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Company presentation overview

Company Presentation 4
Company presentation 2014Gilat Satcom is a subsidiary of Eurocom Group Eurocom Group is the largest privately owned holding company with strong presence in Israel and a growing presence internationally The market value of the leading companies in the Eurocom group is in excess of 7.5 BillionGilat HQ Germany Gilat Satcom HQ in Israel, Main African subsidiary in Nigeria 3 international satellite teleports, 14 Hubs/PoPs in Africa, 2 PoPs in Europe, 2 Fibers Managing over 2.4Gb satellite capacity Using over 13 satellites Operating in over 50 countries More than 1500 sites, globally 100 employees, over 200 subcontractorsImages for illustration purpose only Coverage Satellite coverage Fiber connectivitySatellite Communication Intelsat Yamal Intelsat AMOS 3 AMOS 5 AfricaSat 1a ABS 2 402 702 901 Intelsat Intelsat Hellas Sat Intelsat Intelsat T-12 NSS 6 1R IS-22 2 IS-10 IS-14Non stop coast-to-coast redundancyCustomers Africa Middle East & Mediterranean Basin CIS Far EastCatering wide range of customers Government & Military Banks & Corporate Service Providers SMB & SOHOGilat Satcom Nigeria Ltd The hub is located in Lagos Equipped with 7.3m Dish Based on iDirect evolution C-band Equipped with 60m mast – providing last mile RF Offices in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt Delivering all Gilat Satcom business Middle East activities Operates via Cyprus based company Uses 4 satellites Private hubs, Internet connectivity, VoIP Main countries: Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Afghanistan Market: US Army UN NGO ISPsEngineering and Technical Assistance Center Advanced satellite efficiency optimization Multi-lingual 24X7X365 customer support Proactive link monitoring Vast experience in managing VSAT platforms Guaranteed Service Level of 99.9% Teleport design and maintenance Technical Account Manager Dedicated technical representative Familiar with the customer topology, history & contactsBusiness portfolio Fiber & MPLS Satellite Hybrid solution Services Connectivity Private Cellular Island SATBACK Network Global Voice Cellular Backhaul MSSInternet connectivity via satellite Providing satellite based internet connectivity and dedicated bandwidth allocation services Backbone services High capacity satellite links, connecting ISPs & telcos to the internet backbone VSAT services Cost effective, high CIR and flexible bandwidth rates, connecting SOHOs and SMEs to the internet backbone Backup services Backup satellite links for telcos and ISPs in case of landline failureFiber & MPLS services We believe that acceptable up-time of fiber communications in Africa should be near 100%, like it is in Europe and the USA. We are offering our fiber and MPLS clients high availability, coast-to-coast terrestrial, redundant connectivity via fiber local loops to both the east and west coasts of Africa. Our fiber trail provides the highest capacity and fastest throughput available.Global data solutions Providing satellite and fiber-based MPLS enabled network allows Gilat Satcom to offer a variety of internet connectivity services: DIA, IP Transit , IVPN & IPLC Gilat Satcom MPLS technology supports multiple-service classes to ensure the delivery of time-sensitive applications such as voice and video. In addition, MPLS based routing is executed faster, reducing the round trip delays.Hybrid solution Enjoy high speed high quality broadband service anywhere Accessible broadband solution All in one Home/Office grade solution Any device, any time, any where Enjoy new services - OTT, VOD, Triple play Free-to-Air channels Wi-Fi Cellular satelliteSatellite AMOS Satellite Uplink 1010101010 Downstream via satellite End User Internet Hybrid Platform Home \ Small Office Upstream via Cellular \ Branch office 1010101010 Cellular Network GPRS/EDGE/3GPrivate network Secure broadband data and voice connectivity Tailored solutions according to your needs Extensive satellite coverage in C & Ku-Band Reduced operational expenses (OPEX) Turn-key projects & managed servicesSATBACK - pay per use Cellular Backup 24\7 network backup assurance for cellular operators. SATBACK and RELAX service is an affordable, managed backup services on standby at all times. No CAPEX Small fee for service assurance and equipment leaseCellular Island Operators look to provide mobile and fixed broadband services to customers in remote areas (sub-urban, rural, remote locations) Cellular Island: Extends your 3G coverage with Gilat Satcom’s all in 1 device Reduces capital expenditure (CAPEX) through low-cost equipment and low installation costs Reduces operating expenditure (OPEX) with cost effective solar powerMobile Satellite Services Providing essential communication services to customers in remote areas where no other form of communication is available Applications and services: Governments Mobile telephony Emergency services Mobile broadband internet Transportation Executive jet voice & internet connectivity Oil & gas Airline, passenger and cockpit voice & internet connectivity And more… Fleet tracking & management systems SCADA communication platformsGlobal Voice Premium services Bilateral agreements Interconnect with more than 100carriers 50 direct termination destinations Wholesale voice services at attractive rates Worldwide coverage Global network of carrier partners Reliable service with 24x7 monitoringCellular backhaul Leveraging satellite networks, mobile operators can reach any remote location, bridge over network gaps while avoiding costly terrestrial deployments. Benefits Highly scalable and able to support multiple concurrent calls Fast initial deployment and expansion Technology agnostic supporting all BTS vendor CAPEX free and pay as you grow models Turnkey solutions Central monitoring and managementThank you
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