of a project tailored to meet specific project environmental requirements while incorporating financial constraints. Road safety is a growing concern and our statecertified road safety auditors carry out Bangladesh Road Safety Project. Public campaigns and police audits on both existing and planned roads as enforcement are some of the measures being introduced to well as black spot analyses. They also develop improve driving habits and road safety. Financed by NDF specific safety action plans. Services • Road safety audits • Road traffic accident analysis • Traffic simulation and modelling • Vulnerable roadusers • School travel planning analysis • Traffic action plans • Speed control planning • Social impact assessment • Education • Environmental impact assessment (EIA) • Economic analysis • Quality management Photo: Andrew Stewart13 Dessie Woldiya Road, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Culture centre by night on Warszaw’s Gondar Mereb Road Upgrading Project, Ethiopia central square, Poland Photo: Andrew Stewart14 Electrical installations COWI provides stateoftheart consultancy on electrical installations and traffic informa tion systems for roads. COWI provides design solutions for lighting and other electrical installations for new roads and for modernisation of existing facilities. Our consulting services cover all stages of a project including design and coordination with other agencies. Traffic information systems We can assist our clients in selecting the cor rect solutions for traffic information systems, variable road signs that provide drivers with dynamic information, which increases road ca pacity and safety, and COWI is always abreast of the latest technological developments. Our experience in providing electrical solutions for roads has been gained from many years of undertaking projects all over the world. Services • Lighting with remote monitoring and control • Electric power distribution • Emergency telephones, variable message traffic signs etc. • Toll collection systems Photo: Andrew Stewart15 West Highway, Denmark Photo: Andrew Stewart16 Traffic terminals COWI has wide experience with ferry termi nals, container terminals, bus and train terminals, airport terminals, distribution terminals for land transport and parking terminals. We have designed a large number of such terminals in cooperation with architects and landscape architects. Private and public transport Ferry harbours, large bus and train stations, and airport terminals are locations where the interchange between private and public trans port takes place. It is important that the change can take place rapidly and safely, and with the least possible disruption for the passengers. Safe access, adequate parking facilities, logical location of ticketing facilities, short walking distances and easytoread time schedule in formation are key words for the planning and design of terminals. Services • Master plans • Flow condition analyses • Demand modelling and simulation • Functional and detailed design • Compact terminal management • Real time information systems • Feasibility studies Bus terminal in Gladsaxe, Denmark. COWI designed and supervised the terminal in cooperation with the local municipality and Copenhagen Transport Photo: Aerodan17 Terminal for the DSB and SFL ferries in Elsinore, DenmarkChildren on trailer in Sindh Province, Pakistan 18 Environment, occupational health and safety On every infrastructure project, environmen Environmental management tal as well as occupational health and safety We assist in building up a management system issues need to be adressed. COWI provides and an action plan covering both environment consultancy services on environmental and occupational health and safety. The plan management in every phase of the planning, is adapted to the actual needs of the project the design and the construction. and includes followup through the design and construction phases. Both authorities and local stakeholders COWI’s specialists have specific qualifica demand minimisation of the environmental tions and long experience in carrying out impact during the design and construction of environmental and health and safety audits. road projects. Focus is on optimising the work ing environment and the safety for both the people constructing and maintaining roads and those using the facilities. COWI has many years of experience in consulting services in the fields of environment, Services occupational health and safety, both on • Environmental impact assessments national and international infrastructure • Environmental risk assessments projects. We take a holistic approach, and we cover the project’s lifecycle from selection of • Environment and safety management location through design, construction and • Environmentally friendly design operation to renovation and demolition. • Mapping and management of external environmental conditions Cyclists crossing • Assessment and management of road, Denmark material and resource usage • Waste handling and recycling • Safety coordination and safety plans • Emergency plans Galloping horses pulling wagon with man, Romania Photo: Andrew Stewart Photo: Andrew Stewart19 Narrow country road, Tanzania Photo: Stig Stasig20 TANZAM highway, Tanzania In 2005, COWI was awarded a contract for 1973, and the pavement is in urgent need of the consulting services for the design and the rehabilitation. construction supervision of an approximately Phase I includes design review, detailed 218 km long section of TANZAM highway engineering design and tendering. Phase II The TANZAM highway is approximately includes supervision of construction work. The 921 km long and is designated as Trunk Road project also comprises environmental and T1 in the Tanzanian road network. This major social assessments. highway links the port of Dar es Salaam to the Phase I is expected to be completed in June landlocked countries of Zambia, Malawi and 2007 and Phase II in June 2011. the Democratic Republic of Congo. The road links important national and international tourist destinations located along the TAN ZAM corridor, including Mikumi National Park, Udzungwa Mountain Forests and Game Park, and Ruaha National Park. Services The Government of Tanzania has obtained • Detailed design financial support from Denmark, in the form of mixed credit financing, for part of the • Design review Project period TANZAM highway rehabilitation programme • Tender assistance 2005 2011 currently under preparation. The road section, • Supervision Client which receives high priority within the govern • Traffic safety improvement ment’s road rehabilitation programme, is a 225 Tanzania National Roads Agency • Environmental assessment TANROADS, Tanzania km roadsection between Iyovi and Mafinga. • Social impact assessment Apart from a 7 km section, the road has not received major repairs since construction in 2122 Motorway Ring 3, Denmark The motorway Ring 3 project expands the more, noise barriers shall be established along Services fourlane heavily trafficked ringroad around the total length of the project road. • Advisory and expert assistance Copenhagen to a sixlane motorway. The COWI’s services include geotechnical • Planning, studies and motorway passes through densely populated investigations, preparation of an environmental evaluation suburbs. management plan, inventory of adjacent • Surveys and investigations During the construction period, the normal facilities, land acquisition, detailed design of • Design traffic must be serviced by 4 lanes, except for the road section and a large number of grade • Tendering and contracting shorter periods of time during weekends and separated interchanges, pedestrian bridges and evenings/nights. This requires extensive underpasses, retaining walls, noise barriers and • Construction supervision planning of: screens, road lighting and road furniture such • Quality management • Information to be provided to roadusers as signal signs and road marking. • The sequence of road works for lanes and COWI is responsible for the master planning sections of construction works and contractor’s offices Project period • Detours and facilities, utility relocation and traffic 2003 ongoing • Construction works logistics management. • Temporary road marking and signals COWI is preparing tender documents for Client four contract packages and assisting the Road Danish Road Directorate, Due to limited land area, the project will in Directorate in the tendering process and the Denmark clude extensive use of retaining walls. Further supervision of construction works.23 Photo: Tao LytzenServices • Design review 24 Western Yunnan Roads, China • Social studies • Training Construction of a 77 km fourlane access • Contract administration and construction controlled toll expressway and upgrading of • Supervision of civil engineering 300 km of local roads. works and traffic management systems In 2004, COWI won a contract with the Yunnan • Quality management Baolong Expressway Co. Ltd of the Yunnan Provincial Communications Department, China, for the construction supervision of the ADB funded Baoshan to Longling Expressway. The Yunnan province is poor, with per capita GDP at 64 of the national average. Insuffi cient road infrastructure constrains economic development and raises private business costs. Fourlane expressway The main objective of the project is to improve the road facilities and reduce transport costs in Western Yunnan to promote economic growth. HuchongheProject period 2005 2008 25 Client Yunnan Baolong Expressway The project comprises the construction of a Co., Ltd., China 77 km fourlane accesscontrolled toll ex Funding pressway from Baoshan to Longling including Assisted by ADB access roads, interchanges with toll stations, administrative buildings and service areas. The project also includes the upgrading of about 300 km of local roads in remote areas in Baoshan Prefecture. The project consists of a design review and the construction supervision of the expressway and local roads as well as a human resource development and training. COWI is providing specialist expertise for the project management of bridges, tunnels, pavements, landscaping, traffic safety and HRD/training. Zhenboa Lizhai26 Sindh Road Sector Development Programme, Pakistan Improvement of 164 km of provincial high access roads. It will be the main task of the Services ways, 1200 km of rural access roads and consultant to arrange for the design, tendering • Advisor/expert assistance support of continuing initiatives in the road and construction supervision of all road sec • Planning, studies and evaluation sector. tions included in the programme. This will include various types of investment • Surveys and investigations In November 2004, COWI won a major Asian activities ranging from rehabilitation to re • Design, tendering and supervision contract management Development Bank assisted road development construction. The area is generally flat, and project in Pakistan. The Client is the Works there are large numbers of culverts and bridges • Institutional development, environmental and social impact studies and Services Department (WSD), Government on the selected road sections. • Sector reform (resource management system, of Sindh, Pakistan. road maintenance, etc.) This project comprised two components: an Provincial sector reform component investment component and a provincial road The objectives of the sector/policy reforms sector reform component. are to establish efficient resource management Project period systems, preserve road assets through improved Investment component road maintenance, increase road safety and 2004 2008 The investment component under the project improve governance to transform a WSD into Client loan includes the improvement of about 164 km a modern road administration agency. Works and Services Department, Office of the of provincial highways and 1200 km of rural Chief Minister, Goverment of Sindh Funding Assisted by ADB2728 Major Roads Programme in Patuakhali and Barguna Districts, Bangladesh The project covers 46 km of regional and district roads planned for rehabilitation and 75 km of feeder roads planned for periodic maintenance. The project also comprises train ing and institutional development related to road maintenance activities. The 46 km road rehabilitation includes design review and detailed design, preparation of tender documents and tendering and construction supervision for the road rehabili tation works. Services • Design review • Detailed design • Tendering and contracting • Institutional development • Environmental planning • Supervision of road works • Training • Quality management Project period 2001 2006 Client Roads and Highways Department, Ministry of Communication, Bangladesh Financing Danida29 The road maintenance activities cover design review and detailed design, preparation of tender documents, tendering and construction supervision for periodic maintenance of 75 km of roads. All project roads are built on embankments and are susceptible to annual flooding. Heavy rainfall during the monsoon soaks the road embankment and floods the surrounding areas. The works also include a bridge and sluice replacement programme covering some 32 structures for upgrading these to a 2lane standard. The works are tendered to local contractors and labourintensive methods are applied for selected activities. The project also includes preparation of a feasibility study for a 40 km road link to Kuakata, establishment of a soils and materials laboratory, training and institutional develop ment of the regional road maintenance organisation, preparation of a land acquisition plan and a detailed resettlement action plan, review of the environmental impact assessment study and preparation of environmental management plans.30 ChalinzeSegeraTanga Road, Tanzania In 2004, COWI was awarded a contract for The ChalinzeSegeraTanga Road is 250 km consultancy services for strengthening resur long. It was reconstructed in 1989 1993 facing and traffic safety improvement of the in accordance with the design provided by ChalinzeSegeraTanga Road in Tanzania. The COWI. The subsequent construction works consultancy service includes detailed design were also supervised by COWI. and tendering assistance. In 2003, a pavement condition study was carried out by COWI in order to formulate future interventions necessary to maintain the road in a sound operating condition. Based on the scope of activities proposed by the study, Services the new project concentrates on the following • Surveys and investigations services: • Outline design • Design works, including surveys and investi • Detailed engineering design gations, outline design and detailed engineer ing design for repair of pavement defects • Tendering assistance and strengthening/resurfacing of the road • Socioeconomic studies through an asphalt overlay; • Traffic safety measures • Tendering assistance to Tanzanian Road • Construction supervision Authority (TanRoads) covering development • Quality management of a procurement strategy, prequalification of contractors, pretendering meetings and site visits, bid opening and evaluation; • Provision of physical traffic safety measures Project period at selected locations along 27 km of the road 2004 2006 length; Client • Preparation of a socioeconomic subcom ponent, which comprises road safety infor Tanzania National Roads Agency, Tanzania mation campaigns, HIV/AIDS awareness programmes, reinstatement/improvement of Financing community access roads and markets, envi Danida ronmental protection and improvement of public facilities affected by the road works.3132 Rehabilitation of the Pobé Kétou Road, Benin In 2004 2006 COWI in association with AA Services Project period Espoir provided consulting services to prepare • Feasibility study 2004 2009 the detailed engineering design and tender • Detailed engineering design documents for International Competitive Bid Client ding for the Detailed Design Supervision of • Tender assistance Ministry of Public Works and Rehabilitation of the Pobé Kétou Road in Be • Construction supervision Transport, Benin nin. This team will also be responsible for the • Environmental impact Financing construction supervision during the rehabilita assessment (EIA) Danish International tion of the 42.3 km section which provides the • Social impact assessment Development Agency (STA) final link of the interstate corridor connecting (DANIDA) • Quality management Togo and Nigeria. The rehabilitation of the road is scheduled to be completed in 2009.33 The Pobé Kétou Road also serves as the COWI’s experience in pavement design for only link between the plateau region and the tropical soils is important for the project as administrative centre in Pobé and connects the expansive soils are present throughout the area. northern part of the country with the capital A socioeconomic subcomponent providing Porto Novo. The road carries substantial traffic financial resources for complementary infra transporting cotton to processing facilities in structure and related development projects Materials investigations the area. It has potential to carry traffic from identified by communities along the road is (clockwise from top left) Atterberg Limits, the cement factory in Onigbolo to the northern included in the project. Road safety informa production of cement part of Benin and to the export markets in tion campaigns within the schools and local stabilised test specimens and soaking of compact Niger and Burkina Faso. communities together with HIV / AIDS ed soil samples prior to awareness programmes for road workers and CBRtesting local communities will be supported.34 Innovative Pavement Design, Uganda MatuggaSemutoKapeeka Road testing is undertaken of both traditional and Services COWI, in association with Dansk Beton Tek nontraditional stabilisation methods including • Innovative pavement design study nik, is providing consulting services for a pilot the use of natural pozzolana (volcanic ash) and demonstration project for the rehabilitation liquid soil stabilisers (sulfonated petroleum • Detailed engineering design of MatuggaSemutoKapeeka road in Uganda, products). • Construction supervision covering feasibility study, research and devel In order to provide the best possible exper opment activities, detailed engineering design tise in innovative pavements, COWI draws on and construction supervision. the extensive local knowledge of material The project aim is to develop innovative sources and research already initiated in Project period technologies for the construction of sealed low Uganda into road stabilisation using natural 2004 2009 traffic volume roads. The purpose of the pilot pozzolana. Client project is to demonstrate and compare differ The project also includes preparation of ent approaches to chemical stabilisation in low related guidelines, design manuals and specifi The Republic of Uganda, Roads Agency Formation Unit, volume road pavements. During the initial cations to be finally developed on the basis of Ministry of Works, Housing and investigation and research stage, laboratory the results of the monitoring. Communications Financing Nordic Development Fund (NDF)3536 EIBfunded motorway projects, Czech Republic Assistance to the Project Management Unit The PMU now manages and monitors progress (PMU) of the Czech Road and Motorway on four EIBfunded projects at various states Directorate (RMD) started in 1999 when of development and implementation totalling COWI was contracted to provide expert about € 2500 million in value. advice on the Czech Motorway AProgramme. COWI works in cooperation with Pragoprojekt of the Czech Republic. Initially the assignment for RMD included: • Setting up a cost management system • Review of design and tender documentation • Setting up a reporting system for physical and Services financial progress for EIBfunded projects • Training in FIDIC and ISPA contract procedures Subsequently, for the original loan and for • Traffic studies for D8 Motorway three further EIBfunded projects services • Environmental studies for D8 include: Motorway • Monitoring project progress on site, • Quality assurance of contract documents • Drafting halfyearly reports for four loan funded projects, • Assistance to tender evaluation committees Project period Additional tasks have included economic 2000 2007 analysis and an environmental study for the Client D8 (Prague Dresden) motorway, training in FIDIC contract procedures and assistance in Road and Motorway Directorate of Czech Republic the preparation of ISPA/Cohesion Fund ap plications.3738 Reconstruction of Väo–Maardu Section, Estonia In 2003, COWI was awarded the contract for • Lack of capacity as traffic increases during The project comprises the reconstruction of a the preparation of feasibility study, preliminary the design period 4lane road and its widening to 6 lanes on the and technical design and tender documents for • Increasing number of accidents especially in section close to Tallinn. the reconstruction of Väo–Maardu Section of the junctions and Uturns The consultancy services at the feasibility E20 Tallinn–Narva Road in Estonia. • A pavement which is suffering from lack of stage cover traffic surveys and forecast, The Väo–Maardu section on E20 has the maintenance topographical, geotechnical and pavement highest traffic volume in Estonia. The section is • Some of the bridges have not been designed condition survey, condition survey of the without any separation of light traffic and for modern loading bridges, road safety, preliminary design, motorised traffic and has a relatively high • Road environment environmental impact assessment, economic number of accidents. The main objective of the and financial evaluation, analysis, presentation project is to solve the following problems: of the preferred alternatives and recommenda tions for project implementation.39 Services • Reconstruction of a 4lane road and its widening to 6 lanes Project period 2003 2005 Client Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of EstoniaRehabilitation of DaresSalaam 40 Selected references Mlandizi Road and Wami Bridge, Tanzania Description: Rehabilitation and upgrading of the 56 km existing asphalt road from Dar es Salaam to Mlandizi, including alignment improvements to improve black spots on the 8 km mountainous Wami Bridge approaches. The project is located in the coastal region, where the lack of suitable road construction Polish Motorway A2 Design materials has required use of innovative Assistance, Poland pavement solutions. The base course was Description: NCC concession project on constructed with blast furnace slag stabilised Polish motorway A2. Standard Polish sand, and the asphalt layers by recycling the Design guidelines required unreasonably existing asphalt the new wearing course deep cement stabilised layers, compared to consisted of 40 original asphalt pavement. contemporary standards. The effect of the recycling approach was Client: NCC International, Denmark to eliminate the otherwise long haulage of quarry material and minimise environmental Completion: 2002 impact, and it resulted in construction cost Services by COWI: savings for the client as compared with a Pavement design review more traditional pavement solution. Redesign according to western european Client: Ministry of Works, Tanzania standard Completion: 2001 Services: Feasibility study Field investigations for road, pavement and bridgeworks. Detailed design and FIDIC based Tender Documents Tender assistance, including evaluation and contract negotiations Supervision of Works Design Review of Roads in Southern Bulgaria Description: Review of designs prepared by local consultants. Client: EU Phare, Cross Border Cooperation programme with Greece Completion: 2000 Services by COWI: Review of designWukroAdigratZalambesa Road, 41 Ethiopia Description: Rehabilitation and upgrading of the approximately 100 km long existing asphalt road from Wukro via Adigrat to Zalambesa at the border to Eritrea including alignment improvements on about 20 km, replacement of 6 bridges and rehabilitation of further 15 bridges and some 300 culverts together with pavement strengthening, safety improvements etc. The road is traversing through rolling to hilly terrain and was originally constructed during the fiveyear Italian occupation (1936 1940) with a Telford base course. Client: Ethiopian Roads Authority Financing: Nordic Development Fund Supervision of Construction of A4 Completion: 2007 Motorway, Krakow Southern Bypass, SubProject I (7 km) and Sub, Poland Services by COWI: Feasibility study, environmental and social impact assessment, Description: COWI was awarded authority traffic counts and axle load surveys, to act as the Engineer’s Representative in topographic surveys, drainage surveys and the field of contract administration, project hydrological studies, soils and materials management and construction supervision to investigations, detailed engineering design be carried out in compliance with FIDIC and and preparation of tender documents for Polish Regulations. A considerable amount of international competitive bidding. structural work, earthworks and pavement is being implemented that includes temporary traffic diversions, restoration of crossroads, relocation of roads and a creek as well as existing public utility services. AbobeGodereMeti Road, Ethiopia The services provided by COWI cover three Description: The objectives of the project were different stages: to review an existing detailed engineering design, undertake feasibility study and Preconstruction: scrutiny and verification of environmental impact assessment for the project design and contract documentation eastern most 72 km of the 144 km long Abobe Construction: setting up of supervision Godere Meti Road in Gambela Region. organisation with regards to quality control, The 72 km long section would traverse a quantity control, monitoring of progress highly sensitive rainforest area and since no and contractual administration of the realistic mitigating measures could be ensured works including payment certification and it was recommended only to improve existing variations in compliance with FIDIC and footpaths/tracks. Polish Laws Client: Ethiopian Roads Authority / Nordic Postconstruction: implementing procedures Development Bank during the Defects Liability Period and Completion: 2004 issuing the certificates of final completion and Statement of Accounts. Services by COWI: The project included: 7 km (incl. major great Review of Existing Engineering Design separated interchange) of 2x3 lanes motorway Topographical surveys with GPS control including construction/rehabilitation of 18 point survey 3 3 bridges, 510 000 m excavation, 1 170 000 m 2 Side drainage and cross drainage condition fill, 330 000 m asphalt concrete pavement and survey including hydrological analysis extensive relocations of public utilities. Traffic counts and axle load surveys Client: Ministry of Transport, General Dir. of Public Roads, Poland Traffic safety study Completion: 2004 Soils and materials investigations.42 Selected references World Bank Seminar, Jordan TA for Preparation of Trunk Roads, Hungary Description: COWI was responsible for a 3day pavement seminar in Amman, Jordan Description: TA for preparation of Trunk 2426 October 2000. The seminar was Roads Technical Assistance to UKIG for hosted by the Ministry of Public Works project implementation of trunk roads 2, 6, and Housing, Jordan. It was funded by 42, 47 and 56, which will be designed and the World Bank´s Danish Trust Fund. constructed under ISPA funding assistance. Representatives from 14 Middle East and Assistance to be provided for: technical and North African countries participated in the administrative management of design and seminar. supervision contracts; specific assistance in tender preparation and quality assistance, The purpose of the seminar was to further and in tendering and contractual procedures; the international understanding of road training and transfer of knowledge to PIU; rehabilitation and recycling, whilst pushing liaison with EU institutions. the boundaries with regards to innovative technology and design concepts. Client: Ministry of Economy and Transport, Hungary A detailed summary of the seminar has been published on the Internet, under the World Completion: 2006 Bank´s web site and can be studied at: http:// Services by COWI: Project Management, Advisory and Expert Assistance, Tendering training.htm. and Contracting. Client: World Bank. Completion: 2000 Services by COWI: Planning, Advisor / Expert Assistance. Feasibility Study for National Road ChalinzeMorogoroMelela Road 2E, Romania Rehabilitation Project, Tanzania Description: Feasibility Study for Description: The objective of the project Rehabilitaion of National Road 2E between was to rehabilitate the 129 km Chalinze Marginea and Vicovo de Jos, km 6276, in Melela section of the TANZAM highway the Moldovia Region. connecting Tanzania with landlocked Zambia. The scope of works and services The Rehabilitation alternatives included include detailed design, tendering and improvement of side drainage, improvement supervision of recycling and strengthening of road alignment, improvement of cross of existing asphalt on the 84 km Chalinze sectional standards, improvement of Melela section and resealing of the 45 km junctions, traffic calming measure, and MorogoroMelela section. A traffic safety repair of bridges. study and design and implementation of The economic analyses were based on traffic traffic safety measures in connection with forecast and cost estimates of rehabilitation settlements and black spots on both the alternatives, using the HDM4 model. main project road and the 300 km Chalinze Client: CFCU, Romania Tanga road. Completion: 2003 Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Danida. Services by COWI: Feasibility study. Studies Completion: 2005 and Evaluation. Surveys and investigations. Services by COWI: Detailed design, Design. tendering and supervision of recycling and strengthening of existing asphalt on the 84 km ChalinzeMelela section.LusakaChipata Road, Zambia 43 Description: Detailed engineering design, tender documents and construction supervision for rehabilitation/reconstruction of the Great East Road between Lusaka and the Malawi border. The project included complete site investigations encompassing pavement, drainage and road furniture condition surveys, road roughness measurements, topographical surveys, geotechnical and hydrological investigations, Benkelman beam deflection and dynamic cone penetration measurements as well as traffic counts and axle load surveys. Specifications and tender documents were prepared for alternative pavement rehabilitation methods comprising traditional overlays and innovative techniques using road reclaiming by recycling/remixing the existing pavement materials. Total length 580 km. Client: Danida/AfDB Completion: 1997 Services by COWI: Detailed engineering design, tender documents and construction supervision for rehabilitation/reconstruction of the Great East Road between Lusaka and the Malawi border. Elsinore Ferry Terminal, Denmark DelhiNoida Toll Bridge and expressway project, India Description: The project comprised about 70,000 sqm bituminous pavement drainage Description: The project comprises a works in CCD Joint Venture. 550 m long toll bridge with dual 4lane carriageways and approximately 6 km Client: DSB Projekttjenesten, Denmark of approach roads on each side of the Completion: 1994 Yamuna River. The design of the bridge is Services by COWI: Preliminary and detailed unique. The foundation exists of 40 m long design, tender documents, cost estimates and 1.5 m diameter piles. The superstructure is construction supervision of ferry terminal for designed as precast segmental box girder approximately 540 vehicles and a parking with external post tensioning constructed area. using spanbyspan technology. The cross section exists of a very wide single cell precast box girder with very thin element thicknesses. Client: Noida Toll Bridge Company Ltd., India Completion: 19962001 Services by COWI: Feasibility study, detailed design, finalisation of tender and contracting procedures, scrutinising the Contractor’s technical proposals with respect to the proposed technology, work methods, project management and construction supervision during the construction period.COWI Group Head office COWI A/S Parallelvej 2 DK2800 Kongens Lyngby Denmark Tel. +45 45 97 22 11 Fax +45 45 97 22 12 COWI offices 0211500011e07a Photo front page: Printed in Denmark by Kailow Cappelen Digital Studio
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