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Published Date:18-07-2017
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COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION SKILLS- CCS 001 SKILLS- CCS 001 SKILLS- CCS 001 UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI st st 8-4-4 BUILDING ( 1 Flr RM 4 8-4-4 BUILDING ( 1 Flr RM 4 Dr. Omollo- Odhiambo Dr. Omollo- OdhiamboTHIS LECTURE IS ABOUT TO BEGIN . IF YOU ARE IN POSSESSION OF A CELL PHONE, KINDLY TURN IT OFF NOW Who am I…? Dr D. Omollo- Odhiambo ( BED, M ED, Phd Health Communication- School of Journalism and Mass Commmunication • Lecturer, UON • Dept of Communication Skills and Studies Dorothy.omollo of COMM. Skills Unit • Aim is to equip students with communication skills suitable for academic and career purposes: impart knowledge, attitudes and skills for University academic pursuit.OBJECTIVES • By the end of the course, students should be able to: - Communicate effectively for academic purposes. - Apply requisite comm-skills. -Demonstrate understanding of generic fundamentals of communication.Course schedule • CCS-001- 4 SKILL AREAS • Begins with Introduction to Academic Communication Skills • Academic Writing Skills, Academic Reading Skills, Public speaking and oral presentation skills, Functional writing skills,Course Evaluation • CATS in each given skill area • Final summative examination for two hours in all skills taught • Class participation and expectation that each student will have to exhibit mastery and knowledge of each communication skill area. • Contact hours is 45 hrs including two hrs exam • COURSE will be taught through Lectures, Group discussions and individual student presentationsRecommended Readings/Books Afoloyan, A & Newsum, H.E ( I986) The Use of English Commmunication Skills for University Students. London: Longman Comprehensive reading list in the Course outlineImportance of Communication • Comm-skills not just handy; they are critical tools for success • Important for survival in real world environment, • Critical for propagation of kldge and development; Managing change/ conflicts effectively,Importance of Communication • Comm-skills are the building blocks of academic life and career, • Comm-skills occupies central position in a students’ life and that of practicing professional; • Basic skills for survival at university, higher learning.Importance of Communication • Useful in training of professionals and acquisition of: -Cognitive skills - Psychomotor-(Technical) skills -Social –( Comm. skills) All professionals need more than specialized kldgeIntroduction • What is communication? In simple words we can say that ““just to convey the message” If we go in more detail we can say that “ communication is the process of transmitting (A B) & Receiving (B A) Messages.Communication Defined • Theodorson ( 1969): Defines comm. as the transmission of information , ideas, attitudes, or emotions from one person or group to another or others primarily through symbols • Osgood et al. (1957) There is communication wherever one system or source influences another, by manipulation of alternative symbols transmitted over the channel Communication Defined • Gerber ( 1957) defines communication as social interaction through messages. • Comprehensive: Communication is the process of transmitting information and messages from one point to another for the purpose of eliciting action actions that will accomplish a specific goal . Communication is done with the intention of influencing an audience • As a process, communication is not discrete, static or solitary. It exists in time and changes constantlyOrganizational Comm. • Process by which info is passed between individuals, groups or depts and externally to customers, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders by means of previously agreed symbols for purposes of eliciting appropriate action to enhance orgs image, efficiency and effectiveness.Effective Communication:- • If some one achieve the desired level of objective through communication , we can say that it is “effective communication”. e.g. If your communication get the proper response from the receiver it means that you effectively conveyed the message.How to achieve effective Communication Encourage creative and Critical Thinking Consider audience’s information needs Consider Audience's Technical Background Consider Audience's Cultural Background and Gender Consider Audience's Knowledge of the Subject